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The Great Alone

Kristin Hannah

Trivia/Quiz for Fans

By WhizBooks

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Table of Contents

Before We Begin

Round One: Test Your Memory

Round Two: How Well Do You Know the Author?

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The Moment of Truth

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Round One: Test Your Memory

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Question #1

What kind of property did Ernt inherit?

  1. A mansion

  2. A Victorian house

  3. A cabin

  4. An igloo


A cabin.

After returning from the war, Ernt's wife and daughter notice him very changed. We soon realize that one of Ernt's addictions is alcohol, which makes it hard for him to keep a job. One day, Ernt tells his wife he wants to go somewhere far away from there because their country is in a catastrophe and there are many serial killers in Washington state. Ernt tells his wife that a Vietnam War buddy inherited a cabin and 40 acres for him in Alaska and that they should both go there with their daughter. His wife accepts his hasty idea, and the Allbright family moves to Alaska for a better life.

Question #2

What is Ernt's wife's name?

  1. Isabella

  2. Amy

  3. Olivia

  4. Cora



Ernt's wife Cora is described by the narrator as a very eccentric middle-aged woman who is concerned about superficial things and her appearance. She has no knowledge whatsoever about nature and how to be self-sufficient; as described in the book, her only survival skills are "putting on false eyelashes and walking in heels." Therefore, the only reason she agrees to move to Alaska is that she was unable to say no to her husband, for whom she says she feels a great and deep love. However, according to the narrator, this deep love ends up being a submissive attitude which only makes their days in the cabin worse.

Question #3

How old is Leni?

  1. 13 years old

  2. 7 years old

  3. 9 years old

  4. 5 years old


13 years old

At the beginning, the story of The Great Alone is set in 1974 just after Ernt returned home from being a prisoner of war in Vietnam. When he gets home, his wife and daughter notice that he has changed a lot, especially his personality. His daughter's name is Leni, and she is thirteen years old. She relates how much her father has changed and how it is her mother's attitude towards it. She describes how so many years of moving and moving because of her father's delusions and insanity have toughened her up, but it's not long before she discovers that moving to Alaska is nothing compared to what she had experienced before.

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