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Mighty Maggot’s Marvellous Mind Travels

Expanding The Green & Blue Diamonds

Published by Vivienne Scott-Gould

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2019 Vivienne Scott-Gould

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This book is dedicated to my beloved mum who showed me

what true, unconditional love is.

I also dedicate this book to my twin soul, Richard who

has helped me discover my True Self

Table of Contents

Note to Parents and Carers

The Adventure Begins here...

Questions to Reflect on with your child

About Vivienne Scott-Gould

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Message from Vivienne Scott-Gould

Note to Parents and Carers

Hi there

The Mighty Maggot series of 7 books are written for young children and their parents to explore humanity, through light-hearted story telling, with a focus on mental; physical and emotional well-being.

I would love for you to read these books with your child and encourage them to reflect on the story and what thoughts, feelings and emotions have been conjured up in them.

I have purposefully not illustrated the books, to enable your child’s imagination to be ignited and flow freely in terms of how they visualise the scenes and characters.

My intention is for this to empower them to create their own ‘dream world’ in their minds and perhaps create their own visual depictions of the stories.

The feedback I have received from other readers is that the stories are humorous, philosophical and thought provoking.

With this in mind, I have included a few questions at the end of the book, as a guide to provoke a ‘conscious conversation’ between you and your child.

These books have been written from my heart and I truly wish for them to touch your child’s heart and soul (and yours too!).

I would love to hear feedback from you and your child on how this story has impacted you both.

Enjoy the Adventure!

Vivienne Scott-Gould

The Adventure Begins here...

Raven Explorer and Wind Fire were sitting at the side of a Loch in Scotland.

“I love it here,” sighed Raven Explorer, blissfully watching the water ripple out from where she had just thrown a pebble.

“Me too,” replied Wind Fire, admiring the magnificent mountains, reflecting on the still water.

“I’d love an adventure though; I’m getting a bit bored.” Wind Fire was not known for his patience.

“I wonder if there truly is a Loch Ness Monster in there.”


The Twins sat bolt upright.

“Mighty Maggot!” they shouted in unison.

“What’s the matter? Where are you?” Raven Explorer’s questions came thick and fast.

“Raven Explorer, you must throw The Diamond Keys into the Loch…NOW!” Mighty Maggot’s voice didn’t usually sound this panicky.

With no time to think, Raven Explorer rummaged in her pockets and yanked out the Green & Blue Diamond Keys.

She held them high over her head, ready to launch. Her mind was racing.

“I don’t want to lose them! But this sounds really urgent! What if I throw them in the wrong place?”

The Worry Thoughts grew in her Mind and she froze.

“What are you waiting for?” Wind Fire shouted in frustration.

“Yes! What are you waiting for?” Mighty Maggot sounded just as frustrated.

“Go away Worry Thoughts!” Raven Explorer pulled herself together, throwing The Diamonds as far as she could across the Loch.

Then something amazing happened…

The Diamond Keys, once released, seemed to have a mind of their own, skidding across the Loch and arcing up into the air.

Like a shooting star, they zoomed forward in a flash of green and blue light.

Once over the centre of the Loch, they plummeted into its watery depths.


The Twins looked at each other in confusion. Nothing was happening.

Then…a huge ripple sprang from the centre of the Loch, travelling outwards at warp speed towards The Twins.

A wall of water began to build in the Loch.

The Twins scrambled to their feet, looking for a place to escape.

“Stay where you are! Mighty Maggot instructed above the roaring wave.

As if by magic, the water parted, creating a Path.

The Twins gasped in awe as the Rainbow Arc emerged from the water.

“Quick! Get on board while the Path is clear!” Mighty Maggot was on The Arc, looking rather resplendent in a tam o’shanter and kilt…and holding a Sword and Shield above his head.

“We’re coming!” The Twins leapt into action, running down the newly formed Path.

“Follow the New Role Pathway, as quick as you can!” urged Mighty Maggot.

The Twins reached The Arc in the nick of time and jumped on board.

The Waves began to fill The Path and The Arc rose up in the waters.

“Hold on tight!” Mighty Maggot shouted as The Arc was lifted higher and higher by a giant water fountain.

The Arc rose through the sky and out into Space.

Once out in Space, everyone relaxed a little. The Twins looked at Mighty Maggot expectantly.

“Well dearies,” he announced. “It appears your Life Lessons have been doing so well, that you are Ascending.”

The Twins stared, open mouthed at Mighty Maggot.

“You’ll be catching flies in those mouths,” chuckled Mighty Maggot.

“So…to continue…you are Ascending to the ‘S.O.S’ Team’…and are on a mission to ‘Save Our Souls’ in the Love & Truth Field.”

“That’s awesome!” exclaimed Wind Fire, delighted that his wish for an adventure had come true.

“Now, I need to show you something on the Telly Path.” Mighty Maggot wriggled over to The Arc’s magical TV screen.

The Telly Path crackled and an image appeared on its flickering screen.

It was not a very happy scene…

“Why do all those people and animals look so sad and scared?” asked Raven Explorer, looking worried.

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