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Sister's Anal Delight

Doctor's Incestuous Family 2

(An Incestuous Harem Story)


Reed James

Copyright © 2017 by Reed James

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Naughty Excerpt from “Sister's Anal Delight”

My little sister was a horny minx. I loved it.

Her arms tightened, clinging to me with a hungry need. I felt how much she wanted me, how much it meant to her that I was paying attention to her. My dick throbbed in my jeans, aching to bury into her pussy.

But I had to please her first. Clint devoured Alicia's pussy before he fucked her. And it was clear his little sister would do anything for him. And I think I understood why. He gave her what she needed. He devoured her pussy, made her cum, and let her be his little princess.

Guys I knew just cared about busting their nut. None of them had meaningful relationships. They had girls they hooked up with. Some were almost like real girlfriends, but they would cheat on them if they had a chance. They didn't care about the girl. Why would they? Modern girls thought they had to put out, that they were emancipated and should just give themselves to the guys because if they didn't, others would.

And the guys loved it.

Jenny broke the kiss, breaking away from me. “You really think my tits are better than Ms. Samuels?”

“Yes,” I groaned.

“I love you, big brother,” she grinned, her hips shaking as she pulled off her headband. Her brown hair fell about her face and shoulders, sweeping around as she shook her head.

“That's hot,” I groaned.

She beamed at me, her hips rolling. “You think I'm hot, big brother?”

“Yeah.” My mouth was so dry. “Yeah, I do.”

Her fingers went to the buttons of her dress. “Good.”

I squirmed on the couch, my dick throbbing so hard as I watched her fingers work each button of her dress. My heart pounded in my chest as she revealed her snowy flesh. Then the racy red of her bra. She dressed like a frumpy church wife, but her underwear was so hot, so sexy. It was so shocking to see such a lacy bra, the material transparent in spots, letting her pink areolas and nipples peek through.

She shrugged out of her blouse and wiggled the skirt down her hips, exposing her white tights covering her racy, red panties. They almost were a thong cut. Such a naughty pair of panties. She stepped out of her skirt and turned, showing her ass. The panties only covered the top half of her butt-cheeks before the fabric narrowed into a strip vanishing into her crack and clinging to her pussy.

“Yes,” I panted, rubbing my dick through my jeans as she peeled off her tights, exposing the creamy flesh of her butt clad in those panties. “Those are hot. I love them.”

“My cheekies?” she asked, bending over, the crotch tight against her pussy. She smacked the naked part of her ass. “They're so naughty. I just had to buy them. It makes me feel so wicked walking around in them and no one knows. No one but you, big brother.”

“Yeah,” I panted as she stepped out of her tights. She was so slim and sexy.

She straightened, reaching behind her and unfastening her blouse. I licked my lips, squeezing my cock so hard through my jeans as she shrugged out of her bra straps. They slipped down her arms, the cups sliding away from her breasts. She dangled her bra to her right, giving me a teasing look over her shoulder before she dropped it.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I groaned.

Her cheeks when crimson. “Um...porn. And I practiced in my bedroom.”


“Yeah,” she said, wiggling her hips, her ass swaying. “For you.”

“Damn, I love it.”

She turned around slowly, her round breasts jiggling. They were a lush pair, ivory flesh bleeding into pink areolas, her nipples small but hard, thrusting at me as she faced me. She trembled, putting her hands on her hips, trying to look sexy, but at the same time there was a vulnerability about her, a fear glittering in her eyes.

“You are the sexiest girl, sis,” I panted. “Damn, I am the luckiest big brother in the world. Your tits are amazing.”

Every word relaxed her, transforming her pose from the vulnerable into the sensual as her confidence swelled. Her smile grew smokier. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed, the fear vanishing from her eyes, replaced by smoldering desire.

Then she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and pushed them down her hips. I had already seen her pussy when I pulled them off her hips just hours ago, but I still salivated, leaning forward as the first brown curls of her bush appeared. She rolled her panties down farther and farther, exposing more of her pubic hair, and then her slit half-hidden by her curls. I smelled her excitement, a tart musk that only made me harder.

To find out what happens next, read on!

Sister's Anal Delight

James Wilson

I hadn't had a real chance to talk with Jenny, my eighteen-year-old sister, since we made love during their lunch break at school today. We had shared our passion, committing the most wonderful incest I could imagine. We took each other's virginities and discovered new aspects of each other. I had no idea my little sister was so hot. So sexy. So wanton.

She had been an eager and active participant, falling to her knees, sucking my cock, begging me to pop her cherry, to cum in and breed her. It had been so wild hearing my uptight, little sister say those words. I never thought she was interested in sex. Not really. She dressed so conservatively, baggy clothing, long skirts, high necklines. Not like the other eighteen-year-olds at our college.

Or my fellow nineteen-year-old sophomores.

When she burst in on my secret spot on the school grounds where I vaped, a small clearing amid rhododendron bushes behind the school's gym, I had thought she would tattle to our mother. Mom was a doctor, and she hated smoking. Jenny was always tattling on me, following me around, being annoying.

Now...she could follow me around all she wanted.

What I did not expect to happen after she caught me was for Clint and his little sister, Alicia, to have sex where we could watch. Clint was a legend at our college. Last year, when I was a freshman, he was the junior who had knocked up Pam Hiragawa and his cousin Melody Samuels. He strutted school with both girls on his arms, his own private harem. Rumors persisted he even fucked his other cousin, Lee; his two sisters, Zoey and Alicia; and his aunt, Ms. Samuels, who taught me History this semester.

It had been so hot hearing Clint fuck his little sister. He took her hard. She begged him to cum in her, to breed her. Jenny and I had listened, growing hotter and hotter. There was such envy in Jenny's eyes as Clint devoured Alicia's pussy.

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