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When The Wife’s Away The Boys Will Play


Mike O’Connor

Copyright © 2017 by Mike O'Connor

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Mick loved shopping for ladies underwear. Just being in the lingerie department of a store was enough to set his heart racing with excitement. While he was shopping, he carried a piece of paper in his hand and occasionally glanced at it. If anybody noticed him, they would think he was shopping for his wife or girlfriend and consulting a note he had been given. They wouldn’t know that the piece of paper was blank. Not that the staff of a big department store would care who he was shopping for. As long as he wasn’t trying to steal anything, he could look at all the lingerie he liked.

Mick did have a wife, but he had never purchased underwear for her. When he was on a shopping trip like this, he was buying for himself. Mick loved to dress up. He could find plenty of underwear in his wife’s drawer, but he preferred to buy his own. Sandra was at work for the day, so he would have the house to himself. He was looking forward to putting on some new lingerie and stockings, taking some slutty selfies and posting them on the gay dating site he was a fully paid-up member of. The comments and “Likes” he received, whenever he posted new pics, were always gratifying. If he was lucky, he might even receive a message from some horny guy that was available today and could accommodate. Mick hadn’t tasted a cock for nearly three weeks.

He was studying a display of bra and panty sets and trying to decide whether he preferred peach or ivory, when he heard a voice from behind him.

“They’re lovely, aren’t they? I’d go for the peach.”

Mick looked around and saw a grey haired guy in his mid-fifties. He was wearing a pale blue shirt and dark blue jeans. Mick had never met another man in this section of a store. Certainly not one who tried to engage him in conversation.

“How am I supposed to know what she’d like?” he blurted.

“Well, I know what I like,” the other man replied. “And I would definitely choose peach. I’ll leave you to it. Whatever you pick, I’m sure you will look fabulous in it.”

Mick watched him walk away. Whoever this man was, he obviously recognised a fellow dresser when he saw one. There was nothing camp about him, but his voice was sexy and he was good looking. Mick was thirty-four, but he preferred older men. As he wrote in his profile, he just wasn’t into younger guys.

He bought the peach lace bra and panty set. He wasn’t surprised to find the grey haired man waiting outside the door. Had he not been there, Mick would have been very disappointed.

“So, what did you buy?”

“I went for the peach, like you said,” Mick replied.

“Do you think she’ll like it?”

“Will your wife like what you’ve bought for her?”

The other man laughed.

“Let’s stop pretending we’re shopping for our wives. I don’t even have one.”

“I do,” Mick said. “But these are not for her.”

“I figured out that much already. Do you live locally?”

“About five minutes away from here. You?”

“A ten minute drive. Out in the country. I live alone and it’s very discreet, if you fancy trying on those peachy panties.”

“I left my car at home,” Mick replied.

“We can go in mine then,” the other man said. “I’ll drop you back into town after.”

After what? Mick didn’t ask, but he was eager to find out. It was eleven o’clock on a Monday morning and he had met a very attractive man who liked lingerie. This day was shaping up to be better than he could ever have imagined.

“I’m Jason, by the way,” the older man said, as they crossed the street. “I like to be called Jessica, when I’m dressed up.”

Mick slid into the passenger seat of Jason’s car. He continued to look around nervously and didn’t speak again until they were on the bypass.

“Jesus, I hate living in a small town. It’s like everyone is watching you.”

“It’s all in your head,” Jason said. “I buy bras and knickers all the time. No one takes a bit of notice.”

“You’re not married.”

“That’s true. But I couldn’t tell you the last time I was with a guy that wasn’t married. They’re mad for cock. Fuck knows what their wives are doing wrong, but I’m not complaining. I love married men.”

“I just love men,” said Mick. “I sometimes wonder why I ever got married.”

Jason patted his knee. “I expect it has its advantages. So, how do you go about meeting guys?”

“The usual sites. But there’s so many timewasters, it would put you off using chatrooms.”

“Wankers,” snorted Jason. “They want pics and endless messages telling them what you want to do with them. When you suggest a meeting, they’re all excuses or they just disappear. A couple of weeks ago, I drove all the way to Bantry to meet a guy. When I rang him for directions to his house, his phone was switched off. He texted me the next morning, with some bullshit excuse about his phone falling into the toilet. I told him to fuck off and stop wasting my time.”

“There are some sad wankers around alright,” mused Mick. “Do you have any regular guy you can meet?”

“I have a friend up the country. He comes down for a dirty weekend, every couple of months or so. Other than that, there’s just Suzy.”

“Who’s Suzy?”

“Suzy is a married guy from Killarney. I won’t tell you his real name or anything else about him. We’ve known each other for years and I’m sworn to secrecy.”

“I understand,” said Mick. “To be honest, I tend to avoid local guys. There’s too much chance of meeting someone you know.”

“Yeah. It’s like hanging around those toilets near the library. There’s one guy that haunts the place. He has his number written on the back of the door.”

“I know him.”

“Did you ever meet him?”

“A few times. He has his own place, so it’s handy. But he’s not really my type.”

“I know what you mean. He’s not really comfortable being naked in bed with a guy. He prefers sucking cocks in public toilets. It’s a shame, really. If he let himself go, he could be really good in bed."

“So you’ve been with him?” asked Mick.

“Like you - a few times. Jesus, we could have had a threesome.”

“Did you ever do it with some guy in the toilets?”

“Once. A few years ago. It was in the old toilets near the courthouse. I went in for a piss and there was this guy in a black leather jacket standing next to me. We looked at each other’s cocks and then we went into a cubicle. I gave him a blowjob. Sometimes, you take cock wherever you can get it, but public toilets are not the place for memorable encounters.”

“Our mutual friend would disagree,” said Mick.

“Forget about him,” said Jason. “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Ask away.”

“Do you wear your wife’s gear, or do you have your own?”

“I have my own collection that I store in the garden shed. It’s not much. I nick the odd pair of panties from her drawer, but she doesn’t have many dresses or skirts. She’s one of those women that prefers jeans and tracksuits. She does have a few nice little numbers that I try on, from time to time.”

“I have a good collection,” said Jason. “Dresses, skirts, stockings, lingerie. I even have wigs and makeup. What shoe size do you take?”


“I’m a ten, so my high heels will fit you.”

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