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Dumbass Trade: The Goon

Gavin Rockhard

Copyright 2018

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Victor was terrified. He had done the job -- well, he was pretty sure -- and now he sat in the giant office of Don Novelli. Victor had never felt more tiny and vulnerable. He was flanked by three big men, Italians, obviously, who kept a tight, stony expression on their faces. It was clear they wouldn't respond to questions. They weren't here to speak.

"Ah, Victorino, thank you so much, the flowers looked wonderful," Don Novelli said as he finally walked in. He patted one of the bodyguards on his meaty back as he walked by. Don Novelli was an old man, impeccably clean, yet fat and greasy. He muttered something about "that gorilla body", making the muscular Italian man -- Joey -- whose back he had patted roll his eyes.

"Oh, you're welcome, it was a beautiful wedding. Your daughter was gorgeous. You're a lucky man. And the groom, he's a lucky man too."

"Yes, she was radiant," That wasn't quite true and everyone knew it. Allessandra Novelli was plump in all the worst ways, and, while Victor didn't know her well enough to judge her personality, she did not come across as pleasant (and she had essentially no friends, or so Victor had gathered from the fact that none of her friends showed up to her wedding). The young man she was marrying was much more handsome than she was pretty, leading Victor to assume that this was a Mafia wedding inspired by some combination of fear, greed or betrayal, rather than love, or even lust. The groom had looked like there was a both literal and figurative gun pointed at his head.

Victor, of course, would never admit that Allessandra Novelli had been anything less than beautiful. As a gay man -- and a rather slim, delicate one at that -- Victor knew he was expected to go on about it, so he discussed the merits of her dress and the general decor.

"I thought the cerulean napkins and tablecloths were a marvelous choice, and I couldn't believe how classy it was. You really made a New Jersey vineyard look like Sicily's finest chapel," Victor said, heart racing. He found that he couldn't stop talking, he was too nervous. "It was just gorgeous. And the dress-?!"

Finally Don Novelli cut in. He smiled. "I wished to thank you for providing the flowers. Your price was most generous, and the quality was top-notch. As you might know, I am feeling generous and would be glad to give you a favor." He blushed and bit his lip. It looked like Don Novelli did not get embarrassed often. "I would offer you an evening with one of the girls who work for me, one of the classy ones. They would rock your socks off," he said. "But I understand you would not be interested."

Victor threw him a limp wrist. "Yeah, I wouldn't know what to do with them." He paused, then pointed to one of the big guys standing behind him, a ruggedly handsome barrel-chested lug in a tailored suit, with a hangdog expression on his face like he was just waiting for Don Novelli to call him an idiot again. Victor smiled and laughed. "Him, I'd take a swing on. I'd lick him clean like a kitten.

An awkward silence fell. Victor realized with horror that his joke had been interpreted as a real request. Don Novelli raised his eyebrows, looked at the bodyguard, then back at Victor.

The bodyguard -- Joey -- didn't realize he was being talked about. He was chewing on his tongue and shifting his weight back and forth, trying to use up his energy without appearing "fidgety", which Don Novelli hated. Joey would get slapped if he appeared fidgety during a meeting. He took a moment to see everyone staring at him. He was startled. "Uh..." He thought hard and eventually realized what was expected of him. "No. Uh, I mean... Sir... Don Novelli..." He took out the crucifix around his neck. He kissed it and made the sign of his cross. "You know, I'm a believer, I..."

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