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Regarding Those whom Islam did not Reach

BY: IDP Research Division

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Table of Contents


Every Nation has been sent a Prophet

Allah Deprives None of Guidance

The Fearful Glance

Common Belief, Common Origin

Faith Does Not Hinge Upon Miracles

Why Does Allah's Mercy Vary?

Belief in a Supreme God

How did Polytheism Spread?

True Religion is Essentially One

Tolerance of Other Faiths


What can be said about the fate of a person whom the Qur'an or, for that matter, any other revelation or Prophet did not reach? What fault can he be guilty of and what will be his fate on the Day of Judgement? For example, an Eskimo in a far away polar region or a Negro deep in the jungle, what will befall such a person at the hands of Allah on Judgement Day? Are they all destined to enter the Fire, or will Allah overlook their deeds and send them to Paradise?

This concise treatise will shed some light on this topic which has crossed the minds of many people.

Every Nation has been sent a Prophet

It is imperative, first of all, to correct this common erroneous view of the issue at hand. The primary question has been based on a false premise. Allah has informed us in the Qur'an that He deprived no one of His Mercy, Revelation, Words, or Signs:

"For there is no nation that has not been warned by a messenger." (35, 24)

"We raised a messenger in every nation." (16, 36)

The prophets mentioned in the Qur'an are not all whom Allah sent. There are thousands of others about whom we know nothing at all. Concerning those messengers, Allah says to his Prophet Muhammad (S):

"Of some you have already heard, of others we have told you nothing." (55, 78)