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The Holo Droid Sagas

Part 2 - The Empress and the Violet Flame

Adrian Holland

Published by AMAZOLA

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I was very close to both of my parents who were my best friends, and I have lost count of the number of happy times we shared, and all of the creativity and laughter. Like my beloved father Joe, my mother Margaret was so special, and my total inspiration. I would therefore like to dedicate this book to their memory.























Twenty One

Twenty Two


I am the violet flame, in action in me now, I am the violet flame. To light alone I bow, I am the violet flame. In mighty cosmic power, I am the light of God, shining every hour, I am the violet flame. Blazing like a sun, I am God’s sacred power freeing every one.

Elizabeth Clare


Flickering stars danced across Starfield's eyes, as his holographic matrix ebbed and flowed in a cacophony of trauma, and utter disbelief. His poor mind could not come to terms with what he had just witnessed, as the Barbarian unleashed a brutalized assault on the intruders far worse than he could ever have imagined.

Warfare was by its very nature brutal, but in his mind, he thought that there were limits to that brutality.

Sadly, Starfield had been wrong!

He then found a warning in his database.

Terrans are considered hostile, dangerous and aggressive.

Well he could certainly testify to that...


Pale sunlight filtered through the ship's outer hull, refracting off Starfield's moon glass shell. Gaia, his life partner and ship's computer was silent, also traumatized by the events which had just unfolded. She was very concerned about his mental state, as well as that of her own.

More information flowed, as she reached into his mind via their unique connection.

The Dragon Slayer formerly known as Joan Tutwiler, often referred to as General Swatz's Rottweiler - his Personal Assistant.

A Rottweiler is a breed of domestic dog, regarded as medium-to-large or large, originating in a place referred to as Germany, and the name is translated as meaning butchers' dog, because their main use was to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat to market.

Rottweilers have been selected for guard and protection work and this must be kept in mind at all times.

Aggression can be a problem, and this dog is fully capable of inflicting severe damage...

Trauma and disbelief then began to flow through her systems too!

The fiber optic cables woven into her outer layers transmitted images of the Barbarian being led away from the carnage she had created, and it was with some relief that she was sedated by Commander Bodil, and then her husband Halvor gently guided her into the Commander's craft.

Their new pilot and daughter of the aforementioned Barbarian known as Serenity of all things, was being guided back towards them, also it appeared, in a state of shock.

"Don't let her in!"

Starfield was trembling, which was not the sort of behaviour associated with an Artificial Person.

"Normally, I would totally agree with you, but under these mitigating circumstances, we have little choice!"

Gaia was thinking about the intruders who it was assumed were Hybrid Reptilians, an even more brutal species.

"They tried to destroy us, and if we stay here, then more will arrive and we will be atomized."

Starfield felt as though he already had!

Commander Bodil then left Ren by the open hatch, kissing her on the forehead.

"We must depart soon, but before we do I have a few things to attend to."

That was an understatement, and it would take some explaining!

For a start, his three closest friends were supposed to be dead, and they were so deeply undercover, or so he thought, that he still had to hide evidence of their existence. Somehow, they had been discovered, and there would no doubt be others appearing soon. He had to cleanse the scene, and then depart before the authorities made an appearance.

But how was he going to explain the bloodbath?

The Commander was no stranger to battle, but even he found the scene overwhelming. He watched Halvor escort Joan into his ship, as he began to take a few blood samples. When he had asked, he had never envisioned quite so much!

For many lifetimes, Vilgot had battled hostile forces across the galaxy, and faced many formidable adversaries, but in all his time, he had never experienced anything quite like this.

Looking at the smoldering craft, he had to admit that Joan fueled his fires of fear!

Taking a deep breath, he collected his samples before moving towards what was left of the intruder’s vessel. It was largely intact, although there was considerable hull damage. Some of it had been caused by the impact, and there was a deep trough where it had careered along the ground. The remainder had been down to Serenity, who had not only managed to get the experimental craft to fire, but had pinpointed it directly to the engines, burning them out.

He felt both proud and relieved that his goddaughter had succeeded and survived relatively unscathed...

Ren slowly ventured inside Gaia, wondering what she was going to do now?

She was used to her mother’s outburst, but it was one thing to see her shouting and screaming, but quite another to witness her descend into total madness!

Making her way towards the main control room, she felt as though life would never be the same again. Today had marked a transformation, and not a particularly pleasant one at that.

Moving through the doorway, she could see Starfield cowering in a corner, his molecules an ashen shade of white. He was trembling and looked as though he might shatter into a thousand pieces at any moment. Ren went to move towards him, but he backed as far away as he could. Gaia did not show her face either, as Ren slumped into the pilot's seat, putting her head in her hands...

Moving through the open hatch, the Commander could see that it was now empty, and shuddered as he thought of how the four-man crew had met their end. He was here to gather as much information as he could, and in the shortest possible time. He would not have long, but being so familiar with this sort of vessel, he was soon able to interface with its onboard computer.

Taking a device out of his pocket, he clipped it in place and started a download. It would take a few minutes, and so whilst he was waiting, he began to search the various compartments for anything that may prove useful and advantageous in his peoples fight against this hidden enemy...


Green, blue and red lights flickered on the console, as information was downloaded, whilst Commander Bodil worked his way through the vessel. Everything seemed standard, and what he would have expected a four man craft to contain. There did not appear to be anything unusual, and he surmised that it must have been recently taken from the Aesir Security Service main complex.

That begged the question.

Had they been compromised, and if so by how much?

There was not time to ponder, as he had to get away from here as soon as possible.

Returning to the main control room, he noticed that the data transfer was complete. Taking the little device out of where it had been attached, he slipped it into his pocket, and proceeded to the exit.

Vilgot grimaced at the scene which met him, and taking a deep breath, he decided that the best course of action was to gather the Hybrid's remains and place them back inside the craft. Then he was going to set the self-destruct mechanism, so that as much evidence as possible could be removed. Hopefully other Aser Security Service members would arrive, and if he were lucky then they would take their time in attempting to solve this mystery.

Time was something however, that was in short supply...

It was not time, but hope that seemed in short supply, as Ren wondered what was going to happen next. She removed her hands from her face, and caught Starfield staring at her.

She felt dreadful, knowing how her mother’s behaviour had traumatized him. This had been her first experience of Artificial Intelligence, and although her people had an innate fear of it, it looked as though they had even more fear of Terrans...

Commander Bodil looked down at his bloodstained armored suit and grimaced. He was no stranger to hand to hand combat, although it was usually fought with energy weapons which cauterized wounds. Somehow, it felt a bit more civilized than using a fire axe, even though tremendous loss of life could occur. It just felt wrong somehow, and yet Joan had saved him from possible injury or even death.

Maybe he was just getting too old for all of this?

Over seven hundred Earth years had passed, many Replicant bodies, and more than a little adventure. He was supposed to have retired, and had only accepted the title of Supreme Commander to safeguard the lives of his closest friends.

The timer had been set, and so he could not think of such matters now, as they had to get away before the intruders vessel exploded.

Once inside his craft, he checked briefly on Halvor and Joan. Joan was now asleep, and Halvor was resting nearby. He looked drawn and as if the previous events had taken every last bit of energy he possessed. Vilgot admired his strength of character, being equally as strong as his wife, but in a totally different way.

The pilot's seat was an old friend, just like his passengers, and he quickly patched into Serenity's secure communicator.

"How are you feeling?"

He already knew the answer, but felt as though he had to ask.


He realized that she was like a child caught up in an adult world.

"We have to get away, can you make it to the secure location we talked about?"

Ren looked at Starfield, who was in no state to help.

"I doubt it!"

The Commander sighed, expecting her reply. He would have to tow them, and hope that his ship had enough power...

A faint green light soon engulfed Gaia, as she slowly lifted off the ground. This had been her first movement for over twenty years, and there was a hole in the undergrowth where she had lain. He would have to disguise that too, as this mission had to retain as much secrecy as possible.

Ren felt a sudden surge, as Gaia popped out of the hole she had formed in the undergrowth, like a cork out of a bottle. Then there was a sudden rush as they sprang up into the air. Starfield felt his molecules scrambling as Gaia trembled along with him. She was free at last, although there was no celebration. They were both in trouble and felt as though it may have been better to have not been discovered at all!

The Commander tried to stabilize the tractor beam, adjusting to compensate for the extra power he had used to pull the ship clear of the ground. He could see that Gaia had left quite a hole, and so he dropped one of his bombs, which sailed out of the little compartment underneath his vessel.

The small metallic object sailed past Gaia, diving towards the hole she had left. Then, before anyone within the ship could react, there was an explosion.


For the first time in his life, Starfield swore, as he nearly jumped out of his moon glass skin.

Ren and Gaia were equally shocked, more so by his language than the explosion.


His particles turned a deep red as they swam around inside his head.

Then, before he could say anything else, there was another explosion which ripped through the undergrowth as the intruders vessel self-destructed.


Starfield fainted halfway through another obscenity, slipping to the ground as his molecules went ashen white, just as they had done before.

Ren, who was also shocked by the double explosions, got up off the pilot's seat, moving across to see what she could do for him....

Meanwhile, Vilgot surveyed the ground, relatively pleased with the debris field. A lot of the evidence had been destroyed, and hopefully there would be nothing left to connect them with the intruders. Yes, there would be an investigation, and hopefully a cover story would be put in place, and no further questions asked, or would there...


The faint green bubble of the magnetic field disrupter continued to surround both craft, as the liquid mercury plasma engines hummed in contentment, in complete contrast to those being towed behind the Commander's vessel.

"Get away from me you young savage!"

Starfield tried to push Ren away, having regained consciousness.

"I promise I won't hurt you."

Ren could see how disturbed he was, which was something that she shared.

"My mother's sick."

So was Starfield, sick of humans!

"You Terrans are part Reptilian, and you're all sick!"

Ren could see how upset he was, and never envisioned a Holo Droid having such strong emotions.

"What do you mean?"

Starfield's particles glowed red.

"The Anunnaki who created you may have looked like pale skinned humans, but they were also Hybrid Reptilians, just like the ones who tried to kill us!"

She had to admit that that was a fair point, and remembered how upset she had been when her father had told her about her linege. The Aesir were pure human, and she could understand his feelings to a certain extent. Terran fetuses initially looked Reptilian for the first few weeks of life until the human genes took over, the Reptilian brain controlled the body's vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance. It consisted of the brainstem and the cerebellum, and although reliable, it tended to be rigid and compulsive, much like her and her mother!

"Not all Reptilians are bad."

Starfield grimaced.

"The ones I've encountered are!"

He was having what she considered to be a tantrum, something again Holo Droids were not supposed to be able to have.

"Well, nobody's perfect!"

With that, Ren moved away from him, to sit back in the pilot's seat. Arguing was getting them nowhere, and she realized that if they were ever to get anywhere, then they had to work together...

Commander Bodil was pleased to see Halvor emerge after settling down Joan. She had now gone into a deep sleep, and he had eventually managed to remove the last traces of blood off her, and more importantly the fire axe which she had been clinging onto.

"How are you feeling?"

Halvor sighed.

"Don't ask!"

Over the years, he had had quite a lot to deal with, and even his great patience had been sorely tested, particularly today.

"Did you manage to gain any information from the intruder's ship?"

Vilgot realized that he needed a distraction, and burying himself in work would be both beneficial and therapeutic.

"As a matter of fact I did."

He reached into his pocket and removed the small storage device handing it over.

Halvor gladly took it, looking forward to amercing himself in the data streams.

His organic computer was in his rucksack, which had been hastily packed when they fled the dome shaped buildings, and retrieving it, he sat next to his old friend and inserted the storage device. Vilgot smiled to himself, relieved to see that Halvor appeared not to have been too deeply affected by his wife's madness.

Joan may have had her failings, but she was basically a good person, and someone who he would be glad to have on his side whenever he went into battle. This battle however, spanned the Aesir worlds, if not the entire galaxy, and maybe even most of the universe too.

Reams of data flowed past Halvor's eyes, as he studied the information he had been given. Most of it was just the usual ships systems, but every now and then, he came across something a little more interesting. It was like having a jigsaw puzzle, but without the picture on the front of the box. He was essentially going in blind, but years of experience had taught him where to look for any possible leads.

Slowly, the picture began to emerge as he pieced the pieces together. There was a hidden network connecting all of the hybrids together, although the way they communicated was a bit fragmented owing to the algorithms designed within the security function. He had to try to bridge the gaps, and as he did so, more of the network was revealed.

"Anything interesting?"

The Commander leaned over, as he steered both craft towards another secure location, which he hoped this time would not be breached as easily as the last. It was a constant battle, particularly as the Aesir Security Service appeared to have been compromised.

"You could say that!"

Vilgot did not know whether to be excited or worried.

"They have an operative in the Royal Court, and the Empress may be in grave danger..."


The rough pockmarked surface of a small planetoid filled the main viewing screen, as Commander Bodil brought both craft down towards an automated transmitter, which was the only structure it contained. Within the small building there was modest accommodation for the maintenance engineers who visited it periodically, and hopefully it would provide a temporary refuge. Still within this solar system, it was the only place he could think of, as they needed a base to analyze the samples he had taken.

Ren could do nothing but sit in the pilot's seat and look between the screen and Starfield, who had now gone into a deep sulk. It may have been very odd behaviour for an Artificial Person, but she suspected that when he was in corporeal form, that may not have been the case. He was a complex character, inclined to be a little devious and temperamental.

"Where are you taking us?"

He spoke for the first time since his outburst.

"Looks like uncle Vil has chosen this obscure rock, and I doubt if it has a name."

Starfield looked out, unimpressed.

"Do you think we will be safe here?"

Gaia realised that they needed somewhere to hole up for a while, which would give her time to work on her partner.

Stellan, as he was known in corporeal form, which ironically meant calm, had a brilliant mind, which was one of the reasons he had been chosen for the project. He had tended to be a bit over emotional at times, and looking at him now, it appeared as though he had carried that trait with him. Now Starfield, there was clearly no glitch in his programming as he was exhibiting the same characteristics.

Gerda, now Gaia which meant guardian was going to have to look after him, as she had done before. She was also a brilliant scientist but far more pragmatic than the man she had been with for what seemed like an eternity!

Both craft gently touched down on the small landing pad adjacent to the solitary building, which happened to be another dome...

It was a very worrying development that there was an operative at the Royal Court, and the Commander planned to hide here for a while to give Halvor time to study the samples he had collected, and hopefully devise a detection device.

Vilgot switched off the tractor beam making sure that the cloaking device was still active. It was a very clever piece of technology, slightly phasing his vessels out of this reality, not by much, but just enough for the light to pass through rendering his ship invisible. Only when it moved was there a slight shimmer that could be detected by those who knew what they were looking for. However, when stationary it would be completely invisible.

Gaia had a similar technology, although she was able to mimic her surroundings using her moon glass shell, and the multitude of fiber optics embedded within it. Looking out, he was relieved that he could not see her, as that meant that it must be working.

Commander Bodil then slipped on his helmet and made his way towards the hatch. There would be no breathable air outside, but that did not present any real problem, as his armored suit had its own air supply. It was another piece of very sophisticated equipment, consisting firstly of a polymerized organic under suit woven with a conductor that generated electricity when he moved, and provided feedback from his body as a sensor system, and in that way, it informed the outer amour to move in synchronicity with his limbs.

The power pack, was housed at the base of his spine, hidden away out of harms reach. One charge would last a whole week, and the suit could recharge itself if it had enough sunlight. Air and water could also be recycled, although he preferred to hook it up to his ship for resupply.

The airlock door soon opened and he could see the entrance to the dome shaped building on the other side of the landing pad. He gripped hold of his laser rifle, scanning with his suits sensors, which displayed a readout on the lower section of his visor. That was the only slightly vulnerable part, although being of a moon glass design, it was virtually impervious to most weapons. There was also a drop down armored cover, and the fiber optics woven into the helmet provided a very good simulation projected onto his visor. All in all, it was a very well designed system.

It also had suction pads on the feet, knees, hands, and elbows, anywhere in fact that it might prove useful. The only problem was that it took time to learn how turn them on and off, and to adjust the force of the suction. The Commander had had a lot of that, and the whole thing was like a second skin to him.

Everything appeared quiet, although his years of experience had made him cautious, and he proceeded as stealthily as possible. His boots also had gravity pads on the underside, so it was relatively easy for them to connect with the surface of the landing pad, enabling him to move rapidly in the airless void of space.

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