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Daddy Is Breeding Me: 12 Stories Of Filthy Incest

Copyright, 2018, Kim Clove

All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. Characters are 18 or older.

Papa’s Anal Virgin

Kim Clove

Copyright, 2017, All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. The characters in this story and all my stories are all 18 years or older.

My father pulled me up by the waist and slung me around. He was breathing heavily. He tore my leggings at the cheeks and ripped them apart, revealing my bare bottom beneath them. Then he spread my cheeks and shoved his face between them, huffing in the musky odor of both my virgin pussy and assholes.

Then he breathed in deep, and I felt the long wet tongue slip from his mouth, only to then enter my aching, trembling cunt. “Shit!” I shouted, or more like squealed, as my father lapped at my pussy up and down with his long tongue, trailing it along and making the shapes of the alphabet with the tip.

His moans and heavy breathing vibrated with intense heat against my holes, and his nose barreled into my puckered, aching butthole before he pulled back and spread my cheeks wide apart! He admired the view in all its virgin glory… The two holes, one sopping wet and the other dry and pink with the brown-eye around it, and he stared at them for a long moment, pausing, as if reconsidering his whole life’s meaning.

Then I heard a chuckle as I watched him with my head craned back, and he dove forward and thrust his tongue a solid two inches into my puckered asshole. “Ouch!” I bellowed, feeling the hole open up immediately upon penetration and begin to gape around his tongue.

He tongue-fucked my puckered butthole repeatedly for a solid two minutes before finally beginning to suck on my pussy again as his nose tickled my butthole, which was already sore from the two inches of his piercing tongue alone… I groaned with immense pleasure, replaying everything before my eyes… How he’d turned me into the woman I was today, how he’d come into my room two months ago and seen me undressing accidentally. His face had turned red as a beet, his cock had stiffened up in his pants (yes, I admit, I was looking down there), and then a cold sweat had begun to form on his forehead and cheeks. Eyes wide, dick standing straight up like a filthy mother fucker, he turned and guiltily bolted out of my room and back into the hallway.

We never spoke of that incident. But after the initial awkwardness, and both of us realizing we really liked it (although I realized that immediately, upon catching sight of the boner he’d acquired from seeing me in the nude), we got much closer. Much, much fucking closer.

And here I was now. Nineteen, virgin, totally untouched. I’d never even been allowed to date very much as I grew up. And here I was, dear readers, getting tongue fucked in both holes by my very own father. He thrust his finger into my asshole and dug around like a nasty bastard before pulling it out and stretching my cheeks back apart. He spat into my anus and held my cheeks wide apart… I could feel the air conditioner making his spit chill my gaping butthole, and then he thrust his tongue back into it one last time before hoisting me up onto my knees and spitting into it once again.

He rubbed the spit into my butthole, far and deep, with two fingers. It made me scream. Then he held the hole apart once more and spat into it profusely, lubricating it up quite nicely. Ensuring, no doubt, that his precious nineteen year old daughter would not be in any pain as he rammed his cock into her tight, virgin butthole….

“Daddy?” I asked nicely. “May I ask you a question, please?” My voice trembled with anticipation. My pussy was dripping wet. I was so horny, and so ready for him.

Despite how absolutely vile and wrong this whole thing was…

His voice shook, also with anticipation. Perhaps it trembled even more than mine. It was akin to the sound of an earthquake. “Y-y-yes, h-honey?” He finally blurted out, holding his throbbing cock in his left hand as he kept one cheek spread with his right. His eyes looked dead, glazed over, but at the same time they were wider than I’d ever seen them. His mouth was hanging open dumbly, and he kept licking his lips, as if uncontrollably. He stared into my asshole.

“Are you going to put your penis in my mouth first?” I winked at him.

His eyes lit up then, as if he were coming out of that strange, drunken gaze. He nodded his head and shook a bit, trembling. “Oh, yes, sweetheart,” he said. “Of course I am. Now, I want you to be a good whore for daddy, and turn around, ok? And I want you to reach back and spread your butthole all the way open while you do this – I won’t be able to see it, but I’ll know it’s gaping open, getting nice and open for my penis when it’s ready! Now… I want you to do that, and I want you to open your mouth and s-s-SUCK my big daddy dick, okay?” He grinned nervously, ear-to-ear. He looked like a fucking mess. Handsome as always, but sweaty, and with the vein bulging from his forehead like it always did when he got nervous.

I nodded my head, being the obedient slut of a daughter he now wanted me to be, after all that time of being a good girl and not dating any guys. I spun around on my knees, reached back and stretched open my gaping, spit filled asshole, and closed my eyes as I opened my mouth wide for papa!

He thrust his aching shaft deep into my mouth. It went in like a spoon through soft butter. My tongue probably felt as nice and smooth as that, too. Then he rammed it up against my throat and I began to gag and dry heave on him, and the dry heaving quickly turned into loads of spit spurting from my mouth all over my father’s hairy crotch and massive cock.

The saliva dripped from his big dick down to his balls, where it hung from the two big nuts before falling down onto the floor as his pace quickened immensely. He took my head shakily between both hands, and then started to thrust it back and forth, throat-fucking me hardcore style as I gagged on his big dick. He barreled in and out of my tight mouth hole, fucking my throat for a good while before pulling out and lunging down onto his knees, still holding my face in his hands when he thrust his tongue into my mouth.

“Let me taste that fucking spit,” he said filthily, and swirled his tongue around mine, lapping up the wet juiciness of my mouth before replacing his tongue once more with his cock.

A solid eight or so inches, it railed balls deep into my throat. His nuts smacked repeatedly against my chin and his hairy crotch tickled my nose as he throat fucked me hard and fast. He barreled in and out of my mouth before pulling out and spinning me around. I was still holding my butthole open for him, and I could still feel it gaping, but I knew it was dry again. His spit had mostly dried up, save for the stuff that was real deep, and I knew he’d put that to good use still.

He licked my hole again and then spat into it repeatedly like before, and rubbed it around with his fingers before spitting some more and then thrusting his cock inside of the gaping, yet still tight hole. I shrieked with pain and pleasure as my eyes rolled around loosely in their sockets, like that of a doll, and Daddy pumped me full of his cock – weaving it in and out of my asshole hard and fast, spanking my bare bottom which I still held open for him.

I squealed excitedly as he thrust the entirety of his shaft into my hole, and then I gasped with pleasure as I felt my pussy tingling. His balls were tickling it as they slapped against it with each thrust of his big dick into my asshole, and I knew that this must be what an orgasm was… I mean, it felt like it at least! My body shook, and I let go of my butthole, causing my big beefy BBW cheeks to close on his cock.

I slung my head back and let my mouth gape open – I was coming, and it felt incredible. I groaned with immense satisfaction and primal pleasure as my father pounded my asshole while I had the most intense orgasm in memory… In fact, I don’t think it ever got better than that…. In that very moment when my daddy was butt-fucking me with his throbbing cock.

He spanked my asshole and told me to spread the cheeks again. He said he wanted to see it open up. He said he wanted to see inside that nasty, and yet gorgeous fuck hole. The orgasm passed, but it seemed to have lasted so long, and I wasn’t complaining! I reached back, being a good obedient slut for daddy, and spread my cheeks wide apart. Then I felt him thrust into me a few more times, only to pull out and gasp with surprise.

“It’s so… S-so fucking big, my sweetie!” He declared with excitement. I looked back at his face, and the expression he wore made me smile. I felt so good about myself, and I felt so good making my father proud and so happy.

I grinned ear-to-ear as I watched my daddy bend down and begin to eat my gaping butthole once again, hands free, thanks to me holding it open for him. I let him have his way with me; tonguing my precious fuck hole, and then he moved down to my pussy and lapped at it hungrily like a parched beast.

He sucked at it, letting the juices secrete into his mouth, and then he grabbed his dick hastily and planted it firmly against my pussy. “A-are you ready, sweetie?” He asked with a shaky voice. He could barely handle the anticipation. I knew he was ready to fill that hole. I knew he was ready to see how good it felt in comparison to my butthole.

“Yes, daddy,” I said. “Fuck my pussy, please, sir.”

He shrieked excitedly and his muscles clenched as he guided his cock forward, very aggressively, having to use quite a bit of force and muscle to get it to slip inside, because while I was very wet, I was still a tight virgin, and the hole didn’t want to open for his big, long, thick cock.

Finally, a popping noise filled the air, and then I screamed as I felt my father penetrate my pussy with his big cock. My god, it feels glorious, I thought to myself as he swayed crazily in and out of my hole. His cock stretched me wide apart and I groaned as I came once again, and while the orgasm wasn’t as intense as my first, that wasn’t saying anything negative – it was still absolutely incredible and unbelievable.

My body shook as I felt my father pounding my cunt, and as I came, he began to come too. His cock thrust into me three more quick times, with a pause between each ram – and then I felt it twitch, convulse, and began to throb like a heartbeat. Then I felt his warm load of cum spill into my hole – no, shoot into it – it was so fast and so hardcore, and he filled me up completely for a minute before pulling out and spreading my lips apart.

Some of the cum ran out from my hole and it was so warm as it traveled down my thighs. I groaned with pleasure as he lapped at my butthole while he thrust a finger into my pussy, and I knew he was pushing the rest of the cum deeper and deeper inside of me with his long thumb…

“Daddy,” I said, “I feel so good… You just took my virginity at nineteen.”

His voice trembled and he pulled a flask from the blue jeans lying on the floor. “I know,” he said, shaking. “I know.” His face looked worried and full of guilt, but so did mine. Then we stared at each other and the worry quickly turned to laughter. We embraced one another lovingly, like we always did, and we laughed together and spent the rest of the night watching movies on TV and eating popcorn and other tasty snacks.

Whatever happened, happened. I wasn’t worried about it. I was falling for this man, despite how wrong it was… I knew for a fact that I wanted him to seed me again… I just hoped he felt the same as me.

The End

Licked and Anally Drilled By My Brother

Copyright, 2017, All Rights Reserved

Kim Clove

I was nineteen and he was twenty. We were raised together all our lives, brought up in the same household, went to the same university, and did everything together. So does it make sense that I wanted to fuck him?

He’d walked in on me changing clothes the night before. His eyes lit up like it was his birthday and he’d just received a wonderful present. My face turned apple red, and so did his. We stood there, frozen, stunned, and then finally I said, “What are you doing? Get out!”

He stood there for a moment longer, pausing, staring at my heaving breasts. My eyes were bulging out and my mouth hanging ajar. “Sorry,” Ben said, and then slowly turned and left, but not before letting his eyes shift down to my freshly shaved pussy.

And now here we were, laying on the couch watching movies. It was a big couch, and I was laying on my stomach. My brother was on top of me, with his crotch spread over my covered ass cheeks. Covered, but not by much. I was still wearing the thin black skirt from earlier when I’d had a meeting at my university, and I could feel my brother’s cock hardening through the jogging pants he was wearing.

“Feel good, sis?” Ben asked.

“Sure does, Benny brother,” I smiled, looking back at him slightly, feeling tingling in my body and wetness creeping out of my pussy. Oh my, was this really starting to happen?

“I’m so bored lately,” he said, kneading his balled fists passionately into my back muscles, “Girls, work, everything… I wish I just could start over somewhere near, with someone new.”

“New? So I guess I’m out of the equation, right? You know me longer than anybody.” I chuckled.

“Nah, you aren’t out,” he said in a low voice, thoughtfully, “You’ll never be out.” He took my head suddenly in his soft hand, and then turned it so that he was staring at the right side of my face. “I love you,” he said.

“Ben…?” I asked, voice cracking.

He leaned down and went for the kiss. I accepted to say the least. I let my tongue slip out and slide right into his mouth, and then I was lost in sexual nirvana. Our tongues skirted around each other’s passionately, and then I felt his hand move down from my face to my skirt, where he slid it beneath the skirt and began to fondle my g-stringed crack.

Groaning with intense pleasure, I let out a guttural squeal and then slung my head back and howled towards the ceiling. “Fucking hell,” I murmured, “Oh, brother… OH, god.”

He thrust his fingers into my sopping wet pussy, past the string of my thong, and then he began to aggressively fuck me with his fingers, while his thumb fondled my puckered virgin butthole.

“Fuck…” He said, “This is wrong, this is so wrong.”

“Don’t stop,” I said almost out of breath, “Keep fucking me with your fingers.” I stuttered, barely able to even keep my eyes open from the incredible sensation of it all.

My brother kept fingering me and kissing me. His tongue slithered around mine and then he was practically thrusting it into my throat, as if he was trying to get as far into my mouth as possible. His eyes were rolling around in his head, and all I could see were the whites. He looked like he was absolutely insane, and it was so fucking hot.

I ran my fingers through his blonde hair, and then he moved away, sliding his tongue down my back after he pulled my shirt off, and ending up where his fingers were. He sniffed my musky, drenched pussy, and then he rammed his nose into my asshole before replacing his fingers with his tongue. As my brother lathered up my soaking wet cunt with his long tongue, I shuddered with pure sexual joy… I couldn’t fathom that such a thing as this was actually occurring, but occurring it was, yes indeed… And I was enjoying every damned second of it!

“You taste so good, sis,” he said in a hurried voice, as if he didn’t want to waste anytime speaking rather than licking me. “Can I – uh, can I – can I lick your butt, too?” I looked back with wide, shocked eyes, and he blushed; his face turning blood red.

I paused, feeling both embarrassed and flattered. “You want to what? Eat my asshole?” I asked, voice trembling.

“Yeah,” he said quickly, blushing even more; turning redder than he already was.

I shrugged my shoulders. I’d never thought about having my ass eaten before. It seemed weird, and wrong. At the same time, however, the thought of having a guy’s tongue shoved up my forbidden hole seemed to really turn me on unlike any other idea…

“Go ahead, brother.” I said.

His eyes lit up. His lips twisted upwards, and when they finished twisting he was wearing a big grin on his face. He looked so goofy, just like the brother I’d always known and loved. “Thanks, sis,” he said, “You’re the best.”

His voice was cracking with nervousness. I could tell he’d never expected to do anything like this, especially to his sister. He went to town on my asshole then. First he flipped me onto my stomach, and then he pushed me up on the couch. His shaky hands clasped at my ass cheeks, and then finally spread them wide apart – so wide that it kind of hurt. I could feel my butthole poking out.

“Push your asshole out for me,” he murmured in a rasping voice.

“What do you mean?”

“Wink it for me, sister.”

I blushed, staring out the window. I could feel his hot, desperate breath beating against my puckered, pink asshole. I pushed it out, and could feel it winking. I heard his breathing intensify, and felt it on my asshole. “Again,” he rasped, “Keep winking that fucking asshole…”

I pushed it out, back in, out, back in. Then my brother thrust his tongue inside of the puckered hole. I squealed as I felt his tongue penetrate me a solid two inches, and then I dug my nails into the back of the couch as I savored the sensation of being rimmed – no, scratch that; this was no normal rimming, at least not what I’d expected a rimming to be like.

My brother was not merely licking my asshole; rather, he was tongue fucking it, hard and deep. I shuddered and reached back, grabbing his soft hair and pushing his face further between my cheeks so that his tongue dug deeper and deeper into my puckered, virginal hole.

“Fuck my ass with your tongue, yeah,” I moaned, gripping his head in my hands. I shoved it further into my ass cheeks and his tongue went even deeper into my hole. I could feel his teeth pressing against the rim of my hole, and his stubbled chin digging into my cunt.

My brother pulled his tongue away, gasping for air, and then he licked his lips when I looked back at him. “This is so fucking filthy,” he said, and wiped the slobber from his mouth.

I spun around and grabbed his face with both hands, then pulled him towards me. We made out, rolling our tongues around one another’s as he cradled me in his arms. He gasped again, looking like he was in shock when he pulled away from me, and then he pulled my shirt back up and shoved his face between my heaving breasts.

He lapped at them; each nipple hungrily, and then he squeezed them with both hands before sliding one hand down my stomach and thrusting a finger into my shaved pussy. I squealed into his mouth as he locked lips with me again, and he finger fucked me savagely as we made out.

“You like that, sis?” My brother asked in a gravelly voice, and then he pulled his fingers from my cunt and licked them before grasping his cock with two hands and stepping up onto the edge of the couch cushions to straddle my face with it. “Suck my dick, sis.” He said.

I opened wide. He didn’t even have to ask. By the time he’d finished his question I’d already gone deep throat on his big shaft, sucking it nice and proper.

Daddy Gives Me a Pussy Creampie

Kim Clove

Copyright, 2017, All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. The characters in this story and all my stories are all 18 years or older.

“I’ve been wanting this for two weeks now, ever since I caught you masturbating… When I saw your hand rubbing that shaved nineteen year old pussy… Oh, gosh, I wanted to replace it with my tongue,” his voice trembled as he spoke lustfully to me. “And now, you come onto me like some kind of whore… So I assume you’d like me to treat you like a whore, correct? My god, I cannot believe we’re even speaking like this… This is wrong, it’s so wrong… But it feels so right.” My father said.

I nodded my head, “I want whatever action you give me, father… And yes, I feel the same. This feels so good, daddy. I want this so bad, even though I know it’s so wrong.”

He paused, pursing his lips thoughtfully. Then he looked up towards the ceiling, raising his finger jovially, “That’s good. Oh, that’s very good… What – ever – I give you… Okay, let’s think. How about a big cock up the pussy?” His voice quivered. He was trying to act hard, but he was just as excited and nervous as I was. It was hard to pretend to be a hard-ass during a time like that.

I never thought a moment like that was going to come. I never thought it was going to happen. But needless to say it did, and when it did… I forgot everything else in my life and could only focus on that incredible orgasm I felt – the swelling of my pussy as my dad pounded it with his big meat stick, and the tingling sensation that sent a shiver throughout my entire body as I came.


The day had begun like most others. I was a junior at the university, and it was summer break, so I was back home at my parents’ house in the countryside. Mom was at work, and Dad was a writer so he typed in his office. He didn’t drink; he’d quit years ago, but I’d seen him eyeballing the bottle lately when I passed by his writing room. I didn’t know what was bothering him, but I knew it must have been something. I wanted to ask him, but there had been a lot of tension between us lately, so I stayed quiet. I didn’t know what was going on between us, but we’d been acting strange ever since… Well… It’s pretty embarrassing, but what happened was simple.

I’d been in my room looking at pictures on my phone, and um – well, let’s just say they were shirtless pictures of my biggest celebrity crush. I was rubbing one out, you could say, with no pants on, and the covers pulled all the way down to my toes – so anybody who walked in would have been able to see everything. And guess who ends up walking in?

None other than my ol’ daddy, the handsome businessman he always was. He’d just gotten off from work and I’d parked around back by the shed, so I guess he didn’t know I was home. It was my birthday, and he was bringing in my present to lay on my bed. What a sweet dad. But regardless, I was laying on my bed masturbating. He opened the door quickly, I screamed, his eyes locked with mine, then darted down to my hand which covered my shaved pussy.

His eyes lit up like it was the best thing he’d ever seen. His cock stiffened in his drawers, I swear I saw it suddenly spring right up like it had just come to life. His mouth trembled and he began to sweat heavily, and then he dropped the box of chocolates on the floor and ran out with his hand to his face in shock and agony.

“Daddy,” I said after a few minutes, voice all weak and trembling. I was so embarrassed, but I wanted him to know it wasn’t that big of a deal. “It’s okay, daddy. Come back.”

He didn’t come back, and he never said anything about it. I never did either. It was too much to mention it; too hard I suppose. The whole thing was just way too embarrassing to even think about. I tried to block it from my memory, but I couldn’t. It had been two weeks and both of us were still mostly silent around one another. The sound of the loud clanking type writer could usually be heard regularly from the wee hours of six am all spread throughout the day until mom got home at three, but for the last two weeks it had been silent. Daddy wasn’t writing, daddy wasn’t doing his work. Something was bothering daddy, and the tension and worry was just getting to be too much for me. I was going to find out what was bothering him. I was going to fix it.

“Daddy?” I stood at the open doorway. My dad was hunched over the typewriter with a cup of coffee in his trembling hand. He fidgeted, and then set the cup next to the machine and spun around. He was smiling, and looked shockingly normal.

“Yes, Andie?”

I paused. “I just wanted to talk to you. About the other week, when you walked in on me masturbating.”

Lip twitched. Eyebrows raised and then lowered. His face cracked a bit of a smile. “That was awkward, wasn’t it?” He turned and raised his hands cracking his fingers as if getting ready to type once again. “Let’s not discuss it further, Andie.”

I walked up to him and touched him on the shoulder. “Daddy?”

He looked up at me, “Yes?”

“I don’t want there to be this awkwardness. It’s okay that you caught me playing with myself. I’m not ashamed anymore.”

He stared at me, his big blue eyes piercing into my own. I felt oddly aroused, though admittedly (and I hated admitting this), I’d been easily aroused by my father’s mere presence for the last year. There was something about him. First off, he was the man who’d turned me into the strong woman I am today. Second off, he was a handsome man; very dashing in all respects. Square jaw, dark hair, nicely shaped eyes.

“Honey, I feel guilt, not embarrassment.”

I sat down on the comfortable leather couch that was adjacent to his writing chair; an old piece of equipment that had been passed down from generation to generation. It looked uncomfortable, and the leather was dry and cracked and even falling off in little pieces, but Daddy loved it for its sentimental value.

“Why?” I asked.

“Not because what I saw you doing. But because of what I wanted to do to you.” His voice lowered, and a cloud seemed to fill the room. He looked down at the floor, and then slowly his gaze worked its way back up to me. He stared into my eyes with his jaw clenched intently, as if awaiting my reply.

Two things happened. One, I practically froze up. I didn’t know what to say, but I knew what I wanted to say. And two, my pussy began to get wet. The man I’d been fantasizing about, the man who I’d always trusted, and trusted above all others… Well, he was telling me he wanted to do dirty things to me – my freaking daddy was telling me he wanted to… No, no, there’s no way he was saying that. I must be imagining things, right?

“You’re saying what I think you are, aren’t you?” My voice shook and I giggled nervously.

“Yes,” he said in a flat tone.

“Daddy, I want it too… OH my gosh, I want it too… I feel so dirty saying that, like some kind of whore.”

“Come here,” he said, “I’ll show you how a whore acts. You’re not a whore, but you can be daddy’s whore for the day.” He wiggled his finger, motioning for me to come join him. “Sit on my lap, honey. You’re my gorgeous nineteen year old daughter, and I’m going to make sure no one fucks you before I do. After all, I need to show you how it’s done so you can hold all these young fellas up to my standard. Okay?”

“Daddy…” I said, standing and walking slowly towards him. It only took two steps and then I was there, and I slowly turned around and sat down on his crotch. I could feel his cock, which was already rock hard, ramming against my ass cheeks. I was wearing tights since I’d planned on going on a run, and daddy began to squeeze my thighs and kiss the back of my neck. “Oh, I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I walked in on you that night… Oh, my dear.”

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