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Chastity Belt

By Helen Havens

Copyright 2017 Helen Havens

All rights reserved.

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Today's Saturday," he said, as I had finished up. You'll stroke yourself off, under my supervision, each and every Saturday. Is that clear?

"Yes, Master," I replied, the feeling of excitement starting to build from within me. A stroking off session isnt a fucking, but I guess it was better than nothing at all, even though I would have preferred him fucking me. But what I wanted or preferred was of no importance. Not to him. I watched as he went over to a small wooden chest to unlock it, then he came back to me with a key placed in the palm of his hand. The key to my chastity belt. As he bent down to unlock and to set me free, I could feel the soft touch of his warm body brush against my own. Oh my godat that moment, I wouldve given anything for him to take me.

The heavy chastity belt fell down with a clumsy thump to the floor. I was at last freed! My caged cunt with was imprisoned for so long was hot and wet. A mixture of sweat and my own pussy juices which both had enough time and anticipation to simmer.

"Mmmmm nice," he said, youre such a naughty little girl!" He reached down and petted my hot mound with his fingertips, caressing my swollen pink folds as he did. Then, to my surprise, he began tracing one finger underneath my hot, wet pussy and went on to tickle the outer rim of my butt-hole.

After a few moments he said, Remember when told you that a woman on the edge of a climax is one who could be easily controlled?

I simply nodded my reply.

Turn onto your stomach.he ordered, he reached under the bed to pull out a box with a special pair of shoes he had bought just for me. A pair of black leather boots with spiked heels. They weren't the normal pair of 4-inch heels Ive seen most at the club girls prancing in. Rather, these were obviously, are an inch higher and looked more like hooker heelsand were much more difficult for a woman to master walking around in without looking like she was going to tip over.

He slipped the heels slowly onto my feet before buckling the leather straps around my slenderly, gorgeous ankles.

Then I felt something around me butt-hole, it was warm and yet strange, like a gel. "What was that?I wondered to myself, knowing better than to dare ask my Master. The next thing I felt was a cold, hard steel around my waist. I tried to turn over, but felt a little dizzy, but my pussy was definitely throbbing by that point, then my Master shouted, What the hell are you doing? I said to stay on your stomach bitch, that ass is mine!He continued however, as I felt more steel wrapped around my crotch, I also felt an overwhelming tightening of the steel he had carefully attached around my waist. I felt my pussy being penetrated now and I welcomed this, it was hard to tell though that it wasn't a dildo or the sensuousness of his fingers, no and what he had inserted just stayed there, still, with no thrusting in and out nor the feeling of my clit being played. He was denying giving me the pleasure I so desperately needed.

"That's the vaginal plug you are to wear until I say otherwise, my slave," he said as he shoved it in my vagina until it was nice and snug. That part seemed to go well, I actually even enjoyed the feeling. Now for the cherry on topthe anal plug, Im going to insert this and if you do so much as flinch, therell be hell to pay.He then began to slip the plug into my ass gently and rather easily, thanks to the warm gel he had just placed in and around the rim of my butt-hole.

I felt so full, but the feeling was overwhelming.

Now what Im placing on you, slave, is a steel chastity belt. The waist-band locks and this thin 'thong' band is going from the front, down between your legs, and up the back, where it will lock onto the back."

He continued, This 'thong' part snaps into place on both the vaginal and butt-plugs so that, once that thong is locked onto the back, you, nor anyone else can remove the plugs."

Next he snapped both of the plugs and locked the thong into the back of waist-band with a small lock.

"This is where the fun starts," he told me. I was horrified. What had I gotten myself into? Then he held up a small device. It looked like a remote, I thought to myself.

It was!

He turned it on and the plugs started to vibrate and as they did, I moaned my pleasure. The vaginal plug even had a tiny, delicate arm that extended slightly so that it could massage my clit. My pussy started to pulsate as vibration from the plug stuck up my ass was blowing my mind.

"Oh Jesus!" I said, as I no longer cared about the confines of the belt.

"Have you heard me, slave?" This is where the fun starts. "This part here that went around your waist also has a built-in monitor, just like the ones people wear on their wrists or around their chests at the gym. Its used to monitor your heart rate. We wouldnt want you to have a cardiac arrest or anything like that, would we?

I was barely listening to a word he was saying because by that time I had already been bucking wildly, preparing myself for the most explosive climax of my life as I spread my legs farther apart, wiggling my toes, panting, and tugging at my binds. I was now a slave to the vibrating plugs as well. Then, as suddenly as he had begun it, he stopped, leaving my pussy still quivering with lust. But his eyes were now bright and filled with cruelty. Dont think that this is all going to be pure pleasure for you, my dear girl," he said.

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