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Her Other Husband

Three's Company

By Jane Emery

Copyright 2016 Jane Emery

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Three's Company

He thought he knew her. Jacob and Teresa Marsden have been married for over three years, and they've had the best relationship. The couple met when Teresa was in Grand Rapids on business, she was out for drinks with wealthy clients and they literally bumped into each other. She had spilled drinks all over his shirt.

"I am so sorry," she said as she put the almost empty glass back on the bar. She grabbed as many nearby napkins as she could and tried to dry him off.

"Don't worry yourself over it," Jacob said to her being a gentleman.

"It looks like a nice shirt, at least send me the bill for the cleaning."

"If you insist, but who would I be billing?"

"Teresa," the curvy blonde bombshell gives him an alluring smile as she hands him one of her business cards, "How about you call me and we can work out the cleaning details. I'll be in town for a few more days."

Jacob called her the very next day and struck up a bargain with her, one she couldn't refuse. "Have coffee with me, it's a lot cheaper than a cleaning bill." Saving money, how could that be turned down?

Teresa was waiting for some clients to get ahold of her for a meeting and she didn't expect that to happen 'til the next day, so the two spent a lot more time together. They went to the movies and ate dinner at one of his favorite spots. "They make the best pulled pork in all of Michigan," he boasted.

They had such a great time together they never realized the sun was coming up the next morning. Teresa thought she had the rest of the night until her call was supposed to come in, where did the time go? "Holy shit, my clients are going to be calling me soon, I need to get back to my hotel and freshen up," she said. Time seemed to disappear when they were together, and it felt great. She found someone to have a good time with, such a good time that she wanted to see him again; she even made sure to program his number into her cell phone.

Over the next year Teresa would come back to Grand Rapids every couple of months. She'd stay in town for a week sometimes a little longer. He couldn't get enough of her sweet charm and insisted she stay with him when she was in town. She settled in at his place, kept her own toothbrush and toiletries there, even started to leave clothes on her side of the closet. Teresa loved knowing that she had a handsome strong man in a city that she visits often, someone to give up half his closet to a woman that is only in town for twenty to twenty-five weeks a year.

Everything was going so well between them that Jacob looked past her job. When she is in Grand Rapids, she is there with him and no one else. They go out and have fun together, see shows and take in concerts of their favorite bands; nothing was dull when they were as one. Even in the bedroom she had opened his eyes to so much more, things he never thought would turn him on. He's always been a stud of a man, varsity wrestling and baseball team champion, adored by many and envied by most. He never had a girlfriend in high school, even though many of the ladies wanted to be his date to all the dances; he was focused on sports and his training.

College is where he broke loose sexually. One night at a frat party a girl from his poly-sci class took him home. She lured him back to her dorm room knowing that her roommate was still at the party. He only had sex with one other person but never felt the warmth of a woman's mouth on his pleasure rod. She was the first, and he knew from that moment he wanted to explore as much as he could with anyone possible. On the fortunate side his charm and good looks will get him far in the ways of casual sex, but unfortunately he was not hitting on the right women at the clubs. They were either looking like sexual people because they want the attention or the free drinks, or he would take one home and the sex would never go past the typical oral and vaginal he was getting used to.

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