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Layla's Confused Heart

Breathany Arnoco

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Chapter One

It is in the middle of June, and I'm sitting on the park bench waiting for the little boy who didn't promise, but said that we will meet each other again after five years. Eight years have passed, and I still wait here every year for the same day at the same time, for he never showed up three times. He was the bravest person I ever met, and I used to be a very fat young girl during that time.

Bullies came to me and wanted to get the ice cream that I just bought from an ice cream truck. All three of them forced to steal it from my hold and when it was tossed into the ground they picked some of it and wiped it on my face. I started crying and slumped myself on the ground. Then suddenly I heard a thud. I saw the boy who wiped some ice cream on my face lying on the ground holding his right cheek. I wiped my tears and some ice cream on my face to see what was happening around me. The two other boys ran away from something they were afraid of.

"Now, say sorry to her." I looked at the one who spokes, and he poked the boy on the ground using his skateboard. Instead of apologizing, the boy ran away faster than a blink. He offered me a hand so that I could stand up and I dusted off myself. He was a boy about my age, and his hair is blonde.

"Are you hurt?" He asked having a serious concern looks on his face. It's just that I noticed; his eyes are of different colors, right is green and left is blue, and they are so beautiful. He is a young handsome angel sent from heaven and saved me. I was backed to reality when I heard him clear his throat.

Moments passed by, he helped me cleaned my face using his hand towel that he wet from the fountain nearby. We sat at the bench under an old tree, then he asked me my name and because I was too shy to ask his, he told it to me instead.

"Layla is a beautiful name, and it fits perfectly to a beautiful girl like you. By the way, my name is Cyrus." And he flashed his beautiful smile. He left me for a while and came back with two ice creams in cones. One is strawberry flavored and the other is chocolate. We ate together while talking some things about us, we laugh at his jokes and his funny faces. I knew that he was left-handed since he has his wrist watch on his right, and he uses his left hand to eat the ice cream.

He told me that his mom passed away three months ago, and he's living with his Nanny. I felt sorry for him, for he lost his mom at the very young age of eight.

I asked him if how much do I need to pay for the ice cream and the help he had done for me, but he answered "What about we meet each other again after five years on this same place on the same day and the same time?"

We shook hands as I agreed with him. Then he added. "And also a kiss on my right cheek is more than enough." Then he winked at me. I think all my blood rushed to my face, and I can't understand what I feel. I leaned in to kiss his cheek, but he suddenly faced me and I have kissed his small soft lips. No words came out from my mouth as we parted, I was just speechless. I stared at him, and he had a light and smiling face. He stood up and looked at his wrist watch saying "I have to go now, so see you again My Layl Lovely Lady." I saw him waved as he skates away from me.

That short moment with him made me forgot that I am an ugly fat eight year old girl. He stole my heart and my first kiss together with my dream to just die to get rid of my unpleasant self. Thank you, Cyrus, and see you five years from now.

I stared at my wrist watch feeling nervous and sweaty. What if he'll finally show up after eight years? How does he look like now? Do I look okay? Will he show up or will I end up waiting for nothing again? These are the questions I keep on asking myself. Fifteen minutes before eleven o'clock, it is the time he said that we will meet, and there are only five minutes left that he will show up. I have my full hope that we will meet again, I just believe in him. He didn't promise because he said that promises are meant to be broken, like how his mother promised to never leave his side.

That time is now, and nervousness never left me alone. I kept on looking at people that pass by, and the people near this bench. I scrolled down my phone to make myself busy and not looking like I'm waiting for someone that is not sure if he will show up or not.

"Can I share a seat with you?" Somebody asked, and from my peripheral vision it is a blonde girl wearing blue tight jeans, red fit t-shirt and sunglasses. I nodded 'yes' to the girl since it was 7 minutes passed, he will just approach me and ask if I am Layla.

"So, are you waiting for someone?" She asked me, I stopped on what I'm doing on my phone and looked around my surroundings again.

"Yes." I just answered short for it is to make her realized that I have no interest in talking with her, so that she'll just leave and find another bench to sit.

"How long have you been waiting for that person?" The nosy girl asked again. Okay, so now how can I get rid of you, silly?

I never noticed that the time passed by with this naughty girl kept on asking me about this and that that I never really had a single interest, and it is already twenty-one minutes past eleven. A blonde guy on a skateboard passed by, but he just ignored everyone, well maybe it's not him. Or maybe he won't come because I am with this talking girl; he would think that I am not me. I surely look different from my fat young self, my height is five feet eight inches, I weigh about fifty-five kilos, and my hair is shoulder-length and wavy chestnut brown.

Minutes passed by again and again, but this girl never left. She had asked me where school I study and where I reside, in which I answered with incorrect information. The girl finally stood up forty-five minutes after eleven. This is it, and she will finally leave. I just noticed that she got a skateboard with her. She looked at me and said "I have to go now. So, I'll see you again." She waved as she skates away from me. Well anyway, no more nosy girl that I never knew the name of.

Thirty minutes after, I left the place feeling disappointed and hopeless, again for four times now. Will I still wait for him at this same place and day next year? The answer is, I do not know and only time will tell.

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