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Job Search Success

The Quick Guide to Finding a Job Online

By Patrick Bunker

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About the Author

Patrick Bunker is a successful businessman from Florida. He made his introduction to the business world at the age of 8 when he organized a market in his community. Since that time he has turned himself into one of the top business personalities in the south east.

These days he has been spending his time working with his local Chamber of Commerce. He is orchestrating the development of a system that will generate jobs for people that need them. Patrick is dedicated to building a strong economy in America by creating more jobs.

Patrick enjoys being able to set his business functions aside and help people. He believes that the vast fortune he has acquired over his life time was only possible because of the exceptional employees he hired. Now he plans to use part of his fortune to give back to the community and help build the country.


The methods used to find a job have changed a great deal. Now more than ever a successful job search depends on you being efficient online. The online job search is not an easy process to accomplish. There are many distractions, scammers, and listings for jobs that have already been filled. Furthermore, even when you do find a legit job posting, there can be an alarming amount of information required from you, and maybe even a test or two.

The ability to understand how to navigate through the online jungle is one that is currently understood only by the successful few who have gone through hours of trial and error to get to where they are. This book is designed to turn its reader into an efficient online job searcher. This book is a quick guide to give you the essential information, while you spend as little time as possible reading and get out there and start working.

Other books might cover similar content. They do not contain the same secrets and theories that have helped hundreds of people teach themselves valuable time saving skills. Other books take weeks to read. This book can be completed in a day or two. Then you can do the rest yourself only in a fraction of the time and tenfold the success rate. Only after learning the secrets found here.

The professionals who designed this system have created a variety of different methods over the course of time with the intention of reducing stress. They noted that at times the subjects they studied experienced more stress during the job search than working on the job. They also noted that the most common reason people gave up on their search was due to having information stored in a chaotic fashion.

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