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If Brice Huntington had lived in another time he would have been called a debaucher, a scoundrel, a libertine, and a man leading a profligate life. Holland Baxter has a few choice modern words for him, and effin’ jerk is the nicest one she can say here. But... When she finds herself without a home, it turns out Brice can be a good friend. And, as time and proximity give her an up-close look at who he really is, and who he can be, she’s intrigued. Yeah, she knows this is a slippery slope, but there’s something about him that makes her want to stay.


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L.P. Maxa

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To all the readers who waited for this playboy of a man. I probably would have never completed him without you guys constantly asking for his sexy ass.


Thank you first, always, to my husband and kiddo. I tend to disappear for a week or so right before I have a book due. You guys don’t pick up the slack, let’s be honest, but you don’t care that there is no food in the house or that the laundry pile is miles high. So thanks for that. And to all the readers that have been asking for Brice. I wouldn’t have felt so ready to write him without all your encouragement. And to Michelle, who found the PERFECT cover image. You handed me some great inspiration, and that cover helped me write their love story.


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