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Energy Hacks

15 Simple Practical Hacks to Fight Fatigue and Get More Energy All Day

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INFO INTRO: Battery Running Low

HACK #1: Blast Icy Cold Shower

HACK #2: Apply Acupressure Points

HACK #3: Breathe New Life into Body

HACK #4: Intake Vitamin C for a Boost

HACK #5: Massage Scalp to Relieve Tension

HACK #6: Take Power Naps

HACK #7: Experience the Sugar Rush

HACK #8: Upgrade Energy Level with Superfoods

HACK #9: Choose Bright Fiery Colors for Energy

HACK #10: Substitute the Usual Cup of Joe

HACK #11: Feed Off Others’ Contagious Energy

HACK #12: Enjoy an All-Natural Morning Energy Elixir

HACK #13: Avoid Brain Fog by Anchoring Positive Past Experiences

HACK #14: Stretch Face and Back Muscles Extensively

HACK #15: Start the Day with Sweet Music to the Ears

INFO UNLOCKED: Battery Fully Recharged


Battery Running Low

We all know instinctively that our personal energy level determines how well we perform during the day, and to some extent all month long. Your energy not only feeds your body but is also the force behind your mental strength all during the day.

Take this scenario:

Let's say that you’ve just worked out and your body is in a lot of pain. Probably all you can think about is lying in bed and taking a snooze. Then, you suddenly remember you promised to rehearse a play with a friend right this instant. But you can’t even muster the strength to move because all your energy has gone into that workout, and it won’t come back until you've rested up—causing your body to shut down as well as your brain.

With that said, it’s obvious that it’s important to maintain and recharge your personal energy level instantly, manually, and efficiently.

Here are some reasons why increasing your energy level can be beneficial to you:

  • You have to get things done during the day, and if unexpected events that you didn't plan, predict, or prepare for come up, they will drain more of your energy. It’s better to be ready than sorry.

  • You need to face the demands of a very busy lifestyle because you understand the importance of working hard every day to make a living and support your family. That requires a consistent, sustainable amount of energy.

  • You are tired all the time or experience chronic fatigue, it means your body is not rejuvenating itself properly. Something about your lifestyle, and possibly your diet, needs to change.

Besides these, working on building your personal energy is good for your overall health (body and nervous system).

Now, rather than tell you to stop doing the things that drain you (because some may even be a mandatory part of your daily life, such as your job), we suggest trying out the hacks that follow to help boost your energy and get you through your day with energy to spare.

Are you ready? Time to move on to our first energy-boosting hack on the list.

HACK #1:

Blast Icy Cold Shower

Have you ever watched a cartoon show where the hero gets energized after receiving an electrical shock? Well, that’s a little like how this first hack works.

Do you know how people get when the shower ... suddenly turns cold? The shock of icy cold water makes them jump as if they were taken by surprise or wakened suddenly from a deep sleep.

If a few seconds under cold water makes you jump as if you’ve received a sudden jolt or energy boost, imagine what 10 or 15 minutes under a cold flow of water can do for you.

Here’s how to energize yourself using cold water:

1. Let the cold water run while you get ready to take a shower.

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