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To all my lovely readers out there. Remember, no matter what your dreams are (naughty or not), you have everything you need to make them come true.


All characters and events in these stories are purely fictional, therefore any resemblance to real people (living or dead) or events is a coincidence.

Caution: Contains descriptive sex scenes and adult contents.

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Tied up by the knight

10h October, 2015

Dear Diary,

I know I haven`t talked to you for a while, but believe me, I had a good reason. Okay, I guess everyone says that, so there is no point in lying. The truth is that I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to write about the things that happened. Mike confused me, but what’s worse is that I confused myself. He has taken me to heights and depths I never even knew existed, and all of a sudden I was hooked, as if I couldn’t get enough of him. I didn’t even think I wanted to experience it all, and now that I have, I’m a different person, with completely new feelings and desires.

I am no longer the innocent girl who walked home that afternoon and found her hot neighbor outside, painting their front door in his boxer briefs. No. Although I had sex before, with him, everything is different. It’s as if I had to learn everything about how the whole intimacy thing works. Yep, all over again. I guess now I know what’s the difference between making love and fucking – although what we did so far pretty much resembled the latter, still it evoked more passion and emotions than any of the ‘lovemaking’ I engaged in previously.

And now not even with one man, but two straight away? Wow. So, you see why it took me so much time to confess once more? But I know there is no turning back now. I just need to make sure my emotions won’t get messed up. I’m that kind of girl, who could fall head-over-heels for just about anyone. I need to protect my heart, even if I share other parts of myself with him. And maybe with his friend, too.

Oh, yeah, I still remember the way those two were trying to make all my wishes true. Two hands running along my body, caressing me delicately, sending me over the edge, their massive cocks fucking me simultaneously. They wanted to make sure a whole new world would open up to me. I would say that they succeeded, because I’ve been in a daze ever since. You know the type you feel after a good shag. Yeah, I didn’t know what that was like up until now, either.

But, needless to say, things got pretty heated after Mike and I had that “little” affair with his friend, Dan. I can`t say that I`m ashamed now that I think about it, but I was for a long time. I guess I just had to get rid of the inhibitions I put on myself. Oh well, the way I look at it now is that I will just put this at the back of my mind, along with all the other things I`ve always wanted to try, but never had the courage. Maybe that’s all I needed, someone to push me a little harder. Yeah, I know, in both senses. And I might even experience it again, who knows, right? But for now, Mike is more than enough to trigger those hidden desires.

I have been seeing him ever since, but not his friend. I wouldn`t say that I`m disappointed, because I`m sure we will find new and exciting ways to entertain each other and ourselves. The fact that we could get caught anytime just adds to our excitement, and makes every touch and kiss count. At first I thought I would feel shy, or would feel guilty, and yes, that’s been part of it since the beginning, too. But only a tiny part. For the most part, I feel like my dreams have suddenly come true and I am in some kind of fairy tale. An erotic one, but still, I get to be the princess who gets rescued. Who am I not to award my knight in shining armor?

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