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Daddy Santa Gets His Gift

Part of the “Horny House” Series

By Adrian Amos

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Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

The poor man.

It's tough enough that my mom ran out on my father and me with their accountant—an accountant, for Joy's sake!—but now his work is cutting Christmas bonuses, leaving him panicking about not being able to cover gifts for everyone.

Especially me.

How'd I find that out? The stockings were still hung with care, but how else do you explain the barren ground underneath the Christmas tree? Daddy usually sets down at least a few gifts early to tantalize me before the big day.

But I'm a grown woman. Getting gifts isn't something I've thought about for years. Sure, it's nice, but I can always buy my own stuff when it matters. It just bothers me how much it upsets Daddy that he can't spoil me like he typically does.

That's why I have my own gift for him. I want to show him that Christmas isn't about the material things; it's about being with family and enjoying each other's company.

And I'm going to give Daddy the best company around: My young body waiting for him under the Christmas tree! He should be with someone who makes him truly happy, not some horrible woman who runs when the going gets rough. Daddy is the type of man you stick with no matter what.

I'm not just going to wait. I woke up so early that not a creature was stirring, not even my dog Faust. I did it all to set up this whole scrumptious situation.

And I'm a spoiled little girl at that! Daddy's usually the one to wake me up in the morning, whether it's for work, for school, or for church; so you know I'm serious when I make an effort to be up at the crack of dawn.

I make sure I doll myself up just how Daddy always likes me. I curl my bright blonde hair, put on some deep red lipstick and nail polish, and blush my cheeks, making my whole body a festive invite for Daddy's smoldering body.

I need to do all that first because there is no way I'll be able to get it done after I finish tying myself up.

Yep, that's right! It isn't Christmas until your gifts are wrapped up in a nice little bow. I bought some glossy, bright-red ribbon, matching it to my makeup, using it as that oh so special icing on the cake. I want Daddy to know that I belong to him completely, willing to do whatever he wants of me.

I head to the living room, lighting the fireplace, readying the room and myself for my gift-wrapping. The fire crackles and pops, warmth flooding the room and making me feel safe and wholesome against the frigid outside. The Christmas spirit seems to flow through me, the joy of the holidays and the comfort of the good life. Little does that spirit know, this room isn't going to be wholesome for long.

I strip naked and start with my chest, wrapping the ribbon around a few times, compressing my large bosoms, covering my nipples but leaving ample underboob. My tits are begging to be freed, and Daddy's going to want to unwrap me as fast he can.

After tying the ribbon off, I circle another strand around my ass, binding my tight hips. I leave half of my ass hanging out underneath, but that's only because I can't cover it all and still walk correctly. I swoop the ribbon between my thighs a few times to cover my pussy up with the glossy paper. After I get a good enough coverage, I tuck it into the straps circling my ass. I think I might have made the first pair of ribbon panties in the world!

Now, for the pièce de résistance! I created this little ornate bow the night before, which is good I did, because it took an hour to make. It's loosely wrapped around in circles about a dozen times, forming a hollow cone, large enough to fit my arms through. There is a massive bow along the side of the cone, which should be facing upwards once I get the wrapping in place.

It's set up so that if I can... just... get both of my forearms through... the loops. There we go!

Both arms together now with the ribbon circling my forearms, it keeps my arms bound together.

If I just pull on this... loose strand... at the end of the cone... I can... close the loops and... yes!

Pulling on the strand tightens my restraints, perfectly encasing my slender arms in my own ribbon bondage, pinning them together for the sake of Daddy's gift! I can't separate them, which makes a sudden flash of fear-sweat hit my skin.

Oh, boy! It makes me nervous knowing that there's no going back, that I'm basically stuck in my own wrapping until Daddy finds me.

I swallow, breathing slowly, letting my nervous energy guide me as I shimmy over to the Christmas tree. I drop down to my knees, resting my arms in front of me as I face the doorway that's closest to the stairs.

When Daddy turns into the living room, I'm the first thing he's going to see this Christmas morning!

What if he doesn't come down, or he's too depressed to do the normal stuff he does in the morning?

I shake my head, knowing that'll never happen.

I know he'll keep up the tradition of Santa. Even as all hell comes raining down on him, he'd never let it show, always willing to put his family and friends first. That's the type of stand-up guy he is. No matter how sad things get, Daddy's always jolly ol' Saint Nick. He won't ever disappoint me.

After sitting for a good half an hour, I finally hear him getting ready upstairs. Most likely, he's changing into his Santa suit, ready to 'surprise' me with Santa coming to visit. I'm a little too old for it, but it brings Daddy a lot of happiness. But Daddy's going to be the one surprised today.

I can even hear the surprise as he opens my bedroom door, expecting me to be there, and the start of his pronouncement coming out, 'Merry Chr—'. But he's cut short, realizing I'm not in my bed. He closes the door and makes his way to the stairs.

Each fall of his feet on the steps makes my heart jump, knowing that in only a few seconds, Daddy's going to see me bound in my sexy outfit. My mouth goes dry and my heart skips as his steps come closer and closer. I'm so nervous! But my pussy is starting to quiver, high on the anticipation of my Daddy's face when he finally sees me.

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