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The Shadows of Insanity

Boris Lee

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This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of the author's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As I prepared this compilation for release, a good friend lay in a coma, recovering from the removal of a brain tumor.

Justin Hellfire, your inspiration to fight through the darkest of challenges is a motivation to us all. Thank you, friend.

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The Tenor of Terror... Boris Lee.

For a guy who enjoys telling tales, one of the last things

I like to do is, talk about myself, or my works. I prefer to

let the characters who thrive within the stories you are

about to read, do the talking for me.

Writing is my preferred creative outlet. Literature is

what I identify with. It stimulates my senses, and my

imagination runs wild with inspiration.

The purpose of my stories outside of my imagination

running amok, is simple… to entertain you, The Reader.

I thank you for granting me the opportunity to do just

that with this collection of my works.

The forthcoming tales of terror, told truly by the

characters who live within them, are a part of my

madness. Perhaps all creative beings are gifted with a

certain degree of madness. It could be why creative

people are misunderstood by the causal life goer. Then

again, as I always say, madness is in the mind of the

beholder. Let us see what your mind's reactions are to

the journey ahead.

Without further adieu I guide you into…

The Shadows of Insanity


There are moments in life as a parent you will never forget, or want to forget. There are precious, timeless memories, that remain for the purpose of good feelings, smiles and cries. A child’s first steps, first tooth, first day of school or their first date. Case in point, here we have young Lizzie Hood, her average family, who gathered to celebrate Lizzie’s first birthday, and to hear young Lizzie Hood speak....... Her First Words.......

I outside today. I like outside. It’s sunny today. Mommy lets me outside on weekends. This special weekend. Mommy say it’s my birfday. I one finger old today. I getting so big, Mommy says. I gots teef, and long, yellow, shiny hair, like my mommy do.

Mommy say my uncle is coming, my grandma and grandpa, my auntie Eve, and her black kitty. I like da kittie. It eats birdies all gone and makes da mean kids from next door go away. Mommy calls doze people doo-doo heads.

I hope my daddy come see me today. I miss my daddy. I no see him in a long time. He’d run away from me when I was trying to crawl to him once. I not know why. Mommy say it not my fault daddy is a pussy. I no know daddy was a kitty too. Maybe I can pet him?

We have pool in da grass. Da pool is nice and shiny, wiff toys floating on the top my mommy blowed up wiff her mouf. I made some blowed up toy go POP real loud one time when I blowed my mouf on it. Mommy was mad, not ‘cause of toy popping, but cause her Jim friend was on it. He got cooked. I didn’t mean to do it. Fire bweath was accident. Mommy know’d dat. Mommy put me in my room early ‘cause of dat. She said she had to clean up da Jim mess.

I like my room. Mommy decormarated it nice for me. It got's a bed made of straw and feathers, wiff real Smokey ‘Bear -hair’ blanky. Den on top of da bed it’s got a dweam catch net. My auntie Eve made dat for me. It got's a picture of my daddy in it now ‘cause I dweam of him last night. Den on top of my room got's moons and stars, and on da walls it got’s flowers and little fairy people. Sometimes I look real close to da fairy people and dey look afwaid of me. I tickle one, one time and it go squish on my finger. Tee-hee! Fun to do dat!

Mommy got's me in my special chair. I watching her hang balloons and funny shape papers and cartoon peoples. Like da, M-i-c-k-e-y guy, and Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Hit Girl, Barbie, Groovy Ghoulies, da Wicked Witch, and Bwide of Fwankenstein.

Mommy dressed me in my pink and yellow dress wiff da pretty flowers on it. I got's on my shiny-nice black shoes wiff da gold buckle on them, and I holding my teddy. His name is Buttons, ‘cause his eyes are make of buttons.

My mommy is pretty too. She got's yellow shiny hair like I do, pwetty face, big blue eyes, and a happy smile wiff teef showing. Mommy wears glasses to see good, and today she got's on her red-hood cape thingy. She wears dat when da Baron is coming over. Da Baron don’t like me. I hurt his wolf doggie one time.

Oh goodie! Gwandma Lilith and gwandpa Lucifer is here! Dey always bring me a toy and a mousey treat; Mousey treat is yum!

Hey mom, dad. Thanks for coming. Lizzie needs her grandparents at her first birthday. So do I. Mom, will you keep her occupied while I go finish getting the cake ready?”

Of course, Red, honey. Now, did you get a cake big enough for everyone? I know your friend the Baron can eat, and so can my hottie, Lucifer.”

Yes, mom! I got a six foot long, two hundred pound cake. Looks just like Lizzie’s father.”

You didn’t?!”

I did, mom. It’s in the walk-in freezer. Should be delicious.”

I’ll be ready to get more cake if need be.”

Mom!-I got it! Okay?”

Okay, Red. No need to be snippy. Now, I’ve got a nice, fresh, white mousey treat for our birthday girl. Let grandma see those precious little teeth now, Lizzie. That’s my girl!”


Yeah, dad?”

Good work with the cake and decorations.”

Thanks dad.”

Did I leave my trident here during my last visit? I can’t find it for the life of me.”

No dad. You left it at the ice cream parlor last time you were here and took Lizzie. I saw it when I went there with the Baron. Everything was melting from the heat in there thanks to your trident. I put it in the shed. You need to not forget that thing.”

Damn my forgetfulness to Hell! -All hail and prostration! Thanks Red. You’re a demon.”

Love you too, dad. Hey, would you start cooking the burgers and dogs while mom watches Lizzie?”

A little flame broiling coming right up!”

There go mommy. Gwandpa moved his fingers funny and fire start cooking da BBQ. Gwandma sitting by me, dwinking her owange juice dat she put da funny smelling water into. I chewed up my mousey treat all gone!

Hey, it’s da doo-doo-heads little doggie trying to dig under da fence into our yard again. I no like doggie. My mommy’s fwiend, da Baron, has a wolf doggie. I no like it. One time I see it trying to hurt my mommy. Baron come to visit and leave at full moon, but he leave his wolf doggie wiff mommy. Funny dat da wolf doggie was not here when da Baron was....

I hear mommy scweaming. “Oh-oh-oh-so deep! Oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooooo!” She sound like she getting hurt. Den I hear da wolf doggie growling and bweathing hard. Den it was howling. I crawl to see what was making my mommy say, “oh god!- on my face!”, and wolf doggie howling real loud. I see mommy, in da naked, face in da couch, on her hands and knees, wiff wolf doggie on top of mommy. It was jumping, maybe sliding, on mommy’s coolie.

Den, wolf doggie get off my mommy, and I see it’s leg snake spit on my mommy’s face. I no want to see my mommy hurt, so I jump into air and I bite off wolf doggie’s leg snake. Mommy scweam mad at me and da wolf doggie run away yelping. It crash out da big window by da T.V. Mommy was sticky, messy, and mad. I only wanted to help her from da big, bad, wolf doggie.

My uncle Count is here now. He dressed all in black, wiff a big black helmet mask to hide his face, and gloves for his hands. His pants go squeak when he moves, and when he sits down on da couch, his pants fart. Tee-hee! My mommy say doze his leat’er pants. Gwandma say he no like da sun, so he dress like dat to go out in da daytime.

Aunt Eve and her kitty is here now, too. Kitty is next to me, letting me pet it on da ear. Auntie Eve’s friend, Adam, is here wiff dem. He has on a leash, like a doggie. Dat silly! Tee-hee! Auntie Eve is talking to Gwandpa by da BBQ.

Hey, dad, can you look at my broom? It won’t fly more than twenty miles, then it craps out on me.”

Yes, Eve. I’ll see what I can do for it tonight.”

Thanks, dad. Love you.”

Love you too, dear. What do you and Adam want to eat? Burger, dog, or both?”

I’ll have a burger. Adam eats when and what I tell him to, right, Adam?”

Yes, mistress Eve.”


Hey! Da kitty run away from me! I sad now!

Oh shit! That damn mutt got through the fence again. No!-Snowflake! Bad cat!”, yelled auntie Eve. She lookd’d panwicked.

Eve, you should’ve left the panther at home. Now the Shithead’s dog is torn in half.”

Not now, mom! I’ve got to clean this mess up and put Snowflake away for now. You know I bring her for Lizzie.”

I know dear. You spoil Lizzie as we all do. Count, Count-honey. I can hear the Baron in the house. I hope that you two can get along today for Lizzie’s sake.”


I hope that you’re saying, ‘yes mother’ under that helmet you’re hiding in, and not, god damn cock sucker.”


Good boy. Now get me some vodka. This juice is lonely.”

Da Snowflake kitty eat da doggie all gone! Tee-hee! Dat was fun. Uh-oh. Da doo-doo-head lady next door is looking for her doggie.

Mr.Muffin. Mr.Muffin? Mr.Muffin?! Where’s that damn dog gone to now? Excuse me, have any of you seen my dog?”

NO!”, evweybody yelled’d at da same time.

I can hear da Baron talking to my mommy inside da house. He no like me. Make me sad the Baron no like me.

Hey, baby, how’s it hanging?”

It’s hanging up thanks to you. I see my little Red is in her hood. You going to do some riding in that hood tonight?”

If you’re nice to Lizzie, I might.”

She hates me.”

Baron, she is one year old today. She doesn’t know how to hate. You’ve been a bit of a jerk to her ever since the...incident.”

Red, she bit off my dick. How happy should I be?”

Get over it already! It was an accident. Besides, it grew back bigger and better, right?”

So you tell me....woof!

Shut-up. Help me move the cake. It’s heavy”

You didn’t?”

I did, Baron. So, be nice or you’re next. Ha-ha!”


Here come my mommy and da Baron wiff my birfday cake. My cake look’d just like my daddy wiff yum frosting all over! I’m super happy now! My mommy and aunt Eve are whispering to each other.

So, Red, how’d you do it?”

I gave him a few of your pills, sis. He’s wide awake. Can’t move at all. But will feel everything. I put him in the freezer to chill him enough for the frosting to set.”

His eyes are moving. Look at the fear. You could’ve taken them out and put some gum drops in the sockets.”

Nope. Let him see it coming. Deadbeat hu-man that won’t see his only daughter, or pay child support. Fuck him!”

You did, hence Lizzie.”

Ha-ha! Let’s have her blow out the candle and eat. Dad’s got dinner done, and the cake does look delicious.

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