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Roxy’s Discovery

By Chris Reed

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As with any story, there are sometimes the many ups and downs while trying to write. I would like to thank the many people who have written to me, asking me to keep writing my stories. I can’t begin to name them all of the people who have helped me but I do want to thank them all for their words of encouragement. I welcome all feedback on this story; every comment helps me to become a better writer.

Chapter 1

Roxy sat on the front pew of the funeral home with her older sister Diane sitting to her left and her older brother Junior on her right listening to the minister talk about her father as he lay in his coffin to the right of the minister. The past three days had been a blur with having to arrange for her father’s funeral and everything that goes with that. Her mind began to wander as the minister droned on, she looked from the minister to her father and suddenly it was like a weight that she didn’t know she had been carrying was lifted off her shoulders. All she could feel at that moment was relief that it was all finally over. She let out a loud relieved sigh and her sister looked over at her. She saw that Diane had tears in her eyes, crying for the father that she had loved and tried to emulate.

When she saw Diane’s grief, she was just as suddenly filled with guilt for what the relief that she was feeling. This guilt hit her hard and abruptly she felt like the walls were closing in on her, she felt like that if she didn’t get out of there right then she would be crushed by the walls that were her guilt which filled her soul. She immediately got up, running down the aisle and out of the funeral home. Once outside, she felt this surge of emotion rising from within her, she let out the first sob, not of grief but guilt for feeling relieved that her father was dead, her father who she thought that she had loved but obviously not since she was so relieved that he was dead.

“Roxy honey are you okay?” she heard her sister Diane asking.

“No!” Roxy answered as another sob forced itself out from with her guilt ridden soul.

“Roxy, I know how much you love dad; it has to be harder on you than any of yes.” Diane said softly.

“Oh god don’t say that, I’m terrible, I’m a terrible horrible, horrible person,” Roxy sobbed out.

“No you’re not, why in the world would you say such a thing?” Diane said and Roxy felt Diane’s hands on her shoulders making her turn toward her.

Roxy didn’t want to admit the truth but she knew her sister and sooner or later she would get it out of her so she might as well tell her now so she’ll know what a hideous sister she had.

“Because when I looked up at dad, all I could feel was a sense of relief that it was finally over,” Roxy told her sister waiting for the lawyer in her sister to tear her apart but when she looked into her eyes, she didn’t see a lawyer ready to attack but a sister filled with her own guilt.

“Oh god what have I done to you… what have we done to you,” Diane said and then Roxy felt Diane pulling her into her body holding her so tightly that Roxy was having a hard time breathing.

“You didn’t do anything, it’s me. I should be grieving for dad and not being relieved that he is gone,” Roxy said letting out a guilt-ridden sob.

“No Roxy, you have every right to feel relieved,” Diane told her as she pulled back using her fingers to wipe the tears running down Roxy’s cheeks. “we need to talk and we need to do so now. I’ll be right back.”

Roxy watched as her sister in her heels run up the few steps and into the funeral home. She was only gone for a minute or two before she came back out. “Come on,” she said grabbing her hand and pulling her to the parking lot.

“What about everyone…” Roxy was saying, referring to everyone that had come for the funeral.

“Junior will take care of it,” Diane said taking charge like she always did when she was around much like her father had always done.

“Oh...” Roxy said not knowing what else to say as she was pushed into the passenger’s seat of Diane’s rental car.

Diane said nothing as she drove them back home so Roxy was left to her own thoughts and those thoughts were of the guilt that she was feeling. Before she could begin to cry again, she heard Diane say, “I’ll fix this.”

Roxy wasn’t sure how Diane could ever fix this, something that she was feeling within her, a powerful emotion that had taken over her soul. She decided to wait to see what Diane was up to and then she could have her chance to prove to Diane just how bad a person she was.

Once Diane got them home, she made her sit on the couch while she went to their father’s study. She returned with a tumbler of aged brandy and two shot glasses. She never cared much for alcohol but she had to admit that she had grown to like this brandy. She would allow her father a shot of it on Wednesday nights and he always made her join him. Diane poured them both a shot and told her to drink it. Roxy wasn’t sure what this was going to do but she took the shot glass and drank it down feeling the brandy burn all the way down her throat. Diane did the same showing that it was burning her throat too by the expression on her face.

“I talk, you listen,” Diane said pouring them both another shot of brandy.

Roxy took a sip and nodded her head knowing that Diane was going to do all the talking anyway, she always did. The problem was that when Diane talked, she was usually right but Roxy wasn’t so sure about that this time.

“You know when I would come home and see you and dad talk, I always felt a bit jealous seeing how close he was to you and how there was like this little secret between you two that the rest of the world would never know. The way he would pat your hand as we all talked and the way he looked so proud of you. No one could have taken better care of him after his stroke than you and you cared for him with love and mutual respect. Don’t ever think that you didn’t love him because you did, I could see it in your eyes then and I see it now. So hush that talk about you being a horrible, terrible person and whatever else you called yourself. You are none of those things, your heart is too big to ever be anything but kindhearted.” Diane said pausing a moment to down the rest of her brandy and refresh their shot glasses.

“Now as far as being relieved that it is all over with, you have a right to feel that way. Roxy you took care of mom when she got sick and after she was gone you barely had a year to be a normal teenager when dad had his stroke. You’re twenty six years old and you’ve spend most of your life being a caretaker. You’ve never gotten to have a life of your own and that falls on Junior and I, we should have been here to help you or at least come home more often to give you a break. We failed you and for that I’m truly sorry. I thought that was what you wanted but what I failed to do was to see what you really needed. You have nothing to feel guilty about, but Junior and I do. I promise that we will make it up to you.” Diane said and Roxy saw the pain and hurt in Diane’s eyes.

“It was what I wanted, you tried to get me to hire a nurse for dad but I wouldn’t let you, so you have nothing to feel bad about,” Roxy said feeling for her sister and the pain she was obviously feeling.

Diane let a small smile come to her lips and Roxy knew from past experience that she had set Diane up just as she had wanted her to do, she just didn’t know how she had done it but she was about to find out she was sure.

“I believe your words were something like, “No one can take care of dad as well as I can and I’m not going to let anyone do something that I can do better, no one knows what dad needs more than I do.” Isn’t that what you said?” Diane asked but it was more like she was making a statement.

“Yea, something like that,” Roxy replied.

“Only a daughter who truly loved her father would say that.” Diane said reaching out and taking her hand and giving it a squeeze and then she held it for a moment.

Roxy had only to think for a moment for Diane’s words truly sink in and she knew that Diane was right, “but…”

Diane put down her shot glass and after taking Roxy’s from her, she leaned over and pulled Roxy to her. Roxy felt Diane’s loving embrace and she let herself being healed a little by it. Diane pulled back and Roxy felt Diane wipe the tears from her cheeks. “there are no ‘buts’ just a new beginning.” Diane told her. “As of right now, you have only yourself to worry about and to take care of, you’re whole life is ahead of you.”

“I don’t where to start,” Roxy said pausing for a second. “I don’t know what I want to do or even how I can begin.”

“We got the rest of this week and all next week to begin to figure that out,” Diane told her.

“I thought you said that you had to flight out on Thursday,” Roxy stated.

“The firm can do without me for a week or so, besides I need to be here. We got your whole life to plan and you know how I love to plan everything out.” Diane said with a smile.

“Thank you,” Roxy said feeling relieved but in a good way this time.

“How about we finish off dad’s bottle of brandy,” Diane suggested as she picked up the bottle.

“Oh that would be a sight, both of dad’s daughters showing up for his burial hung over from his brandy,” Roxy said.

“Dad would love it,” Diane said giving Roxy a conspiratorial wink.

Roxy had to laugh at that which felt funny doing but also felt right at the same time, “He would but mom would kill us.” Roxy told her older sister.

“We won’t tell her,” Diane whispered like they were two little girls trying to keep something from their mother.

“Okay,” Roxy whispered back as she held out her shot glass for Diane to fill.

They both sipped their brandy and then Diane surprised her when she asked, “what is your favorite memory of dad?”

Roxy had to only think for a second before she replied, “When him, mom and I went to down to Florida and he talked the man at one of the roller coasters to let me ride even though I was an inch or two too short to ride it. Mom about killed him when I told her about riding the roller coaster and how I wanted to ride it again.”

“That would be dad,” Diane said with a smile.

“What about you?” Roxy asked.

Diane didn’t have to think long either, “It was when he took me to his office at the firm. I couldn’t have been more than five or six. But anyway as I was pretending to be a lawyer like him when one of the board members came to see him. He hid me under his desk and while they talked I practiced tying his shoelaces.” Diane said pausing for effect. “I also learned a lot of new words that would have caused mom to wash my mouth out with soap if I had repeated them.”

Roxy laughed, “Maybe you should teach me a few.”

“Oh no, dad made me promise never to repeat them and I never have.” Diane told her.

“Yea right, tell me something I would believe.” Roxy said laughing.

They began to trade stories of their parents but mostly of their dad as the contents of the brandy bottle was reduced greatly. Roxy vaguely remember Junior and his wife Sally coming in but she and Diane was pretty well lit by then so she didn’t remember if they joined in on the conversation or what.

When she woke the next morning, she was in her bedroom covered by a blanket however still in the clothes she had worn to her father’s funeral. She also had a massive headache as she wasn’t one to drink much and never to excess. When she sat up, the room began to spin and she had to sit there for a moment before it stopped. She gathered up something clean to wear and went to the bathroom. She showered which helped her hangover however only slightly. She managed to find her way into the kitchen where she found Sally making some coffee and starting to make breakfast. Roxy plopped down in one of the kitchen chairs and Sally placed a glass filled with something red in it while giving her a sympathetic look.

“What’s this?” Roxy asked picking up the glass and smelling its contents which didn’t smell much better than it looked.

“A little of the hair of the dog that bit you last night,” Sally told her, “just drink it all down.”

Roxy put the glass to her lips and the first taste was god awful so she just drank it down in one long chug. When it hit her stomach, she was afraid that it was going to come right back up however she managed to keep it down. Sally then put a large cup of black coffee in front of her which smelled better than Sally’s first offering so she took a sip. After a couple of sips, the pounding in her head began to ease. Roxy wasn’t sure which was helping her more, Sally’s hair of the dog drink or the coffee but she only cared that they helped.

Diane came in a few minutes later looking as haggard as she did. Sally placed a glass of the same red liquid in front of her however Sally gave Diane something less than a sympathetic expression.

“What’s this?” Diane asked picking up the glass and Roxy watched as Diane smelled of it just as she had done.

“Just drink it,” Sally told her again giving Diane no sympathy.

“A little of the hair of the dog that bit us last night,” Roxy told her sister who was responsible of making her feel this way.

“Oh,” Diane said picking up the glass and drinking it down much the same way she had done.

“You know I should be giving you a lecture on the evils of drinking,” Sally said directing her attention toward Diane.

“I believe that I know a certain young lady who I had to drag up to her hotel room on the night of her bachelorette party,” Diane told Sally.

“I was fine until you kept insisting on one more drink,” Sally said with a smile.

“”And the cute dancers that I got for your party,” Diane said with a smile and a wink to Roxy.

“Hush, Junior will hear you,” Sally said.

“No wonder mom wouldn’t let me go, I was pissed at her for that,” Roxy said with a laugh.

“Don’t worry, when you get married I will throw you an even better bachelorette party,” Diane told her.

“No she won’t I’m going to be in charge,” Sally interjected.

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” Roxy said about half under her breath. Both Sally and Diane looked at her but neither said anything.

“So are you okay?” Sally asked directing her attention to Roxy.

“Yeah, more or less,” Roxy said looking at Diane for some reassurance. While most of what she and Diane talked about was a blur, she did remember the first and most important part. And that was what she meant by the most part, the rest she still had to work out.

Junior came in about that time and the conversation turned to the burial of their father. That put a somber mood to the conversation but it was something that they all had to get through. After they ate their breakfast that Sally took the time to cook, they began to get ready to go to the funeral home. Roxy had planned on wearing the same black dress that she had worn to the funeral home when they received friends and had the service. She ended up having to get Sally to help her press it back out and get it wearable again.

When Roxy got to the funeral home, she asked for a moment with her father alone. Diane looked at her and Roxy gave her a soft smile. She needed a moment alone to see if the guilt she had felt last night was still within her and she needed to see what she felt this morning. Plus she had one last thing to do for her father that he had requested of her long ago.

She felt like her nerves were on edge as she entered the room where her father lay in his coffin. She looked down at the man that she had cared for, had bathed, had cleaned up when he had an accident; she was surprised that she didn’t feel the relief that she had the night before though that was still there. What she did feel was what she had been feeling for this man all her life, admiration and love. She reached down and with her fingers touched his cheek feeling the cold flesh with her fingers but her mind felt the warmth that she remembered. She then reached down to her purse opening and pulling out a little toy ring placing it in her father’s hand. It was the ring that he had given to her mother when he proposed while he was in law school. They were both broke and it was all that he could afford. Even after he was able to buy her a real ring, her mother would always wear that ring on their anniversary. She felt tears beginning to roll down her cheek as she mourned for both her mother and her father.

“Are you okay?” Diane asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Roxy answered wondering when Diane had come into the room.

“May I ask what you gave dad?” Diane asked.

“Mom’s engagement ring,” Roxy said knowing Diane would know what she was talking about.

“Damn, now you’re going to make me cry,” Diane said pulling some tissues from her purse, giving one to Roxy for her to dry her eyes.

They stood there for a moment both lost in their own thoughts before Junior and the funeral director came in to get things started allowing all three of them to say their final goodbyes with them crying when the coffin was closed. Roxy did okay through the burial, the ride back home, and getting through the afternoon with people stopping by with food and to talk about their father. The last person finally left at about four and Roxy felt like she was dead on her feet. She went to her room to take a nap, something she hadn’t done since she was a child.

When she woke up, she felt like she was in a daze and it was dark in her room which just made her more confused. Slowly her mind began to work and she remembered that she had gone to take a short nap however when she looked at her alarm clock, her short nap had turned into a four-hour nap as it was already eight in the evening. She tuned on the light and wiped the sleep from her eyes before going to the bathroom and then going to find where everyone else was. She heard voices coming from the kitchen so that is where she headed.

Just as she got near the kitchen, she heard Diane say, “And I think that dad’s life insurance should…”

“Should what?” Roxy said coming on into the kitchen to see Diane sitting at one end of the table with Junior sitting to her right and Sally sitting to her left.

“Oh you’re up, do you feel better?” Diane asked.

“Should what?” Roxy asked however she didn’t give Diane a chance to answer. “I can’t believe that your dividing up Dad’s things without me here.”

Roxy was staring intently into Diane’s eyes showing the hurt that she was feeling with her brother and sister betraying her as they were. Diane had just come to her rescue the night before and betraying then next day, the day of her father’s funeral.

Diane surprised her with a soft caring smile and she responded to her accusations by saying, “Roxy have I ever done anything to hurt you or cheat you out of anything? Has Junior ever done anything like that to you?”

“Well no…” Roxy replied, “but it sounded like you were doing so.”

“We’ll never do anything to hurt you.” Diane said coming to Roxy and giving her a hug that Roxy couldn’t help but to return.

Diane released her and she smiled as she said, “I did want discuss some things with Junior to make sure he was on the same page as I was. I wanted Junior to have my back when I presented my thoughts to you.”

“Why would you need Junior to do that?” Roxy asked becoming suspicious again but this time not because she felt like she was about to be screwed.

“I have my reasons that we will present to you after you get a bite to eat and after I get you drunk again so that you will agree with what we want to do.” Diane said grinning.

Roxy began to realize what Diane was doing and she wasn’t going to allow it to happen, “Everything gets divided three ways and that is the end of that conversation!”

“Well you’ve been out voted three to one on that one,” Sally told her.

“No I don’t want it all,” Roxy said not wanting to feel like she was cheating Diane and Junior of anything.

“Good cause you’re not getting it all,” Diane said. “Now sit down and let me get you a bite to eat and then we’ll talk.”

“Okay,” Roxy said feeling hungry now that she had made sure that Diane confirmed that everything wouldn’t go to her.

Roxy let her get her some of the leftover food that had been brought to them and she heated it up as she talked to Sally. It was only after she had finished eating and her dishes put away did things turn back to her father’s will.

“A couple of years ago when I came for a visit, dad talked about changing his will. He told me what he wanted and he had me fix it to match his wishes. I took that information giving it to a lawyer in town to put into a legal document. On my next visit, he looked over the will to make sure that I had done as he told me to do, which I did with only a minor change or two to avoid unnecessary taxes. He approved those changes and signed the will. This is that will that he signed and it is per his wishes,” Diane said giving the will to Roxy.

“Why didn’t he just have me go get a lawyer to do it,” Roxy asked feeling slightly hurt that her father hadn’t let her do something that important.

“Read it and you’ll see why,” Junior told her.

Roxy picked up the will seeing that Diane and Junior were executors of the will which pissed her off more than a little as she felt she should have also been one of the executors. But then she read on and saw that while they had the responsibility of making sure that his wishes were carried out, pretty much everything went to her. While he didn’t explain why he wanted everything to go to her, she knew the answer to that. She was the one that cared for both him and their mother when they were sick.

“I didn’t want this,” Roxy said in almost a whisper.

“Which is why he wouldn’t let you take care of getting his will changed,” Sally told her.

“He knew that Diane would carry out his wishes, no matter what they were and you would have fought him on it,” Junior told her.

“I did as he wished and I had no problem doing so, you carried the burden of caring for him and mom for that matter, too much of the burden I now realize and apologize for that,” Diane told her.

“It’s okay, that’s what I wanted to do,” Roxy told her sister wanting her to know that she meant it.

“It doesn’t matter if that is what you wanted, we should have done more, we could have done more instead of just letting you handle everything,” Diane said.

“Anyway, dad left everything to me the house and his savings which that means you and Junior can split the insurance policy that he had,” Roxy told them.

“Well actually we can’t,” Junior said with a smile.

“Why not?” Roxy asked.

“Because he left that to you too, you’re his only beneficiary.” Junior said with a smile.

“Well then I’ll just send you both half of it when I receive it,” Roxy told them looking them both in the eye in turn.

“Actually, what we was what we were talking about when you came in, which was to suggest to you to put it in a trust that you can draw off of each year, that way you’ll always have an income,” Junior told her.

“But I don’t want it all, I don’t deserve it,” Roxy said.

“Well there are some things I think Junior and I would like to have,” Diane told her.

“Anything you want, just tell me,” Roxy said.

“You see Junior and I are looking at a new house and we need to furnish it so we want all the furniture and I believe that Diane wants all the pictures,” Sally said never cracking a smile and neither was Diane or Junior.

This took Roxy aback as she looked at each of them trying to figure out if they were serious or not. She didn’t think they were but the way that they were all looking at her, she became less sure of that.

“Sure, that’s fine,” Roxy finally said.

“Great we got a truck scheduled to arrive first thing in the morning to start hauling it off.” Sally said and she paused before adding. “And all your clothes too including what you’re wearing now all the way down to your panties and bra.”

Roxy couldn’t believe that Sally would go that far and she had to take a second before she could think of a response but that is when Sally finally let a smile come to her lips and then she started laughing.

“I’m kidding with you honey,” Sally said.

Roxy let out a sigh of relief but then Diane said, “Yeah, you can keep the panties and bra you’re wearing but the rest goes.”

Roxy then laughed as she realized that they were pulling her leg which is what she had thought at first. “You all think you’re funny don’t you.”

“Hey I thought it was very funny,” Junior said laughing with them all.

“Seriously there is a couple of things I would like and I know Junior wants a couple of things of dad’s but that is all,” Diane said turning back serious for a moment.

“Of course, anything you want,” Roxy said looking at Sally who could only laugh this time.

“All of that we can talk about tomorrow, tonight let’s just visit, we really haven’t had a chance to do that,” Diane said.

“I would like that,” Roxy said as she got up from the table. “Let’s go to the living room where we can get comfortable.”

“And we can finish off Dad’s brandy,” Diane said giving Roxy a grin.

“You can finish it off, I’m still recovering from last night,” Roxy replied.

“You’re no fun,” Diane said putting her arm around Roxy’s shoulders giving her a squeeze. “Last night you needed to get drunk, tonight we sip, how about that.”

“That I can deal with,” Roxy replied.

Once in the living room, Junior got the brandy out however this time only poured them each a little. “So what do you want to do sis?” Junior asked as he handed her a glass of the brandy.

Roxy didn’t have to think this over for long, she knew what she wanted, what she had dreamed about doing when she allowed herself to dream. “I want to go to Millicent College, it’s only a half hour away so that I can live here.” Roxy said falsely hoping that no one would question that reason.

“Isn’t that a woman’s school?” Junior asked.

“Yes it is, one of the few left in the nation,” Diane answered for Roxy. “It is also a very high academic school and hard to get accepted into. I think it would be a great place to go to college.”

“I wish I could start in the fall but it is way too late now to even apply,” Roxy said sadly.

“Not necessary,” Diane told her.

“But they stop taking applications for this coming year this past June and it is already April. I would have to apply now to even hope to attend there next year and since I’ve been out of school for so long, I don’t know that anyone would take me this year.” Roxy said letting her emotions show as she dreamed of getting a college education and she desperately wanted to attend Millicent.

“Don’t give up hope, let me make some calls. I know someone in my firm has to have some connections there,” Diane told her.

“I don’t want to be given any special considerations,” Roxy told her.

“Oh yes you do,” Sally told her. “Take whatever help you can get. That’s how the world works.”

“Yea, Dad helped me get into law school when my grades weren’t the best and I’m sure somewhere along the line, he helped Diane.” Junior told her and Roxy so wanted to believe her brother but still she wasn’t so sure Junior wasn’t just saying that to make her feel better.

“He has helped me, not getting into law school, unlike our dear brother, I didn’t go to a party school,” Diane said.

“What can I say, it was fun.” Junior said with a laugh.

“Anyway, Dad did help me and we’re going to help you,” Diane said.

“It seems like all I’m doing tonight is taking and not giving anything back,” Roxy said.

“Roxy you already helped us and have been helping us for years, I would not be where I am today if I had to stay here and take care of mom and dad,” Diane told her.

“The same goes for me, between you and Sally, I would not be where I am and Sally would not be wanting all the furniture for our new house,” Junior said causing Roxy to smile at that.

“Don’t forget that I get all the clothes,” Diane said.

“And I get all her panties and bras,” Sally added.

“Well it looks like I’m going to end up naked and living in an empty house, but at least I will be going to college,” Roxy said with a laugh.

“I assume Millicent College is a nudist college,” Junior said.

“It’s going to be now,” Sally added making them all laugh.

“You know I can’t promise you anything, I can only make some calls and see what I can do,” Diane told her.

“I know but I do appreciate it, even if it doesn’t work out this year,” Roxy said trying not to get her hopes up.

“Why Millicent College?” Junior asked as Roxy knew he eventually would.

“Because I have visited there a few times and I love the campus and it just seems so friendly.” Roxy told him pausing for a moment before adding. “It’s just been a dream of mine for a long time.”

“Then that is where you should go,” Sally told her.

“I hope so,” Roxy replied wishfully.

“What do you want to major in, prelaw?” Diane asked.

Roxy smiled, “No I will let you, Junior, and dad be the lawyers of the family, I think I want to go into accounting.” Roxy told them.

“Accounting, that’s boring don’t you want to do something more exciting?” Junior asked.

“Junior! That’s a terrible thing to say!” Sally said chastising her husband.

“No it is boring but I loved taking it in high school, numbers are interesting to me,” Roxy told her brother.

“Then that is what you should do. You got to find what you want to do and go with it,” Sally told her.

“I’m going to. Maybe I will become a IRS tax auditor and get to audit you dear brother,” Roxy told him.

“He does our taxes so if anyone goes to jail, send him,” Sally told her.

“Oh I plan on putting him under the jail and see if he still says accounting is boring,” Roxy told him.

“I have rethought my statement and have come to the conclusion that accounting is a very exciting field of study,” Junior said with a grin.

“I thought that would change your mind,” Roxy said.

“She got you little brother,” Diane told him.

Junior laughed, “I should have known better than to get the better of our little sister, I forgot that she’s smarter than we are,” Junior said with a laugh.

“Yes you are, you never got less than an A all through school,” Diane said.

“That wasn’t college and I’ve been out of school for a long time,” Roxy said.

“You’ll do just fine, I’ve just got to get you there,” Diane said.

“It’s okay if you don’t,” Roxy told her still not wanting to get her own hopes too high.

“I’ll find a way,” Diane said but Roxy could see that Diane was making a promise that her eyes told her she wasn’t sure she could keep. However, Roxy was sure that Diane would do everything she could to get her there.

Roxy then changed the subject away from her and to the house that Junior and Sally were having built. Sally had pictures on her phone of ones similar to the one they wanted and they all had ideas on how to make it better.

They stayed up late talking and Roxy so enjoyed having her sister and brother there. She knew that soon she would be back alone again and she wanted to enjoy this time together.

“I think we should go through dad’s things taking what we want to keep for each of us and then pack the rest to donate,” Diane said the next morning after they had breakfast and she paused for a second before she added, “And then we can move Roxy into her new bedroom.”

“No, my bedroom is just fine, let’s leave dad’s bedroom to him,” Roxy said.

“Dad doesn’t need it anymore and it’s your house now,” Junior told her.

“Honey, the longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to change things. I think I know your father well enough to know that wouldn’t be what he wanted. He always said to live in the present and not in the past,” Sally told Roxy.

Roxy wanted to argue but she had heard her dad say those very words many times, the last time being a couple of days before he passed away. “Well it does have its own bathroom…” Roxy said.

“It does and a king size four poster bed,” Diane said with a grin.

“I remember when mom got the bed, dad didn’t like it at all, he wanted something a bit manlier,” Junior said with a grin.

“He must have grown to like it since Roxy here arrived less than a year later,” Diane said grinning at Roxy.

“Yea I was just learning about sex and where babies really came from. It was a shock to know that my parents were still having sex,” Junior said with a laugh.

“Oh god don’t say that, now I’ll never be able to sleep in that bed,” Roxy said laughing.

“You won’t have to, remember I’m getting all your furniture including that bed,” Sally told her.

“And I’m getting all your panties and bras,” Diane reminding her keeping the joke going.

“You all are weird!” Roxy said laughing but the laughter and also eased the tension of going through their dad’s things so soon. But she knew the longer that they waited, the harder it would be on them all.

And it was a difficult job and more than a few tears were shed as they began the hard process of deciding who wanted what and then packing up the rest for those who could use and need the rest. Their father did have a pair of antique pistols that Junior wanted and he took those plus his watch and rings. The only thing that Roxy really wanted was her father’s wedding ring. She had been given her mother’s wedding ring with Diane taking her engagement ring when their mother had died. She found that the only other things that she wanted of her fathers were locked in her heart and those things no one could ever take from her. Knowing this did make things a bit easier but the hardest part was moving her stuff from her room to her parent’s room. However, Diane insisted on taking a pair of her panties and a bra which some humor into the situation as they all laughed at the show Diane made putting them into her suitcase.

That night she took her first shower in her new bathroom and she feared that she would never be able to go the sleep in her father’s bed. However, she was so tired from the work and the emotions of the day had worn her out so as soon as she laid her head on the pillow, she was asleep.

Junior and Sally had to leave the next day and Roxy so hated to see them leave but their lives and their kids were waiting on them plusthey had to get back. Diane on the other hand took her first vacation in years and she stayed through the next week. They worked on the house and got their father’s will and legal matters started if not completed, but mostly they just talked about what Roxy wanted to do. She felt like she really got to know her sister for the first time in her life. Diane was fifteen when she was born so by the time Roxy was at the age that she began to remember things, Diane had already left home and was in law school. And while on her trips home, she did try to spend time with her, the age difference was too great for them to really become bond as sisters. But now that age difference between them really had no effect as they were both adults, while Diane would always be her older sister, this week it was like there was only a year or two difference and they could really talk. For the first time in her life, she felt like she had a sister that she could depend on and would do anything for her.

So, when the morning came that Roxy had to take her to the airport, to Roxy it felt like she was losing her best friend. They were both able to hold off the tears until the final hug before Diane had to pass through security to get to her plane. Diane held her so tightly that Roxy could barely breath yet she almost wanted Diane to hold her tighter as if she wouldn’t ever let go.

“I wish you could stay,” Roxy said when Diane finally did released her.

“I wish I could too but I have to get back. But you know I’m only a phone call away and I’ll be on the next plane back if you ever need me to be,” Diane said as she wiped a tear from her cheek.

“I know,” Roxy said trying to stop her tears.

“And you know that you can come and visit me,” Diane told her.

“I will, I promise,” Roxy told her.

“Now give me one more hug and I’ll be gone,” Diane said giving her a hug before Roxy could do so.

As soon as Diane released her, she did turn to go. But just as she got to the security gate she turned and said, “And don’t forget to bring aa bottle of Dad’s brandy when you come.”

As sad as she was and through her tears, Roxy had to laugh, “I won’t forget!”

Roxy watched as Diane went through security and as she got her belongings she turned back toward Roxy and yelled, “Oh and all your panties and bras, you know that they belong to me now.”

It took a second for Roxy to realize what Diane had said and where they were when she said it. She saw everyone looking at her or Diane and she felt her face turn warm from embarrassment. By the time that she could think of some smart retort Diane was gone, however she did have her phone so she got it out and quickly typed, “I’m going to kill you!”

A moment later she got a return text, “I love you little sister.”

“I love you too big sis!” Roxy typed into her phone.

Roxy went on outside and walked to an area where she could see Diane’s plane as it taxied out to the runway and take off, something she wouldn’t have been able to do at a much larger airport. She had fun trying to find her way out of the airport parking garage and then she hit the lunch traffic so she didn’t have much time to think until she got to her father’s house. She was just putting the key into the door when the thought came to her that there wasn’t going to be anyone inside needing her to take care of them. For much of the last ten years that she all she had done but that part of her life was over. The only person that she had to take care of now was herself and there wasn’t much to do in that department or so she thought. She opened the door of what was no longer her father’s house but her house and it seemed so empty. And then she began to feel empty, all of the things that she had talked about with Diane seemed distant. For the first time in her life, she began to get this depressed feeling.

There was a lot of things that she could do in the house but she just couldn’t seem to motivate herself to do any of them. She went to the living room and looked out over the front lawn. She just stood there looking yet not really seeing anything but knowing that she had to do something. She had to take that first step on her own, by herself. Slowly something began to come into focus and it took her a moment to realize what it was. The grass that she had never paid much attention to other than to pay one of the neighbor boys to mow it looked in desperate need of mowing.

“Sorry boys but this year, I’m going to mow the grass,” she said aloud. Something that most people hated to do suddenly began an exciting adventure to her. She went to her room and found an old pair of jeans and one of her father’s flannel shirts that she couldn’t bear to give away. She put them on along with an old pair of tennis shoes and went to the storage building where the riding mower was kept. She filled it up with gas and then she sat down in the seat and she realized she had no clue as to how to turn it on much less mow with it.

She thought back to when she had come out with whatever neighbor boy was mowing that year and she tried to visualize how they had started it and on her third try she got it running. Finding reverse wasn’t too hard nor putting it in forward to get over to the grass however figuring out how to get the blades to go down and actually start mowing was a bit more difficult to figure out, however that too she mastered. She was smart enough to start in the back yard so no one would see the gaps she was leaving and having to go back over. Soon she was soaked in sweat but she was enjoying herself. She decided that she had been missing something all these years by hiring someone to mow her lawn, this was actually fun. After getting the back and side yards done, she took a break to get a bottle of cold water. While it wasn’t that warm outside, the sun was shining brightly and it was beginning to drain her.

When she went back out to finish the front lawn, she felt like she had this mowing thing licked and she began to sing every song she could remember not having to worry about someone hearing that she couldn’t sing worth a damn. The main thing was that she was feeling good about herself once again though she couldn’t imagine that mowing would help her with her self-confidence. Once she finished, she put the mower back up and got out the weed eater to trim around the house and trees. This turned out to be even more complicated to start and keep running but she managed that too. It was also harder to use and her shoulders were tired and sore by the time she finished.

After downing another bottle of water, she went straight to her bathroom wanting to get the sweat off her body. She stripped out of her sweat soaked clothes putting them into the clothes hamper. She turned the temperature of the water as high as she could stand before stepping into the shower and under the hot water. She rinsed off and then she turned around to let the hard spray of the shower hit the shoulders and the back of her neck. Soon her muscles began to relax and she felt better, tired but better. She washed the sweat from body and then her hair. She rinsed off and then got a towel to dry off. When she got to her legs, she realized that with everything going on the past week or so, she had become quite hairy. She put the toilet seat down before filling the sink with warm water. She got a new razor out and her shaving gel and she began to shave beginning with her underarms glad that she was wearing her father’s shirt while mowing and not some sleeveless top that would gross out all her neighbors. Once her underarms were shaved she tackled her legs getting them smooth.

She then looked down at her pussy seeing that it was needing to be trimmed in the worst way. She started to pick up her gel when she saw a pair of scissors sitting by the gel. She looked down at her pussy hair and then back to the scissors and then back to her pussy hair. Her mind went back to some of the naughty stories that she loved to read late at night when her father was sleeping and she was alone in her room. The women in most of these stories always seemed to be clean down there. She hesitated for a second before she picked up the scissors, if nothing else mastering the mower and the weed eater convinced her that she had really started her new life.

Before she could change her mind, she reached down pulling up some of the hair and snipping it off. Now that she had a big gap in her pussy hair, she had no choice but to finish the job, at least that is what she told herself. She took another snip of her pussy hair and another until all she had left was stubble. She picked up the gel putting some on her fingers and from there she smeared it around her pussy. She slowly and very carefully began to shave her pussy. She felt nervous and excited all at the same time. As she saw her skin being bared right before her eyes and she was doing the baring. After taking the last swipe of the razor, she wet a wash cloth to wipe the leftover gel from her pussy. She put the washcloth down and felt her bare skin, it was so smooth to her touch and sensitive. The more she felt the smooth skin around her pussy, the more she loved it.

She got up, going to the full-length mirror that was hanging on the back of the bathroom door. She looked first at her face seeing that she was already blushing. Slowly she looked down her body seeing her “B” cup breasts wishing they were bigger but still she liked how her nipples turned up a little making her breasts seem perky. She finally let her eyes go on downward until her eyes fixed on her newly shaved pussy. She looked at the top of her pussy were there was hair just moments before but was now bare. She saw the top of her cleft of her pussy covering her clit and on down where her outer lips covered her inner lips. At the bottom of her pussy, her inner lips barely peeked out which for some reason, she liked about her pussy.

Her right hand moved down to her pussy as if it was a magnet that her hand was attracted to. “Oh, my god, I’m wet,” Roxy said aloud as she felt the wetness on her lips. She moved her fingers against her smooth lips feeling her arousal grow. She looked into the mirror and realized that she was beginning to masturbate to an imagine of herself which felt so silly and thus ruined the mood that she was beginning to feel. She got a wet washcloth and cleaned her pussy once again before she began to dry her hair. Since she kept her hair relativity short with the sides covering her ears and the back going down to her neck with bangs going down halfway down her forehead, she was able to dry it rather quickly. When she was in high school, she had kept it long but as she began to have to do more for her father, she had it cut short making it easier and faster to care for.

She then realized that in her rush to get into the shower to ease her sore muscles and get the sweat from her body, she hadn’t bother to bring anything in for her to put back once she finished her shower. She opened the bathroom door and peeked into the bedroom to make sure that no one was out there and she then she let out a laugh. She was the only one in the house and if there was someone was there, them seeing her naked was the least of her worries. She went on into her bedroom, something she was just now getting used to having always called it her parents and then her father’s bedroom. She then had to decide what to put on, it was getting late in the afternoon and the house was warm as she hadn’t turned on the air conditioner just yet as the nights were still cool and the house took a while for the sun to get warm it up. She stood there for a moment before deciding that she could dress as she liked or even not even bothering to dress. She wasn’t completely comfortable going completely naked so she put on a pair or old cotton panties and equally old tee shirt that had a few more holes in it than her panties did.

She went from there to the kitchen to find something to eat as she was becoming rather hungry. She made herself a sandwich putting a little of everything she could find on it which made for a rather sloppy sandwich but a very good one too. As she ate, she checked out several clothing stores that she liked to shop online, not really looking for anything, just seeing if something caught her eye. From there she went to the den and picked up a book that she had begun to read. This was another habit that she had acquired when she had nothing to do but care for her father. She had never been much of a reader until she had lots of spare time to fill. At first it was just short novels but the more she read, the longer the novels she preferred. While she most enjoyed novels with lots of romance in them, she really to read most everything, including the books that she tried her best in high school to avoid reading.

She had been reading for a couple of hours when her phone rang. She knew it would be either Diane or Junior calling to check up on her. She put her money on it being Diane, money she would have lost when she saw that it was Junior that was calling.

“I’m doing fine,” was what she said when she answered it.

“That’s good little sister but I wasn’t calling to check up on you,” Junior replied.

“Pinky swear on that?” Roxy asked with a grin. She had always made him pinky swear on anything he promised her when she was little and he had never gone back on a pinky swear.

“Okay I was checking up on you” he said with a laugh.

“That’s what I thought and I appreciate it but I am doing fine,” Roxy told him.

“Pinky swear?” he asked.

“Damn,” she thought to herself forgetting that their pinky swear also worked both ways.

“Okay I was a little depressed when I got back here after dropping Diane at the airport but I got over that quickly,” she told him and before he could follow up on that she told him about mowing the lawn and how much she enjoyed it. That seemed to get the worry from his voice but of course he asked what she was going to do the next day and that she wasn’t sure but she would think of something. It took her a bit to really assure him that she really was fine and that she had lots of things to do around the house. She knew that no matter what she said, he or Diane would be calling every day or so for a while until they knew that she was really was okay. After talking to Junior, she had to talk to Sally so she too was reassured that she was doing great, though she, like Junior, couldn’t seem to fathom how she could ever find mowing as being fun. Of course she couldn’t get off the phone without talking to her niece and nephew, she was sad that she didn’t get to see them but Sally didn’t think it was a good idea to take them out of school to go to a funeral and Roxy couldn’t argue that.

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