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Beth, The Mother’s Boyfriend & his Pet Dog.

Canine Bestiality Erotica

By Kay Knighty

© Copyright Kay Knighty 2018

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Published 12-01-2018

Smashwords Edition.


One. Locked out.

Two. Unexpected attentions.

Three. Confrontation.

Four. The announcement.

Five. The reprimand.

Six. Revealing all.

Seven. Punishing pleasure.

Eight. Compensation.

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1. Locked out

It was a typical mid-July day in Croydon, south-east England. Being the last day of my education and the first day of the rest of my life, I was hoping that the sunny weather would continue throughout the summer holiday. The heat was tempered by a gentle breeze that tugged at my skirts as I strolled home with not a care in the world. Well, that wasn’t quite true!

The cul-de-sac where I lived contained five detached houses that ringed the short road. My step-mother’s house was at the end; and not only was it the biggest, it sat on the largest piece of land. As I turned into the close I slipped my bag off my shoulder and felt for the key.

It wasn’t there!

I slowed, trying to remember when I last used it, but couldn’t recall leaving it out of my bag. My step-mum was usually home by the time I arrived from the academy at 4 PM, But I was a couple of hours early, because it was the last day of term.

I strolled past the first house on my right, the Perkins residence, then the second house, which belonged to Tony Thomas. He was a handsome guy, who lived with Elaine, a particularly unpleasant woman. She was constantly complaining about one thing, or another, whereas Tony was always civil to me and my step-sister. They didn’t have any children, but owned a black Great Dane who was the soppiest dog on the planet.

I spotted Tony’s legs poking out from under the front of a car that was parked halfway up his driveway. I heard the wheels of the board he was lying on, scraping on the concrete – a familiar sound in the close.

I carried on to my house and knocked on the door, hoping Mary (I refused to call her mum) had come home early. The house was silent, so I tried the side gate and found it locked. Annoyed at my carelessness, I turned and looked down the short cul-de-sac. I could walk back to town and take a stroll around for an hour, or two…”

Then I had a thought. Mum was friendly with Tony. Maybe she left him with a key, in case of emergencies. I liked the guy, but he was always busy repairing a car and hardly passed the time of the day with anyone.

I made up my mind. It wouldn’t do any harm to ask, and if he didn’t have a key, I’d stroll down to the town centre and do some window shopping. After checking the time on my phone, I retraced my steps to the end of his drive and walked up until I reached the car.

“Is that you, Beth?” came a muffled question from beneath the car.

I stopped beside the car, which was jacked up on my side. I was expecting him to slide out from the front, but instead he came out head first beside me, where the wheel was missing. He had an unrestricted view up my skirt and didn’t bat an eyelid.

Standing with my feet apart, I hesitated for a few seconds and then stepped back. “Oh, sorry Mr Thomas, I, er… I thought…”

“Nice to see you, Beth…” He used the side of the car to propel himself free of the car and sat up on the board. “You’re home early.”

“Last day at St Mary’s and like a prat, I forgot to take a key with me. I was wondering…”

He was on his feet, wiping his greasy hands on a rag. “…if Mary left me with a key?” I nodded hopefully. “I’m sorry, she didn’t, Beth. Let me make you a glass of orange, or get you an ice cream from the fridge.”

“I was thinking of walking back to town and doing some window shopping.”

“Look, come in for a second. I want to ask you a favour.”

Having been warned to beware of strangers, I was a cautious person, but I knew Tony Thomas and felt totally at ease in his company. He had boyish good looks for a guy over forty – well I guessed he was over forty. He had sandy, unruly hair and blue eyes, which sparkled in the sunlight.

I followed him down the side of the house. We passed the side door and I waited while he opened the side gate. He had just closed it behind me when Sam came bounding over. I braced myself for the onslaught. But Tony put his hand out.

“Sam! Stop!” The dog skidded to a halt on the dry grass and stopped dead in his tracks.

He sat down and looked from his master to me and back again at Tony.

“Good boy. Now say hello to Beth. Give her a kiss.”

He immediately came forward and pushed his large face toward mine. I leant down and received a huge slobbering lick across the side of my face.

“Sam, that’s disgusting,” I exclaimed, and then laughed, while stroking and making a fuss of him.

He was a real character and wanted to play, but Tony intervened.

“Sam, sit.” The dog obeyed, but twisted his head toward the garden as though he wanted to play with me. “Beth, I was wondering if you would take him for a walk over the spinney…”

Sam’s ears pricked up on hearing the word ‘walk’. I was wearing my academy uniform and couldn’t change, but it was a lovely day. I still hesitated though, because I had never taken him for a walk before. I wasn’t worried about his behaviour, just my ability to look after him.

“I’ve never walked him before, Mr Thomas.”

“I’ve told you before, Beth, it’s Tony.” He gestured toward the dog. “You know you won’t find a more docile animal than Sam. I’m absolutely sure he’ll behave himself, because I know he loves you. I would take him, but I have to finish this motor for a friend of mine.”

Sam was pulling a pathetic expression and appeared to understand our conversation.

I turned to him. “Are you going to be a good boy?”

“Ruff! Ruff!”

Tony spread his hands. “What did I say?”

I shrugged. “Okay, the exercise won’t do me any harm either.”

“Good, I’ll get his leash.”

The moment Tony disappeared through the patio doors, Sam stood and trotted over to me. “Are you going to be a good boy?” I asked, ruffling the fur on his head beneath his ears.

He looked me in the eye and then dipped his head. I continued stroking the back of his neck while he pushed his snout against my pleated skirt and had a sniff. He picked the spot which was directly over my mons, so I forcibly lifted his head and admonished him.

“Sam, be a good boy…”

Just then Tony appeared with his leash. I missed the brief warning sign, which showed my lack of experience with animals. Something I was about to regret.

2. Unexpected attention.

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