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A half dozen tales of MILFs with creamy treats all ready for hot, dripping wet action! Featuring Michael Jade’s Milk Moms 1, 2, and 3 plus Jade Bleu’s Billionaire’s Wet Nurse 1, 2: Sophie’s Choice, and 3: Served by Sarah.

Genre: Contemporary Erotica/ FF/MFF/ Voyeurism/ MILF/ Lactation/ Hotwife/ Multipartner

Length: Approx. 20,242 words


Copyright © 2017 by Michael Jade, Smashwords Edition

First E-book Publication: April 2017

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Josh thought it was purely innocent when his wife got together with her friend Kate to help each other pump extra breast milk. When he comes home early from work, he catches them in the act of some hot, creamy play—and after watching the results, he can’t take it anymore and decides to get in on some double milkshake fun.


Frank secretly fantasized about doing the sitter…he never dreamed his lactating wife wanted the same thing! When they come home from a date to find the sitter fast asleep after having watched some of their naughtiest, milk-filled fun, they decide to wake her for a creamy treat and a threesome she’ll never forget.


Gary brings home his best friend to fulfill his dairy dreams, but neither of them was expecting his wife to make them get in on the action together—and with each other as well as her! The trio discover various ways to milk the moment for ultimate pleasure.


Becca has a most unusual job—she’s a private wet nurse for a billionaire with wildly eccentric “nutritional” demands. Her sexy boss has kept things all business—and she’s over it. She decides to turn the heat up and show him she’s got a lot more to give than an ample milk supply. When she succeeds in seducing the boss, he one-ups the arrangement, offering her double duty for milking and sex—together with his billionaire brother.


Re-lactating for a hot billionaire’s pleasure! I needed cash—bad. When I saw an enticing want ad, I decided to sell part of my body—the milk I once produced in abundance. Just one problem—my supply recently dried up. But the woman who placed the ad claims that she and her employer, who are hiring for his billionaire friend, can get things flowing so I’d get the job. The plan: a strict session of milking, pampering, and intense orgasms for stress relief. Before long, my choice to become a milk maid to a billionaire will pay off in hot and exotic ways I never imagined.


He made my milk leak right in front of him! Serving drinks was my job, but the night of the billionaire’s swank party, I was having a crappy time of it. Then I ran right into him—the host who was hot enough to let my milk down on the spot. I was mortified as hell when he saw my wet blouse, but then he offered me a weekend job—be his personal milk MILF, serving him a different kind of drink, hot and fresh from the source.



Josh stifled a surprised gasp when he glanced around the corner and saw his kitchen had turned into a tit fest. He’s planned to surprise Betty by coming home early, but he was the one with his jaw open in shock. He’d seen Candice, their neighbor, watching their combined kids out on her porch. She often helped Betty out on afternoons so his wife could get housework done—or so he’d been told. Today it seemed Betty was up to something far different than shining floors.

Josh quietly peered into the kitchen and watched as his wife moan softly while her friend Kate slowly massaged her full, swollen tits. Since the birth of their son, Betty often had afternoon “pumping” sessions with Kate, who also was using a breast pump to save milk for later feedings. Josh had never given a second thought to what these two might be actually be doing to release that milky treat.

He watched wide-eyed as Betty seemed to be delightfully enjoying her friend’s hands working her large, full breasts. Kate’s fingers squeezed and hefted Betty’s jugs with practiced motions, slowly savoring their weight. Betty had her blouse open, and the sides of her top had fallen off her shoulders. She looked incredible to Josh as he took in the sight of his wife’s naked chest being fondled by another woman. He had definitely liked the way her tits had swelled after her pregnancy, loved the heavy fullness to her ripe breasts, but never had he dreamed that he would get to watch another woman play with them. He could feel his cock already starting to grow hard as he peered cautiously around the corner.

Kate began to gently pull and squeeze at Betty’s nipples, and Josh could see her start to coax the milk from Betty. The first few drops leaked out onto Kate’s fingertips, and she swirled the wetness over Betty’s large nipples. Josh reached down between his legs and adjusted his growing cock as he leered at the sight of Betty’s glistening nipples being tugged and pinched by their neighbor. Kate leaned down and softly kissed both wet nipples before flicking her tongue back and forth across the sensitive buds. This made Betty sigh, and Josh could see his wife curl her fingers through Kate’s raven black hair.

Betty tossed her hair back and groaned louder now. Kate had begun to suck on Betty, her mouth firmly latched on to a swollen nipple. Kate’s hands were still eagerly massaging Betty’s big breasts as she sucked hard, making Betty arch her back. Josh was amazed at what he saw next. Kate released Betty’s hard nipple from between her lips with an audible pop, and she rose up. Betty leaned her head back and opened her mouth with an erotic, breathy sigh, and Kate leaned over and slowly drooled a stream of milk into her mouth. Josh watched utterly amazed and turned on as Kate moved down to kiss Betty and the two hungrily welcomed one another’s lips and seeking tongues.

Kate gasped as she pulled away, breaking the wet milky kiss.

Now do me!” she managed between excited breaths.

She hastily moved to undo the buttons of her blouse. Josh gulped as he saw Betty’s friend’s huge tits come into view. As large as his wife’s impressive jugs were, Kate had some mouthwatering boobs. Betty’s hands sought her friend’s already leaking breasts and scooped them from her already dampened bra. With a surprising eagerness, Josh watched his wife lunge in and begin to suck and nurse at her friend’s huge tits. None of the gentle care that Kate took with her, but a rabid hunger that swelled his cock. He could tell his wife was turned on and recognized the enthusiasm that he once thought was reserved for devouring his stiff knob.

He could hear Betty’s lips sucking and licking at Kate’s swollen, rock-hard nipples. Her fingers squeezing and twisting as she brought forth milk from Kate’s tits. Betty pulled her mouth away from Kate’s breasts long enough to begin rubbing her own full tits against her friend’s. Betty grabbed a generous handful of her own breast and squeezed working her taught fingers down to the nipple and she squirt several jets of milk onto Kate’s chest. As it began to drip across her large tits and over her stiff nipples, Kate offered them to Betty, who lustfully began to lick her own milk from her friend’s chest. Kate began to squeeze and milk herself into Betty’s mouth, filling Josh’s wife’s mouth with her fresh cream.

Betty swapped the milk with Kate in a hot, passion-fueled lesbian kiss. Both women’s hands were roaming, groping and squeezing at one another’s breasts in an increasingly hot frenzy. Josh was grabbing at his aching cock through his pants now, his mind blown by the display of horny milf titflesh being worked before his eyes. He was so glad he had taken the afternoon off to come home unexpectedly!

Josh couldn’t take anymore. He didn’t want to stay on the sidelines with his dick in his hand. Clearing his throat, he stepped into view. Both women sat up in surprise and looked at him in obvious shock. Kate moved to cover her huge melons with her hands, though it was an exercise in futility.

Ladies!” Josh said, his mouth a wide grin. “Don’t stop on my account.”

Both his wife and her friend glanced down and noticed his sizable erection tenting his trousers as he stepped into the kitchen.

Oh my god, Josh!” Betty exclaimed. “How long were you standing there?”

Long enough to know I like what I am seeing.” He stepped closer. “All this time I thought you two were sitting around the kitchen table using breast pumps and swapping mom stories.”

Josh pulled his shirt off and began unbuttoning his pants as he walked to where both women sat red faced. He opened his pants and took his cock out and began stroking his already fully erect dick.

I’m serious,” he went on. “Don’t stop. You’re turning me on so much I can’t stand it.”

He leaned against the kitchen cabinet and began to openly masturbate eyeing both women’s breasts with a lecherous stare.

Betty and Kate exchanged nervous glances. With a shrug and a giggle, Betty pulled Kate close and resumed kissing her. Betty glanced sideways at her horny husband as she slid her tongue into her friend’s wet mouth. Josh felt his cock pulse in his hand. He could tell by the look in her eye that she was getting aroused by being caught doing something so hot and out of character to for her.

Kate motioned for Betty to lay back on the kitchen counter. As Betty slid up on the cool granite surface, Kate slid Betty’s pants off and tossed them aside. Kate stepped around the countertop and leaned her huge breasts down over Betty’s face. To Josh’s delight, he watched from a much better vantage point while his wife opened her lips and took Kate’s tits into her mouth. She sucked and kissed first one, then the other, eagerly lapping at what was being offered. She squeezed and played with her own breasts at the same time, pinching and pulling on her nipples to draw milk out. White sprays cascaded down on her chest. Soon, Betty’s tits were wet with her own breast milk and they glistened invitingly.

Turning slightly, Kate leaned down and licked the milk that covered Betty’s chest. Betty continued to suck at Kate’s full globes and streams of milk ran from the corners of her seeking mouth and down her chin. Josh continued to watch, moving closer to the action, his own hand still busy cranking on his aching prick. Kate slid a hand down Betty’s stomach and Josh watched as her fingers slipped down into his wife’s panties and began to touch her now soaking cunt.

Betty moaned into Kate’s soft chest as her friend began to play with her pussy. Josh was right next them now. He bent down so he was eye level to his wife as she sucked at Kate’s nipples. Betty turned her head and released Kate’s tit so she could kiss Josh. Josh could tastes Kate’s milk as he pressed his mouth on Betty’s. He kissed his wife deeply, their tongues mixing and he found himself moving his lips and tongue in an aggressive quest to taste more of this heavenly drink.

Betty reached up and moved one of Kate’s milk swollen udders, offering it to Josh. Josh opened his mouth and flicked his tongue across the nipple. Betty squeezed with practiced fingers and Josh could feel his mouth flooded with Kate’s breast milk. Soon Betty was pulling him in close so they could both work their lips across her tits and nipples together, both sucking and nursing on Kate. Josh locked eyes with Kate, who smiled while she squeezed and tugged at herself. Jets of her milk shot onto Betty. Josh felt like some perverted vampire as both he and Kate leaned down to feast on the milk covering his wife’s magnificent tits. He could feel her body arching and writhing as she took pleasure from both of their mouths sucking and licking at her ample titflesh, as well as Kate’s hand expertly fingering her in her drenched panties. Josh felt Betty shudder, and she came with a scream while he and Kate worked their mouths all over her. She pounded her fists against the countertop as her orgasm took hold.

Josh wanted more. His dick needed attention, big time. He motioned for the women to change places with him, and he hopped up on to the counter. He grabbed his throbbing prick by the base and waved it at them.

Betty gave Kate a wicked smile and they both moved to either side of her husband’s rampant, swollen cock. They both kissed at his cheeks and neck while they let their fingers stroke and tease his hard dick. Josh could only stare down in aroused disbelief at the amazing sight of both big-titted moms. Betty grasped her husband’s dick firmly and held him still. Josh could not contain himself and moaned as he watched both women grasp a huge, milk-filled tit and squirt fluid on the head of his cock. He could feel the wet spray of their warm milk splash across the taut, glossy head of his tortured cock. It dripped and ran copiously down the length of his veined shaft. Betty gripped him hard and slowly worked her fingers up his shaft, milking his dick like their tits. He saw a large pearly drop of his precum emerge from the tip of his dick to slowly ooze down to mix with their milk. Betty offered his glistening mushroom head to Kate, and the brunette opened wide and sucked Josh’s wet knob into her mouth. He could feel her hot, velvety tongue laving all around his cockhead. Like a hood housewife, she sucked hard and cleaned his cock well of their combined juices. With a wet slurp, she pulled his dick from her mouth and they repeated the process, this time giving Betty a chance to savor his precum and milk-covered mushroom head.

The women did this several times, each stopping right when Josh felt himself on the verge of coming. Betty knew her tricks, and when he was ready to shoot off, she would grip the base of his cock tightly and stave off his orgasm. Josh felt dizzy and on the edge of eternal torment.

“Not yet,” she said, and he groaned.

Betty moved in front of Josh, and he watched as she wrapped both of her huge tits around his cock and began to slide his shaft between her milk-soaked breasts. Kate leaned in and massaged her tits, sending more jets of warm milk to cover and lubricate Betty’s fleshy mounds.

God,” Josh cried out “I can’t take this anymore. I have to come.”

Josh felt the women push him on to his back atop the granite countertop. His wife climbed up and straddled him. Josh looked up as she began to slowly lower her dripping cunt to his desperate, throbbing prick.

He goaned in satisfaction. “Yes, baby, do it,” he said. “Fuck my cock before I explode.”

He loved how sexy her heavy tits looked as they hung down just inches from his face. They were wet and glistening with milk, the nipples so big and swollen from all of the sucking and pulling. Her whole body seemed so much in a visible state of full sexual arousal. Josh felt her hot wet pussy slide down around him as Betty sank down atop him. His hands went to her soft, full hips and he began to rock and move with her. Her big tits bounced and swayed as they began to fuck.

Kate watched them both, one firmly squeezing and massaging at her immense breasts, and the other busy between her legs. Betty reached for her and pulled her close to kiss her. As josh looked up from where he lay he could see both of their amazing breasts mashing against each other. He could not believe he was fucking his wife while she kissed and groped her sexy big-titted friend. They both then leaned their tits over his face and Josh was in heaven. He lost track of whose tit, or whose nipple was filling his mouth as he sucked and licked. His entire world and all of his senses filled with glorious breasts.

He groaned in disappointment when breasts moved away from his mouth. He soon forgot what he was bemoaning as Kate moved up on to the counter above him and began to lower her wet snatch down to his face. Josh’s tongue leapt from his mouth, and he began to eat Kate’s pussy while she straddled his face. Now all three of them rocked in sexual unison. Both women were grinding and humping atop him. He was aware that Betty and Kate had begun to make passionate love to one another as they rode him. This only made his cock swell harder in excitement. He reveled at being the junction and sexual union for their girl on girl coupling. He could feel more breast milk dripping down on to his chest as they kissed and mashed their tits together.

That was all Josh could handle, and with a roar, he tensed and arched up. He jammed his cock deep into Betty’s spasming pussy. He came harder than he could ever remember. His cock shot jet after jet of sticky white cum into his wife’s waiting cunt. Betty cried out, and he could feel her pussy convulsing around his own spasming dick. Kate wasn’t far behind them, and soon her pussy drenched Josh’s mouth with her gushing orgasm. They finished off together, eventually slowing into a wet, trembling heap.

Kate slid off the countertop first. She grabbed a kitchen towel and began to wipe her slick tits clean. Betty sat up and moved to join her, but Josh grabbed her wrist.

No need for that,” he said. “I’d be happy to help with the chores and clean that up for you!”

Easy, cowboy,” Betty laughed “This was just round one.”

Josh raised an eyebrow curiously. Round one? What more did these sexy milfs have in mind?

We are just getting started, stud!” Kate said as she took something from a drawer under the counter. She held up a breast pump machine and dangled the tube with its curved cup over Josh’s face. He felt his cock twitch and start to swell again.

I wonder how one of these would feel on a guy’s dick?” Betty asked.

The women laughed mischievously, and Josh knew he was in for some more hot and milky fun.



As the streetlights danced across his wife’s face while he drove, Frank admired Holly’s big, sexy breasts, still so full and heavy since the birth of their son last year. She wore a black evening gown with a scandalous, plunging neckline, making the most of the ample natural cleavage that never failed to make Frank horny and attract the lustful stares of other men wherever they went. They were on their way home from a nice night out to dinner, and Frank was looking forward to getting home and relieving their babysitter, Sara. With a little luck, he’d be fucking the shit out of Holly while the kid was still fast asleep.

Holly reached her hand over and let it slip down into Frank’s lap, where she gently began to rub and stroke his cock through his pants. Frank sighed happily and smiled at his wife, pleased that she was in just as horny a mood as he was. Oh yeah, luck was a lady tonight. His dick responded very quickly to her touch and he began to rise stiff.

That feels great babe,” Frank moaned his fingers gripping the steering wheel tighter. “I’m almost disappointed that we’re almost home. Otherwise I would ask you to get your mouth down here and suck me off!”

Holly gave his shaft a squeeze, and laughed. Her hazel eyes glinting with sexy mischief. Her long blonde hair cascaded around her face in fancy curls and waves, and Frank caught a quick glimpse of her licking her lips seductively.

Not to worry. I’m sure Sara will have little Brent tucked in and asleep. Which will leave plenty of time for me to wrap my lips around this big hard dick of yours!”

Frank’s cock swelled and leapt involuntarily at the mention of Sara their very attractive and sexy young babysitter. A freshman in college, Sara had the sweet wholesome look of the all American cheerleader type, but a body that was built for porn.

Ooh! Someone likes the thought of Sara!!” Holly teased as she felt his cock respond to the name. “It’s okay, Frank. To be honest, I can see why. You think you’re the only one who gets off thinking about the babysitter?”

Frank felt his face flush hot, she caught him, but the dirty teasing tone in her voice let him know she liked his naughty desire for sweet Sara. He had wanted to fuck that girl since the first time they hired her. Frank had pounded out more than a few loads to thoughts of her toned young thighs and perky breasts. What he wouldn’t give to blow his wad all over that sweet face. Just thinking about that while his gorgeous wife tugged his dick made Frank’s head swim.

At last they pulled up into the driveway, and Frank felt himself let out a moan of disappointment as Holly released her grip on his now painfully erect cock. Frank watched as Holly slid out of the passenger’s seat. Her nipples were erect and clearly visible through the fabric of her dress. He was going to fuck her so hard tonight.

They walked into the house quietly, Frank desperate not to wake the baby before getting what he wanted. As expected, the lights in the house were mostly off, except for the hallway light leading to the bedrooms. The living room was only lit by the flickering light of the television screen.

I’ll check on Brent really quick,” Holly whispered in his ear. “Go see if Sara needs a ride home and make sure to pay her.” She gave his earlobe a quick lick. “Try not to ogle the poor thing too much.”

Frank chuckled and made his way to the living room. At first glance, Sara appeared to have fallen asleep with the television on. But what really caught Frank’s attention was what she had been watching. If Frank’s face had felt hot and flush earlier in the car, it was twice that now. Sara had found one of their “private” DVDs. It was a little home video Frank and Holly had shot a few weeks ago. On the screen in glorious Hi Definition, Holly had her voluminous breasts held in both hands, and she was squeezing and milking her tits. Her large milk filled jugs were already wet and slick with breast milk, and Frank could see himself lean in on screen and begin to lick and suck at one of her nipples. They had filmed a lengthy evening of themselves enjoying some sexy playtime with Holly’s lactating tits. Holy shit, Sara had seen the whole thing. Even better, as he drew closer, he could see Sara had dozed off on the couch with her hand down her shorts and her sweater still up over her tits.

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