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(Pemberley House Party #2)

A steamy variation on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Sequel to the series entitled

Sir Richard and Charlotte


C.P. Waterman

Copyright C.P. Waterman 2019

This book contains works of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and should not be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons (living or dead), actual events, locale or organizations is entirely coincidental.

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by C.P. Waterman

Charlotte stood against the wall in the private library at Pemberley, her arms embracing Sir Richard; just twenty minutes earlier, she had had a joyful reunion with him there and, in the quiet moments after their initial passion had been spent, she wondered how much longer she might be able to  conceal this illicit relationship from her reverend husband, the tedious Mr. Collins.

Their host, Mr Darcy, had discreetly left them alone together, having retired to the neighbouring room that contained his main library. But Charlotte soon heard him conversing with other voices through the wall; she quickly identified them as belonging to Jane - Elizabeth Darcy’s elder sister - and her new husband, the charming Mr. Bingley, who had just arrived at Pemberley for the house party.

Lizzie tells me that Charlotte Collins is here,” Jane said with excitement. “I haven’t seen her since our wedding. I can’t wait to speak with her again.”

My dear sister-in-law, be patient,” Darcy interrupted. “There are other people here who are also looking forward to meeting you. My aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh for one, and another guest, the archdeacon. But I warn you, Bingley, don’t leave your wife alone with that venerable gentleman. His ecclesiastical title is quite misleading.”

Bingley laughed. “You’re suggesting his interests are more venereal than venerable, Darcy?”

Very droll! But one might draw that conclusion, my dear friend. Now, let me escort you both back to the drawing room. I imagine Lizzie will be entertaining Lady Catherine.” He coughed loudly at the interconnecting door - presumably a signal to Charlotte and Sir Richard that the coast would soon be clear - and he departed with the Bingleys.

Wait here a few moments longer, my dear,” Sir Richard whispered to her. “Then you should leave first, to avoid any suspicion. I shall follow shortly afterward; I must go to my room to wash down - I had a hard ride from parliament at Westminster, and I’m still very hot.”

I had noticed, Sir,” she grinned. “If circumstances were different, I’d happily assist in your ablution.”

If circumstances were different, there would be no need for us to be so furtive here. There are too many people around.”

She thought for a moment. “I have an idea. Perhaps we could meet at the East Lodge, the gamekeeper’s former home, by the lake? I could ask to borrow the key and take my sketchbook with me. It will be like old times - I have a strong desire to capture your image on my pages again, Sir. And we would not be disturbed.”

Very good. Shall I suggest… an hour hence?”

Charlotte left quietly and returned to her room to retrieve a new sketchbook. On reflection, she thought, she should have brought two volumes with her: one for drawing portraits of the guests, and scenes around Pemberley, and the other for more sensual subjects. She would have to take great care; she risked facing the gates of hell if her book fell into the wrong hands and was found to contain an elegant pastoral scene on one page and a full-length nude portrait of Sir Richard - displaying his fine masculine attributes - on the next. Any page on which she had drawn a carnal subject would have to be removed from the book and hidden away somewhere.

After collecting the key to the East Lodge from the housekeeper, she made her way towards the front door to leave the main house. As she passed by the drawing room, she noticed that the door was open and she heard Lady Catherine call her name. Bother! she thought. She hoped her walk down to the East Lodge would not be delayed. She entered the drawing room and, as she curtsied to the noble lady, she noticed Lizzie and Jane were also present.

May I have a moment of your time, Mrs Collins? You will have met Emily, the niece of the Archdeacon?”

Briefly,” Charlotte answered.

Mrs Darcy, Mrs Bingley and I are engaged on a sensitive project this morning. We are interviewing potential suitors for the hand of the young lady.”

Charlotte had heard of this plan. She was still angry with the young woman for having accused her of attempting to seduce her uncle in an encounter outside the grand house when nobody else was watching; Emily had seen their encounter and had misjudged the situation, thinking she was trying to seduce him - for he had undone the drop-front of his breeches and had pulled up the front of Charlotte’s gown in an effort  to defile her body while they were alone. He had muttered some vague offer to influence her husband’s promotion in the Church in return for her favours. It was only through Lizzie’s subsequent intervention that Emily had not brought the incident to the attention of Lady Catherine. The girl was a mischief-maker, like her uncle.

Lady Catherine smiled. “We spoke earlier of your drawing my portrait to take back to Rosings. I want you to do it for me very soon, so that I can display the finished work to my nephew’s other guests while they are still here.”

Just as you please, Lady Catherine.”

The noble lady turned to Jane. “I assume you are acquainted with Mrs Collins, my daughter-in-law’s friend? Did you know she is a very accomplished artist?”

I know Mrs Collins very well,” Jane answered. “But I had no idea about this talent.”

Her drawings are exquisite; had she been a man, I have no doubt she would soon be exhibiting at the Royal Academy.”

Charlotte blushed. “You overpower me with praise, Lady Catherine. I am a plain illustrator who -”

Nonsense! Don’t be so modest, Mrs. Collins. It ill becomes you. Now, we are waiting for the arrival of our first candidate. I shall let you know when I am available for a sitting. It may be at short notice, as my schedule is apt to change without warning. Good day to you.”

Relieved at being dismissed, Charlotte curtsied and left the room. She walked to the front door with a new elation; nothing would impede her tryst with Sir Richard now.

Although she was in her early thirties, she felt like an impatient child as she strode along the side of the lake towards the East Lodge. The building - dilapidated, perhaps, but still retaining its charm - brought back so many happy memories for her. It was here that she had first looked out of the window a few weeks ago and set her eyes on Sir Richard with Mr Darcy, rowing in the lake; it was in the bedroom that she had first lain herself open to Sir Richard’s advance, and sketched his naked body.

Mr Darcy had been the only other person who had gazed upon her erotic works; he had become so enthused with their quality that he had pleaded with her for more of these sketches, which he would have bound into a tome and stored in his private library. Not even his wife Lizzie knew of the existence of this inner sanctum; its entrance had been concealed behind an artificial bookcase, and it was most important to Charlotte that nobody - apart from Darcy and Sir Richard - knew that she occupied her spare time as, for want of a better expression, a pornographer.

Turning the key to open the front door of the lodge, she looked round to make sure nobody could see her. Her husband, Mr Collins, was strolling round the park with the archdeacon, trying to engage him in abstruse theological issues which might produce an interesting sermon one day; Emily, the archdeacon’s niece, was out in the parkland with Darcy’s sister Georgiana, and Mr Darcy had gone fishing with Mr Bingley. There was no chance that she and Sir Richard would be disturbed.

She sat at the window and looked out across the lake. She had forgotten Mr Bingley’s sisters and brother-in-law; no doubt they were entertaining themselves somewhere, she thought, and then she remembered she had seen Mr Hurst - Bingley’s ineffectual brother-in-law - through a hole in the wall of her bedchamber, watching as he was quietly masturbating in the privacy of his room. She wondered if he was pleasuring himself again this morning, and whether she might have an opportunity to sketch him in this activity whilst they were at Pemberley this week. Did Louisa Hurst, his wife, know he was addicted to this form of exercise? How would she react if she were to discover him in the middle of -

The sound of an approaching horse brought an end to her reverie. She heard the rider dismount and, after a pause as the horse was being tethered, the door opened and Sir Richard strode forward with a broad smile.

At last I have you alone!” he murmured, and held her tight.

They kissed for what seemed an eternity; Charlotte wanted to pull him towards the modest bedroom, but was unwilling to bring this moment to an end. Eventually, she began to unbutton his shirt, to kiss every inch of his body, and then…

Another horse drew near on the road outside.

Damn!” cried Sir Richard, who was now stripped to the waist.

Wait here,” Charlotte whispered. “I’m still dressed. I’ll see who it is.”

She went quickly to the kitchen and peered through the window, in time to watch a pony and cart pass by; the rider seemed oblivious to the lodge. It was Anne, Lady Catherine’s daughter.

She returned to the bedroom and told him what she had seen. “At Hunsford, we frequently see her riding by with her pony and cart; she seems a sickly young woman,  and this is the only outdoor recreation she enjoys. Her companion, Mrs Jenkinson, has some kind of illness and was unable to come to Pemberley this week, and her mother is preoccupied with interviewing so many young men. I daresay Anne must feel quite alone.”

He grinned. “I’m sure you’ll have heard that there was a long-standing agreement between Darcy’s mother and her sister - Lady Catherine - that Darcy and Anne would one day marry. When Darcy married Miss Elizabeth Bennet, there was a great deal of displeasure in the family. Eager to appease his aunt and cousin for their disappointment, he always tries to provide a diversion for Anne. That way, Lady Catherine would have less to complain about.”

And she loves to complain. Being near neighbours, we are expected to dine with her twice a week at Rosings, and we have to endure so many of her gripes.”

Now that Darcy is no longer available, she is considering me - being Anne’s other cousin - as a possible match for her. But Lady Catherine continues to worry about my liberal politics. If she could win me round to her point of view, she would be a little more forceful about getting us married off together.”

But she wouldn’t steal you away from me to mate with her daughter, would she? Is she so desperate to have grandchildren?” She squeezed his hand and smiled at him. “I want you all to myself.”

He kissed her forehead. “I have a brilliant plan. While Lady Catherine is busy finding a husband for the archdeacon’s niece, you could start finding a husband for Anne.”

They laughed. “Shall we get on with the real business of the day?” he suggested. “We came here so you could draw me again.”

That’s right,” she replied, reaching for her sketchbook and opening it at a blank page. “I want you kneeling on the bed, facing me, with your penis in your curled hand. You’re supposed to be pleasuring yourself. Do you think you could make it stiff again?”

He followed her directions. “Like this?”

Perfect. But could you move your hand so that I can see your testicles dangling below?”

Do you want me to face you?”

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