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Why be a Failure When You Can be a Success?

Why be a Failure When You Can be a Success?

Benjamin Aryee

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Foreword - Endorsements



Introduction – What Is Success?

Success is Multidimensional

Success Means Balance in our Pursuits of Life

Wheel of Personal Life

Success Includes Going through the Mill of Life, Facing Inequities with Integrity and Hope

My Experience

Final Share

An Interlude – Young People Have A Better Chance Of Attaining True Success

The Principles

A) Lay the True Foundation in Life

B) Parental Role Model Responsibility

C) Dependence on Divine Support

My Experience

A) Your “Trending” of Today will Shape Your Future

B) Where There is a Will, There is a Way

Final Share: Ponder Over These Questions

Success In Your Professional Life And Career

Know Your Career

A) Inappropriate Professional Behaviour

B) Appropriate Career and Work Ethics

The Principles

A) Vision

B) Integrity and Honesty

C) Diligence

D) Ability to Relate to and Manage People:

E) The Influence we Cast or Impressions we Make Are Important

F) Faithfulness in Obedience to God’s Instructions

My Experience

Final Share: Ponder Over This

Success In The Intellectual/Mental Dimension Of Your Life: Foundations Of Self-Development

The Principles

A) Wisdom Through Right Education

B) Growth in the Knowledge Acquired

C) Growth in Experience

D) Nurturing the Genius in You: Brain Training

My Experience

Final Share: Sober Reflection

Success In Your Financial Life

Wealth is Power in Success

The Principles

A) Attitude to Money

B) Manage Money - Don’t Allow it to Drive You

C) Plan Before You Spend

The Millionaire Lifestyle

D) The ‘Divine Providence’–‘Human Discipline’ Partnership

E) Being an Entrepreneur

F) The “Everyone Can” Investment Strategy – Wisely Grow Your Resources with Discipline, Day by Day

G) Leprous Debt: Stay Away from It

My Experience

Final Share: Invest with Knowledge, Integrity and Discipline under God’s Guidance

Success In Managing Your Lives On The Physical Plane

Health, Wellness and Longevity Necessary for and Promoted by Success

Wellness and Longevity Depend on Lifestyle

The Principles

A) Nutrition

B) Alcohol

C) Exercise

D) A Time for Action – Now!

E) Other Principles

My Experience

Final Share: Commit to and Crave Wellness and Longevity


Success In Your Social Networks And Relations

Basis of our Social Life

The Principles

A) Professional Networks

B) Private Social Networks

C) Online Social Media Networks

D) Friends-to-Enemies Milieu

E) Conflicts and Their Resolution

My Experience

Final Share: Healthy Socialisation is Beneficial - Take Advantage of it

Success In Your Family Life – A Re-Focus On Some Key Areas

Basis of Family Life


A) Broad-Based Advice on Family Life

B) Three Notable Counsels on Family Life 146

My Experience

Final Share: Treasure and Build Your Family

Success In Your Spiritual Life – God As A Priority

The Principles

A) Accountability and the Super-Strategic Perspective

B) Growing in Grace through Knowledge

C) Be Armed for Warfare

D) Keep Your Hope in God’s Providence

E) Redeem the Time

F) Be Ready for the Final Moments

G) Be a Channel of Life - the Gospel Commission

My Experience

Final Share: Choose to be Successful!


To the glory of the Most High God whose dominion is everlasting and who rules over mankind: the One in whom we live and move and have our being. He is the One who has brought me thus far and been my source of inspiration and strength in writing this book– Ebenezer.

To all who are striving for success despite all sorts of challenges, God bless you and grant you His favour.

Foreword - Endorsements

“It is a widely accepted fact that we don’t have a choice in how and when the rainbow of opportunities, threats and challenges come our way. Consequently, we become bewildered, confused and even disoriented when this reflection of stark reality appears on the horizon.

Through the medium of this book, the writer records biblical principles which buoyed him up on his journey through life as he faced multifaceted challenges and threats.

I recommend this life-changing book as a firm foundation to anyone who wishes to gain insight into building a better future and developing one’s full potential.”

Alt. Dr. David Nii Amankwa Addo

Naturopath & Lifestyle Consultant


“In an interactive way, the book is a holistic guide to success with a broad range of perspectives on the ups and downs of life. For those starting out in life, anyone struggling, suffering severe persecution, facing temptation, experiencing injustice and the like, this is a must-read companion.”

Ms. Charlotte Houston

Senior Day Centre

Resource Officer

Social Services, London, U.K.

“One of the best life-transforming books you can find on the market. It’s experiential, practical and easy to read. It’s a must-read for anyone wanting to succeed in life.”


Pastor, Author, Life Coach

“This book is a practical guide on how to achieve not only monetary success, but a truly satisfying life.”

Mrs. Joyce Ayeley Ayeh


Birmingham, U.K.

“This is a very good book from Ben Aryee. It is candid, practical and spiritual. You will also meet the Ben Aryee you didn’t know - tenacious, thoughtful and tough. In his instructive book, Ben Aryee brings an excellent blend of experience, deep knowledge of the scriptures and warmth to his work.

Spiced with his professional experience and painful personal challenges, the book approaches the topic of success holistically. Not only will you get outstanding insights into what makes a person successful, but you will learn how you can use these principles to better your life.

The principles the book espouses are dear to my heart, and I recommend it without qualification.”

Kimathi Kuenyehia

Managing Partner at Kimathi & Partners

Winner of the 2012 International Bar Association Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year


I hereby acknowledge the contribution of the following, “on whose backs I have ridden” to write and share the contents of this publication with you:

• My parents who introduced me to God our Creator, who became my backbone.

• My wife Gloria and our children, Abigail, Benjamin Jnr. and Beryl, who sacrificed quality family time and encouraged me to complete the task.

• Chaplain Greg Davis especially, whose initial request and subsequent encouragement motivated the writing of this book. Brother William Kwasi Addai of Accra, Ghana and many others provided the continual support I needed.

To Chaplain Davis, Pastors Anthony Melchizedeck and Isaiah Gideon Morrison, Lawyer Kimathi Kuenyehia, Ms. Charlotte Houston of London and my own sister, Mrs. Joyce Ayeh of Birmingham, who spent many hours reviewing various aspects of this writing – my gratitude would not be enough for your sacrifices. I am grateful to Ingr. Paul A. O. Tagoe who painstakingly proofread the final laid out version. However, any errors and omissions which might still appear in the publication are solely my responsibility.


Amongst the many resources available to mankind, each of us is granted a similar amount of a fundamental resource, irrespective of how many others we might have. This important commodity is TIME. As right-thinking people we ought to be mindful of utilising our resources to gain optimal benefit both for ourselves and others.

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