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Albie Berk


When a reader likes an author or a particular series, they frequently want to read every book and story they can get my hands on. Although there are author websites that offer quite a bit of information, and other places on the Internet to find some data, I haven’t found anywhere I can get a simple Frederick Forsyth reading list that to use with an E-reader that includes a short summary to tell the reader what the book is about and a checklist I can use to keep track of the books they’ve already read.

I decided to gather this information for myself and for others who would appreciate it as well.

I hope this list and story summaries will increase your pleasure in reading all the Frederick Forsyth books and will give you that little added fix we fans so crave.

I hope you enjoy this book and find the material helps you get the most out of the works of the marvelous writer Frederick Forsyth.

Table of Contents

Part 1 FREDERICK FORSYTH book list in order with summaries and publication dates

Part 2 FREDERICK FORSYTH novels in series order to be used as a E Reader checklis.

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