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New Beginnings

Constance Harman

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Chapter 1

David sat in the darkened corner of his mother’s lounge, nursing a glass of whisky and wallowing in self-pity. Normally, he would have been so drunk, he wouldn’t even be able to hold the glass. He knew his mother would be back before long, she would think he was drunk, which by rights had been his usual routine every day for the last three years. But today he hadn’t even taken a sip.

“David?” Lavinia called.

Yes, mother.” David squinted as his mother opened the curtains; there was, however, no sunshine on the gloomy December day. From where he sat it looked like it had been snowing.

“Were you up all night drinking in the dark again?” She asked, looking displeased.

“No.” He replied flatly.

“Open.” She bent over to smell his breath. She didn’t like what her son was doing to himself.

“Satisfied?” David raised his eyebrows at her.

“Have you even had a sip?” She asked, straightening up. There was a surprised expression on her face.

“No mum, I haven’t.”

Well, that’s a good sign,” Lavinia said, looking visibly pleased now. She stood with her arms over her stomach, looking at her eldest son. She hoped he was finally starting to heal.

“For that past three years, every night you have been drunk as a skunk and almost paralytic. Your brother has had to carry you up to bed, but today you’re not. Do you have any idea how glad that makes me?” She said, her relief almost palpable.

David just grunted noncommittally.

“David, you are not the only person to have lost a loved one. I was married to your father for a lot longer than you were married to Sarah, and you don’t see me wallowing in self-pity.”

David rolled his eyes. He sure wasn’t interested in hearing this argument again.

“It’s not the same.”

“Why? Because I didn’t lose a child as well?” She crouched down, placing her hand on his knee. “Sweetheart, what happened to Sarah and little Emily was a tragic loss to our entire family. But my twenty-five years of marriage beats your three months, and you didn’t see me miserable for three years of the five since your father has been gone. So tell me, what exactly is your deepest loss?”

David looked at his mother, his face blank of all emotion. This subject had never come up before. He had no clue what to say.

“No idea? I will tell you, shall I?” Lavinia stood. “You are basically a father without a child. That is where the most pain comes from.”

“How can you say that?”

“You weren’t even with Sarah a year. You met her, knocked her up and then married her because she was pregnant. Not because you loved her, or because she was your soul mate. No, you married her because she was pregnant with your child and you felt that was the right thing to do. Now say I’m wrong?”

“I did love her.”

“But were you in love? Honestly, answer me that.”

Sighing, he stood up and looked his mother in the eyes.

“No, I was never in love with Sarah. Still, it was fucking cruel of fate, taking my wife and child away from me like that. And darned drunkard didn’t even stick around to help!” He slammed the glass on the table in front of him.

“How do you know it was a drunken hit and run?” Lavinia had never heard this before. David had kept quiet about the whole accident.

“The doctors told me, the wife of the driver stayed with Sarah; wouldn’t leave her side. Sarah died holding the woman’s hand.” He replied, calming down a bit.

“And Emily?” Lavinia inquired softly.

“They had Sarah on life support while they performed a caesarean. Emily died from complications a few hours after her mother.” He sank to the settee, face in his palms.

“David, why didn’t you say anything?” His mother asked, placing her hand on his shoulder.

“It wouldn’t have brought them back,” He shrugged.

“But you might have healed sooner. Did you find out who the woman was?”

“No, I was told that she was getting checked out along with her own child and after Emily died…it was the furthest thing from my mind.”

“Oh, sweetheart!” Lavinia gave her son a comforting embrace.

“Speaking of women and children, shouldn’t you be next door babysitting?”

“Blimey, yes I should be,” Kissing his cheek, she turned to leave. “I’ll see you later.”

Chapter 2

Lavinia headed out the front door as her son made his way up to his bedroom. She hadn’t made it far down her front steps when her neighbour, Sandra came rushing over with her three-and-a-half-year-old in tow.

“Sandra, what the hell happened? You’re soaked through.”

“Aunty Vinia.” The child squealed in her mother’s arms. Sandra put her daughter down, and she ran straight to Lavinia for a cuddle.

“I’m sorry. One of my taps broke, just as I was getting Janey a drink. You wouldn’t know how to turn the water off would you?”

“I’ll get my son to sort it out for you, hang on,” Moving so Sandra could come in. “David.” She called loudly.

What!” David yelled back, making his way down the stairs.

“Have you met Sandra?” Lavinia smiled, still holding Jane.

“No.” David looked at the little blonde girl in his mother’s arms. She was the spitting image of the tall blonde woman, standing in his mother’s hallway. He instantly felt a stirring in his groin the second he looked at the woman.

“This adorable little girl is Jane, and her rather drenched mother is Sandra,” Lavinia said. “Janey, say hello to my son, David.”

“Ello Avid.” Jane giggled, “This is Ted.” She shoved a yellow teddy bear in his face.

“Hello Ted, Jane, Sandra,” David replied mechanically. “Mum what did you want?” he asked.

“I promised Sandra you wouldn’t mind helping her out with her busted tap,” his mother said. “I’ll take Jane and go get some biscuits. Thank you, sweetheart.” She called, already halfway down the hall as she disappeared into the kitchen.

“Sandra?” David asked looking at the blonde.

“Yes, and look, if it’s too much trouble, I’ll understand.”

“Trust me, the inconvenience would be dealing with my mother if I don’t do it. I’ll get a jumper on and be right out.”

Sandra watched him take the stairs two at a time.

“Where’s David?” Lavinia asked as she carried Jane into the lounge.

“He’s just getting a jumper on,” Sandra replied. “And thanks for having Janey. I’ll be back for her soon.”

“Oh, I was going to ask if you had any plans for Christmas. I would love for you both to spend it here with my boys and me.”

“They wouldn’t mind?” Sandra asked biting her bottom lip.

“No they wouldn’t mind, and besides, it’s my house.”

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