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Champion’s Footprints



Champion’s Footprints

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Champion’s Footprints

By John B. Joseph


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This book is dedicated to all Christians leaders whose footprints worth following.




Chapter One

The Covenant Champion

Basic Weaponry

Five Facts For Fighters

Sword For The Slayer

Brainless Needs No Head

Chapter Two

The Word Champion

The Spirit And The Word

The Champion’s Heart

The Closet And The Contest

Chapter Three

The Champion’s Passion

The Breakthroughs Point

Persistence Is Power

Chapter Four

Becoming A Champion

What It Demands

Leaders In Types

Break the Faith Barriers

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I have the mandate to inspire you to dare a long triumphing walk in the champion’s footprints. Yeah, for a long proud walk in the footprints of the Biblical Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Samson, David, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Deborah, Mordecai and Esther, among others. Will you dare to walk in the footpaths of the Apostles of the Lamb? Brace up to walk in the footsteps of the Lion-Lamb, the greatest of all champions.

Jesus Christ won the Championship trophy on the Cross. He crushed the devil absolutely. Mind you, that evil, wicked one had hitherto been the tyrannical champion of humanity. Jesus became the Champion of champion and called you and me to walk in His great victory.

I don’t really know if you have come to be a believer in this greatest of all champions. If truly you are, you are also a champion in Him. You are born of the Spirit to be a lion after the order of Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Jesus the Champion now lives on the inside of all who believed in Him, by the Holy Ghost. As believers in Christ, “He who lives in us is greater than he who lives in the world.” Yea, “we are more than conqueror through Him who loved us.”

Who are the so-called champions who have been harassing your life? Who are those seed of the defeated ‘champion Satan’ who have been tormenting your destiny? Who are those devil’s ambassadors in your family line who have been defying your peace?

You need not fear or worry about any wicked giants presently threatening your existence. All you need doing is to proclaim the liberty that Christ offered on the Cross. Yes, by the triumph of the Cross, devil and all demons were humiliated into defeat. And it is by the proclamation of Christ victory that the captives are set free. That is the gospel – the good news. You’ve got to become a bold proclaim of it, even in situations of your life.

Wake up to the responsibilities of the champion: challenge your challengers by the power of the triumphant Cross; arrest your arresters, and repress all oppressive champions of your life.

Brace up for the mother of all victory. It is finished. Our redemption feat is absolute. It’s our freedom revolution. Join me, dear, as I dare to walk in the Champion’s footprints, lifting high the trophy that was won by the Lion-Lamb over 2000 years ago.

John Babalola, Joseph, Pastor



Chapter 1


Let me take you to the historic fight that took place between David and Goliath. Goliath was giant and an experienced, professional war champion. While David was a young, ruddy boy, with no experience in conventional warfare.

How could an inexperienced, stick carrying shepherd boy dare a skilled war giant in battle? Did you know that David didn’t know all the Scriptures when he dared and killed lion, bear, and accepted the challenge to fight Goliath? So what exactly gave the young lad the bravery to take up the fight?

Basic Weaponry

The Covenant Understanding

David understood God’s covenant relationship with His people, Jews, of which he was a seed. His covenant understanding of God’s covenant relationship with Abraham and the fathers was at the root of his faith and bravery. David had the revelation knowledge of God’s covenant mystery. God made covenant relationship with His chosen people, Israel. David got to know that by the virtue of God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Israel was God’s own people. The covenant with God made Israel a chosen generation of kings and priests on earth, special to God and so different from all other nations. This was the revelation at the bottom of David’s faith. This was the power that embolden the young chap, long before he became king of Israel.

More so, all his life, David had simply walked in the light of the covenant. His walk of faith in the covenant turned him to a champion of the champions. David was a covenant champion. And that we also can be.

Likewise, if you are truly born of the Spirit, you need this revelation to lead the championing life. Your victory begins by the revelation knowledge of your covenant relationship with God, through Christ’s blood of everlasting covenant, shed at Calvary. By coming to God through faith in the atoning death of Christ at Calvary, you are called out of darkness into God’s marvelous light. Thus, you now belong to God’s special people. You’re a citizen of Christ kingdom of “a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation.” The Calvary was the bedrock of the New Covenant. Ours is a covenant sealed by the blood of Jesus, and it’s so greater and better than the Old Covenant upon which David stood to fight Goliath and the nations of giants - (theirs was sealed with the blood of animal. The Calvary covenant was the basis for your divine citizenship and gives you the extraordinary status. This you ought to know, and live your life by it. It’s on this everlasting covenant that you ought to stand and fight any battles of life and boldly assert your right.

It’s the ignorance of your covenant identity that makes you to live in fear and defeat. Don’t be a victim of ignorance. And, if you dare to walk tall in the light of Calvary covenant, you’ll be champion of champions.

The Spirit Anointing

David had the anointing of the Spirit on him. You remember how God had sent the Prophet Samuel to the house of Jesse to anoint one of his eight sons? All his seven elder brothers were rejected by God but David was chosen and anointed. On that day, right in the midst of family folks, as Samuel was pouring the oil upon David, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. That was how he got anointed. And since then, the Spirit became his power and he boldly walked in it.

Likewise, the Spirit descended and remained upon Jesus as he was coming out of river Jordan, while John baptized him in water. The same Spirit came upon the apostles in the upper room with tongues of fire on the day of Pentecost and they spoke with other tongues. If you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit the same way the apostles were, it is sure you have been anointed. All you need doing is walking in the Spirit anointing and you will be championing the cause of Christ on earth. The anointing is a mighty prevailing weapon of war. Never lean on your own wisdom, might, or power. If you’ve never have this experience, get up and go for it. It’s high time we all got endued, filled, and empowered by the Holy s\Spirit to run the mission divine, fight battles of life and champion the champions.

The Christian who lacks the Spirit anointing is the worst destitute on earth. You can avoid being such.

Faith In God

David had faith in God. His faith stood on Israelis testimonies as a nation of God. He had probably heard it all - of the trueness and faithfulness of God in His dealings with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; of God’s hand on Joseph, and the seed of Jacob; of how God visited Israelites in Egypt, and liberated them from the Egyptian slavery by His mighty hand through diverse signs and wonders; of parting the Red Sea for His chosen people to cross, feeding them in the wilderness for forty years, and dividing the river Jordan; of how God brought down the Jericho wall, and brought them to the land He had promised to their forefathers. David believed all these and more. And with God’s personal encounters with him in helping him faith to kill bear, and lion, David’s faith became radical. He had come to know that this God is indeed alive, great and mighty. It’s the only God who does all things and truly love His own chosen people.

In same trend, you need this kind of faith to walk in the Champion’s footprints. Faith - solid and radical faith in the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faith, in the word of God and in the testimonies of His wondrous doings. Faith, that God is able to do all things. Faith, that with God all things are possible for you. Or don’t you think you’ve got to come this far of nurturing a faith so true, fierce, and radical in the only true and living God? Or don’t you desire to walk in faith and walk as tall as Elijah did? Come on, faith is the victory. To demonstrate it you must possess it. It’s time to get back to your Bible and develop strong faith in God, such as needed to walk gloriously in the Champion’s footprints.

No life is as miserable as the one that has no faith in God. Have faith in God.

By his covenant knowledge, anointing and faith, David slaughtered the bear, the lion, Goliath of Gath, and several giants and armies of nations. These were all that David had when he faced the experience war lord and left him headless. These were the Kingdom values he possessed and that later brought him fame and fortunes.

We also must get these three spiritual warfare weaponry that made David the champion. We must keep pursing each and all until we truly possess and fully armed with them. Possessing them demands that we closed our eyes of greed and stop our passionate pursue of worldly fortunes and earthly pleasures. It’s high time we sought for the kingdom ‘things’ first. Let’s seek first thing first: “Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all other things shall be added unto you.” Yes, God promised to add unto all those things of the world we are busy pursuing.

Let’s be up to get them with all our getting’s. Let’s brace up for a real passionate chase after revelation knowledge, the anointing, and faith.

Five Facts for Fighters

It’s was a known fact that David’s historical triumph over Goliath marked the beginning of his fame and sunshine in Israel. But it war also the starting point of his continuous warfare engagements with several giant troublers of the nation of Israel. Fame indeed has its own battle. But before I tell you more about the battle of fame, let me tell you something vital to David’s victory over Goliath, the champion of Philistine.

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