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Taming Rachel

Copyright  2017 by Mary Quast

ISBN: 978-1-68361-146-2

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Taming Rachel

Rachel Willis signed up for a 1Night Stand with hopes of finding something that is missing in her life. Is it a coincidence her date is scheduled during a class reunion? And why did the one person she’s avoided for years have to show up?

Dusty Stiles never recovered from the one that got away. Madame Eve is his last hope to get her back.

Will one night be enough to erase the pain of the past and rekindle the passion they once shared?

Dear Reader,

I married my high school class president and helped put together several class reunions. I also had the opportunity to attend a couple of my college class reunions. Many classes have mini-reunions across the country to allow people in certain regions to attend an event. Over the years I’ve witnessed classmates hook up and have a HEA life.

While planning a class reunion I participated in a Writer Challenge with some writer pals. Each of us was given the same photo of a woman’s hands bound by what looked like a garter. My muse inspired me to write a “class reunion hook up” short story. I decided to create a wild gal who needed a strong alpha man to tame her. He used a garter he took from her leg years before to tie her up.

After the challenge, the story continued with more layers and Madame Eve was determined to match them up properly to give them a HEA. While I worked on the rough draft, a friend joked about being in a book…so I named the hero after him. My son picked out the hero’s last name.

Please enjoy Dustin & Rachel’s story in Taming Rachel. Feel free to contact me at maryquast@gmail.com.

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This book is dedicated to my sisters at Romance Writers Behaving Badly for their inspiration and support. And to Dustin Hodge for helping create an amazing hero.

Taming Rachel

A 1Night Stand Story


Mary Quast


“Open your eyes, Rach,” he commanded. “I want to see your eyes when you come.”

“Dusty, this is crazy.” She writhed beneath his hard body. “I can’t even drink and walk at the same time. How can I…?”

“You can.” His large hands cupped her head.

“I can’t.” She squeezed her eyes shut.

“You have before.” The slow grind of his hips pushed her legs farther apart. “Come on, babe.”

“I….” She couldn’t resist him, his touch, his body, his voice despite how much she wanted to.

Nothing more than a booty call, she let him use her time after time. Why didn’t she learn to stay away from him? Because the sex god made her scream like a banshee in heat when he took control of her body? Oh, yes! In theory, they were friends with benefits, except he’d managed to worm his way into her heart. She cared more than she should. Contradictory emotions rolled over her, and she choked out a small cry. Like a dangerous drug, she craved this ultra-sexy bad boy, and she hated herself for such weakness. The logical part of her brain screamed to get out from under him and his spell.

She preferred to be in charge and calling all the shots. She enjoyed the few unemotional events with men she selected for their sexual innocence and manipulated for her benefit. Yet, this giant pushed her past self-imposed limits and made her forget everything but the desire to make him happy. A simple glance, a flash of his perfect smile…any innocent contact stirred her. His deep seductive voice set her aflame. Like a moth to fire, he drew her in.

When he walked in late at her brother’s wedding reception, her insides reeled with the awareness of what he’d demand from her. From experience, a friendly smile and few laughs always led to hot, intense sex full of her doing things she normally wouldn’t do. During the last couple years at college, they had crazy but passionate sexual encounters often. When he walked in her direction with the strides of a predator, she became his prey. Dampness formed between her legs in anticipation of what he’d do to her.

He greeted her like an old friend, with a sincere hug. They danced, laughed, and drank into the night. After the music died, she should have left him alone. He pulled her aside and spoke of his feelings for her. He held deep affection for her. Yeah, right. She brushed it off to the alcohol talking rather than his heart speaking. No way did he truthfully care for her.

His fancy confession worked, though, because her naked body tangled with his…again. Resentment toward his smooth talking triggered a desire to abruptly end the situation so she could run off and nurse her broken heart. Get the orgasm first, girl, then run. She tucked her head in the crease of his shoulder and increased the rhythm. As if sensing the change, he paused to pull away and cupped her chin, forcing her face to lift. He placed delicate kisses on her neck, cheek, and eyelids.

“Shhh…. It’s okay. You will do it for me. Open your eyes and look at me.” The demanding words spun circles in her mind.

Her intention of glaring at her lover instantly diminished when she saw his eyes grow dark with restrained passion. He remained motionless. Sweat slid across the hard contours of his face and down his neck. His strong arms held his weight off her. Despite the damage the massive man did on the football field, he never hurt her. Even with his six foot four, two hundred sixty pound frame, he remained tender with her five foot three figure. When they were together, he pleasured her like a queen. He worshiped her body, electrifying her blood with energy. Oh, to have such a man of great power and even greater control actually love her.

She needed to run away from him and the conflicting emotions in her heart. If she performed a phony orgasm, she might be able to hurry things along so he could achieve a real one thus allowing her escape. Pressing her hips against his, she wiggled her need for him to resume his movements. She licked his nipple, tasting the sweet and salty wetness. His skin quivered against her tongue, and he pulled away from her with a groan.

“Hey, slow that mind of yours down. Hell, turn the damn thing off and let your body feel. This is me you’re with. We are good together, so just let it happen. Don’t rush it, and God, please don’t fake it. I’ll know if you fake it.” He lowered his head and rested his brow upon hers. “Relax.”

“Damn.” She sighed. His command became her desire. “I am relaxed.”

He covered her mouth with his and claimed her with every stroke of his tongue. Running her hands across his firm backside, she admired the rigid muscles. Years of being a lineman had created a body fit for a Greek warrior god. Withdrawing from her slick heat, he stole her breath with the motion. She whimpered her protest.

He plunged back into her. Fire licked the walls of her womb. She dug her nails into his tight butt, flexing with every thrust. With his authoritarian aura, he maintained a controlled, sensuous pace, pushing her to let go. Her grip on sanity loosened.

“We fit so perfectly.” He nuzzled her neck and nipped her ear. “Let it happen, babe.”

All thought left, and he intoxicated her into sensual overload. She burned with a thirst only he could quench. The sensations rendered her defenseless to his request, and she gave in.

“Look at me, babe.” He caressed her cheek with the pad of his thumb.

She fell into the black pools of his eyes and pulled up on waves of pleasure. Every caress of his fingers blazed with possession. This sensual god understood every inch of her body and how to push her further than she thought possible. Blood rushed through her at a dizzying rate. She wanted to absorb her lover, become one entity with him.

“Dustin.” She moaned

“God, I love hearing you say my name.” He held her gaze as she approached orgasm. “Come with me.”

Giving in to the agonizing bliss, she arched her back, struggling to keep her eyes fixed on his while swells of delight hit, one after another.

“That’s it, babe.”

His name left her lips in a hoarse cry.

“Oh fuck.” He drove deep into her, turning her name into a mantra.

Orgasm hit hard. Waves of heat and pleasure lapped. Forgetting to breathe, she tossed in a sea of ecstasy. Pure rapture washed over her, bathing her soul in light. The moment couldn’t have been more perfect.

He rolled to his side and cooed to her, bringing her down from the orgasmic trance. Wrapping his strong arms around her, he gave a tight squeeze then held her close. I love you. The words surfaced but remained unspoken. She didn’t dare say them out loud. She sighed in contentment. She basked in his hold, comfortable and safe. Each time they had sex, he cuddled her the same way. She pretended he considered the act special and thought of her as more than an easy lay.

“God, you’re fucking amazing!” His laugh broke her warm thoughts.

I’m such a fool. This is probably one big joke to him.

Like a worm burrowing through earth, anger tunneled into her heart. A hole formed. She grew cross for falling for him, his body, his voice, and his charms once more. Why couldn’t she resist him? Not a place on campus had they found unsuitable for their explosive passion. They had sex in his dorm room, her apartment, the football field, the beach; the list continued. Now they lay in his hotel room after her brother’s wedding reception.

The man commanded authority. Being a star athlete and way too good-looking, he had a bevy of females to choose from any time he wanted. According to her twin brother, Dusty used her as an easy conquest and would never be happy with just her. She suffered a silent broken heart after every coupling.

She’d graduated a few months before, ready to start her life. Because he’d lost time to an injury, he still had a couple of classes to complete for his degree. She could be free of him. Finished with his ability to convince her to do things, to dominate her in ways she hated yet craved, she had to do something to liberate her mind from the warring confusion. If she left, she’d never see him again. She had to protect her heart. No more. She jumped out of bed and grabbed her clothes.

“What are you doing?” He rolled over to face her.

She ran through the door and away from him without a glance back.

Chapter One

Ten years had passed since their college graduation. Tired of the typical class reunion socializing, Rachel stepped into the shadows to sip her wine. To most people, being in a room containing several ex-lovers could be a bit of a downer, but enough time had passed and everyone greeted each other like old friends. The evening consisted of meeting spouses, seeing photos of children, and hearing about various occupational paths. Of course, gossip of divorces topped the conversations.

Some were using the opportunity to network for their careers. The school district she worked for had made some drastic cuts, leaving her jobless. All her belongings were in storage, and she lived out of a suitcase while job hunting. Surely there had to be districts looking for an innovative art teacher. A couple of classmates who held positions as principals offered their business cards with the promise to accept her resume.

A loud shout drew her attention. Members of the championship football team were honored guests at her class reunion. Gazing across one of the finest rooms in the Vegas Castillo Hotel, she watched her twin brother, Bill, ham it up with old friends. He wore a permanent smile as he laughed with his long-lost, but not forgotten, teammates. She suspected after being blessed with fatherhood and a job as a corporate lawyer, he didn’t see much of his college buddies. With animated gestures, they were talking about the season of fame. One fellow gently tossed the championship football with the players’ signatures to a couple of guys. What a rough and burly bunch they still were.

She loved her brother but often wondered if she’d made a mistake going to the same college as him. During their four years, she enjoyed the popularity that went along with being the star quarterback’s sister. She’d tolerated the overbearing nature of her twin who criticized her choice of men, even if she dated one of his close friends. Any man he pushed her toward never seemed to satisfy her and became one more in a string of one-night stands.

Lucky for her, he stayed out of her love life after his wedding. Most of the men she knew had married and settled into neat, scheduled lives. So much had changed over time; once lean, vigorous bodies had given in to the softness of sedimentary lifestyles revolving around their budding families.

One man managed to still have his muscular physique and remain as hot as ever; Dustin “Dusty” Stiles, the legendary linebacker who’d led the team in tackles. Back in the day, the girls on campus considered him the epitome of tall, dark, and hunky. From the stares he received as he walked past them, they still deemed him so. He wore his black tie loosened around the open collar of the white dress shirt tapering down to his narrow waist. Black pants covered the world’s perfect butt and thighs. Polished Durango boots with silver tips reflected his cowboy side.

Rachel had managed to dodge him all night. She’d evaded everything regarding him for years. After college, she left Michigan and her family to move to a small town in New York. She didn’t see much of her brother and always avoided discussing news of his friends, especially after what happened with Dusty after Bill’s wedding.

However, any thoughts of him usually accompanied a self-induced orgasm. No other man she’d dated could compare to him. He pushed her to sexual heights not reached since. She loved what he did to her and hated how he used her. Memories of how she gave in to him time and time again still generated pain in her heart. She missed his friendship, his dominant qualities, and his magical touch. He haunted her.

Time had passed. According to the talk of the night, he’d moved to Wyoming for work as an engineer on the wind turbines but ended up making a fortune when oil was discovered on the property he bought. They were different people now, but what if they still had that volatile magnetism between them?

Putting down his signature rum and coke on a nearby table, he unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt. She watched his hands, remembering how they strummed her body like a guitar. Heat spread down her spine and pooled between her thighs. Standing sideways, he rolled the sleeves, baring his strong forearms; the flash of a watch made her blink. The black cowboy hat he wore shadowed his face, but she swore he sent a fleeting look in her direction. A slow grin appeared on his face. Part of her wished to be the recipient of the smile instead of those he conversed with. He radiated brilliance with perfect teeth, and memories of those lips made her hotter.

Single women flirted with him while several married ones undressed him with their eyes. One of the flirty females took his hat for a moment. He held out his hand and flashed a sharp glance at the woman. With a blush, she complied and gave it back. His dark hair worn cropped close in a military style reflected his assertive and compelling personality. His nose no longer possessed the familiar bump she recalled him having as a result of its being broken twice. She bit her lip and recalled how she spent many quiet moments caressing his nose and face with her fingertips and lips.

Moving around the room with ease and chatting with her brother and friends, he carried an air of dignity. He walked with a slight limp and managed to make that sexy! She thought back to the game that ended his football career. The injury cost him his scholarship and depression knocked on his door, but, with her help, he kept his spirits up. They often studied together, played cards, or just hung out. Time created a wonderful friendship. Funny how simple, sweet sociable chats often ended with him inside her. She warmed with the recollection of sitting naked on his lap while his leg rested in a cast.

Needing a change, she stepped outdoors onto a patio and debated whether to stay at the reunion a while longer or head to her room and call it a night. One of her sorority sisters followed her outside.

“Are you okay?” Brenda asked.

“I’m fine…just needed some air.” Taking a deep breath, she relaxed.

“Too many exes in one room?” She flipped her hair.

“You could say that.”

“You were such a wild child, Rachel Willis.” Leaning against the railing, Brenda took a slow sip of her Long Island Ice Tea. “You had it all…good grades, popularity, and the hot guys. What was it you used to say?”

“Guys were like a box of chocolates, and I simply had to sample them all so I could decide what kind of guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.”

“I can’t believe with all that sampling, you didn’t find a favorite flavor.” Brenda raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t sleep with them all, did you?”

“Of course not all of them! But, damn, who could resist popping a guy’s cherry?”

“For sure. Virgin Destroying Squad to the rescue. God we were nuts.” Brenda snorted in an unladylike manner.

“Seriously though, I didn’t have to screw a guy to figure out if I liked him or not. I didn’t enjoy being controlled by those so-called experienced guys with their macho attitudes of possession.” She turned to her friend. “Remember the guy I left at the movie theater? He told me he didn’t want me wearing nail polish! I hadn’t even kissed him, and he went all freaky on me, telling me what to do!”

“He had to hitch a ride back to campus because you had the car.” She laughed. “What a dweeb. Do you know whatever happened to him?”

“I heard he’s on his third wife.”

They paused to share a quick giggle.

“But, if memory serves me, you had a thing for virgins.”

“They were so sweet.” She played coy. “I felt sorry for the cuties coming to college intact. It was my duty to help them out. They will always remember me being their first.”

“You were afraid of being forgotten? Pft.” She waved her hand in dismissal. “Those boys caused your emotional downfall. You used the ability to dominate guys as a way to just get an itch scratched rather than developing a relationship. A guy who knew what he wanted and how to get it would have had you wrapped around his pinky. You should have left the boys alone and focused on the right man. ”

“Puh-lease! Not again.” She rolled her eyes. “You’ve been giving me this speech since our senior year.”

“Alright, I’ll lay off the lecture crap. But you know I’m right.” Brenda gave her a quick hug. “I’m so glad you came. I can’t imagine being at a class reunion without you.”

“You had a great idea for these mini-reunions. I didn’t make it to Michigan when they celebrated the real anniversary of the championship game on campus last year. I won’t make it to the official reunion in October. I even missed the mini-reunion in Chicago last month.”

“You’ve had a lot on your plate with losing your job and moving. It surprised me when you said you were coming to Vegas, though.” Brenda winked at her.

“You are such a liar. You were the one who convinced me to try Madame Eve’s service to find that man with experience.” She smirked. “Even my brother and mother are in on this.”

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