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Possessed by Jealousy (Part 1)
(A Female Body Possession Erotica)

By Nikki L. Falcon

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Themes in this book include: female body possession, sex, female spirithoppers, male possession, and gender transformation.

Part 1

I felt my phone vibrate. My heart sank. I knew what I was about to get, but I was so scared to read it and find out the truth.

I opened the phone. My glossy pink phone case felt cold in my soft hands. The screen turned on. The backlighting was bright, almost blinding. Oh, how I wished it would really blind me. Maybe then I could be spared from reading the message. The dreaded message.

It was from Eric, my boyfriend.

I began to read it.

“Samantha. I love you. You’re special to me. You really are. But I just don’t think this is going to work out. You and I are just too different. We’re going different paths in life. I think it’s best if we move on and never speak to each other anymore. I wish you all the best in your life. Love, Eric.”

Well… my ex-boyfriend now.

I felt the tears wallowing up in my eyes. My hands felt weak. I dropped my cell phone onto the bed and buried my face into the pillow. I cried. I cried for what felt like forever. I felt the pain of loss. I wanted it all to end. I was destroyed.

Feeling tired and exhausted and emotionally drained, before I knew it, I fell asleep. I dreamed of Eric. I dreamed of my life. So many things happening before me.

When I awoke, I still felt empty. I went to take a morning shower. It was a Saturday morning. I didn’t really care. I felt weird. I felt like my life had no meaning. I went to take my shower, letting the warm water hit my body. As I took a few deep breaths to get my bearings, I realized something. An interesting idea came across my head. I didn’t know why, but I think I found the solution.

I remembered something. Ever since I turned 14, I knew I had this one weird power. I never told anyone about it – not even my parents or Eric. Nobody knew about it. I was scared about how they’d react.

I had the ability to turn myself into some kind of ghost, fly around invisible, and even possess people or things. I’ve only used it about a few times in my life. I didn’t want to use it too much. I was a little scared of my own power. I wanted to live a normal life, but I had it in me. I could activate it whenever I wanted. I’d occasionally use it throughout my life, but I didn’t want to be a superhero or some mutant, I wanted to be a normal girl living a normal life and just be with Eric. I always tucked it away. I wish I could get rid of it, but I couldn’t. So I did the next best thing. I just never used it.

This time, however, I decided to use my power. Perhaps, I could use my power to see Eric just one more time. I wanted to see what he was up to. I wasn’t going to talk to him. I knew it was over. But I wanted to see him. So, I decided to try my ghost powers one more time. Just to see him. Just to see what he was doing. I had no intention of talking to him. I just had to see him one final time.

It’s been so long since I had to use my powers. It felt like forever. I wasn’t sure if I could do it again, but I figured I should at least try. I concentrated hard. I focused on becoming a ghost. As this happened, I felt myself becoming very light and fuzzy. I could feel my body becoming weightless and free. I brought my hand to my face, but I could feel nothing but air. I thought I finally did it, so I opened my eyes.

But when I opened them, I saw that it didn’t work. I was still my normal self. But I was sure it was working. I was absolutely sure of it. I tried again. I concentrated really hard and really focused in on what I wanted. I felt my body again becoming light and free. I could feel my skin getting all fuzzy and strange. This feeling reminded me of something. It reminded me of when my foot falls asleep when I sit on it for too long. That’s how it felt, but this time, the feeling was subtly all over my body.

I kept trying and trying until finally, I felt the fuzzy feeling fully engulf my body. I was hesitant, but I opened my eyes. To my shock, I was now a kind of ghost. I was floating above the ground now. I almost forgot how to fly, but I just leaned in the direction I wanted to go, and I flew there. I flew to my nearby mirror. To my shock, I was truly invisible. I couldn’t see my own reflection. Looks like my powers really did come back after all. I didn’t want to waste another moment. I flew up and out of my house and into the sky. I headed towards my ex-boyfriend’s house.

I began flying in the direction of my boyfriend’s house. I could feel the sky and the cold cool air up against my face. It felt really good. The cool air was flying both up against my body and into it. It was an interesting experience. I really enjoyed it. I shivered in excitement.

I flew towards his house. It took some getting used to, because I don’t often fly around like this, but I was slowly getting the hang of it again.

I could see the cityscape. It looked great. There were many people all around walking and doing what they normally do. I flew above them, merely a few feet above them, but none of them noticed me.

I enjoyed using my power. I felt fee. Almost like a bird. But while I looked out over the city, I felt something in my heart. I could still feel the pain of Eric. I missed him. Being a ghost made me think of him. I was going to show him my power one day. I wanted to show him what I could do. I knew he was going to accept me back into his life. I thought we were going to be together forever. I really loved and admired him. He was so tall and handsome. I love the way he laughed and smiled and joked around with everything that we did together.

I imagined him and me getting married and having children and growing old together. I wondered if our children would have the power I had. I dreamed of us keeping our power maybe a secret from him or maybe we’d tell him. Maybe I’d tell him before I had children. I thought he’d love me forever. For ever and ever. I really loved him. My heart beat fast in my chest. Despite me being a ghost, I could still feel my whole body and all. I felt so alive and real.

I figured out what I wanted to do now. I was going to find him and tell him how I felt. I know it would be strange, but I just had to. I knew that if I had him there with me, I would certainly be able to do it. I loved him. I loved him so much. I loved him more than I could possibly bare to think about. He was my bright star. My most important. There was nobody like him. I devoted my life to him. I loved him like nobody would ever believe. He was that important to me.

I had to focus. I couldn’t get caught up in how we were. I had to head to his house.

I kept flying towards his place. Passing by the busy intersections and the shops and the parks. I flew past it all. Much of it reminded me of when we were together, but I didn’t let that pull me off course. I kept flying towards his place.

Eventually, I reached his house. He lived in a big, 1-story house by himself. Well… maybe it wasn’t that big. But it was big to me. He lived alone and that was good. It meant some privacy. He had a big gray house with a nice little yard and a pool in the back. And he had his main car that he loved, a Honda. It was old, but he always kept it going well. And then there was another car in his driveway. Wait… another car? Impossible.

His car was a white, old Honda, but next to it, in the drive way behind his, was a bright red SUV. It looked new. Very expensive. It kind of stood out among the houses nearby. The neighborhood was nice, but not as beautiful as this sore thumb here. This was definitely not his. And I know his friends too. No way it could’ve been their car. It’s too expensive. It looks too nice. And especially, it looks… too girly.

I flew down for a closer look. Inside was rather intriguing. Very nice, luxury seats. Very comfortable. A little messy. What I noticed especially was the make-up kit opened and left out on the passenger seat. The inside was way too girly to be any of his male friends’ cars. And that make-up kit. It was obvious. This was some girl’s car. But what could a girl be doing here? I didn’t want to think about it. I didn’t think it was possible.

I loved Eric. He was my one and only. I thought about him night and day. I’m sure he did too. But the thought still loomed over my mind. Was he... fucking some other girl?

I took a few deep breaths and calmed myself.

“It’s okay” I told myself. “It’s ok. He’s… probably got a friend over or something. A female friend. Yeah. A female friend.”

I flew away from the car and phased into the home itself. I flew into his living room. There was no sign of him there. It was empty. But… the TV was on. It was playing some movie. There was a half-eaten bowl of popcorn in there.

I flew to the kitchen. Something didn’t feel right here. I knew I had only one choice left. I had to check his bedroom.

I flew over there to go and check. Was he home? Maybe. I was hoping so. I had no way of knowing or not. I had to check and try. At least… a little bit.

I phased into his room. I saw him there… sleeping in the bedroom on his bed… but… I saw a lump next to him. His room was kind of dirty. As it always was. Clothes strewn about. But I saw a bra right there on the floor by the door.

I knew it.

I didn’t want to believe it. I really didn’t want to. But I knew that he was hiding something from me. I knew what I was about to find out. I slowly crept closer and closer to the bed. I saw that lump. It tossed and turned a bit before snuggling again up against him.

I felt a horrible sinking feeling in my chest as I realized the truth.

It was a girl.

She had long brown hair, cascading down around her. She looked amazing and beautiful. More beautiful than I was. I could feel the jealousy in me start to light up like fireworks. Like a raging fire. A bright fire burning. She had a thin face and a beautiful body. Stunning. Incredible. With big tits and a nice waist, perfectly smooth thighs. She was feminine, sexy, and everything I wasn’t.

Suddenly, my fear became anger.

“How dare he do this to me!? Doesn’t he know how much I care for him!? This horrible bitch! How dare they!”

I was so furious. I could hardly contain myself.

I took a deep breath. And looked at this girl.

“So… Eric… thinks he can just cheat on me and then break up with me with this slut, huh!? Well…” I said, taking another slow, deep, calming breath. “I’ll show him. I’ll really show him. I’ll ruin him. He’ll regret this. And I know exactly what to do.”

I hovered myself closer to the girl while she slept. This was going to be almost too much fun. I smiled an evil smile. I was merely going to borrow her for a bit. I’ll give her back. It’s not her fault. It couldn’t be her fault. It’s Eric’s. Fucking Eric. I hate him now for this. And he will pay. This will be so much fun.

I hovered myself closer to her and got myself in position. I couldn’t wait to take over her sexy, little, thin body.

Even as a ghost, I could feel her presence. I could smell her scent. The smell of her sweat. Her perfume emanating in the air. I could feel her warmth coming off her body. I was angry, but I wanted her all to myself. She was going to be mine. Just for a little bit. I was surely going to give her back. Maybe. Just maybe.

I hovered in position in above her. I could feel her presence. Then, I got myself in position and then slowly sank down into her body. It was like being in a warm bath. I could feel her warm body covering me like warm bath water covering my whole body as I plunge into the tub deeper. It surrounded me. Encapsulated me. Then, I felt darkness. A second later, I took a sharp breath. My eyes were open. I could see again. Something was tickling the side of my face. It was hair. I reached out and touched it. It was her own brown hair.

I looked down and began touching my new body. I had hers alright. It was definitely her body. I was now thin and small. I had nice sized breasts. I lay there next to Eric naked. My nipples were hard and sticking out. I could feel how sensitive they were.

I took my new, feminine hands and began to feel up the sides of my body. My curves and my features. She had a beautiful body. Smooth, soft, and very feminine. I loved the way she felt. Very sensitive.

I caressed my new body. I brought my hand down from the top of my shoulders down along the sides of my breasts, making a little circle around the nipples, before finally going down to my flat stomach. She had such a cute belly. And she was all mine now. I brought my hand down towards my pussy. She was shaven. She took good care of herself. Smooth as ever. Very soft and it felt so good.

I slowly brought my hand down and down closer to her pussy. I could feel my new pussy getting wet with excitement. Moistening and getting so happy at the thought. My middle finger soon made little circles around my pussy, going up and around and around. Many times. Until finally entering. It was warm and soft and very wet. She was already leaking her wet, warm, sticky pussy juices out onto the bed.

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