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Curvy Women Wanted, ,14

Sam Crescent

Copyright © 2019

Chapter One


I never in all my years thought I’d fall in love with a nineteen-year-old virgin, and yet here I am, completely, one hundred percent blown away by her sweetness. Not just how nice she is either, no—her body; damn, she’s so fucking gorgeous. She didn’t have the body of a teenager, but a full-grown woman. Large tits, thick, juicy, fat thighs, curves that I can’t wait to get a hold of. Whenever I’m near her, all I want to do is pin her to the nearest surface and sink my cock so deep inside her. When it comes to Ava, I can’t think straight. I’m the kind of guy who sees a woman, beds her, and forgets her.

Yet with Ava, I can’t stop fucking thinking about her. She drives me crazy with need, and I ache for her. Watching her this past year has been torture. I haven’t been able to touch her because of her father. He’s nothing more than an acquaintance, but he knows how much I want her. David is a grade-A asshole. I fucking hate his guts, but what made me stay close over these three years was Ava. David saw my attraction to her. It’s the only time I’ve ever shown any weakness. David set to exploit it. So much so, he demanded I pay for his debt. Don’t worry, I paid for the debt, but now he has to deliver his daughter to me. She’s not allowed to know any other details. It’s all part of our agreement. He doesn’t have to worry about getting broken bones, and I get Ava. If he interferes at all with my plans, the debts I’ve paid, I can call back in, and his ass will be in the line of fire. He doesn’t care about his daughter. He’s just using her, and once he’s done, he’ll be on his merry way, out of our lives.

Holding onto the doorframe, I watch the gravel path waiting for signs of their arrival. In a few short hours, she’ll belong to me. I don’t want her to know what I’ve done to get her, but at least her father won’t get in my way.

Ava deserves someone a lot better than him. I’m determined to give her a life she deserves, one that won’t be filled with worry about if food is going to be on the table. The summer at my cabin is going to be one of the best of her life. I’m not going to fail her.

The moment I see the car coming up my gravel drive, I feel my heart race. I’m not nervous. I can’t wait to have her in my arms, at my mercy.

David keeps the engine running as Ava jumps out of the truck. She’s wearing jeans two sizes too big and a long shirt to hide all those curves. She was bullied throughout high school. I lost count of the number of times I caught her crying because of it. Assholes. It took every single ounce of control not to hurt those motherfuckers for hurting her.

She tucks her long, blonde hair behind her ear, taking her bag from her father.

I’m not having her lift a thing. Walking down the steps, I take the bag from her, glaring at David. Doesn’t he know how to be a good father? I have learned that his wife had passed away when Ava was no older than ten. Since then, he’s been doing a piss-poor job of taking care of her.

Well, now it’s not his concern, but mine.

Everything she needs is there,” David says. “Have fun this summer, Ava.”

Without another word, he turns on his heel and leaves.

I watch him go, waiting for the car to leave before devoting my full attention to the beauty at my side. One look at her and I see her nerves kicking in.

Have you had anything to eat?” I ask.

No.” Her stomach growls.

“Come on. Let’s get you settled in and fed.”

With a hand at her back, I walk up the steps, heading into the cabin.

Closing the door, I hear her gasp, and I smile. She once told me how she loved the idea of staying in a cabin for a summer, to read, relax, and not have to worry about the world around her. Well, I’ve granted her wish. There’s nothing but the best for my woman. I’m a rich man, and I don’t even have to be at my company to earn money. Just a couple of emails, telephone calls, and my business is done. I’ve devoted twenty years to my technology firm, and now I can reap the rewards of my hard labor.

This is so beautiful,” she says.

I’ve spent the past year decorating it to meet her requests. Yes, I’m obsessed with this little angel.

I’m glad. I also purchased some paperbacks from those authors you told me about.” Taking her hand, I lead her to the small library. Again, I’m granted with another gasp. She releases my hand and rushes to the small table I’ve placed the books on.

“Oh my, this is … so much. My dad said you were going to help me lose weight?”

“Excuse me?”

Yeah, he said you’ve agreed to help me shed this weight. I need to start taking better care of myself because I’m too fat.”

I grit my teeth so hard, I’m shocked they don’t snap. Oh, baby girl, you’ve got no idea what I want to do to you. Making her lose weight is the last thing on my mind.

I crave her curves. I’ve spent the past year working my cock with my hand just thinking about how I’m going to devote myself to exploring every inch of her.

“You’re not here to lose weight, Ava.”

I’m not?” When I shake my head, she asks, “Then why am I here?”

You’re here because I want you here. I want to spend time with you, to get to know you.”

“You do?”

I nod. Taking her hand and pulling her close, I rest my hand on her hip. Just from that simple touch I want so much more.

Your father lied to you, Ava. I think you’re perfect the way you are. Why don’t you get settled in, and I’ll fix us something to eat?”

“I’d like that.”

It takes great effort to let her go. I don’t want to, but there is no way I could keep hold of her just now. When I pop her cherry, she’ll be spread out and ready, dripping wet before I slide my dick inside her.

I can’t wait.



Putting my things away in my room, I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the reason for my being here. My father always had an issue with my weight, and in truth, I was tired of hearing him complain. My mother had been so slender, and seeing as I just seemed to keep on growing, it unnerved him. I don’t get it though. I’m happy. I’ve always been happy. It’s not like I eat for comfort. My size eighteen curves don’t offend me.

So I’ve got a few extra inches. Who cares?

I mean, really, it’s not like I’m going to be living with my father for much longer. Before coming here, I’d already saved up six months’ worth of rent money from working my two jobs, waiting tables and working at the local library. The work isn’t exactly taxing, but I like it.

With my few clothes put away, I tuck my hair behind my ears, wondering if I should get it cut or just pull it back into a ponytail.

Why would Mitch want me to spend time with him relaxing? He and my dad have been acquaintances for a while. Not too long. They met when I was about sixteen, I think. I’d just come home from school after another day of bullies, when Dad introduced us.

I’d never had a crush on anyone in my life. Why would I? All I had known most of my life is guys being dicks.

Mitch, he’d not been mean or cruel. In fact, every single time I saw him, he made me laugh.

He was my first crush, which makes this so hard. I’d not seen him for a couple of months, and during that time, I’d tried to date other men. Men who could replace my crush on my dad’s friend.

Nothing worked.

I mean, seriously, what was Mitch’s deal?

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