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The Florida Five


Looks Can Be Deceiving


L. C. Walker


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The Florida Five


Looks Can Be Deceiving

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This book is dedicated to those women who make a

man turn his head when she walks by. When men

recognize a beauty, they will stare. Once in a life

time, a woman will walk by who makes you

think that she is the most beautiful woman

in the world. That is the way it was for

me, when I first saw my future wife.


When a man looks upon different women, he will either think of them as beautiful or he may have lustful ideas about them and for some women, they may be but an afterthought. Most men will only look and then their thoughts go back to something else. But what are the women thinking? Do they want to be lusted after or are they content for men to stare and to gaze upon their beauty?

What would happen if there were five beautiful women who had been friends for all of their lives? Would these five pit each other against the other or would they be content to play the field with the stallions that are running wild?

People say looks can be deceiving and some say looks are only skin deep. These beauties know how to make a man turn his head when they walk by and they know what most men are thinking. Is it possible for one of these beautiful women to become a killer? Is it possible that maybe all of them could be connected to a killing? Is there deception in their hearts? What happens when another friend of theirs is murdered? Will they become the prime suspects or will the police look for a killer stalking them and their friends?


We knew something was different, but what could possibly make this big of a change in Regina? All it took was one word from her for all of us to know what it was.

She spoke those magic words very, very softly and slow, "Wonder Bra." Then she said it a little louder, "Wonder Bra." Then she said it in her normal voice and normal speed, "It is the Wonder Bra."

Brandy was the first to ask her how much she paid. The only reply was, "You don't want to know."

Regina looked at all four of us and asked, "Do ya'll think the new girl has any chance of competing against this?" It was at that time she did another complete 360 degree turn. I was the first to speak and I said there was not a girl in school that could compete against her. But privately, I was thinking about that bra and what it could do for me.

We all walked through the gym, into the main building and then we were at our lockers. The four of us took off our coats and then Regina took off her coat. I probably don't have to say a word about the things that happened, but I will. Regina put her coat in her locker and closed the door and said, "Watch this."

She walked about ten or fifteen steps from us and then, by some mistake, she dropped one of her books and, instead of bending her knees to pick it up, she kept her legs stiff and picked up her book. When she did that, you could hear the ten or so boys in the hall groan like a bunch of mad dogs. She had proven what she wanted to prove, but she still had to walk the hall gauntlet to the lounge and get a rating that would surely be a ten plus. One might say that Regina was a little female kitten in a building with a bunch of wild tom cats stalking her.

As she walked the hall, a good ten foot in front of the rest of us, you could hear the moans and groans from the young bull elephants that were coming into musk. At the lounge area, Regina did not even get a vote! All of the boys threw their numbers into the air and wiped the sweat from their foreheads. They had watched a master at work. She was the painter that put the finishing touches on a master piece and the composer that put the exclamation point after a perfect composition. We four watched and could not believe what we were watching. Now her four best friends knew the techniques that would work best on the opposite sex.


"Can Looks Kill?" The statement has been made time and time again that looks can kill. The statement is an idiom on the way a person would express their idea about something. However, the question must be answered, can Looks Kill? The answer to that question should be no, but once a person thinks about that question is it possible for looks to kill?

I am the conscience of good and evil and if looks could kill, there are five extremely beautiful young women that could destroy the world. These five have been friends their entire life and boys and men have been falling at their feet for as long as they can remember. Time and time again they have been compared to movie stars and one even changed the way she talked and walked just to be like Marilyn Monroe.

These five beautiful women know how to make men turn their heads when they walk by. They also know that a man would do almost anything for them if they asked; which might even include murder. Is it possible that one of these five had an admirer that would kill, just to please the beauty he is in love with?

What happens if all five had at least one or two admirers that would commit murder for the person they admire and love? Is it possible that one or all five of these beautiful women would trade sex for the life of another person? We know the heart of man is wicked and who can know it, but the heart of a woman can be twice as wicked if you get on her bad side.

Beautiful women have been around since creation and with these five; nature took it to another plateau. Their looks are stunning, their body is beyond words, and their personalities are the type that can melt icebergs and water deserts. Is it any wonder that a person would believe that one or all five of these women would entice a man to commit murder? Even though a person may think this way about these five is their heart so corrupt they would stoop to the level of using their looks and body to accomplish their evil desires; that is, if they have evil desires?

For a man to touch a beautiful woman or to smell her scent or to make love to her can make a man do things he would never think of doing, which would include murder. All through history man has proven he is capable of doing anything for a woman. By doing different things for a woman he wants to receive her acclaim or her acceptances. However, will these five use what nature has given them to do evil or will they stick to the morals they were taught as young children?

Prelude To A Murder.” The dark car turned the corner and drove extremely slow to the end of the block. The driver disconnected the dome light before reaching the destination so they would not be recognition by any of the party goers. The person inside the car stepped out and closed the door very slowly. Slamming it would make some noise and maybe someone would look in that direction and recognize the driver. Quietly walking to the house, the driver slipped between the victim's house and the neighbor's house. Once between the two houses, the driver stooped down and took a deep breath of air and then let it all out very slowly, while taking a Kleenex from a pocket and wiping both forehead and face. The intruder knew what the plan was and knew it would work to perfection. What could possibly go wrong?

One quick glance into the sky and a quick look all around insured the invulnerability of the person. Not having a moon out left the neighborhood totally dark and tantalizing. Some people say there is excitement and there is an adrenaline rush when one person is on the verge of taking the life of another person, but no one knows for sure if that is true about all murderers.

The plan was going to work and, if it did work, another person on the hit list would be chosen to die. The list was not long and it was not short. Every person on the list had to be killed or they had to be punished. It was now time to wrap up business or so that is what it seemed like to the killer. Some of the people on the list deserved to die, while others deserved some kind of punishment for the things the killer thought they had done in the past. Those on the list that had a check mark beside their names were to be killed, while those that had a dash beside their names had to be punished.

The question that most people will ask is how do you punish a person? One way a person can be punished is with a rumor. Another way is with an accident and yet another is with a party. Yes, a party. At a party, a person could put something in a person's drink. That person would do things and say things they would not say under normal conditions. The killer knew what to do and the plan would take two lives in a very short period of time.

Early in life, the murderer would dream about revenge and the things that could be done to people. That is when the names of people began to be written down; they would get "theirs" sooner or later. Different ways were written down to get revenge and make it look like a serial killer or a jealous lover was the culprit. The plans could and would work, because this was not a typical killer. This was the type of killer who loved the work that was done and loved doing it.

One last wipe with the Kleenex and then it was time to make the first move. The first move had to be quick and timeless, because anyone could open the back door to the house and take a walk in the backyard. The only thing this person wanted to do was to get the back door to the garage opened and leave it unlocked so they could return as soon as the party was over.

A quick glance all around and the culprit opened the gate to the backyard. Six quick steps to the garage door took only seconds. The culprit looked all around once again and with one hand on the door knob, an attempt to open it was made. The door was locked; just as expected. The ungloved hand had pulled the jimmy tool out of the pocket and the killer began to work on the lock. The tool worked to perfection and within two minutes, the garage door was unlocked. The next step would make or break the plan. What had to happen next was to unlock the door to the house.

Once inside the garage, the person walked to the door that would open into the house. The knob was turned very, very slowly. The door was not locked on the inside, which was great. The plan would work beyond a shadow of a doubt. Getting out of the garage door and out of the backyard was easy. The party would last until two or three and that was the time that business would be taken care of.

The killer already knew what they wanted to do. The killer wanted to take the life of this person and they wanted to make this person suffer for all the things they had done in the past. The idea the killer had would be to put two bullets in the back of the head of the intended victim. The hope would be that the first bullet would not kill the victim, it would put the victim in a state of shock, but they would still be able to hear what was going on around them. The killer decided that they would tell the victim that the second bullet would kill and there would be a lot of pain. The killer knew the first bullet could kill the victim, but the killer wanted to play out the role that they had played out over and over again in their mind and on three other victims.

Sometimes when a person is shot in the back of the head with two bullets, it is called a mob hit. Other times it is called a personal hit, which means the killer knew the victim. Of course, there are other times a killer is hired and paid a large sum of money for the job. One must remember that most people that are murdered are killed by a friend that has hatred in their heart. In other words, the victim knows the killer intimately.

Gilbert had so many enemies; you could fill a page up with names of people that wanted him dead. The police are going to have a difficult time trying to figure if the killing was done by a friend or if it was a mob hit or if it was a serial killer. Just to make things even more difficult, they would find a silencer at the murder scene. With this piece of evidence, the killer would like for the police to believe it was a mob hit. However, some lead detectives on this type of case are smart beyond words. They have seen this type of ploy before and know how the criminal mind works. The silencer is only a piece of the evidence that could lead to the killer; only time would tell.

"The Party." The first car that arrived at the party was Cory Carlison. Cory was Gilbert's best friend. They had known each other before they started school. Every year for the last five or six years, Gilbert always had a party right around the end of April. The party was for all of his friends and acquaintances. The party would start around eight and go until two or three in the morning. Most of the people would start to arrive right around ten and they would leave by one or two. Gilbert could always depend on one group of his friends that would liven up any party; they were called the Florida Five. These five were lifelong friends and they were beautiful. They were beautiful beyond words or that is what people would say about these five friends.

These five friends always went to Gilbert's parties together and they always left around two or three in the morning. This party was no different than the others, or at least that is what they all thought. They arrived at ten and had a good time with all of their friends and they left at the time I said before. None of them thought for a moment it would be Gilbert's last night alive. Or let me say I don't believe any of them thought it would be his last night. The way the detectives are talking they believe one of the Florida Five could be the killer or they all had something to do with the killing.

"After the Party." For the next couple of weeks, not much was said about the killing and the news media was not saying a lot. Cory always had a party two or three weeks after Gilbert had a party. Cory decided it was best if he called and asked what one of the Florida Five thought about his party being so soon after Gilbert was killed. He did not want people to think that a party that quick after the death of Gilbert was right. His friend told him it may break the silence surrounding Gilbert's murder and it may make people think about other things. Cory did have his party and the woman who told him to have the party regretted she had said anything to him. That night, the same person that killed Gilbert killed Cory.

All of Gilbert’s and Cory’s friends were wondering if they would be next on the list. It could be a serial killer or it could be a person that was out for revenge. There is always the possibility that the killer was hired and both murders were for other reasons than what we know or could guess. However, there is the idea that one of the Florida Five is the killer. Which one of the beauties would want to see her friends dead?

I am the conscience of good and evil and I know what will happen before it happens. I knew that Gilbert and Cory would be murdered and I know who the killer or killers are. I will let one of the Florida Five tell you what happens to a certain point. At that time, I will take over and tell you what happens, because you will want to see the heart and the mind of the killer or killers.


Death of a Playboy, 1985.” Sirens could be heard for blocks. The loud shrill of the sirens always made people stop and look in the direction the sound was coming from People wanted to know what the emergency was and what type of vehicle was called, ambulance, fire truck, or the police? Most of the time, when sirens were heard in this plush neighborhood, it meant there was either a fire or one of the older residents had suffered a heart attack or a stroke. However, a fire or a heart attack or a stroke was not the cause this time for the sirens; it was more serious than most people thought.

Gilbert Jameson bought this house in the spring of 1975. Someone said he paid one half million dollars for the house. The price he paid could be true, because any home along the beach was not cheap. Most of the neighbors had no idea what he did or where he worked. The only thing they knew for certain was that he was raised in Hollywood and he had never moved from Hollywood.

One story after another circulated about his lifestyle and what he did for a living. One story said he was a rich playboy, who was killed by a jealous husband or a boyfriend. Another story stated that he had a different woman at his home every night and one became jealous of his other lovers and she decided to end his life. Whatever the reason, the only thing the police knew was that he was murdered and there was a murderer running the streets of Hollywood, Florida.

Gilbert was a playboy, but he never dated or took out married women, so I have been told. As far as dating a woman that had a jealous boyfriend, most playboys will take out any woman that is not married. Let me say that Gilbert was not a push-over. He had earned his black belt in Judo and Karate and he was an expert with the Samurai Sword. He was six foot two and was right around 210 to 220 pounds. I know, when we were in high school, he won his weight division in the Golden Gloves. Speak about a person that was in great health and great shape, Gilbert was the perfect specimen of what the male body should look like.

His body had a tan year round on it and he always put something on his body that made it look even better than what it was. His abs or stomach muscles were so defined that you could count them one by one. Some people say he possessed the strength of a Hercules or that of a Samson. To say that he could make a woman's head turn once was understated. When he walked by, women would turn their heads not once or twice, but three or four times. Most, if not all, women would stare until he was completely out of sight and then their fantasies would begin.

I remember one day in high school one of the less popular girls was telling her friend what she would do to Gilbert if she ever got her hands on him.

Oh, before I tell you what she said, it is best if I tell you who I am. My name is Neva and I am a lifelong friend of both Gilbert and Cory. As I tell what happened, I will always say something about the group of girls I grew up with. We were known as the Florida Five. Now I will resume with the girl and what she wanted to do to Gilbert.

She said she would love to kiss his body all over and when she reached his lips she would kiss and run her tongue all over his. She would then kiss him from ear to ear and whisper things in his ear that she hoped no one had said to him before. She continued to talk and tell her friend what she would do to Gilbert and then she saw that I was listening and asked in a sarcastic tone,

"What are you looking at?"

Most of the time I'm polite and would have said nothing, but with her tone of voice and her pathetic facial expression, I decided to set her straight.

I stated, "First of all, Gilbert won't give you the time of day and as far as him letting you kiss him all over, that would never happen. Second, Gilbert has a taste for beautiful women and the average or below average girl will not even get a second glance from him. He wants the pick of the litter not the runt." I also told her she would be better off dreaming about a date with Elvis because her odds were better with him than they were with Gilbert. Last thing I said before I walked off was for her not to ask Gilbert for the time of day, because he won't even look at his watch much less give her the time.

That is the way it was for Gilbert most of his life. He was always the center of attention. Thinking back to our days in Junior High School and in High School, when he was always the center of attention, he always acted the part like he was in a play. He was the captain of the football team in his junior and senior years and he was Homecoming King in his senior year, in 1965. He had the hottest car and he thought he had the hottest girls. Like I said, he thought he had the hottest girls.

My four friends and I were the hottest girls in school and if you don't believe me, just ask one of my friends. We were once told that we were so hot that we could melt the polar ice cap. Another time, we were told that we were so hot that we could bring dead men back from the grave and the last thing we were told was to be careful around really old men. It is possible that they could have a heart attack and die.

His girl friends were very nice looking, but he really lucked out just before the summer of 1962 when a new girl arrived in Florida. Her name was Amanda and to say that she made a big splash at the pool was an understatement. All of the boys watched her walk over to our side of the pool. Gilbert, of course, was the first to talk to her. She had moved to Florida just before the end of the school year. All the boys noticed her that first day she came to school. She was wearing a blouse that was to tight and her skirt was as short, or shorter, than the ones we five would wear. However, when she showed up at the pool, that is when the boys' eyes almost popped out. But, you know how boys are when they see a girl in a skimpy bikini!

I don't think I have to tell you what he talked about, but I will, just to quench your curiosity.

He walked over and told her that her perfect little body was dry and he was concerned that it would start to get over heated and then it would wrinkle up. He told her he knew exactly what it needed.

In a little baby, sheepish kind of voice, instead of asking Gilbert what her body needed, she stated that he had what her body was craving. That was the first time I have ever seen Gilbert speechless. He did not know what to say or how to respond to her remark.

Then she made the ultimate move. She stuck her tongue out and licked her top lip and her bottom lip three times in a circular motion so slow and methodical I thought for sure Gilbert would collapse from lack of oxygen. He did not collapse and he was not speechless like he was a few seconds earlier. When he opened his mouth to speak he started to stutter.

He said, "I, I, I believe I, I, I am in, in, in love!!!

Amanda then whispered in Gilbert's ear and told him what she wanted to do to him on their first date. That is when he turned three different shades of red. He did put his towel around his waist and told her he would be right back. Gilbert made a bee line straight to the men's room where he stayed for seven minutes. When he returned, he put so much sun tan lotion on her body that she was dripping from the lotion or was it sweat from the sultry hands of an expert masseur?

Gilbert also had his little way to get a girl turned on. Even though he put more suntan lotion on Amanda’s body than need be, he did not put any lotion on her neck. The reason he did not put any lotion on her neck was because of the plan he had worked out.

While Gilbert was putting lotion on her back, he bent down and whispered in her ear. He continued to massage her back and both of her sides and then he bent down again and, instead of whispering in her ear, he kissed her ear. You could see the reaction to the kiss by her body movement. When Gilbert saw the reaction of the kiss, he then bent down once again and this time he bit her ear. To the surprise of Amanda and those close to her, she let out a little moan-like scream. You know what I am talking about. It is the quiet moan of a woman that is almost in ecstasy. It is the sound we cannot control, but it is the sound that must come out of us before we start to scream from delight. Most women will make that sound under their breath unless they are unable to control their feelings. That is what happened to Amanda.

Gilbert knew he had Amanda right where he wanted her. She was now in the palm of the hand of a person that knew what he wanted and he knew how to get what he wanted. Just to make sure he had Amanda where he wanted her, he bent down again and this time he kissed her ear and bit it and then he kissed her neck and bit it until she was moaning for him to stop, or was it moans for him not to stop? I guess it didn't make any difference, because he was doing what he wanted to do and that was for her to think about the things he would do to her on their first date.

Gilbert did stop, but he got what he wanted. She gave him her telephone number and what time he could pick her up on Friday for a date. He whispered in her ear that she would never forget that date and then he told her what he wanted to do to her on that first date. She had a piece of paper in her bag and, when Gilbert was finished, she took the paper and fanned herself until she cooled down. We all wanted to know what he said to her, but all she would tell us or say was, "Wow, a million times WOW!!!"

Some people say that Gilbert would use this technique on every girl he ever met or any girl he would try to date. Even though he would not use suntan lotion on all of the girls, he would try to bite their neck or ear and he would always try and kiss them. Most of the girls were like putty in his hands, but there were some girls, like myself, that never gave into those tricks or boyish plans.

It is amazing to me and my friends how boys like to talk about their exploits over young, naive, virgin girls. Once they say they have made a score, they want everyone in the world to know how masculine they are and the techniques they used to subdue their prey, even if it is a lie. However, Gilbert felt as if he had a reputation he had to uphold and he was going to do everything in his power to keep his reputation in tack, even if it meant he had to lie, or steal, or do worse things.

I can't say it really surprised me that someone killed Gilbert. I know that he had it coming for a very long time and someone finally got their belly full of his tricks and the ways he treated women and they gave him the final kiss, the kiss of death.

"The Scene." When the first police car pulled into the circular driveway, most of the neighbors probably knew it was not a fire or a medical emergency. Then, in a matter of minutes, another police car pulled in and then two unmarked police cars arrived, which would indicate they were detectives. If a person did not know what was happening, it did not take long for everyone to know something deadly had happened. One of the officers started putting the yellow "Do not cross" tape all around the house. If the police put that tape out, you knew for certain someone had been killed or some major crime had occurred.

The first I heard of Gilbert being murdered was when the telephone rang and an old friend of mine asked how I was doing. The reason it was strange was because, he had called me once a month for many years just to talk. However, he had not called for the past six months, so I thought it was strange for him to call now, all of a sudden. Charlie was an old friend that I went all the way through school with and we did date during our first semester in the twelfth grade. He tried to act like a playboy, but he did not have the money to play the part. Most of the girls thought he was very handsome and he was, but my friends and I were looking for that special prize, not just a cute face.

Charlie told me he had some very bad news. I thought to myself, what could possibly be so bad that he would call me?

He said that Gilbert had been murdered and they were looking for the culprit.

When Charlie said that Gilbert had been killed, my heart dropped to the floor. I started to think of different ways a person could be killed. Could Gilbert have been stabbed, or maybe someone came up behind him and strangled him? Is it possible he could have been poisoned? Then I decided it was probably from a gunshot. The reason I decided on a gunshot was because it was the most obvious way to kill a person.

Charlie then asked if I would call all of our close friends and let them know what had happened.

I told him I would go to my list and let everyone know. I also asked if they had any idea who may have murdered Gilbert.

He said the investigation was just now starting and the only thing they knew for certain was that he was killed sometime between two and five in the morning. He also said it was the maid that found his body, when she showed up at eight this morning.

I also asked Charlie if he was going to be the lead detective on the case or was someone else going to head things up.

He said since Gilbert was a personal friend, he was going to turn the case over to one of the other detectives.

The first thing I did was to call Regina. She has been my best friend from the age of four and she had to know about Gilbert. The phone rang for at least ten times before Regina answered the phone. She answered in a very sleepy tone of voice. When I told her it was me, she asked why I would be calling so early in the morning. I told her it was almost eleven and that Charlie called and said that Gilbert had been murdered between two and five this morning.

Regina came to life so fast it was amazing.

Regina said, "What did you say?"

I then said it about as slow as I could, "I said, Gilbert has been murdered."

Regina did not say a word, there was total silence. She finally broke her silence and told me not to say a word and do not call any of our friends until she gets to my house. She stated, "Silence is golden."

It only took Regina seven minutes to reach my house. Once inside she was acting like she was on pins and needles.

She asked in a low voice, "What are we going to do?"

Why are you asking me, "What are we going to do?"

Regina looked straight into my eyes and said, "We were there last night or did you forget?"

"No, I did not forget, but we did not kill Gilbert."

"I know we did not, but do you think the cops are going to believe it? When you talked to Charlie, did he say if he was going to be working the case?"

"He said he was going to give the case to another detective."

"Oh boy, our goose is cooked," was Regina's reply.

"All we have to do is to tell the police what we know and that is that."

"Neva, it is not that simple. All five of us were at his party last night and we were some of the last to leave his home. Don't forget that, in the last ten years, all five of us have had one reason or another to kill him. I am afraid one of us is a killer."

I had to stop and think about that statement and wonder if one of my friends could take the life of another friend of mine. Rationality finally set in and I told Regina that could not happen. "I know my friends and none of them would do such a thing, which includes you."

However, I stopped once again for a minute and then my thoughts raced back to grade school and junior high. At that time, there were six in our group. That sixth person was Becky Winslow. Becky was one of our best friends and she did everything the other five of us did. Not only was she smart, but she was just as good looking as the rest of us and some of the boys thought she was the best looking girl of the whole bunch.

The main problem we all had with Becky was the way she acted. She always wanted to be first at everything. She also thought that she was the best looking girl this side of the Mississippi. In grade school that was not a problem, but when we reached junior high, it became a real big problem. The problem became so over bearing that we stopped being friends with her. Her attitude turned even worse when we started high school.

Regina smiled and said she was glad that I knew she could never kill another person. "But, if it was not one of us that killed him, who could it possibly be? But let's keep quiet about last night unless we are asked and then answer only the questions without giving any exact information. Okay?"

I don't know if it was the right thing to do, but I agreed to the things Regina was talking about.

I then started calling all of our friends and let them know about Gilbert. Before I go any further, I must state that Gilbert's mother and father were informed about his death before Charlie called me. Charlie said that, when he went to their home and told them about Gilbert, he told them that I was very close to Gilbert and they did remember me from high school. He asked them if they wanted me to call all of our friends and let them know. They thanked Charlie for that kind thought and told him it would be very helpful to the family. Before the day was out, I had called almost two hundred of our friends and they were calling their friends.

Immediately after the calls, Regina and I had our conversation about everything that had happened and then we relaxed and let out a sigh of relief. We were no sooner relaxed when Regina said, "Oh no!"

"What is the matter?" was the first thing out of my mouth.

"We forgot about the other three. You must call them and tell them to get over here as fast as they can and tell them not to talk to anyone."

Not only had Regina forgotten about Brandy, Teresa, and Mitzi, but I had totally forgotten about them. I suppose with all of the excitement, we both forgot about the other people that were at the party and our close friends. Do you know what some people say? They say that close friends stick closer than a brother. That saying is true and we will see if it is true for my friends and me.

It was a little after twelve when the last of the three arrived. I did not say anything about the death of Gilbert to the other three friends on the phone. I thought it would be better to tell them once they arrived at the house.

At the house, I stood and told them that someone had murdered Gilbert and reminded them we were some of the people that were the last to see Gilbert alive. I looked at each one of my long time friends and I could see the fear in their eyes and I assumed what was going through their minds.

Regina then stood and stated, "Don't say anything to anyone and that means anyone. If the police want to question you, admit that you were at the party and you left between twelve and one. Tell them that he was alive when you left his home. Keep your mouth shut and think very carefully before you answer any other questions. What they like to do is the thing that Charlie told us a number of years ago. Have you all forgotten what he said? He stated that they ask one question and before you can say a word they will ask another and another and, before long, the person is so confused they say things that will incriminate them with lies and mistakes."

Before the meeting was over, Regina reminded all of us not to talk about the death or anything pertaining to the death over the phone. "Write down anything that comes up and, the next time we see each other or we meet, we can discuss what we wrote down." Regina also reminded all of us that the police will do anything in their power to try and convict one of us for his murder. One last thing she said before they left the house was, "United we stand, divided we fall. Remember once again, we all came together to the party and we all left together."

Three days after the death of Gilbert, he was buried and we did not hear anything for another day or two. There were ideas from the police on the TV, but information about the killer or if they were close to an arrest did not come up. Three weeks went by and then came information that there was a major break in the case and they expected an arrest just any day. During all of this time, the police had not contacted any of my friends and they never questioned me about the death.

I guess you could say it was too good to be true. Two days later Regina received a call from the lead detective and he asked if she would be able to come to the police station to clear up one or two matters. Regina did exactly what she told us to do and that was to think before you speak.

The first thing she asked the detective over the phone was, "What needs to be cleared up?"

The detective acted very coy and stated, "You know exactly what I am talking about, don't you?"

Regina paused and replied, "Yes, I know what you are talking about and I am so sorry for what I did. I can't believe I could be so stupid. Do you want me to come to the police station to sign a paper or just tell me what you want me to do?"

The detective told her to come to the station and he would have the paper work ready for her to sign and that should stop any further investigation.

Regina agreed and off to the station she drove. At the station, she told the officer at the desk that she was there to see Detective Max Bowman. The officer picked up the receiver and dialed a number and he told the detective that Regina Waterman was waiting at the front desk.

The detective took Regina back to his desk and that is when he pushed three pieces of paper to her. The detective asked if she wanted a lawyer.

Regina said she did not need a lawyer, she was guilty and she would admit what she had done and she would buy her way out of this problem, the way she does all of her problems.

The detective looked at Regina and said, "All the money in the world won't get you out of this mess. It does not matter what political ties your husband has, this is serious business."

Before Regina read the paper, she again stated that she was sorry for doing what she did and that she would take full responsibility for her actions. The detective told her to read the paper and then sign it.

She picked the papers up and started to read them and then she threw the papers down and said, "You want me to confess to killing Gilbert? He was a very, very dear friend of mine! You must be crazy!"

The detective looked at Regina and asked, "Why did you admit to the crime and say you would come in and sign the papers?"

Regina stated that she thought he was talking about the accident in the Sears parking lot.

"What accident?" was the detectives reply.

"I was involved in a car accident and I drove off without leaving any information about my car or my insurance. I thought that someone had taken down my plate number and they turned it in to the police." The detective rolled his eyes and told Regina what they had found.

He stated, "We found seven different sets of finger prints in Gilbert's home and one set we checked on was you, Regina."

Regina stated that she was at the party. She said that she left with a number of friends and they could all back up her story.

Detective Bowman asked for the different names and he would check to see if her alibi was true or false. He asked her about an argument she had with Gilbert about a month before his death.

Regina said that sometimes Gilbert was over bearing. He treated her like he treated her before she was married. She said, "In other words, he thought that he could have me any time he wanted me. Once I was married, I did not play the field like I used to. I am true blue to my husband and I have never cheated on him, ever."

I think it is best to say that Regina does not always tell the truth. I can only say what I have heard and what I have heard is that Regina will cheat on her husband, if she thinks she can get away with it. I have also driven by Gilbert's house at different times of the day and, to my surprise, I have seen Regina's car parked in the driveway. I know you are not suppose to assume anything, but I don't think Regina was at Gilbert's for personal counseling, or maybe she did need some of Gilbert's hands on counseling, if she was not getting it at home.

After Regina gave Detective Bowman all of the names, he started calling us and asking all sorts of questions. Each one of us paused before answering any question. It was then that he surprised me when he asked if I would come down to the police station so I could give them my finger prints. I agreed and the next day, I was at the station giving them my finger prints.

Two days later I received a call from Detective Bowman and he stated that all of our finger prints were positively matched to five of the seven prints they found at Gilbert's home. He asked, "Was there anyone else at Gilbert's home that you can think of?"

I decided to start the old fashion way I had of remembering things. I would start with the letter A and went to the letter Z. The first name out of my mouth was Abbey, then came Alice, and then Amanda and then April.

Before I could say another word, he said, "Amanda? Amanda is not on my first list of people at the party." I was certain that was the name that he was looking for.

Having different friends in the police department made it easy for me to find out how the investigation was progressing. I was told that Regina and her husband were considered people of interest. When Regina had her disagreement with Gilbert, different people heard Regina state that she would kill him if he did not leave her alone. Her husband was a person of interest because of all the money he had and because of the people he knew in the government and in other high places. One other bit of information I found out was that it looks like Gilbert may have been killed by a professional hit man. I was told that he was shot in the back of the head twice with a 22 caliber gun. When I heard that, I knew they would not be looking for any of my friends. I was totally relieved.

I decided not to say anything to any of my friends about the things I was told. The less I said the better things would be. However, I did think about the idea of a hit man. The more I thought, the more I deducted that it would probably take a lot of money to hire a murderer and who had the money to hire such a person? The person I kept coming back to was Regina's husband. I remember when they were dating, before they got married, he always stated that he would kill anyone if he found out that they had slept with Regina. Maybe he found out about Gilbert and decided to do exactly what he said he was going to do.

However, if Regina's husband, Alan, knew what I and my other three friends knew, he would have to kill more people than just Gilbert.

All five of us stated, time and time again, that we were going to be virgins when we got married. That was true until our senior year in high school. We were all sitting around the pool in May of 1965 talking about one thing after another. It was Brandy that started talking about her new boyfriend. She said that after two months he told her he wanted to go all the way with her. He said he was tired of being a virgin and he wanted the first time to be special and that Brandy was so special he loved her to death.

Brandy rolled her eyes and stated it is the same old line we have all heard before. It was then that Regina confessed that she could not control her urge for the best looking guy she knew and that had the body of a god. She decided to give in and let him have her, all of her. We all looked at her and said, "You didn't! You didn't give in and go to bed with Gilbert, did you?" She didn't look any one of us in the eye. She kept her head down. Then she lifted her head and started smiling and then stated that she was no longer a young virgin girl. She said she was a full-fledged grown adult woman. We all looked at each other once again and said we do prefer being a virgin. We never questioned her about the things that happened between her and Gilbert, but during one conversation after another, she told all of us what they did and how madly in love she was with him.

The investigation slowed down and things looked like they would grind to a complete halt when there was another party and, to the surprise of everyone, there was another murder. This murder showed the police and the news media that there may be a serial killer in the community or a maniac that was seeking revenge against those people that did him or her wrong sometime in their life.

The person's name was finally revealed to the public. It was Cory Carlison. Cory was another one of our friends from high school and the night he was murdered, he'd had a party. If you are one or two steps ahead of me, that is alright. Yes, all five of us were at his party and we were some of the last people to see Cory alive. Oh yes, Amanda was at the party and she left with us just as she did when we were at Gilbert's party. Coincidence or fate or the mind of a killer at work was the question at hand.

After connecting all of the dots and dashes together, the police knew this was not a random murder. It was planned out and it was executed to perfection. The same method with two 22 caliber bullets to the back of the head was the means by which Cory was murdered. My friends and I were now wondering if we were going to be the next persons on a list to be murdered or if one of us was a cold blooded murderer.


Gilbert David Jameson.” Gilbert was my first friend that was killed by someone unknown to the police. When I was first told of his death I sat down and cried until I ran out of tears. Once I ran out of tears I thought about the past and all of the things that I remembered about Gilbert and some of the tricks he would play on people. The more I thought about different things the more nostalgic was my memory of days when I was young and innocent.

Some of the things I am going to share with you about the past may bring back memories of your past or it may bring back a memory or an old friend that you have forgotten about. It may even make you think about things that you did that got you into trouble and you wondered how you would get out alive. I may be exaggerating about getting out alive, but most of the time it felt that way when it happen to you.

The first time I remember Gilbert was the first day of kindergarten in September of 1952. Back then we went to school for a half day and then when you started first grade it was for a whole day. That day Gilbert was standing next to me in line outside of the room. He reached over to me and tapped me on the shoulder. “My name is Gilbert Jameson, what is your name?” “I don’t talk to strangers; that is what my momma told me.” “I am not a stranger I am Gilbert Jameson.” I smiled and said my name is Neva.” He then stated that he was glad I was in the same room he was in, because he wanted me to be his girl friend. I told him my momma told me I could not have a boy friend until I reached the fourth grade. Regina who was standing beside me started to laugh and then she said she would be his girl friend. Gilbert thought he was in seventh heaven when Regina made that statement.

We always had to stand outside of the room until our teacher Mrs. Wilson opened the door for us to come in. When she opened the door, she told us to go in and stand along the wall and she would tell us where we were going to sit. Mrs. Wilson surprised me by putting me on the front row and next to me was my best friend, Regina. Behind Regina, she put Gilbert and the rest of our class was…oh, who cares about the rest of the class!

Gilbert was the one boy that I thought would become exactly what he became. I thought for sure he would be a playboy with a lot of girls around all of the time. He made the remark many times that he could not give himself to only one girl, he had to make all the girls happy. When he did have a date, the next day the girl he went out with acted as if she was on cloud nine.

There are so many things I could tell you about Gilbert but, I believe I will tell you about one of the times when he was a sophomore in high school. There are some girls that are so naive they will believe anything someone tells them. Gilbert was a great football player and when school started he was the starting quarterback. Back then it was very rare for a sophomore to be the starting quarterback on a high school football team. After the first football game he became the most popular boy around town. He scored two rushing touchdowns and he threw for three more.

There was one girl that Gilbert wanted to date the year before, but Nancy turned him down each and every time he asked her out. When the school year was over he forgot about her until that first football game when he became a star. He starting thinking about Nancy and he knew she would be stupid to turn the most popular boy in town down. After school on Monday he told the coach he had an errand he had to go on and he would be a little late for practice.

Gilbert drove to the junior high and standing out front of the school was Nancy. He had called her house the night before and asked if he could give her a ride home and naturally she accepted the invitation. Once she was in the car small talk started and then he asked her if she would like to go to the submarine races on Saturday night? Nancy stated that she had never heard of the submarine races and that is when Gilbert explained all about the races. He stated they were just off the coast and it would be two of the best submarines the United States had in the Navy.

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