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Create the life you want by JD Moorea Create the life you want by Nov. 17, 2017 $4.95 66416 words
How do you create the life you desire in just over a year? Well, if you’re obsessed with personal development, like author J.D Mo’orea, you can read 280 books in one year. Or You can read just one book; “The no bullshit approach to create the life you want”.
Out-of-Body Experiences: A Handbook by Janet Lee Mitchell Out-of-Body Experiences: A Handbook by Nov. 17, 2017 $3.99 45746 words
What is the best, safest method to induce an OBE? Is there a limit to how far away one should go from the body? Is it possible to go out and not be able to get back in the body? Do I need a teacher to learn how to have this experience? Have astral bodies actually been photographed? What are the main fears that hold one back from an OBE?
The Shadows by E.V. Jacob The Shadows by Nov. 17, 2017 $3.77 88647 words
Roz craves a fresh start. Instead, she gets ghosts. With the help of her friends, she sets out to take on the specters. But the deeper she digs, the more the terrors plague her, bringing terrifying new threats. Determined to stop the shadows from overtaking her world, Roz and her friends will put a stop to the looming darkness, or die trying.
Out of Office: How to be a better, more productive remote worker by Blake Thomas Out of Office: How to be a better, more productive remote worker by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 8136 words Sample 20%
In this book, you'll learn the importance of setting up your work space, limiting distractions, maintaining a proper health, how to be a better communicator, and utilizing all the great tools at your disposal-- so you can be the successful remote worker you've always dreamed to be.
The Final Option: A Science Fiction Novek avout Armageddon by Kyle Robertson The Final Option: A Science Fiction Novek avout Armageddon by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 49981 words Sample 30%
This a dark story about a government mission going horribly wrong with biblical proportions.
First Time Up Her Butt While She Slept. Sexy Quickies 4 by Sexy Latina First Time Up Her Butt While She Slept. Sexy Quickies 4 by Nov. 17, 2017 $0.99 1442 words Sample 5%
She's exhausted, and in his attempts to wake her, he keeps daring to explore more and more of his wife's sexy sleeping body. Only for 18+
A Arte do Terror - História by Vários Autores A Arte do Terror - História by Nov. 17, 2017 Free! 36415 words Read a sample
Se você tivesse a oportunidade de participar ativamente de momentos que se tornaram fatos históricos? Por exemplo: se pudesse voltar à Segunda Guerra Mundial, à Revolução Francesa ou ainda aos Impérios da Antiguidade e influenciasse os acontecimentos? Se tudo o que conhecemos sobre a História, não fosse exatamente, o que aconteceu?
Time Freeze by robert renshaw Time Freeze by Nov. 17, 2017 Free! 1111 words Read a sample
Mixing a stew of life can have it's pleasures.
Vietnam Travel Guide by James Costello Vietnam Travel Guide by Nov. 17, 2017 $3.49 15264 words Sample 15%
Planning your holidays to Vietnam?This comprehensive Vietnam travel guide tells you where you should go!
Korzan and the Sea Nymph by Nixie Fairfax Korzan and the Sea Nymph by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 7298 words Sample 20%
During a visit to the ocean, Korzan rescues a beautiful aqua-skinned sea nymph from the clutches of a hulking slime-monster, which she claims was sent by an evil tyrant who yearns to enslave her. Warrior and nymph share a passionate and very, very wet interlude before the monster’s master appears…and Korzan learns the situation is not quite what he had been led to believe. Adults only.
Outlaw Cowboy Daddy's Horse by Zehn Harlock Outlaw Cowboy Daddy's Horse by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 5868 words Sample 20%
Anne's father made her take care of his horse...in every way imaginable. She knew he loved her but hard times changed him and brought back old, reckless habits. Each time he returned home from a dangerous job he asked Anne to do something for him. Would he stare at her body and tell sick, perverse stories again? Or would he actually have her act them out?
The Life of Book by Philippe Ho, Sr The Life of Book by Nov. 17, 2017 Free! 28623 words Read a sample
The Life of Book is a novel about the life of a family man and professional. In his private life, he has a complicated personal relationship with his wife, an elegant fashion magazine called “Vogue”. And with his rebellious teenage daughter “Popstar”, a pop music magazine. On the professional side, with his bossy boss “Time”, a news magazine.
An Excuse for Poor Conduct by Kate Dolan An Excuse for Poor Conduct by Nov. 17, 2017 $1.99 29251 words Sample 20%
When William Fletcher wakes up on the floor of the almshouse staring into the eyes of the local bully who had terrorized him during his teen years, he knows he's in trouble. Fortunately, she doesn't recognize him—at least, not at first…
Ben Jonson's Ben Jonson's "Bartholomew Fair": A Retelling by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 78496 words Sample 20%
This is an easy-to-read retelling of Ben Jonson's classic comedy play "Bartholomew Fair."
Three Stories by Calumet Three Stories by Nov. 17, 2017 $10.00 8462 words
Fiction. Three stories. 2017. PICASSO'S PENIS is about a staff reporter at Vanity Fair who discovers in a diary her grandmother had a relationship with Pablo Picasso. BREAKFAST WITH BANKSY is about an ethnographer who meets a street artist while in Delhi. BRITISH PROPERTIES is about a professor who donates sperm and suspects the bride and groom of a wedding are his children
The Wolf at the Door by Michael Hackard The Wolf at the Door by Nov. 17, 2017 $7.99 37524 words
THE WOLF AT THE DOOR is a compact and comprehensive reference for identifying and fighting back against elder financial abuse. The book's author, Michael Hackard, is a California attorney who has practiced for forty years. Includes more than 75 endnotes with URLs.
Big Brother Love - Chapter 1 by The Lewd-Otaku Big Brother Love - Chapter 1 by Nov. 17, 2017 $1.00 1275 words Sample 15%
Kirino and Kyousuke's relationship truly takes off over the past couple of months. Kyousuke tries to change Kirino for what he deems to be for the better. He makes her breasts larger and start wearing piercings on her nipples and also changing her clothing and underwear to be more revealing and show off more skin. She bought a new pair of underwear and nipple piercings and shows them to Kyousuke.
Punished - Billionaire's Toy #1 by Robyn Hunter Punished - Billionaire's Toy #1 by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 9607 words
Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, inexperienced Michael has no other choice than to enthusiastically submit to the sexual demands of the six richest and most powerful men of the city. They all want a piece of him and they don’t plan to be gentle. Or use protection. If he doesn’t give them what they want, he will go to jail. Will Michael be able to meet their rough demands to keep his freedom?
Delicious Vegetarian Pizzas For Everybody by Neil Milliner Delicious Vegetarian Pizzas For Everybody by Nov. 17, 2017 $1.99 14898 words Sample 5%
Every recipe you will ever need to create delicious, healthy pizzas at home without using any meat. Endlessly versatile, easy to prepare, and a fresh satisfying meal in itself, pizza has become a staple of every families nutritional needs. 59 Tasty Pizza Recipes 23 Pizza Base Recipes 11 Pizza Sauce Recipes
Assiyah Rising: Part One by T.H. Ansz Assiyah Rising: Part One by Nov. 17, 2017 Free! 29880 words Read a sample
A young Army intelligence officer, an NSA agent, a physicist, a DARPA biologist, and an unassuming man from the Midwest are swept into a powerful current of events cloaked in secrecy and driven from the very top of political power. They soon discover an intelligence that has descended upon the Earth, forcing humanity to reconsider their position in the world and in the cosmos itself.
Futanari Butt Ninja: Sweet Puckering Surrender by MI Eros Futanari Butt Ninja: Sweet Puckering Surrender by Nov. 17, 2017 Free! 6076 words Read a sample
Danny is unaware that Mej is a futanari, and the bulge in her pants catches him off guard when they finally get close. However, he doesn’t lose his attraction to her, and she begins to openly pursue his manly bottom. Will Danny release himself to Mej and her progressive encouragement to give her what she wants? Find out in this shemale futa on male, futanari dickgirl, ladyboy tranny sex erotica.
Force Me: Broken by Leda Lane Force Me: Broken by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 27800 words Sample 20%
Attention: this collection is pretty far out there and may be considered triggering for some (though please read the full story before casting judgement—you may be surprised) so please only buy this book if you’re absolutely certain you can handle it!
The doctors office by Lone Wolf The doctors office by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 3245 words Sample 20%
For going to a regular doctor for HRT treatment and examination, Tina thought it would be normal until her new body started going crazy with a unusual lust for the massive Anthro Stallion Doctor
End of the World by Bakheet Al-Odah End of the World by Nov. 17, 2017 $3.99 12424 words Sample 20%
A lot of people wonder about the signs of the Dooms day or signs that indicate the approach of the Day of Resurrection, a day that everyone is afraid of as it is the day of reckoning in which the person knows his fate, whether he will go to Paradise or fire the doomsday...
Individualized Training Strategies For Hardgainers by Mark Sherwood Individualized Training Strategies For Hardgainers by Nov. 17, 2017 Free! 23819 words Read a sample
In order for a hardgainer to engage in effective training, he must have a way to formulate a training strategy that matches his own physiological characteristics. This is the primary goal of Individualized Training Strategies For Hardgainers, a book that is based on identifying four types of hardgainers and providing individual training strategies for each one.
Daughter's Slut Training Collection 4 by Reed James Daughter's Slut Training Collection 4 by Nov. 17, 2017 $4.99 25277 words Sample 20%
Why let her daughter have all the fun when Mommy can be a slut, too? Find out in this three story collection! These three stories contain: incest brother/sister, father/daughter, mother/son, older woman/younger man, teacher, oral, hot wife, cheating, coed, voyeurism, creampie, prostitution, interracial, virgin, first time erotica that is not for the faint of heart!
TCP Model for Retail Success by safeer50 TCP Model for Retail Success by Nov. 17, 2017 $9.99 18446 words
Most books let the reader lost in details while TCP mode focus 100% in the core of retail which brings customers, sell to them and make profit from your selling.
Love Lifted Me by M.J. Conrad Love Lifted Me by Nov. 17, 2017 $1.49 5099 words Sample 20%
Clive Hanson is destined to be a comfort to those traveling the rocky road of life. He does his best work on Christmas Eve. Emily Ann Brewster wishes for one wonderful evening spent with a friend. What she gets is stuck in an elevator with a strange gentleman. And it's Christmas Eve. What he does,and what she needs, is a miracle.
Ellie’s and Daddy’s First HelloWeiner by Lisa Smiles Ellie’s and Daddy’s First HelloWeiner by Nov. 17, 2017 $3.99 14373 words Sample 20%
His daughter Ellie is eighteen, has just had her final exam and is emptying her room before going away for her gap year. But what's this? A draw full of every old Halloween costume? An afternoon alone in her bedroom dressing her in them, talking about feelings, exposing some privates and discussing divorce, leads to revelations of pent up desire. Can a father and daughter be lovers? Let's see!
The Wealthy Place: The secrets to a flourishing financial life by Seyi Adebiyi The Wealthy Place: The secrets to a flourishing financial life by Nov. 17, 2017 $9.99 48674 words Sample 20%
Consider various fields of the earth; science and technology, medicine, entertainment, Banking, Trading and Commerce, Politics, Education and so on. None of these fields are yet functioning at the peak of their existence yet. That means we all are yet to fulfill the commandment of God that He gave to us in creation; “…replenish the earth…” This book will show you how to replenish the earth.
The Battle of Distant Times by Ethan Zielonka The Battle of Distant Times by Nov. 17, 2017 $4.99 79384 words
Welcome to the world of the Dreamkeepers. For many centuries the world has been saved by the Army of the Light until 1603, when the Darkness was taken from the world. Now the Darkness is back and is targeting the Dreamkeepers throughout time..... This is just the beginning
Cuckold Fantasies: My Wife, My Mistress by T.J. Wright Cuckold Fantasies: My Wife, My Mistress by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 13461 words
My Wife, My Mistress follows Neil and Jill in their journey through the wild realm of cuckolding, from the nervous first encounter with a neighbor to her buying a strapon to an all-out gangbang.
Fire by Sam Rook Fire by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 63084 words Sample 20%
The thrilling conclusion to the Knights of Av’lor trilogy! Trapped on Av’lor and left for dead by her betrayer, Kathryn’s unrelenting determination is the only thing that might overcome the invading Zahkrinon army.
Revenge Process by R. Richard Revenge Process by Nov. 17, 2017 $4.15 11093 words Sample 30%
Social zero Jason marries hot Linda. Due to Jason’s government security clearance, Jason and Linda must maintain a separate financial existence. Linda decides to earn some income by sexually servicing executives of Jason’s employer. Jason sues for divorce and the company tries to throw Jason and Linda under the bus. Jason rescues Jason and Linda and snags a lady lawyer, for himself.
Mike Delaney thriller box set by David Callinan Mike Delaney thriller box set by Nov. 17, 2017 $6.99 134629 words Sample 20%
Three thriller box set: Downloaded thousands of times these stunning and remarkable thrillers feature ex U.S government assassin, ex Hong Kong Police and former esoteric warrior monk, Mike Delaney in three heart pounding action adventures What fans say: 'The plots will blow your mind', 'Thrillers you MUST NOT miss', 'Mike Delaney is my new favorite hero'.
Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger Volume 4: The Social Justice Warrior by Allister Remm Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger Volume 4: The Social Justice Warrior by Nov. 17, 2017 $0.99 1512 words Sample 20%
In this cultural sensitivity focused story, both Keri and Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger receive an impromptu lesson in social justice and develop a better understanding of the social justice movement and those who are outraged by it.
Children of the Colony: Book One The Spirit Wars by C. F. Turner Children of the Colony: Book One The Spirit Wars by Nov. 17, 2017 $9.99 158657 words
After twenty eight years in the making, C. F. Turner's much anticipated epic fantasy has arrived. The Children of the Colony series has been tremendously anticipated. Turner's successful career as a master sculptor has given way to a stirring creation. Carved from the grand universe, far beyond our own galaxy, this story finds its setting.
She's Mine: A Dark Romance Trilogy by JB Duvane She's Mine: A Dark Romance Trilogy by Nov. 17, 2017 $6.99 116132 words Sample 10%
A dark, seductive trilogy: When Adrian is forced to hold Brooklyn captive, she knows she should hate him. But she can't forget their past - or the desire that still burns between them. The She's Mine Trilogy is an epic saga of recapturing love that has been torn away by others ... and by self doubt.
Scrum Master by Kadir Çamoğlu & Göksenin Kurtar Scrum Master by
& Nov. 17, 2017
$0.99 9727 words Sample 20%
Scrum yükte hafif, anlaşılması kolay fakat ustalaşması zor bir çevik yönetim çerçevesidir. Bu kitap pratik bilgileri ve kontrol listeleriyle sizi daha iyi bir Scrum Master olma yolunda desteklemek için Kadir Çamoğlu ve Göksenin Kurtar tarafından yazılmıştır.
Fire vs Fire by Raelyn Taylor Fire vs Fire by Nov. 17, 2017 Free! 33771 words Read a sample
Before A Daughter's Fury, Alex went by Kat. Kat is on a mission to avenge her father's murder, when she meets Nathan. A man with green eyes that can see into her soul. Nathan knows he's fighting a ghost but he wants Kat's heart. Time is running out; Kat's past is on the verge of catching up to her. Is Nathan's love enough or will vengeance consume her whole?
The Daddy Games (Games Series Book 1) by JB Duvane The Daddy Games (Games Series Book 1) by Nov. 17, 2017 $3.99 61635 words Sample 15%
Two dominant men. Hundreds of submissive women. A kinky, x-rated reality show. The only word to describe it? Epic.
Serving Life 25-One Guard's Story by Neil Maclean Serving Life 25-One Guard's Story by Nov. 17, 2017 $6.99 78756 words
Serving Life 25-One Guard's Story will provide a peek behind the curtain into an Oz-Like environment of Canada's troubled prison system. Experience the not so normal days of a Canadian Correctional Officer in British Columbia. This is a tell all book offering an in your face truth of those behind the crumbling walls of Canada's often times dangerous prison system.
Death By Stupidity by Margaret Craig Death By Stupidity by Nov. 17, 2017 $0.99 114190 words Sample 10%
Since the violent death of his wife and son, perpetuated by a serial killer who is still on the loose, Grabor's sworn oath to uphold and abide by the law is still a priority, but its boundaries have begun to blur. In his pursuit of violent criminals, he finds himself constantly pushing the legal limits. With lights flashing and siren blaring he is hoping to get a lead on a year-long unsolved case.
A Purpose True by Gail Kittleson A Purpose True by Nov. 17, 2017 $6.99 88806 words Sample 20%
Thrown together by the vagaries of war, their shared mission, and common devotion to liberty, the last thing Kate and Domingo anticipate is the stirring of affection that threatens to blossom into love. But how can love survive in the midst of the enemy’s relentless cruelty toward innocent citizens?
Happiness is Just a Pill Away by David Grad Happiness is Just a Pill Away by Nov. 17, 2017 $4.99 64485 words
In this introspective and darkly entertaining novel about coming face to face with your own mental health, a man finds himself caught in a passive aggressive battle against routine, complacency, and the white-collar way of life. When a threatening post-it note pulls him from routine into chaos, he finds himself forced to take an existential look at life.
Monologues:From A Homosexual Hazard by Edwin Betancourt Monologues:From A Homosexual Hazard by Nov. 17, 2017 Free! 7393 words Read a sample
What is a ‘Homosexual Hazard’? A Homosexual Hazard is a Gay man who is proud of who he is, what he has accomplished and doesn’t care what society thinks of him. In this book, you will find monologues and scenes geared towards Gay Men about Pride, Love, Life, Suicide, Dating-both online and offline, Depictions of Gay Characters on TV, Marriage, Body and Self Confidence and many more!
Music City Murders by W.D. Frolick Music City Murders by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 73259 words
THE PRESSURE IS MOUNTING AND THE CLOCK IS TICKING! A psychotic serial killer is on the loose in Music City USA. One by one he is murdering members of the Nashville music community. Detective Mike McMahon and his partner, Detective Sergeant Rose Goodwin of the MNPD, have been assigned the daunting task of catching the elusive killer and bring him to justice. How many innocent lives will be lost?
Dark Love: A Dark Romance Duet by JB Duvane Dark Love: A Dark Romance Duet by Nov. 17, 2017 $4.99 92022 words Sample 10%
Dark Love: A Dark Romance Duet includes both parts of the Dark Love series. Charlotte couldn't escape … from the prison Raymond put her in or from the dark love she found with him. Especially when she realized that the darkness was inside her too...
Visigoths in Tweed by Peter Higgins Visigoths in Tweed by Nov. 17, 2017 $9.99 49280 words Sample 20%
Reid McFetridge. Earnest, without guile, focused on finding his life path, he lives a fast life during his first-year university at Queen’s University in Ontario. But he didn’t expect the turbulence he encounters when his best friend suffers a fluke injury, and his unharnessed thirst to rebel…
Protected Contact by Julie Stielstra Protected Contact by Nov. 17, 2017 $2.99 22148 words Sample 20%
Seven stories explore the vibrant and troubling connections between people and the worlds they delight in, be it nature, art or literature -- ranging from the cloning of a woolly mammoth to a romantic encounter in a London bookstore.