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For my granddaughter,

Zoe Sophia

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2017 W.Wm.Mee

Grumpy Grandpa lived all alone’

In a stone house at the top of a hill.

None of the kids ever saw him smile,

And they thought that they never will.

Some say that he once had a family,

But now he lives all alone.

Some say his heart was broken;

But most say that it’s made out of stone

But then one day a young girl moved in,

To a house at the bottom of the hill.

She asked: ‘Who lives in that big house up there?’

‘An old man who never smiles’, said her mother.

‘And they say that he never will.

‘I can make him smile’, she thought;

And set out to do just that.

She climbed the hill the next morning’

And knocked on the old man’s door.

There was silence for a long time;

Then gruff voice asked:

‘What did you come here for?!’

‘To give you a batch of cookies’, she said.

‘I made them just for you.’

‘Why?!’ the grumpy old man demanded.

‘Because they say you never smile’, she said.

‘I wanted to see if it was true.’

‘What do I have to smile about?’ he asked.

‘I live in an empty house made of stone.

‘But now I can be your friend,’ she said.

‘And you won’t have to feel all alone.’

The old man backed into the shadows

And started to close the door.

‘I don’t want your cookies or your friendship!

Go and give them both to the poor!’

No!’ said the young girl quite fiercely.

‘I won’t leave you all alone in the dark!’

‘Please come and share my cookies.

We can have a snack in the park!’

There was silence for a long time,

But it finally came to an end,

When the old man asked quietly:

‘What is it you want, little girl?’

Her answer came back quite quickly:

‘I just want to be your friend.’

More silence followed her answer,

Then the old man stepped into the light;

And for the first time in many a year,

His frown was replaced by a smile,

And from his old eyes came a tear.

‘Thank you child, for your kindness,

For it’s been many a long, lonely year,

Since anyone bothered to visit.’

‘But that will all change now,’ she smiled.

‘Now that I am here!’

And so that how Grumpy Grandpa,

Met his new, very best friend.

And they stayed that way forever and ever.

A friendship that would never end.


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