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Watching My Step

By Brieale Sound

Watching My Step

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Watching My Step


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Are you asking to have your fucking arm broke, dude!” Here I am again defending my sister’s honor, at least that’s what I tell myself. The truth is, I want to take her in my arms and do the things Mason Branch is only thinking about. Things a brother shouldn’t think about.

From the moment I first saw Mia Copeland’s scowling face, she entranced me. I don’t know why, she was a little shit back then. I was fourteen, and she was eleven with an attitude from hell. At first, Mia despised me and my father. Getting a new stepfamily was like Ipecac to her stomach. Every chance to vomit wisecracks was an opportunity to fuck with me. Away from our parents listening ears, I was a “little prick” among other adjectives, but that was her favorite nickname for me. Back then I was that awkward, shy kid. I hid behind my long hair and kept everything bottled up inside. All that changed a few years after her and her mom moved into our home. Mia went from a bitchy preteen, to a sweet little sister, and I went from being the little prick, to a well-built bad ass in our small community. It’s motherfuckers like Mason Branch that make my reputation well known. Nobody in their right mind touches Mia. Especially, some dickless wonder like him. Jealousy rises inside me, and I want to break his goddamn jaw just for general purposes.

“Look, Cade, I don’t want any trouble,” Mason says and removes his hand from Mia’s waist. He backs away with his palms in the air, and it’s a good thing because I’m about to swing on the little bastard.

“That’s right, ass hat, keep walking,” I spew insults as the crowd of high school boy’s scatter like scolded puppies.

“Damn it, Cade Monroe,” Mia says and smacks me on my arm. Even the sting of her smack sends the blood racing toward my groin. Hell, she can make my cock hard with just one look from her sexy green eyes. But she used my full name, and I know she’s really pissed.

“You know who that is, don’t you?” She doesn’t give me time to answer. “Mason is the most popular guy in school and he just wanted to talk.”

“I know who he is, and I’m pretty fucking certain he wanted more than a talk.”

“What’s it to you? I’m eighteen, and I can do what I please. Now he’ll never speak to me again!”

“Good. Now get on.” I motion to my motorcycle. I watch as she shifts her eyes away from me, and I swear I see her lips turn up in a grin.



“Bye, Rae.” I wave at my best friend as she climbs into her car. Only a second later, I hear my name being called from somewhere behind me. When I turn, my mouth nearly falls open. Mason Branch is calling for me. I hesitate thinking I heard wrong, but his eyes are on me, and he nods as if to assure me, I’m the one. As I approach, I notice his eyes are brown. Why hadn’t I noticed them before? They’re not blue, not the color of the deepest ocean, not Cade’s color. I blink my eyes forcing the thought away.

“What are you doing tonight, babe?” With one brow raised, he stares at me grinning.

“Uh…” I pause wondering exactly what I would be doing, “nothing,” I finally say. He slides his hand across my waist, and his fingers connect with bare skin. There should be fireworks going off, instead I feel nothing. But suddenly, I’m being pulled backwards. It’s Cade and his eyes are fierce, on fire with anger. I’ve seen this look before, and this situation is going to end badly.


Embarrassed, I swing my leg over and sit on the leather seat of Cade’s motorcycle. It had ended badly just like the other times. I want to be mad, to scream at the top of my lungs. Cade’s always sticking his nose in my business and since our parents died in a car crash two years ago, he’s only gotten worse. We used to be inseparable, but since he became my guardian, he has kept me at arm’s length. I have always loved him secretly, maybe from the first time he gazed at me through his long hair. He’d gone from a shy boy to a muscle-bound man, confident, caring, and tough. He’d sacrificed college and took a factory job to put food on our table. I know he wants me. Hell, the whole town knows it. He will never act on it; he will never love me the way I want him to. I just want to run far away where he will never find me, but I can’t fight the feelings that stir deep inside. I want him all to myself.

He leans back against me, and my core tingles. His warm, hard body makes me feel safe, protected. Staying mad at him is impossible, but this time he went too far. I slide my hands around his waist, my fingers resting snugly against his six-pack abs and I lay my cheek against his strong back. Even pissed, I want him more than he will ever know. I pretend he is mine, every part of him. From his always disheveled black hair to the tribal tattoos on both arms. All mine. I want to slide my hand down to the bulge in his worn jeans, but I remind myself, I’m still mad at him and this is only pretend. He doesn’t want me like that and it looks like I’ll be a virgin the rest of my life and love a brother who refuses to act on his desires.

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