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The Loving Lesbians of Sweet Dreams Spa II:
Introduction to Ageplay

Author: Sara Quill
Smashwords Edition
Copyright 2016 Sara Quill

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Loving Lesbians of Sweet Dreams Spa II: Introduction to Ageplay

Romy remembered every second of the kiss. The soft lips, Fay’s hands on her lower back pulling her in even closer, a wet warm tongue twirling around in her mouth. During the day there were plenty of moments in which she would drift off and daydream about the kiss, but most of all she recalled the kiss at night when she was trying to fall asleep.

For a couple of days she thought the kiss would be the start of a relationship, her and Fay would be girlfriend and girlfriend, but then she never heard from Fay again. Not for a week, not for two weeks.

The kiss happened in the office of the local Sweet Dreams Spa. Romy had just handed in her contract, so she could participate in a training program and Fay Williams the CEO was standing across from her. A handshake. A simple handshake to welcome her into the program turned into a passionate kiss.

Romy had been obsessed with Fay for such a long time, and now they finally finally finally kissed. Romy recalled the moment over and over. She wasn’t quite sure what it meant. Why hadn’t Fay called or anything? Was the kiss an impulsive act that wasn’t suppose to get a sequel? Would they pretend nothing had happened?

Romy wasn’t even out of the closet as a lesbian yet. She had known for ages she fell in love with women, not men. But her love had never been returned, she’d never been kissed before, so it seemed obsolete to disclose something about herself to her parents or coworkers, that wasn’t really existent or happening at the moment.

But now, now that they had kissed, should she tell her parents now? She didn’t want to think about it, she just wanted to stay in bed and dream about the kiss again and again.

Fay send her a text message. It was about three weeks later early in the morning. Romy didn’t expect a text message from Fay. Fay had returned to corporate and was busy doing CEO stuff.

In about a month or so Romy would move to corporate too, so she could participate in the training program. She had gone through numerous scenario’s of what would happen if she’d ran into Fay. In some of her fantasies Fay was wildly in love with her and they would kiss and hold hands and go out for romantic dinners and sleep together. In other scenarios she urged herself to be more realistic, maybe they would just nod at each other in the hallway and nothing more. Just a nod.

Fay had send her a text message. It was a short one, it said: ‘Last group left, dorm is free, will you come?’

Romy was elated, she stared at the letters on her phone and couldn’t help smiling. Yes, yes, yes, she wanted to write back, but she restrained herself. She didn’t want to come across too eager. After their kiss she hadn’t heard from Fay in three weeks, you wouldn’t ignore a lover for three weeks. Fay probably thought of her like a booty call or something.

Well she would still happily be Fay’s booty call. It took all of her self control to not write back immediately. She would wait an hour, or maybe two and then she would write something carefree. Like: ‘Sure why not?’ or ‘Why? The program won’t start for about a month right?’ She constrained herself for about forty seven minutes, then she send a text back asking why.

‘Can I call you?’ Fay send back immediately.

Romy heart was pounding heavily, her stomach fluttering. If she said yes she would hear Fay’s voice. That voice was the most wonderful mesmerizing sound she’d ever heard.

‘Sure.’ She said.

A moment later her phone rang. Romy stared at the black plastic. It trembled and almost tumbled of the table. She waited three Mississippi’s before she picked up.

‘Hey Sweety.’ Fay said.

Romy’s chest filled with butterflies. She mustn't read anything into it. That was just the way Fay talked. She would call everyone sweety or darling or my child or my love. Fay sounded business-like on the phone.

‘Listen the last group just left, the dorms are free now.’ Fay said. ‘Some maintenance will be done next week, but you’re welcome to be here during that period. In about a week the others will arrive for the selection. You’re selected already off course, but you could still participate if you like, to get to know your classmates and all that, and I think it would be nice to have some time to settle in, right?’

‘Yeah,’ Romy said. ‘Yeah, that sounds reasonable.’

‘Good.’ Fay said. ‘Go pack your bags, I’ll send an assistant to help you move. Don’t worry about forgetting stuff, darling, everything will be provided anyway. We even got some spare toothbrushes if needed. Just bring some personal things, like pictures, or a favorite stuffed animal or something. I’ll send Marsha. She’ll be there end of the afternoon.’

‘What?’ Romy stared at her apartment. It had turned into a mess once again. She hadn’t even start packing yet. She had to fix a broken door if she wanted to get her deposit back, and...

‘I can’t.’ She said to Fay.

‘Why not?’ Fay asked. ‘Your boss knows you’re moving here. I discussed this with him, beside he has already hired another girl to take your place, so the spa there will manage without you.’

‘I know.’ Romy said. ‘It’s not about my Spa job here. It’s just... I guess I know... it’s just... like... I’ve got a lot to do.’

‘Just make a start, my child. Marsha will be there soon to help you and I will see you tonight, okay?’

‘Okay.’ Romy said kind of overwhelmed. ‘Okay, see you tonight.’

‘Good girl.’ Fay said before she hung up the phone.

Romy listened to the silence. Maybe Fay did like her. Why else would she urge Romy to move so quickly. Although at the phone she sounded more practical. She’d only used two or three pet names in the entire conversation, usually Fay’s sentences were riddled with little pet names.

Would there at corporate be any magical saunas or herbal baths? Or would corporate just be a skyscraper full of offices doing management stuff with numbers, graphics and stocks and what not?

Romy got nervous, she was quite addicted to the Sauna’s in Sweet Dreams Spa, she couldn’t do without them, maybe she should call Fay back and ask. She didn’t dare to pick up the phone. Fay was the CEO. Fay was probably way too busy.

She started to clean up her apartment. She packed two suitcases full of clothes and underwear and toiletries, and she threw out a lot of junk that had been collected over the years. Expired coupons, a broken ball point, some books she’d never read.

In the afternoon a limousine arrived. It was an awkward sight. The car was shiny and fancy, while everything in this neighborhood was run down and broken and dirty. Also a limousine wasn’t really a moving truck, right? A woman got out and rang the doorbell. Romy let her in.

She wore her blond hair in two pigtails, but despite the cuteness of her hair she was quite an impressive lady. She was bulky with a lot of muscle, she looked heavy and strong and intimidating.

‘I’m Marsha, you’re Romy.’ She said with a stern nod. ‘You’re ready to go, or do you need help packing? Miss Williams said you might need some help packing as well, those are your suitcases?’ She pointed towards the suitcases on the floor and didn’t await any response. She just picked them up as if they weight nothing and carried them to the limo, then she returned.

‘Anything else you want to bring?’

‘I... I just... the... door.’ Romy said. ‘I’m Romy.’

‘I know you’re Romy.’ Marsha said. ‘I just told you I know you’re Romy. Which door do you want to bring?’

‘No, I need to fix it, to get my deposit back.’

‘Okay.’ Marsha helped her to fix the door, to clean the apartment and to talk to the landlord. An hour and fifteen minutes later Romy sat in the back of the limo. Marsha drove.

‘So who are you?’ Romy asked.

‘I’m Marsha. I told you I was Marsha. Miss Williams told you I would come right? Honestly, you don’t seem smart enough to partake in our training program at all, most of them are total eggheads always studying, but you seem a bit air headed, since you don’t even remember my name.’

Romy didn’t know what to say she just stared at Marsha’s shoulder and her hands on the steering wheel, she was wearing a wedding ring, that seemed too elegant and dainty compared to the rest of her rough posture. Romy pressed her lips together and looked through the window for a while.

They were on the highway, just cars and fields of grain, nothing else to see. Romy wanted to ask a lot more questions, about corporate, about Fay, about the program, about Marsha’s job, but she kept her mouth shut.

She didn’t even dare to ask if the peanuts were complimentary. She sat there in the back of the limo. It was a long drive to corporate, by the time she arrived it was dark outside. They drove into a parking garage and Marsha carried her suitcases up a stairs, through a corridor. She unlocked a door, another hallway, another door unlocked.

‘This is your room.’ Marsha said. She put the suitcases in the hall. ‘See you next week.’ Marsha handed Romy a ring with four keys on it.

Romy nodded, although she wasn’t sure what would happen next week. She also wasn’t sure why she needed four keys, after all Marsha had only unlocked two doors to get here.

‘Don’t forget to let Fay know you’ve arrived.’ Marsha said on her way out. She slammed the door close.

Romy was overwhelmed. For three weeks she had heard nothing from Fay. For three weeks she had fantasized about the day she would arrive at corporate. But she didn’t imagine anything like this. Now she was here, in a room, that partly resembled a college dorm. Two bedrooms, a shared bathroom and a small shared living space. Disoriented she stared out of the window, a little square with trees and benches. She had no idea how to get out there or how to get back to the parking garage.

Well that was her own fault. She was always quickly disoriented, and maybe Marsha was right, maybe she just wasn’t smart enough. She didn’t know whether she was allowed to get out of her room, off course she was allowed, but still it felt like she shouldn’t. She picked the largest bedroom and threw her suitcases on the bed, then she send Fay a text that she’d arrived.

Fay came to pick her up, she led her through the building and a moment later they were sitting across from each other in a small restaurant.

Fay’s black hair dangled shortly on her shoulders, her lab coat was draped over the back of her seat and she wore a deeply cut black dress that exposed quite a bit of her chest. Romy couldn’t help it, her eyes were drawn again and again to the décolleté. Here she was, Romy a twenty two year old college drop-out that had been cleaning a small local branch of Sweet Dreams Spa for the last year, and then Fay Williams a forty three year old CEO that owned Sweet Dreams Incorporated.

They were an odd couple. Fay was gorgeous, Romy was mundane looking and clumsy. Or maybe she wasn’t, objectively speaking she was kind of pretty, even though she had red curls and freckles, her face was still quite nice and her body was young and athletic, she just felt mundane and clumsy next to Fay.

‘Are you all right, my love?’ Fay said.

Romy nodded.

‘You sure? It must have been a long day for you. I’ll bet you’re tired. Was Marsha nice to you?’

Romy shrugged.

Fay laughed. ‘Yeah. Marsha can be a bit blunt sometimes, can’t she? But she’s an awesome lab assistant. She used to be a nurse. She’s also one of our teachers in the training program now.’

‘Okay.’ Romy said.

She wasn’t quite sure how to behave. She was elated to finally be here with Fay, she was bewitched by her presence, but still she wasn’t quite sure whether this was a romantic dinner or something else. Would she be allowed to kiss Fay again? Would Fay want to kiss her again?

Timidly she ate the food Fay ordered for her. She listened to Fay’s musing about the restaurant and the spa downstairs and the lab upstairs.

‘You’ll see.’ Fay said. ‘I’ll arrange for you to get a tour.’

After dinner Fay asked her to come upstairs, she wanted to show Romy the lab she was so proud off. Romy nodded. She followed Fay through the hallways, a shiny elevator. From the buttons she deduced there must be seven floors all together. Fay went to the fifth. When they got out she put her hand on Romy’s shoulder. The warmth soaked into her skin. Fay pushed her through a hallway and opened a door.

‘This is my private lab.’ She said. ‘They’ll show you the other labs another time.’

Fay’s lab wasn’t that big. There was an operating table in the center, surrounded by machines and computers and LCD screens. There was a rolling swivel chair a counter with cupboards another counter filled with glass work, there was a refrigerator filled with chemicals.

‘Look sweetheart.’ Fay said. She held up a little tube filled with a green liquid. ‘This has been my little side project for the past few weeks. It’s my special Romy cocktail, I’ve invented this just for you.’

‘For me?’ Romy said blushing. ‘But why? What is it?’

‘Come sit here.’ Fay patted the padding of the operating table.

Romy climbed on top of the table, she sat on the edge, her feet dangling at the side.

‘Good girl. Now roll up your sleeve.’

Romy did roll up her sleeve and she watched Fay filling a syringe with the green liquid.

‘But what is it?’ Romy asked. ‘Why is it especially for me?’

‘Well.’ Fay said. She tapped her nail against the side of the syringe to get all the bubbles to flow up. ‘Remember how last year you were an intern at a newspaper, and then within a month or so, you were so addicted to our treatments you dropped out of school and you stole money just to get another one of our treatments. Well that’s not suppose to happen. Or at least that doesn’t happen with other people and that’s not at all what we set out to do. You responding to our treatments in the way you did actually brought us a lot of thinking material, both in the damage control department with that journalist following you around and it has also sparked some scientific curiosity. I’ve got a lot of questions about your brain chemistry, so I’m really glad to have you here.’

‘Okay.’ Romy said. So Fay liked her brain chemistry, not her. She was just a science project, not a romantic interest. But why then had they kissed?

‘Okay then.’ Romy said again. ‘I guess I’m glad I’m here too, although... I’m also...’

‘Confused?’ Fay asked. ‘Don’t worry. Just hold out your arm. I’ve mixed it so that it’ll feel like another treatment to you, you won’t even notice it’ll mark and highlight the different area’s of your brain that are affected, the scans will be over before you know it.’

‘A brain scan?’ Romy asked.

Fay nodded. She poked the little needle into Romy’s elbow and Romy felt a dull tingling.

‘Shouldn’t I have to drink a vitamin cocktail first?’ She asked. In the spa before any treatment could take affect all customers had to drink a vitamin cocktail that would open up their brain to be influenced by the treatment chemicals. A wave of cold dizziness passed through her body. Romy felt woozy.

Fay shook her head. ‘Careful now, my child.’ A hand stroking Romy’s back. Soothingly and Calmly. ‘You’re not a customer anymore.’ Fay said. ‘You’ve signed a contract, remember? The contract for the internal training program, you also signed the part about participating in research projects. The vitamin cocktails are to keep our treatments legal, but since you signed the contract it’s legal to administer all the chemicals I want to you. No need for loopholes with the vitamin cocktails, just one injection will do the trick.’

Romy’s sight was getting fuzzy, her ears ringing. Fays voice was soothing and peaceful all around her. It came in waves, an overwhelming wave of drowsiness and dizziness, and then it was gone for a second, until another wave engulfed her mind.

‘Sweetheart, I guess you don’t understand a word I’m saying by now, do you? Lets lay you down, so you won’t hurt yourself when the muscle relaxer kicks in.’ She tenderly guided Romy’s body onto the padded table. As soon as Romy lied down, her head started spinning even more frantic. Fay caressed her face, her thumb slowly grazing Romy’s cheek.

‘Good girl. That’s my sweetheart.’ Fay said. ‘Just give in now, just surrender now Romy. You’re save here. I will take care of you. Momma Fay will take care of you, okay?’

The voice seemed to come from miles and miles away. Just sounds, random sounds she didn’t even understand. She was so sleepy. She wanted to give in to the relaxation. In the Spa she always loved to feel drowsy and helplessly sedated. She loved this feeling of relaxation, being dismissed of all responsibilities, just being a defenseless sleepy puppet for the spa assistants to do with as they pleased.

She loved being barely conscious and through the haze and the euphoria, feeling a wandering hand groping her and fondling her. It turned her on so much, it made her horny beyond belief. She let her mind drift off.

Fay was here. Fay was close. And since Romy was almost knocked-out and thoroughly incapacitated, Fay would have to take care of her. The sleep kept pulling her under, yet she didn’t want to give in yet, she wanted to know what kind of things Fay would do to her. Her eyes kept rolling up in her head. It was painfully hard work to keep them open.

‘Good girl.’ Fay said. Her hand on Romy’s lap. ‘That’s my good girl. That’s right. Now don’t worry. Fay will put on a few electrodes on your head, it won’t hurt but you might feel a little pressure.’

Another wave of cold drowsiness seemed to hit her brain. She felt Fay’s fingers caressing her skin. Grazing her head, stroking her hair to the side. Fay glued the electrodes onto her skin, when they were turned on Romy felt a buzz passing through her head, or maybe that was just her imagination, she didn’t know.

‘Sshhh.’ Fay said. Although Romy couldn’t remember making any sound or being fussy, Fay still tried to comfort her. She wanted to be comforted by Fay, she wanted to be held and kissed. She wanted to feel safe and calm. The daze kept on flowing.

‘Done.’ Fay said. ‘That was the first test. Now I’m going to put a helmet over your head, okay? It’ll pick up on the marking liquid and make a nice rendering of your brain.’

The room was spinning more intensely. Wavering. Tumbling all around her. Her body was lifted off the table. She limply hung in Fay’s arms while Fay shoved the helmet over her head. It was all dark around her. She couldn’t see. She heard sounds, rumbling sounds, then her body was slowly laid back onto the table.

She didn’t know how much time it took to make the scan. She didn’t know if she’d actually drifted off and was now waking up again or if she never fell asleep and was just dazed and drowsy and now the medicine started to flush through her body. She opened her eyes, it wasn’t dark around her any more, the helmet had disappeared. Fay was gone as well, she was just lonely lying there on the padded table. Her head still spinning, she tried to sit up straight, but her muscles were way too weak, and her body slumped back into the table.

‘Are you coming to, my love?’ Fay’s voice sounded, but she couldn’t see were Fay was. There she came. On the rolling swivel chair she was suddenly next to Romy. She stroke Romy’s face and bend over to give her a little kiss, a small peck on her temple.

‘Good girl.’ She said. ‘You did real well, I’m going to be busy studying those scans for days, you’re a really fascinating girl, you know that? Just lay down. You’re going to be groggy for a while, but if you want I can give you a bit of gas and we can have some fun, would you like that, my child?’

Romy nodded. Although she wasn’t sure it was a real nod. She quickly laid her head down. Romy tried to say yes, but her tongue was a thick lump of flesh that didn’t want to move. Some indistinct moaning came from her mouth.

‘Yeah, Romy likes that, doesn’t she. Let me get you a mask.’ A moment later a silicon breathing mask was strapped over her face. It smelled new, like new plastic, not at all like the vanilla smell she remember from her treatments in the spa.

‘Are you comfortable?’ Fay asked. ‘I’ll turn it on now.’

The breathing mask filled up with a sweet chemical smell, she wanted to say something about the vanilla scent in the Spa’s, but her tongue was unresponsive and her thoughts fading fast. It was as if there was a drain in her head and her thoughts were swirling around and seeping away. She couldn’t think. She didn’t want to think. She just wanted to experience more and more of this blissful oblivion.

‘Good girl.’ Fay said while pushing the mask even firmer into her face. The silicon pressing onto the bridge of her nose. Fays fingers wandering. Stroking her tummy, her chest, cupping her breasts. Then Fay pushed-up Romy’s shirt, fingertips stroking her bare skin, her belly button. Her bra.
‘You like that don’t you?’ Fay said. ‘I see it in your glassy sedated eyes. You like it a lot when momma Fay touches you, don’t you?’

Romy was fighting off the sleepiness. Fay was right, this was all she ever dreamed about. Having a sleepy floaty treatment like this with Fay. For months and months she had wondered if Fay was one of those that would grope her when she was all relaxed and absent-minded like this, but now she knew.

‘I know you like it sweetheart. I know because you told me. Yeah, you don’t remember, do you? The time I gave you truth serum, you told me all about your little sexy sleep fantasies. We’re going to have some fun here Romy. You and me, finally together at head quarters.’ Fay bent over Romy her face close to hers, kissing her on the cheekbone next to the breathing mask. She suckled on Romy’s ear.

Fay was whispering in her ear, breathing warmly in her neck. Her fingers massaging Romy’s nipple.

Romy started moaning, she was getting more and more aroused.

Fay bit her earlobe again. ‘And I didn’t even put on the aphrodisiac.’ She said. ‘Looks like you don’t need the aphrodisiac. Or should I still turn it on, just for fun?’

Fay pushed herself up and suddenly she was gone. A weight disappeared from Romy’s chest, a cold muggy spot in her neck. She fussed. Her tongue still to limp and flabby to actually complain or to ask where Fay had gone.

‘I’m here, I’m still here.’ Fay said. ‘Just hooking you up.’

A moment later the scent in the breathing mask changed. It was more briny and savory. Behind all the dazed euphoria another sensation popped-up into her body. Warm tingling arousal. It started to glow in between her legs, but soon the arousal was too big for her pussy alone. It filled up her entire body. Everything seemed highly erotic. Her entire skin one big erogenous zone.

‘Now since you’re a little squirter we’d better take your pants and panties off, right?’

There was tugging on her legs, on her hips. The fabric of her jeans sliding down her legs was a most arousing sensation. Then there were Fay’s fingers, pushing and probing around in her panties. Her pink satin panties with a little bow on top. The fabric so smooth and soft, grazing her labia, her clit. Her hips involuntarily tilting and spasming. Romy was aching for something to rub herself up against.

She couldn’t think straight. She couldn’t think at all. No thoughts, no doubts, no insecurities. There was just this mindless nebula, this arousal, this craving for Fay. She didn’t have to do anything, she couldn’t even do anything, she was too heavily sedated. It was all up to Fay. Whatever happened, was because Fay wanted it to happen. Fay pressed the palm up her hand in between Romy’s legs and cupped her pubes. Fay teasingly licked her knee and inner thigh. Romy was a will-less puppet, the only thing she could do was surrender to Fays whims, the only thing she wanted to do was to surrender. To just experience this blissful string of sensations.

‘Good girl.’ Fay said. She hooked her fingers behind Romy’s panties and slid it of her hips. Then she lifted Romy’s limp legs and spread them apart exposing her pussy completely. It was so incredibly arousing. Fay’s fingers stroking up and down in between the labia. Slimy and slippery. Then Fay’s fingers disappeared. She lifted her dress and pulled down her own panties, then she grabbed Romy’s paralyzed hand. She rubbed the fingers in between her own legs. Romy’s fingers getting wet and warm. She wanted to feel, she wanted to actually touch Fay’s pussy, but she was too paralyzed and limp to do so. She simply couldn’t control her fingers. She couldn’t control her body. Heavy and motionless she laid on the padded table. She let Fay finger herself with her hand. Fay squeezing tightly in her wrist, the breathing became superficial, she was moaning and panting.

‘Good girl. Touch mommy’s pussy. Yeah help mommy, such a good helpful girl you are. God.’ Then Fay started trembling, screaming loudly. Panting heavily. While Fay tried to catch her breath she laid her head down on Romy’s tummy. Her ear and cheek resting on Romy’s skin. She looked up at her face.

‘What to do with you?’ She asked. ‘You... you... what to do with you.’ She shook her head. Then she pushed her fingers once more in between Romy’s legs, she started rubbing the pussy, once in a while slipping a finger inside. Fondling her on the inside.

‘Good girl. Keep breathing the gas for mommy. Good sleepy girl, let mommy touch you. You’re so pretty. Such a pretty little girl. Cum for mommy, you’ve got my permission now.’

There was a burst of arousal. It exploded in between her legs and traveled through her hips, passed her spine and it befuddled her mind.

‘Good girl. Well done.’ Fay said. ‘I’ll adjust the gas now, I’ll turn off the aphrodisiac and turn up the other one to knock you out for a little while.’ Fay disappeared and again the scent in the breathing mask changed. It became more chemical, more sharp. It wasn’t a pleasant smell at all. It made her cough. Involuntarily her body started moving, trying to get rid of the mask, her limbs were way too heavy though to put up any fight. Her back was arching and her head was rolling from side to side, but Fay kept the mask firmly in place, and seemed to turn the gas up even more.

Romy tried to fight it, but it was just to overwhelming. Unconsciousness was luring, pulling her down, pulling her under, her eyes rolling up and fluttering heavily, then everything went black.

She awoke back in her dorm room. She was laying on the bed, tucked in under the blankets. She was wearing the terry shorts and a faded unicorn top she always wore as pajamas. Her head was pounding. It was as if she had a hangover, yet she couldn’t remember drinking that much or drinking at all. She pushed her palm against her skull and stared around the room. It was decorated with shiny dark wood and some creme colored curtains, there was a nice arm chair and cute little lights on the ceiling.

She didn’t have to be anywhere yet. The training program hadn’t started, none of the other students had arrived. She tried to sit op straight. Next to her on the night stand was a breakfast. A glass of orange juice, a banana, some croissants and a little note.

‘The orange juice will help with the headache. I’m sorry. Love Fay.’ The note said. Romy got a little burst of butterflies in her tummy, because Fay had signed of with the word, love. But the rest of the note was confusing. How did Fay knew she had a headache, and what was she sorry about, was she sorry about the head ache? Was the headache somehow Fay’s fault?

She tried to remember what happened yesterday. She remembered the restaurant and going up in the elevator. She remembered the injection and the brain scan, and after that she got to breath in some gases. She got horny. She pushed her fingers in between her legs. Fay did fondle her, right? She vaguely remembered being high and almost out of it and Fays fingers darting around in her panties. Or had she dreamed that? She’d masturbated to those fantasies so often, maybe it didn’t happen in reality, maybe she had just masturbated so much that those fantasies started to feel like a memory.

She picked up the orange juice and put the rim of the glass against her lower lip. Maybe the orange juice was laced with some other sedative, maybe it was just a vitamin cocktail but with another color and consistency, maybe she would become sleepy and drowsy and then when she almost passed out Fay would enter her room and start caressing her. She had watched a million Youtube videos with drugged drinks in them.

Eagerly she gulped the orange juice down but she didn’t feel any different. Her headache started to subside, that was true. She waited some more, but she only felt more awake and alert. Disappointed she started to nibble on her croissant.

At first she stayed in her room. Unpacking her suitcases and mucking about on her laptop, but in the afternoon she got bored. She grabbed her keys and locked the door behind her and she started to explore the building she was in.

She was in a dorm hallway, most doors were locked, only one room was unlocked, but there maintenance workers were drilling and hammering. There was a large common living room and kitchen with a dining table. Based on the number of chairs Romy thought they would be with fifteen people. She wandered around, it was quite the labyrinth of hallways and offices and stairs.

As she was roaming the corridors she wondered if Fay would come and get her today, maybe she should have stayed in her room, if she wasn’t in her room Fay couldn’t find her. She returned and frolicked around on her laptop some more. She didn’t hear anything from Fay. Should she send Fay a text? She could ask Fay what she was suppose to do all by herself. She wasn’t brave enough, she kept on doubting but never actually send the text. Around dinner time she walked back to the common kitchen to see if there was any food, there wasn’t. The fridge was empty, the cupboards were empty.

That was a proper excuse to text Fay right? She pondered over the right words, it took her about fifteen minutes to write the text.

‘Hey Fay. Do you happen to know where I can find some food?’ That was the message she send.

Fay texted back right away. ‘I’m sorry. I’m busy in the lab. I’ll send someone to bring you diner.’

‘Okay.’ Romy said.

About twenty minutes later there was a knock on her door. ‘Are you Romy?’ A male voice said. ‘Jerry told me to bring you a plate of food.’ Romy opened the door. She looked at the fries and the peas and the chicken. Her stomach was rumbling. He handed over the plate. ‘Enjoy your meal.’ He said as he turned around.

‘Wait.’ Romy said. He was the first person she saw today. ‘Who are you?’ She said. ‘Who’s Jerry? If you tell me where this food comes from I can just come get it myself tomorrow.’ She said.

‘I’m Sean.’ The guy said. He was in his twenties, a slim waiter, the black shirt and the red tie looked good on him. He probably had girls swooning over him, straight girls, not Romy.

‘The food is from the restaurant.’ He said. ‘Jerry is the chef today. I don’t know if you can get your food yourself tomorrow. Usually the trainees are catered to separately, just like the office workers and lab workers, they have their own break room and their own catering. The restaurant is for the guests only.’

‘There are guests here?’ Romy said.

‘I should get back to work.’ The guy said. ‘Enjoy your meal.’

He was gone. Romy ate all of it and then she watched some more Youtube video’s. Tomorrow if she was left alone like this again she would text Fay. Around eleven o’clock in the morning, that seemed like a good time to text Fay.

She didn’t have to text Fay some other guy came to pick her up and show her around. He walked her through the building and told her which keys to use to enter the employees only parts of the building and he also showed her how to get to the spa and the public parts of the building. His name was Arnold he said, he worked as an office cleric at the fourth floor. After he had shown her around he dropped her off at the spa. She registered as a trainee and then she was granted free access. At the welcoming area she had to fill in a new questionnaire, so they could mix her vitamin cocktail which she willingly gulped down. Impatiently she awaited the serene calm the buzz that made her thoughts fade away. This spa at head quarters was three times as big as the spa at home. There was a large pool, there were numerous saunas and an Himalayan salt room and there was a light therapy room and a lot of herbal baths and private rooms as well.

There were way more then just the four saunas at home. Romy didn’t know where to start. She just tried a random sauna it wasn’t named after a color like the saunas at home, this one was called the Ceder Wood Sauna. She lied down on the top bench. The assistant locked them in and steam filled up the cabin. It smelled sweet and earthy at the same time. She wasn’t getting as drowsy and dazed like she was used to at home. Or maybe she had build up a tolerance. She felt delightfully warm and disconnected, but not sleepy, she was actually feeling more alert and more aware. Noticing the grain of the wood in the ceiling, the drops of sweat on her lower arm. She seemed to experience more details instead of less, the details filled up her mind, the details drowned out every other thought. There was the soft hissing sound, there was another guest wiggling his toes, there was... - A humming sounded. A mechanical humming, it sounded from far away at first, but it entranced her completely, the humming seemed to lure her in, she wanted to sit up straight, but only now she noticed she wasn’t able to move anymore. She was completely paralyzed, yet totally aware. It was kind of scary, but also really sexy. If now someone came in to fondle her, she would be aware of it, but she would also be helpless against it. She didn’t know if fondling and groping the sedated guests happened here at headquarters as often as it happened at the local Spa back at home.

The humming became louder and rhythmic.

‘Relax now.’ A voice said. ‘Focus on your breathing and feel the relaxation flow through your body, feel the tranquil steam touching your mind, shutting it down, all your stress and tension is melting away. You don’t have to think, you just have to listen, to listen to my voice and to obey my words. Breath in and breath out. She noticed another gas was released into the sauna. The hissing was louder, and it seemed to have another color, slightly thicker and it laid more heavy in her lungs, it was as if she was pressed down into the wooden bench, as if some heavy weight was laying on top of her.

‘And as you keep breathing in, you’ll notice you’re mind begins to drift, you notice your consciousness is falling asleep, your body is falling asleep around you, it’s just my voice and your subconscious having a little chat together.’

Her eyelids felt so heavy. It was hard to keep track of the voice. It didn’t matter she didn’t have to pay attention, she would just obey automatically. She kept on breathing and fell asleep.

When the assistant came in to wake her up, she vaguely remembered the voice, she remembered this sauna being different than the other saunas. She felt energized, she wanted to work hard, she wanted to be the best she could be, she wanted to study like crazy for the new program. She wouldn’t procrastinate ever.

There wasn’t anything to do yet. She tried out another sauna, and another one. There was just so much to discover. She didn’t give herself any time to recuperate in between saunas, she just went from one into the next. She was a puppet almost, a sluggish body. She tried to control her walking so the assistants wouldn’t kick her out and tell her to wait. It was all one big haze. She willingly breathed in the slumberous fumes, dazed she lied there in the saunas. Some were familiar. Some where totally different than she was used to.

She tried the Himalayan salt room. It was a small room, the walls were made of large pinkish stones, there wasn’t any steam, it was nice and warm and there was a bowl of salt standing in the middle. According to the assistant she had to rub the salt into her own skin. Romy cupped her hand and scooped a little out of the bowl. She rubbed the pinkish grains on her legs first, her muscles feeling warm and lazy. Yet it would be even better if someone else rubbed it into her skin. Her skin got tingly, she also rubbed it on her tummy, her arms, her legs. It almost felt as if she was getting a herbal bath. Her skin all warm and throbbing her muscles all heavy and soft. She scooped up another cup of salt, even though she could barely control her muscles anymore. Wobbly she tried to hold it together long enough to rub another large amount of the scrub into her skin.

However her intentions started to fade. Nothing seemed to matter any more. She just felt her body slip of the bench, with a thud her shoulder hit the floor, it hurt, her arm was twisted and stuck beneath her, yet she couldn’t move. She didn’t care, she was in a blissful euphoria and emptiness, everything was perfect.

‘New girl, isn’t it.’ A voice said. Her body was lifted and draped on the bench. Someone patted her on the head and then left again. Now she was lying way more comfortably. Her head started to spin, her thoughts shutting of. She awoke with a warm shower spraying her and the other guests down.

There was a bar. A bar that sold aroma therapy. She waited until a spot opened up, she got a clean tube that she was told to stick in her nose and drape over her ears. Then the barman explained, there were five slides, each would release another aroma into her nose, each with a different kind of relaxation, she could operate the slides herself and even mix her favorite scents together.

She breathed in the gases for a while. She put all five slides wide open, and even though she felt nice and euphoric and energized, she missed the sleepy haze she got from the aromatherapy in the private treatments.

After the aroma bar, she went into one of the sauna’s again. This one was called the Ancient Wood Sauna. It had a cozy rustic feeling. This one was more like the saunas at home. The first steam made her drowsy and sleepy and as she was fighting her rolling eyes a second type of gas was released into the sauna knocking her out completely.

‘There you are.’ A familiar voice said. ‘Rooo-my. Wake-y, wake-y sweetheart.’ Romy was captured in a mist, her head was foggy and she couldn’t seem to break through. Someone caressed her cheek.

‘How long have you been lying here honey?’ The voice asked. ‘Come I’m going to get you out now.’

She felt her body being lifted. She tried to stand up, but she sank limply into the arms of the lady holding her up. ‘Oh-oh, Romy my child, come with me now.’ She was transferred out of the sauna, and she laid down on one of the lounge chairs at the pool, she heard the water sloshing, and slowly the pull of the drowsy nebulae disappeared. She opened her eyes and saw Fays face hanging over her.

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