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If I had the foresight to see what a tramp my own daughter was going to turn into, I would have done things differently. My daughter, Angie became another statistical ‘baby mama’ in her teens. Even though she is my own flesh and blood, if you want to just lay the cards on the table, was one of those girls that seemed to be born with a cock in their mouth or cunt or even ass. Even though I should show a little bit of mercy towards my own flesh and blood, I don’t. Like the saying goes, you can put a monkey in a suit and tie and it will always be a monkey, same for those two sluts, they can dress in pristine white and pretend to be ‘nice’ decent women, but in fact, they will always be whores, that is unless they tragically meet some heavy handed karma and somehow become paralyzed, and still, I guess they will always find a way to wind up a whore, both of them. God I love them and their slutty ways, nobody could hold a candle to the way my daughter gives a blowjob.

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