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Love's Secret Fire by Rena Koontz Love's Secret Fire by Sep. 19, 2018 $4.99 76,650 words Sample 20%
The biggest story of reporter Valerie Daniels’s career could be the one that kills her. Her twin brother is the suspect in a string of arson fires being investigated by an undercover agent who befriends her. Meanwhile, the real arsonist is taunting her with e-mails, luring her into his deadly trap. She'll fight to save the men in her life at the risk of losing her own.
CHRISTMAS GIFT by Stephen Cherokee Drury CHRISTMAS GIFT by Sep. 19, 2018 $5.79 100 words Sample 17%
Within Christmas Gift you will find verses from the author's thirty year collection to enjoy. Readers find Christmas Gift blissful and entertaining. These holiday verses highlight portions of our lives that touch our deepest feelings at Christmas. This author is a true humorist who will set crisp upturns on your smile. Merry Christmas!
Laikos - Leke-werkers & die bediening by Dag Heward-Mills Laikos - Leke-werkers & die bediening by Sep. 19, 2018 $7.50 25,690 words Sample 20%
Die Griekse woord LAIKOS beteken "om geen vaardighede te hê nie". Die geskiedenis het ons oor en oor geleer dat groot dinge deur mense bereik word wat "vaardighede kortgekom" het. Leer uit hierdie uitstekende boek deur Dag Heward-Mills wat gebeur waar daar geen lekewerkers in die kerk is nie, hoe om die werk met behulp van lekewerkers te doen en waarom ons moet veg om die lekebediening in stand te
Proven Time Management Technique by Daniel Akerele Proven Time Management Technique by Sep. 19, 2018 $12.00 1,970 words Sample 20%
The single book that explains the secret used by all the successful people you know.
Proven Time Management Technique by Daniel Akerele Proven Time Management Technique by Sep. 19, 2018 $12.00 1,970 words Sample 15%
This book is about to reveal to you the secret all successful people you admire uses to become who they are.
A.S.K For Purpose  -  Your Map to the World's Greatest TREASURE by Daniel Wilson A.S.K For Purpose - Your Map to the World's Greatest TREASURE by Sep. 19, 2018 Free! 43,710 words Read a sample
A.S.K. for PURPOSE is a must read by all who want more in their life! This insightful and fun read guides the reader through the Ask, Seek and Knock (A.S.K.) process, providing insightful and easy to use tools that will guide you to the greatest treasure known to man! Get your FREE copy today!!!
ABC Of Acupuncture by Rakesh Kumar ABC Of Acupuncture by Sep. 19, 2018 $0.99 5,370 words Sample 10%
ABC Of Acupuncture A Beginners Course On Acupuncture & How It Can Improve Your Life! This powerful Book will provide you with everything you need to finally achieve your dream of being pain free or at peak health!
An Assessment of Likelihood: Potential Cooperation Between Mexican Drug Cartels and Al Qaeda or ISIS - Stark Differences in Group Identity, Ideology, Decision-making Makes Cooperation Unlikely by Progressive Management An Assessment of Likelihood: Potential Cooperation Between Mexican Drug Cartels and Al Qaeda or ISIS - Stark Differences in Group Identity, Ideology, Decision-making Makes Cooperation Unlikely by Sep. 19, 2018 $7.99 41,240 words Sample 3%
The likelihood of cooperative relationships between Mexican drug cartels and Al Qaeda's core or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a matter of debate and U.S. national security. Despite the significance of the issue, the topic is widely void of objective analysis.
Anthony Anthony "Whack Whack" Indelicato Bonanno Family Soldier by Sep. 19, 2018 $2.99 2,640 words Sample 5%
Bonanno family boss Carmine "Lilo" Galante was murdered by masked gunmen who surprised him while he was dining at Joe and Mary's Restaurant. The date was July 12, 1979. Moments earlier Galante had been relaxing while sipping wine and smoking a cigar at the garden eatery in Brooklyn. Along with several accomplices Bonanno family soldier Anthony "Whack Whack" Indelcato was indicted for the murder.
Trapped Like a Rat by Lilith T. Bell Trapped Like a Rat by Sep. 19, 2018 Free! 30,530 words Read a sample
Infiltrating a pirate ship disguised as a boy is easily the most dangerous thing Brigid O'Cullane has ever done. But she has no choice if she ever wants to regain the treasure map that belonged to her dead father. Liam Lynch holds the map now and he may well have had a role to play in her father's death. When the dangerously sensual Liam catches her, he hints at secrets she never dreamed of...
What Confucius Really Said: The Complete Analects in a Skopos-Centric Translation by Chris Wen-chao Li What Confucius Really Said: The Complete Analects in a Skopos-Centric Translation by Sep. 19, 2018 $1.99 41,460 words Sample 20%
A new translation of the Confucian Analects that translates not only language but also culture. In the world’s first skopos-oriented rendition of this Confucian classic, the distractions of ancient history are sidestepped by allowing Confucius to speak in a contemporary idiom. Includes newly discovered chapters of the Qi Analects.
Revenge by Robert O' Hanlin Revenge by Sep. 19, 2018 $1.99 43,990 words Sample 15%
It was while he was in prison for something he didn’t do that Jeremy Walton found out who framed him and why. For what they did to him he would get revenge and he was not going to wait for nine more years to get that revenge. He would not mind spending the rest of his life in prison as long as he could look down his gun barrel at Brett Cavanaugh just one time.
Pet Chatter 2 by Jeanne Miller Pet Chatter 2 by Sep. 19, 2018 $3.99 21,500 words Sample 20%
Following up from Pet Chatter, is Pet Chatter 2. More quotes from my pet readings. Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and birds sound off on a variety of topics, and boy do they have a lot to say!
Avoidance by Kristen Granata Avoidance by Sep. 19, 2018 $0.99 74,680 words Sample 20%
In the sequel to Collision, Merritt Adams continues to struggle with her inner demons and spirals out of control. MMA fighter, T.J. Cutler, teaches Merritt that life is full of choices - and that she needs to start making the right ones. It could mean the difference between life and death.
APPRENDRE LE PIANO Méthode débutant adulte (noir&blanc) by noam bonnand APPRENDRE LE PIANO Méthode débutant adulte (noir&blanc) by Sep. 19, 2018 $8.00 22,390 words Sample 20%
Vous voulez apprendre le piano sans professeur, depuis chez vous avec des œuvres classiques mondialement célèbres - réaliser votre rêve de savoir lire et jouer une partition naturellement – être guidé simplement, pas à pas.C’est ce qu'offre ce guide noir et blanc pour vos 6 premiers mois au piano, avec en cadeaux téléchargeables:13 morceaux mp3,5 bonus audio,13 partitions noir&blanc et bien plus.
The Keeper of Secrets by Clair McIntyre The Keeper of Secrets by Sep. 19, 2018 $3.99 121,480 words Sample 20%
Keeping the secrets of the world is dangerous work, especially when the secrets don't want to be kept. Anya and Thorn know this first hand and must uncover the truth of their very own lives, in order to defeat an evil entity hell bent on destroying the world.
The Sword Of Oblivion: Could It Be? by GrimPublishing The Sword Of Oblivion: Could It Be? by Sep. 19, 2018 $5.25 114,900 words Sample 5%
Torms and his fellow dwarfs find the location of a long-forgotten mineral called Amberinth, which is believed to be the ancient mineral of the Gods. At this discovery they set off to Ironclad, the Dwarfen Kingdom, to seek an audience with the king and to ask for a royal mining party.
Wicked King Dick by Malachi Stone Wicked King Dick by Sep. 19, 2018 $2.99 94,870 words Sample 15%
First love, recaptured in a chance encounter after decades apart, transforms into deadly burning desire. Here's a nostalgia piece, my personal foray into Jean Shepherd Americana.
Summer Breeze by K.C. Sprayberry Summer Breeze by Sep. 19, 2018 $1.99 14,810 words Sample 20%
A special bikini puts courage into Beth to approach the guy of her dreams. Trane looks forward to the waves and talking to a girl who has caught his eye. The Summer of ’72 on the longest day of the year, two teens discover love on the beach, amid adventure and fun.
جَبَهَات دَاخِليِّة by Sant Ygo جَبَهَات دَاخِليِّة by Sep. 19, 2018 $1.00 5,990 words
Organize for Success by Ramon Tarruella, Sr Organize for Success by Sep. 19, 2018 $4.99 15,570 words Sample 20%
Do you feel your life is nothing but clutter? Are you struggling to get it organized but don't know how to start? You already tried those organization tips and tricks friends and family use to give, but got no satisfactory results? Well don't worry anymore! Introducing...Organize for Success! Learning the basic techniques on how to get organized will change your life for betteR.
Sweeps Week Murders by Malachi Stone Sweeps Week Murders by Sep. 19, 2018 $2.99 74,500 words Sample 15%
Ambitious prosecutor falls for seductive murder defendant. When TV cable news finds out the truth, it's the end of life as he knew it.
Dead Man's Act by Malachi Stone Dead Man's Act by Sep. 19, 2018 $2.99 72,080 words Sample 15%
Small-town lawyer solves murders and deals with woman troubles..
While Waiting for the Trolley by Mike Bozart While Waiting for the Trolley by Sep. 19, 2018 Free! 1,520 words Read a sample
The author recounts a candid conversation with a Philadelphia Eagles fan in uptown Charlotte, while waiting for a streetcar to arrive on a muggy Friday morning. Some unexpected revelations. From ho-hum ordinary to hysterically absurd. 1500 words G-rated. (OK for all ages)
This is Lena: A Compendium of ‘Recreation’ & ‘Payback’ by Chris Graham This is Lena: A Compendium of ‘Recreation’ & ‘Payback’ by Sep. 19, 2018 Free! 28,580 words Read a sample
Lena Fox and her friends - A prostitute who is as successful as Lena knows a very wide range of people both inside and outside the law - She and her friends keep getting involved in crimes including murder and sometimes they are simple but sometimes they are complicated international mysteries. Read the first two short stories and meet Lena.
20 Traditional Christmas Carols For Cornet - Book 1 by Michael Shaw 20 Traditional Christmas Carols For Cornet - Book 1 by Sep. 19, 2018 $5.99 650 words Sample 20%
20 Traditional Christmas Carols For Cornet - Book 1 Easy Key Series For Beginners This sheet music book contains 20 traditional Christmas carols arranged for Cornet. Arrangements are very easy and written in easy keys and are aimed at new beginners.
Alternatives by Nick Zentor Alternatives by Sep. 19, 2018 $1.75 84,720 words Sample 20%
Ren Madkro experienced an accident that sent him to a parallel-alternate reality and left him with a parallel mystery that he had to solve.
The Last Of The Mackenzies by La Solitaire The Last Of The Mackenzies by Sep. 19, 2018 $1.99 76,260 words Sample 20%
He holds her cold frail self against his steel cage of a chest, a chest hiding a very soft inner-core that's already responding to her energy. He knows he cant hold on anymore he must yield his guard and agree to be led along. This is how you write destiny.
A Study on Non-Financial Performance Factors of Food Distribution Industry by CHIHCHANG WU A Study on Non-Financial Performance Factors of Food Distribution Industry by Sep. 19, 2018 $5.00 950 words Sample 20%
A Witch's Blood by Cheri Winters A Witch's Blood by Sep. 19, 2018 Free! 10,720 words Read a sample
Everything about my life is about to change…
A Witch's Fate by Cheri Winters A Witch's Fate by Sep. 19, 2018 $4.99 107,360 words Sample 20%
One vampire. One demon. One werewolf and I'm in the middle of it all. 
Proof of God by Rod Martin, Jr Proof of God by Sep. 19, 2018 $7.99 26,640 words Sample 20%
Long have atheists tempted God with demands that He show Himself. But proving Himself would be egoistic -- the opposite of God. And atheists have no way of seeing the hole they dig for themselves. Yet this book offers solid proof -- not as an end unto itself, but as a springboard for the fulfillment of God's purpose.
Dreamaholics by Hamdan Salim Dreamaholics by Sep. 19, 2018 $13.49 89,830 words Sample 5%
This is a story of people from different backgrounds, different circumstances, different beliefs, different interests, different abilities, talents, and gifts. Some had hit Rock Bottom in their lives, some were simply stuck in the daily routine that only required from them to perform averagely, just enough to have average lives, instead of performing and living up to their highest potentials.
Sugar Land by Kassanna Sugar Land by Sep. 19, 2018 $4.99 57,410 words Sample 15%
Two people from two different worlds find themselves in an attraction that can’t happen. They shouldn’t have anything in common. Still, their weaknesses become each other’s strengths to overcome painful life lessons. Young love can be complicated. Sometimes even real love can’t withstand harsh realities.
Albion by Simon Haynes Albion by Sep. 19, 2018 $1.99 14,780 words Sample 10%
Hal takes an odd call from a team of scientists, and minutes later he and Clunk are boarding a shuttle for the nearby orbiter. Turns out the scientists need some vital information, and only Hal can help! This story follows directly after Hal Spacejock 8: Double Trouble, and should be read after that novel.
Haru to Aiden: A Novella Teaser [A New Adult Stepbrother BL] by Alexia Praks Haru to Aiden: A Novella Teaser [A New Adult Stepbrother BL] by Sep. 19, 2018 Free! 19,900 words Read a sample
Haru to Aiden is a BL stepbrother romance full of angst and smut scenes. If you’re a fujoshi and have a thing for stepbrothers love, then this is the book for you. 

Eighteen-year-old Haru Ono has been in love with Aiden Davis, his older stepbrother, since he was in middle school. Trying to keep his feelings under wraps is annoyingly hard when they’re living under the same roof.
Poems Of A Musical Flavour: Box Set 1-3 by Tiara King Poems Of A Musical Flavour: Box Set 1-3 by Sep. 19, 2018 $6.99 69,540 words Sample 20%
In 1989 I was 15 years old and started writing song lyrics. Why? Because I wanted to be the Australian version of Debbie Gibson. Music artists were in my life, and I started to analyse lyrics, which I guess led me to analyse books…
Poems Of A Musical Flavour: Box Set 4-6 by Tiara King Poems Of A Musical Flavour: Box Set 4-6 by Sep. 19, 2018 $6.99 67,240 words Sample 20%
Music artists were in my life, and I started to analyse lyrics, which I guess led me to analyse books… Little did I know over the seven and a bit years I wrote that it was setting me up for bigger and better scribblings, namely novels over 500 pages and 125,000 words, and novellas, short stories and non-fictions.
Stefan: The New Generation by L.J. Diva Stefan: The New Generation by Sep. 19, 2018 $14.99 320,650 words Sample 20%
The next instalment of L.J. Diva’s Porn Star Brothers Series continues in Stefan: The New Generation… Thirty years has passed since Carlos, Pedro and Tomas Stefan made a name for themselves in the world of porn in the late ’70s. They have not only forged new careers for themselves but kept the secrets of the past hidden from their children. Or so they thought…
Her of the Wood by Veronica Watts Her of the Wood by Sep. 19, 2018 $5.99 56,200 words Sample 20%
Determined to get out of a city where the lowest classes are subjugated into silent submission, Euodia sneaks onto a convoy of detainees being transported to the old lands to die. Her hope is rewarded when her group meets scouts from a small but thriving community. As Euodia learns to live and work in her new home, she struggles to shake off years of conditioning...
Bad Boys Do It Better by Jodi Redford Bad Boys Do It Better by Sep. 19, 2018 $2.99 44,860 words Sample 20%
A swingers club is the last place Grace would hang out. And she sure wouldn’t invite cocky tattoo artist Dalton as her date. But thanks to a PI job she’s taken on, she needs the perfect bad boy to go undercover with. Sassy Grace is precisely not the type of woman Dalton goes for. But the deeper the two of them delve into the erotic charade they’ve created, the tougher walking away becomes.
El Vuelo del Colibrí by Betina Rosé El Vuelo del Colibrí by Sep. 19, 2018 $3.88 57,660 words Sample 10%
Un viaje imprevisto. La historia de dos destinos que se enlazan en una travesía en el mar con un sorprendente final.
Reforming Her Vampire by Marie Medina Reforming Her Vampire by Sep. 19, 2018 $3.99 33,050 words Sample 10%
Sean arrived at a wedding thinking he might find someone to warm his bed, if he was lucky. He didn’t expect to find his fated mate, and he certainly didn’t expect her to be his friend Erik’s eighteen-year-old ward. He’s never worried about attracting a lover before, but a mate is very different, especially one as lovely and seemingly innocent as Iris.
Virgo by Mrunaal Gawhande Virgo by Sep. 19, 2018 $3.16 6,350 words Sample 15%
virgo is a collection of poems, short poetry and epigrams inking about womanhood self love love tears silence anger and motivation
Second Chance by C. L. Jones Second Chance by Sep. 19, 2018 $2.99 84,150 words Sample 20%
The Crew has kept their distance from Pops knowing he needs to recover from the death of his first wife (in Book 2). Pops’ life is on cruise control when unexpectedly he is called by the Crew. Unbeknownst to Pops the Crew has been working to obtain the release of a hostage from a rebel group working in Central America. But they are stuck and now they need his help.
The Dane Law by Garth Pettersen The Dane Law by Sep. 19, 2018 $5.99 85,790 words Sample 20%
Harald and Selia are called to Engla-lond. King Cnute has vowed their son, Harthacnute, will inherit the throne, but many view Harald as the better choice. The king urges Harald to be prepared to assume the throne should Harthacnute prove inadequate. Harald resists being swept up by forces beyond his control, doubting he will survive the reign of King Hartha. And what of his older brother, Sweyn?
The Runaway Father by Parker Avrile The Runaway Father by Sep. 19, 2018 $4.99 76,290 words Sample 20%
Out of the closet, ready to settle down with his one true love at last, rock star Stoney learns a long-buried secret that could explode his new happiness. He's the father of a troubled teenage boy he never knew he had. A full-length contemporary gay romance novel about the complications of creating an instant family in the celebrity spotlight.
Without Reservation by Lynn Burke Without Reservation by Sep. 19, 2018 $3.99 32,850 words
Will Trevor and Jack overcome her reservations, or will her past ruin their chance for love?
Food for Love by C. Fonseca Food for Love by Sep. 19, 2018 $6.99 96,850 words Sample 20%
When injured elite cyclist Jess flies to Australia to sort her late brother’s estate, the last thing she wants is his stake in a rural eatery. She’d rather settle up, move on, and sidestep the restaurant’s beautiful owner, Lili, and her child. Given her traumatic life, Jess isn’t sure she’d survive letting her guard down. A lesbian romance about how nourishment is much more than the food we eat.
Contract for Love by Alison Grey Contract for Love by Sep. 19, 2018 $9.99 96,980 words Sample 20%
Sherry lives in a trailer park with her son, trying to make ends meet. Madison’s life couldn’t be more different. Her only goals are partying and bedding women. When her grandmother threatens to disinherit her, Madison has to find a way to prove that she’s cleaned up her act. After a chance encounter with Sherry, Madison comes up with a crazy idea: she wants Sherry to play her fake girlfriend.