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Dreamwalker in Atlantis

by Erik Istrup

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The work as a dreamwalker

The temple of rejuvenation

Preparation for the dream walk

Azuru Timu

The boy with the mask

The man with the pointed hat

The answer to the divine

The start of my existence

The small god

The common consciousness

Difference between feelings and emotions

The land of white

Uniformity and unification


Life force energy

A nature’s being as a human

The dream walk

The other people

In dialogue with nature

Journey through the land

The broken heart

The chief’s son

The king’s dancer and musician

The dying warrior

The guiding star

A red planet and a princess in red


A happy time

Yeshua – part two

The composite Yeshua


Another diplomatic mission

The big Chinese

The misdeed

Servant for an Egyptian prince

Stone age


The Cathar

The secrets of the alchemist

A mystery school

The mirror in the cathedral

A mirror in depth of darkness

Tira, the most beautiful


The death camp

The threats are joined

Yadar’s ending statement

Dimensions and consciousness


Atlantis, myth or history?

The meaning of the numbers

Choose a simple living

The main character, Yadar

About the author


I chose to let the fictitious protagonist, Yadar, be the author, and most of the time let him describe places and things he experiences in his dreams and meditations, from the time in which he lived, which is around the end of the Atlantic Period about 14,000 years ago, Alt, as it was called at that time. Sometimes, however, I use the terms we use today to facilitate comprehension and to avoid long explanations. Seen from Yadar’s perspective, he has infinite opportunities regarding choices he can make into his future. Since I, however, am the actual author, the experience line that goes from Yadar’s time to mine is already experienced by a part of my soul’s consciousness, and is, therefore, in terms of events, fixed.

Some people you will encounter in this story have names that do not fit with today’s girls’ and boys’ names, but I used the names I sense the characters have.

Although Yadar is a fictional character, and you can read the novel as fiction, I use Yadar to describe things and experiences drawn from different incarnations or lives. You can say it is the same soul that has experienced these lives through different people. Some information is given by other awarenesses.

Some consciousnesses that appear as persons in Yadar’s story are reborn and live today. If you are one of those, you may have a sense of recognition when you read about yourself.

Many of the lives have been about travel; about movement. Either as a pioneer to explore the new, or as a diplomat to bring balance and harmony in a world most often seen as chaotic and unfair. On a higher level, it has been about raising a hand saying “yes” when asked to volunteer for development work.

There is reference to a people, Shee, which we know as elves, but who name themselves Sidhe.

While working on the book, the events that I described touched me. Often so much that I had to pause and dry the tears or just go into the experience. But let’s get started on the story.

Erik Istrup


Let me start by presenting myself. After that I will tell you why you can read this book. For now, you can call me Yadar. It may sound a bit cryptic, but you will soon get an explanation.

I have no biological family and live alone in a small apartment in the temple area. I am associated with a particular temple, but I also work in others, depending on where my expertise is needed. I have my private study in the temple and there are various service functions associated with it.

You must know that the book cannot be publicly available until its content cannot lead to people being hurt due to the knowledge it contains.

In this life, I am convinced that I have lived in the past, i.e., before I was born into this life, and also will come to live again after leaving this. That is why I am called Yadar in this life while in other lives I have other names and other personalities; yes, and different gender. Since I have only recently realised that I have lived in the past, I also write hoping others can see that this is how things work. Perhaps one of my souls’ incarnations in the future could benefit from the book.

I’m a dreamwalker, but it’s only one of my many chores. I will tell you more about this later, but a dreamwalker is a person who accompanies the consciousness of a person back toward its starting point, shortly before, during or after the body is dead. The place is called the Flower Bridge. From here, the consciousness continues on by itself.

I am also a researcher and work with all kinds of energy, dimensional shifting and life energy. As scientists, our work involves both exploring, and using our knowledge to help our fellow human beings in the widest sense. In the time I live, we are not so rigorous about whether it is work or interest that occupies our time. We usually do what we feel like doing and have the ability to do, and it is natural we share goods and favours. Here we do not keep accounts of who owes what, but more of who can use one’s assets and who can contribute what you need. I am giving something to one person, but I receive a service from another. It is more about keeping the flow of services moving, rather than keeping track of whether I received enough in return from the one to whom I gave something. If I am in need of something, I can always find one who can help me.

During the period referred to here, we who are initiated can shift things slightly out of the third dimension toward the fourth, whereby temples and people become invisible and cannot be sensed by creatures in the third dimension. As I am one of the initiated, they have trained me in the deeper understanding of our world and its residents, and in various methods of gaining access to deeper layers of humanity’s consciousness, and to affect them.

At this time, we do not have a concept of god, which, I understand, gets a lot of attention at a later stage in the planet’s history. We are convinced that the source of life is in the physical body. Why should life energy be outside ourselves? It is the body that is alive, right? In addition, we research energy, in the form of vibration, sound and light. We use crystals in research, but I can understand, from my dreams, that the crystals will, over time, lose their power in later periods. The concept of god involves more than three dimensions, where the deity occupies the highest. I will come back to these metaphysical concepts later. The metaphysical concept, what lies beyond the physical world, is just beginning to emerge and is known only to a few here in the temples.

I will try to keep my story from my present chronological. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to put my journeys to other times in chronological order. Although I can sense a certain order, it is as if the level of consciousness of mankind fluctuates and is not simply increasing towards a higher development. Moreover, it is as if the individual dreams and visions are interconnected; not only with each other but also with what I experience while I’m awake. Later, I will go into more detail about the consciousness of mankind.

It is strange that in dreams I have prior knowledge that I do not have when I am awake. It is as if I jump into a life and link to the person’s memory of what has gone before and to the people surrounding me. Sometimes I know the person I am facing from my waking state, even if the person looks different, has a different face or gender.

The work as a dreamwalker

It is morning and I am in my study in the temple. I have been out on the balcony placing crystals so the sunlight and the rain around noon will clear them, so they are ready for my work.

It is very unusual to have one’s own study and a home on its own. People live in large groups, sleep together and work together. People do not feel the need to retreat and be by themselves. It is not in consciousness. We are about 100,000 people here in the temples, working more or less in secret on discovering our full awareness. We do so under the guise of looking for life energy, what makes a being able to live. It is an individual process to seek one’s full awareness, but we share each other’s experiences and try out different techniques. Unfortunately, we lost a boy the other day. He was working as a helper when he walked into a room where we were investigating the channels of consciousness using crystals.

I have many activities by which I contribute to the society and among these, as I said, is dream walking. That is precisely why Janir now visits me, announced by the service person, Cantor. I know Janir and her husband Jacor, but, true to say, I have recently been so absorbed in my work we have had no contact.

Excuse me. I announce Janir’s arrival. She wants to inform you of her errand herself.”

“Thank you, Cantor. Just send her in.

“Dearest Janir. Come in, come in.”

I flutter around a little, not sure in what order I must do the different things that a host should do.

Janir smiles. I catch her eyes and instantly feel relaxed.

“Thank you, Janir.”

“And thank you, dear.”

Janir is still smiling. She is an elderly woman. Much older than her face tells. Her eyes, however, cannot conceal her wisdom. Not that she tries to do so. She has mild features and radiates both gentleness and firmness, just like the planet she has always worked with. It is perhaps why today she wears a red dress reaching the floor. Embroidery almost covers it in dark red and brown shades, making it look like a topographic map of a desert area. Now I notice that the fabric in many places emits little flashes of light and I think of raindrops in the sunshine that irrigate the wilderness. If I wait a bit, the flowers will surely emerge from the red sand.

“Yes, it’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

Well, yes. Sorry, I got lost in my own thoughts. It was something about desert sand, raindrops and flowers. Now I’ll stay focused.”

I fetch Janir a glass and pour water for both of us. We sit opposite each other.

While I’m trying to remember where we left, last we talked, Janir explains why she has come.

“Jacor has chosen to leave this world soon. We three have, frequently, discussed the topic and you know his arguments for not using the pyramid.”

Yes, the arguments are familiar and we agree that it is incompatible with equality and humanity that only the elite can use the crystal bed in the pyramid to charge the body’s cells with life energy and prolong life.

Janir continues, after taking a sip of water.

Many oppose him, and even more think he is an old nitwit who makes a fool of himself. If they think he hurts the higher society’s position, it will look bad, not only for him but also for his friends and family.”

“He is stubborn, the dear Jacor, but how is he physically and mentally?”

He’s fine, but I sense fatigue. Or I should rather say that he’s full up with this life. In particular, I see it in the way he moves.”

“You come to ask me to be his dream walker companion?”

“Yes. There can be no question that you should be the one. I will also be with him.”

You know, Janir, that it will be a great honour for me to make this dream walk with Jacor. Have you thought when we can go into a little more detail about the event?”

“Come to us tomorrow, while the day is still young, and let us enjoy breakfast together.”

It’s a deal. Say hello to Jacor and tell him I look forward to meeting him.”

We get up, say our farewells and Janir floats out the doorway as if she does not touch the floor. I sense a faint scent of flowers and fragrant herbs; her characteristic fragrance.

I immediately note the appointment in my calendar, because I know from experience that I easily get distracted and forget even important arrangements.

Before I tell you more about the dream walk, you should hear about an experience I had the night before I was to meet Jacor and Janir.

The temple of rejuvenation

As I lie down for the night, I think with pleasure and expectation of the meeting tomorrow morning with Jacor and Janir. However, there is also a certain amount of sadness, because of Jacor’s decision to leave, even though I feel I have accepted his decision.

I am expecting a fruitful meeting tomorrow and I ask for useful information about my work on energy and healing.

After some deep breaths, I slip into the layer between being awake and the real dream consciousness. The sound of the layer reaches me, but then I slip deeper down and soon I experience flying high above the sea and the clouds. There are holes between the clouds and I move downwards. The clouds part and I see a huge mountain of volcanic origin towards which I am heading. It appears like a huge red cone, but it is not erupting. There is snow on the top. Several smaller volcanoes surround it, also with snow on the top. The sun is shining on the side facing me, and, as I approach the place, I sense peace and harmony.

As I get closer, I see I am heading for the top. I feel I am moving too fast. If I follow my current course, I will hit close to the edge and blast straight into the rock side. There is a sensation of panic, but then I passed through the rock wall or a narrow opening. I did not see which. Now I am in a large, high-ceilinged space, almost like a temple, inside the mountain.

As I float up in the room and look around, I see a large opening where the light pours in. The room is very high in relation to the sea level and the icy wind blows into the room. My teeth rattle and the cold reaches into my innermost being. My whole body shakes.

Where am I?” I say with chattering teeth, but get no answer. I study the details in the vast space. Further inside the cave, away from the opening, is a shield, and behind this a construction that does not make sense. There are people down there. I float closer.

For a moment, I find myself outside the mountain, out in the open and far up. This time there are no clouds, and the vast land I saw during my approach has become much smaller. I see the sea in the distance. Oh, Hawaii. I now recognise the mountain and sense I am far back in time. My past. Now I have the answer to where I am.

Suddenly I am back in the cave and become accustomed to seeing in the dim light. With chattering teeth, I try to get more details of the design.

On a kind of bed a human is lying on his back. Above the person is what seems like a lid. The top and bottom are identically crafted, oval and about one foot thick. The material looks like grey slate. The edges are rounded and the ovals are so large that even a large and tall person can lie stretched out.

I inspect the person on the couch. The man is lying on a white cloth. He is naked and must be awfully cold. There are several people around him, but I can’t see what they’re doing. Something tells me that the man should receive healing. “Rejuvenation,” I am being corrected.

The sound of an infant catches my attention and I see a woman with a child in her arms. A mother with her child, I guess. Why would someone bring a child up here in this cold? Mother and child are dressed in thick layers of clothes, but just breathing the cold and very thin air had to be terrible for the little one. Is the man dying, and are his wife and child there to support him and give him courage?

The child is the one party in the event,” I am told. “There is no family relationship between the man and the woman with her child.”

“Are they taking the child’s life force and giving it to the man?” I ask in horror. “That’s terrible!”

“The child suffers no harm and the woman also benefits from the rejuvenation.”

Thousands of questions are coming forth: “But what’s going on? How does this system work? From where do they get the power, and how is the child connected to the man?”

“Magnetism, telepathy, cohesion.”

My brain tries to find possible explanations of how the system works. My head is about to blow.

“Don’t think, but feel what’s happening!”

I try to relax, and after a short time I get some pictures I can take back to the awakened state to work with.

With a curiosity to stay, and an unspeakable desire to escape the horrible cold, I slide backwards out through the rock, into the open and back to the darkness in my dream state.

I am back to the dream’s starting point and caught up in panic. “Wake up, wake up,” I shout with my inner voice, and while I am battling to get up to the surface of the awakened state, I tumble, still half-asleep, to the table, where I have tools to write my experiences. I draw, write and think like a madman. I have to remember everything; I must lose nothing!

I lean back in the chair, exhausted, both in body and mind. Then I fetch the jug with water and a glass, pouring, spilling, and sit down again. The water helps, and I focus on its way into my body.

The water is alive; the air is alive,” I hear from a distance.

However, I can’t make sense of the statement. I take some deep breaths, and then I return to the table and look at my sketches and notes.

It is madness to build the healing structure in such a terrible, inaccessible and hostile place! Is it to keep it away from the common people so that few can access the design?

Magnetism. The two plates, one above the man and the other under him, may contain magnets or be two large magnets. Telepathy. The child and the man must be telepathically connected to each other, but how can it help?

“A common expectation and the desire for rejuvenation, and that it must be done in harmony with everything; that is what you call nature or life.”

Cohesion? If the child and the man do not even share family ties, where is the cohesion?”

“The cohesion between the components of the child’s body and the man’s body.”

“But the bodies did not even touch each other. How do I understand this cohesion?” I ask, even more perplexed.

We’ll give you a brief and accurate explanation, and you must accept even if you don’t understand it all immediately. Be patient. It will come to you later.”

I nod and place a blank piece of paper in front of me.

“No, don’t use your mind. Close your eyes and see the pictures!”

Yes!” I close my eyes and lean back in the chair. Waiting. Waiting. I get impatient. Where are the pictures? I sense into it, but realise I am not at all calm. I breathe deeply a few times and slip into a shallow sleep.

Shortly after, the pictures and a sense of knowing come to me. Only a few moments have passed since I shut my eyes, and now I am fresh and start to write.

All the components of the human body come from the planet. All the building blocks of a child’s body have come through the food that the child’s mother has consumed, and the child’s energy. All things on the planet have at one time or another been in touch with each other. This is where the cohesion comes from. The building blocks are familiar with each other and never forget this connection, even if they are far apart. At the lower or deeper level, this is the ‘connection’ between the child and the adult, and at a higher level it is the telepathic link. The mother has a natural connection with the child since she has recently been in contact with all the child’s building blocks and has a profound telepathic connection to her offspring. Rejuvenation takes place because the child’s new building blocks can, through cohesion, tell the man’s old and worn building blocks what a new or healthy one looks like. The old building blocks have a kind of ‘aha’ experience and remember what they were like when they were new. They are, therefore, not a copy of the child’s building blocks. Neither the child nor the mother nor the man share anything physically. The building blocks of the woman and man begin to repair or rebuild themselves. This requires special attention and patience as it will take time to rearrange things from the old to the new.”

I feel dizzy after this.

It’s so simple! So simple! But what about the magnets?”

The magnets bring the building blocks to vibrate in sync. Bring them to speak the same language at the same time. The low temperature is necessary to bring the building blocks down to a temperature at which they can go into resonance with the magnets. The inability of the magnetics to oscillate fast enough makes the siting of the construction in this cold environment necessary.”

After this experience, I can see we have only remembered a snippet of our ancestors’ knowledge. Now we work with what we do best, namely crystals, but it is not as effective, and the effects degrade relatively fast when it comes to regenerating the body.

Should I work with this method I experienced in dreams? That would be a magnificent achievement! I should most likely start right away, but the night is almost gone, and I must be able to do my best when I visit Jacor and Janir. I slip into a dreamless sleep.

Preparation for the dream walk

I feel refreshed after the morning bath and trot expectantly towards Jacor and Janir’s dwelling. I wear my finest white cloth, adorned with a little gold embroidery at the edge, and new sandals. I shall meet with my dear friends and we shall prepare the dream walk with Jacor. I am impatient to tell them about my dream and feeling like a child who gets a long-awaited wish fulfilled.

This is a pleasant time of day. The coolness of the night has disappeared and the heat of the day has not yet arrived. A thought comes to me. Why do I find it so hard to tolerate the heat? I have lived in this climate all my life without ever getting used to it. It is not because I want to stay in a cool environment, but much of the day is too much for me and I only go outside if necessary. It has been like this my whole life. It is not something that has come with age.

I approach my destination. The side of the hedge towards the road is, as always, looking perfect, thanks to Janir. As I open the door, a small chime in the house signals to the residents that their guest has arrived. Jacor approaches me with a smile. With my errand in mind, my experiences with this dear friend whiz past my inner eye and I feel a warmth in the heart. So is he full of days?

Jacor greets me. “Yadar, dear friend, distracted as always!”

“Oh, I got lost in my own thoughts. I thought of all I have experienced with you, and that’s quite some, dear Jacor.”

That could have been embarrassing. I must pull myself together and keep my thoughts in the present moment. We hug each other.

Come, Janir is already sitting in the garden. We have a lot to talk about. Now that I reflect, it’s a long time since we’ve had a proper talk, you and I. Am I right?”

Oh yes, I’ve been too busy with my many things. When will I learn?

It is as if Jacor reads my thoughts.

“Do not blame yourself and have a bad conscience. Living one’s passion is just living while you’re alive.”

He slaps me gently on the back and shows me to the table beneath a large flamboyant tree. This lets the morning sun shine through the leaves, and the clusters of red flowers will also give us shade, especially when the heat sets in. They are always so thoughtful. Again, I get a bad conscience because I am always distracted in such situations where I must be a host. It bites itself in the tail. The less I want to be host, because I am distracted, the less exercise I get at being it, and thus I feel even less safe.

Janir gets up from the table and smiles.

“Welcome, dear Yadar. Where are your thoughts?”

Oh, sorry, Janir. I was thinking of how distracted I usually am and thus I was distracted. Sigh!”

“Cheers. I would call it thoughtfulness and even profundity, and that is positive, isn’t it?”

“Take a piece of bread.” Jacor hands the basket with fresh-baked bread towards me.

I smile and take a piece of bread that is still hot, touch it and smell it. Life is filled with gifts.

During the meal, we bring each other up to date with the larger things that have happened since we were last together. I don’t have much to tell. It is as if it had all slipped from my memory after the dream last night. Everything else has become less important. I hear the couple’s stories and make brief comments while I am waiting to tell about the great revelation I have received.

At last, I think the moment is appropriate, and Janir looks at me with a big smile.

“And what is it you are so impatient to tell?”

I feel embarrassed, but I am quick to forget it as soon as I start my story.

Both Janir and Jacor share my enthusiasm, but then Jacor frowns.

Can’t this lead to further divisiveness and perhaps give the power-holders even more power?”

I haven’t thought about that at all, only that everyone could enjoy the benefit of the discovery. I must consider this before I even start to write something. And I promise you, Jacor, that I will speak with you before I do anything at all.”

I think of what Janir had told me the day before about Jacor’s resistance to using the rejuvenation pyramid. I understand his comment.

“Thank you, I am happy to hear that.”

I feel a little depressed, find a smile and slap my palms together.

“Let us forget my dream and concentrate on what I came to do … well in addition to visit you, that is.”

The girl clears the table and leaves only water, fruit juice and fruit. Jacor tells about his desires in the context of the dream walk. It is not long before I have an overall picture of the landscape he has chosen to move through on his journey.

“Let’s make an initial dream walk, where we go into the landscape you’ve described. You come with us, Janir,” I say.

We shut off the outer senses and place ourselves in the chairs in the same order in which we will walk through the landscape, and take each other’s hands. With eyes closed, focusing on an introductory picture, we find ourselves on a trimmed lawn with clusters of yellow flowers scattered around. Near us is a hedge, about three feet high, stretching to both sides as far as we can see. It has small bunches of tiny, white flowers. Right in front of us is an opening like an arch in the hedge, created from the hedge itself, and a narrow path of reddish sand going through the opening. We can’t see what is on the other side, only the path that leads in there. We need to pass through the opening.

We walk next to each other, with Jacor in the middle, I to the left and Janir to his right. The arch becomes wider as we approach, so we can walk through side by side.

As we come through the opening in the hedge, the path goes down a hill. To the left a forest forms, at the outmost edge of which there is hazel. On the right are open spaces, with low mountains in the distance. Between the mountains and us is a wide river which bulges out in the middle to form a lake. There are swans on the lake’s shiny surface. The sun shines from a blue sky with white clouds, and a gentle breeze brings the area’s sounds and fragrances to us.

Jacor puts details in the landscape. Janir and I do not interfere. It is my job to keep us on the path we have already walked, so that, although Jacor’s focus is out in the landscape, his centre is still between us on the path. Janir is Jacor’s anchor.

As a dreamwalker, it is often my job to create the scenario that the client has to pass through, from a few hints and what else I know of the person. Although it is earthly things that dreamwalkers use in these scenarios, there must be nothing that can motivate the client to maintain contact with the Earth, such as food, drink and sex. We work with beauty in architecture and colours, grace and lightness, and the sense of freedom. I must interject here that I rarely make an initial dream walk with the client.

Where must the client go? I must direct the client to where he or she feels a strong motivation to continue the journey: back to the “place” he or she came from before becoming incarnate in physical form. When the motivation is strong enough, the client will continue alone until she or he is received and welcomed home. The last piece, which the client travels alone, we call the Flower Bridge. It is not a bridge in the normal sense, and it is not made of, or decorated with, flowers, but appears as a brilliant arc of light in infinitely many colours. Not streaked like a rainbow, but, if seen with human eyes, it would appear as a bridge, covered in luminous flowers in thousands of colours.

We continue along the path that winds through a hilly landscape where Jacor continually adds new elements, trees, animals, sculptures, colours and light. It will be a work of art.

Suddenly I experience a flash, where everything turns black, as if someone turned off the lights at an art exhibition, but then we are back on the path. I feel a strong turmoil, and we agree to walk back to the garden where we are physically seated and making this dream walk landscape.

We are quickly back and take some deep breaths and drink water. Then I ask if my friends are okay.

There was a moment of darkness,” Janir says, which I confirm as also being my experience.

I should be more at ease as we walked into the dream state,” Jacor said. “The country’s future concerned me and, when I saw the path, I came to ask: ‘Where will the development we are currently experiencing lead the country?’ Yes, just like a path leading somewhere. Suddenly I left my dream landscape and felt I was in another time, a possible future. I felt I was you,” says Jacor and looks a little wondering at me.

And I saw you, Yadar, and not Jacor in the dream,” Janir says, “although I knew it was Jacor who experienced it.”

It may mean I don’t even get the chance to experience this, but you, Yadar, have the chance, or, shall I say, are unfortunate to experience this terrible time. For yes, it was a terrible experience, even though I knew in a way it was kind of a dream.”

“I only experienced the darkness for a short moment, but you experienced much more than that,” I say.

Yes,” Janir says. “My experience, however, was that I was an observer of what Jacor, or you, experienced.”

Azuru Timu

Here is the story Jacor tells us.

I had worked twenty-four hours a day and had not been home with the family for a few days. Unfortunately, I had been so obsessed with my work I hadn’t had time to relax and sit in silence. Had I listened to my body, it would have told me that something was wrong, but I did not have my thoughts with the family. Soon there were announcements that our families had been captured and rumours told about the most terrible things being done to them. It paralysed me when I focused on my loved ones. Everything went black in excruciating pain.

In the past, our country was divided into areas, each with its own administration, and there was no central government for the country. The cultural and administrative centre was in what, far later, is called Mexico City. The man who became known as Azuru Timu had a dream of living forever and this was to be done in the way he knew, by taking life energy from other creatures. To do this effectively and without opposition from other areas, he first took over the whole country, Alt.

Azuru Timu took the life energy from human beings by torture and sexual assault. People were kept for long-term suffering, because there was no intention to kill the energy source. The reason there was a particular focus on researchers was that we work with energy and maintain a healthy body and psyche. Azuru Timu knew that we had secrets which we kept for ourselves. There was no reason others outside the research community should have this knowledge as only we, the researchers, used it.

We did not want to share our knowledge about the extension of life with Azuru Timu as it would mean that the country would have a brutal dictator for even more years. We could not, however, live with the suffering of our countrymen, and especially our loved ones.

As representatives of the scientists, we were a small group who agreed to meet with the ruler’s representatives. We were both insecure and frightened, but thought we had good cards in hand. The ruler had no reason to continue the atrocities when he gained the knowledge. We eventually made an agreement and wrote it down. All of us signed the document. Everything took place in a friendly and solemn atmosphere. Now we were just missing the ruler’s consent and signature. It seemed like a formality, just one last hurdle before everything was well again.

My superiors and I meet with the ruler in the palace itself and get the coveted signature. I do not understand why the ruler chose to wear a mask, and I also cannot reach into his thoughts. The atmosphere, however, feels fine, and there is beauty in the bright room, and there is food, drink and music. We will get the signature and soon after fetch our loved ones.

As promised, they are all released, and we start healing processes to ease the effects of the torture. However, we will soon have something else to do, for they order us to meet in the temples of Tian to give our knowledge to the ruler’s researchers.

I am surprised to see the ruler himself present in the large auditorium, which we are banned from leaving until we pass all of our knowledge on. We are tired, but happy, when they finally allow us to go home, only to find that our families have once again been taken from us.”

Here, Jacor ends the tale and we sit in the garden where Janir confirms it. We work to get back from the dream experience, after which I leave them. Jacor must, with the help of Janir, come to full clarity and find complete calm, both in terms of the future of our country and his own choice to end this life. I also contribute to this work, but from the temple the same afternoon.

In the evening, in my home, I ask to know what is going on, since it is just a possibility of a future. I slip away from the awakened state and meet a young man who, in some way, is myself. There is a huge number of glowing threads connected to the young man’s back and they all disappear behind him in the darkness. Only one curls around to my left, and, as I follow the glowing thread with my eyes, I must finally turn my head and I see it ends up behind my back. It connects us, but why does he have so many threads, and I only this one? He smiles without commenting on the threads and continues the story that Jacor began earlier in the day, almost as if nothing had happened in the meantime.

In my despair, I forget to take care of myself, and before long we are all locked up. We all die in captivity, some of us after twenty or thirty years, after they have exposed us to the worst torments felt on this planet. Torments that still persecute us life after life. Eventually, however, the world gets peace from its oppressor. The ruler lived five hundred and fifty years before his madness became his death. Others have lived in his energy and accomplished terrible things throughout the ages, but, during his absence from Earth, the ruler’s soul has worked to harmonise and draw wisdom out of the events. Now he prays for forgiveness and shares the wisdom he has reaped in his life as the ruler over Alt.”

Then it becomes dark and empty around me and the communication is clearly over.

The story of Azuru Timu has made a great impression on me and I feel a knot of anxiety inside.

When I arrive at the temple the next day, I have decided not to share my knowledge of the powers of the magnetics with other people. This also means I cannot ask for help, but must work on this task alone.

I prepare for a meditation to give me a greater sense of what to do and what I can expect to happen in the future. I ask what happens after Jacor’s story and get the following answer.

The events around Azuru Timu will be the start of the country’s final dissolution, both in terms of the last parts of the physical land and of the people who inhabit it. Smaller groups will venture out and start new communities around the globe and bring their knowledge to other peoples and help them in their development to a higher civilisation. Do not be concerned. Mankind will survive and find new ways … or perish and resurrect in its eternal quest for its highest potential.”

Subsequently, I feel that Azuru Timu does not show up in this life, but lies as an option in the future of Alt. This means that it is more tied to the country than to me in another incarnations, as Jacor experienced during the initial dream walk.

Now it becomes clear that in my dreams and meditations I have been in both the past and a possible future. How is that possible? And how can I appear in the future if I die before things happen? I feel I am about to lose myself, that I am about to slip into a frenzy that will annihilate me.

“Who am I?” I ask.

“What are you?” is the answer.

Stop!” I must stop my thoughts. They pull me down into a swirl of madness, a maelstrom I can never escape from. I get up fast, run out and take a cool bath. I stay in the bathtub until I can no longer stand the cold. The thoughts have stopped. There is only emptiness, and I feel a faintness throughout my body. I dry myself and go back to my room. I must lie down and just be, just sleep.

The boy with the mask

The young man with the lifelines is back, and a question comes up.

“How can you know something about the future unless it is predetermined, and where do the many threads connected to you go?”

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