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Mandy Fills a Futa Sandwich: Buttered for Breakfast (Mandy's Futa Sorority Book 5) by Crystal Hynie Mandy Fills a Futa Sandwich: Buttered for Breakfast (Mandy's Futa Sorority Book 5) by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 6,250 words Sample 10%
Today it's Mandy's turn to be the pledge to fetch the sorority president breakfast in bed. But Victoria isn't eating alone. Joining her is a senior girl with voracious and unusual tastes. Mandy's about to learn some unconventional uses for tea and butter, not to mention what it's like to wriggle on an anal hook. But the main thing on the menu is Mandy–as the filling of a hot futa sandwich.
Tethered by Abigail Lee Justice Tethered by Feb. 17, 2018 $0.99 18,490 words Sample 5%
If taboo is what you desire, take a wicked walk on the dark side. I can give her glitz and glamour, every comfort, even make her famous, but my gifts come with a price. She must become my willing submissive. Mine to do with as I please, make her shiver or scream. But in the end, she still holds all the power, binding me with one final word...No.
Faery Collectible by Deb Logan Faery Collectible by Feb. 17, 2018 $4.49 31,570 words
The saga of Faery Unexpected continues! In Faery Beautiful, we learn how Princess Rhiannon and Eoin the Strong met and began the saga. In Faery Unpredictable, Claire and Roddy return to the Realm of Faery for the Christmas holidays and fall victim to the intrigue and plots of King Alberic’s High Court. And finally, in Lexie’s Choice, Claire’s BFF, Lexie Davis takes center stage.
Traveler's Respite: Part IV - The Beast Within by G Johanson Traveler's Respite: Part IV - The Beast Within by Feb. 17, 2018 Free! 15,060 words Read a sample
Torn between husband and lover, Hedwig Winter has a difficult choice to make. On the one side she has her dependable, rugged landlord husband, Wulff, and on the other her young, handsome and unpredictable lover, Michael Reiss. Neither man is who or what they seem, and Hedwig discovers that when you engage in a love triangle with a werewolf and a serial killer, there will be blood.
The Poems  of  Du Fu (杜甫詩選) by You-Sheng Chen The Poems of Du Fu (杜甫詩選) by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.00 7,200 words Sample 10%
This is a book with the best poems selected from the Tang Dynasty in Chinese. As we know it well, Du Fu is one of the best poets in the Tang Dynasty. This book has selected some of the best poetic works of Du Fu. After prudentially reviewing the available English translation on Internet, I am confident my English translation is one the best. Hopefully, you can enjoy my translation and understand m
Taken for Revenge: Part 2 by Meredith Williams Taken for Revenge: Part 2 by Feb. 17, 2018 Free! 3,900 words Read a sample
When Lucas invaded her apartment and tied her up and forced her compliance, Annabel did what had to be done--sexually and otherwise. But now he's come to collect what's his, and she doesn't plan to make it easy on him. This short story is the follow up to "Taken for Revenge." Both stories contain violence, non-consensual situations, and an alpha male protagonist who fights as good as he fucks.
Of Dutch Descent by Caroline Muntjewerf Of Dutch Descent by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 82,490 words Sample 15%
In postwar Europe six-year-old Ellie is torn from her home in Holland by her mother Rita to start a new life in New Zealand. Rita is reluctant to tell Ellie about her past, which adds to Ellie’s desire to know more about her roots and her father. She is determined to discover more about her roots but a visit to her home country only disrupts her feelings of belonging even more…
The Facility by Allister Remm The Facility by Feb. 17, 2018 Free! 14,490 words Read a sample
The Facility has been publicly exposed to the world. External pressures and internal chaos are threatening to tear it apart. The higher ups launch a PR offensive to let the world know just what The Facility is, and what it does in an effort to prevent a hostile takeover.
Joe's Story by Seth Creamer Joe's Story by Feb. 17, 2018 Free! 6,570 words Read a sample
Werewolves, wizards, and weird stuff are all real, and Jim Shaw hunts them for a living. When he decides to take his son Joe along hunting deer instead, he runs into more than expected. See the Jim Shaw Universe through Joe's eyes in this short story set between Made Men and Engine Trouble.
Love on Display by Leah Williams Love on Display by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 6,590 words Sample 20%
A smart, sexy romance that races to a sensual climax as Emily Johnson discovers her new lover's kinky career. Aiden Foster relies on his muscular body, smooth manners, and outgoing personality to attract fans and create a small fortune. The momentum of their relationship pulls Emily toward a world where great sex isn't just between lovers anymore.
Taking Care of Your Family's Health and Well-being, Saints to Turn to and the Catholic Faith by Cascia Talbert Taking Care of Your Family's Health and Well-being, Saints to Turn to and the Catholic Faith by Feb. 17, 2018 $3.99 41,830 words Sample 20%
Combining healthy living and the Catholic faith in a book has never been done before until now. This book, inspired by the Holy Spirit can help anyone attain a holy and healthy life.
All-nines Collection Five by Bud Maus All-nines Collection Five by Feb. 17, 2018 $0.99 1,310 words Sample 30%
All-nines Collection Five: 150 brain-stretching. Unique, and challenging word puzzles. All answers consist of nine letters with no duplicated letters.
His Grandfather and Oriental Massage by Rosie Zweet His Grandfather and Oriental Massage by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 4,260 words Sample 20%
England, 1814. When his grandson insisted marrying a girl of dubious background, Thomas decided to do the checking himself. But he didn’t prepare how ‘deep’ the-said checking was?
The Beethoven Syndrome by Mark O'Neill The Beethoven Syndrome by Feb. 17, 2018 $1.99 12,510 words
A deadly nerve gas, named "Beethoven" due to its ability to permanently deafen its victims, has been stolen from a Nazi-era bunker outside Berlin. Now terrorists are ready use it against the present-day German government.
Bad Habit by Crystal Dawn Bad Habit by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 40,610 words Sample 20%
Trail continues his pursuit of Twila hoping to claim her, but racists and trouble dogs their steps. He'll protect her with his life, but she may end up saving him. Twila is confused, but she doesn't want her awful past to influence her future.
The Magic Order of Carpathia's Honorary Truth by Tina Gold The Magic Order of Carpathia's Honorary Truth by Feb. 17, 2018 $8.95 11,880 words Sample 5%
The Order of Carpathia's Honorary Truth was formed in the late 1700's. Herrera assured me that the Order has been successful in their gains of, what he calls, “real magic”. The Order – as it is called throughout the book – protects our world, not only from real demons, but also other entities. This book also contain a rare demon index and magic rituals.
The Doom Diva Mysteries Books 1 - 4 Box Set: Four Humorous Cozy Mysteries by Sherry M. Siska The Doom Diva Mysteries Books 1 - 4 Box Set: Four Humorous Cozy Mysteries by Feb. 17, 2018 $7.99 273,830 words
All Four Doom Diva Mysteries in one great package! Book One: The Madams of Mischief Book Two: The Divas of Doom Book Three: The Floozies of Fate Book Four: The Bimbos of Bane
Whipped Cream Surprise by Miriam F. Martin Whipped Cream Surprise by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 6,740 words Sample 20%
Once he was fully awake, the fun began. They'd share a pancake breakfast with coffee and whipped cream. Then watch the Vikings and the Bears, drink beer later, have a late dinner, have sex. Sometimes, have sex multiple times, and preferably in a different room each time. If you enjoy steaming erotica with quirky couples, be sure to read Whipped Cream Surprise.
The Fast Track to Your Extra Class Ham Radio License by Michael Burnette, AF7KB The Fast Track to Your Extra Class Ham Radio License by Feb. 17, 2018 $9.99 152,840 words Sample 5%
Michael has done it again. This is the best way to learn and pass the Extra class "ticket".
A Guide to Basic Small Off Grid Alternative Power by Bill Rosoman A Guide to Basic Small Off Grid Alternative Power by Feb. 17, 2018 $4.90 3,950 words Sample 20%
Having alternative power and living off grid is a liberating experience. This Guide will help you Design and Build a System that fits your needs. The Guide is for small Off Grid Power and Energy Systems.
Easy Prey by Stephanie Barr Easy Prey by Feb. 17, 2018 Free! 17,180 words Read a sample
Three short prequel stories for the upcoming release of Ideal Insurgent, but these stories can stand on their own. Find out how Bryder meets Nayna, Bryder meets Damon, and what makes Nayna so damn special, especially paired up with Bryder.
God's Feminist Movement by Daniel Hanson, Jr God's Feminist Movement by Feb. 17, 2018 $8.99 63,280 words
God’s Feminist Movement is self-help that speaks on the issues of life every child, man, and woman should know. It gets to the heart of family, sex, dating, marriage, divorce, virginity, feminism and other pertinent topics. Learn, how to go against the cultural norms that promote promiscuity, with new and proven methods of talking to your children to build confidence and self-worth.
Quest for the West by Larry Porter Quest for the West by Feb. 17, 2018 $0.99 4,890 words Sample 10%
The Quest for the West is an epic, historical poem that tells the story of the US expansion through the years, ending when all states were occupied to the Pacific Ocean. It begins with the thirteen colonies becoming a nation. After telling the stories of the hardships of the brave souls who took the journey, it ends when the country spans from coast to coast.
Breathe by Linzé Brandon Breathe by Feb. 17, 2018 $0.99 11,580 words Sample 10%
Surina was convinced that her own life was no longer worth living, and it was an unwelcome interruption when Jar's presence distracted her from her purpose. To Jar, however, Surina was not just another suicide victim-to-be. But could Jar take the risk that she could be a life partner, when transformation was no longer an option for this fe/male?
The Tommy Project by Laura Knots The Tommy Project by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 17,580 words
In the late 1950's the CIA was doing covert experiments. Tommy a high school student was being bullied and not every bright. So when the beautiful blonde offers to change his life even make him smarter. Four years later not only its Tommy a genius but has gained telepathic powers. After escaping Tommy decides to look up some ol friends.
Death's Door by Ger Conlan Death's Door by Feb. 17, 2018 $0.99 145,890 words Sample 20%
Three things were taken from me: My dream cottage. My grip on this world. My life. And one deceptive man was responsible.
The Golden Age by Harun Yahya The Golden Age by Feb. 17, 2018 Free! 24,890 words Read a sample
Many hadiths indicate the existence of a period when the Qur’an’s values will pervade Earth. This period, known as the Golden Age, will last for more than half a century and, in many ways, will resemble the Blessed Period of our Prophet (saas).
Darkwood Feathers Season 1 Episode 1 Rogue Feather by Darkwood Feathers Darkwood Feathers Season 1 Episode 1 Rogue Feather by Feb. 17, 2018 $0.99 6,030 words Sample 20%
Senna should have been keeping a profile as low as the human traffickers she hunted. After all, she had a family to think of. In part, it was them that motivated her to keep fighting the losing battle. She didn't want them past coming after daughter. Lively enjoyed a challenge. This mission was the perfect opportunity to erase her most horrendous error, one she was still being punished for.
Allah's Artistry in Colour by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar Allah's Artistry in Colour by Feb. 17, 2018 Free! 23,570 words Read a sample
A watchful eye will immediately see that not only living beings but also everything else in nature is just the way it should be, each being in the most appropriate place for it. What’s more, he will understand that everything has been given to the service of men. The blue, refreshing colour of the sky, the colourful appearances of flowers, ...are manifestations of the artistry of Allah.
Goodbye Christmas by Gary Clark Goodbye Christmas by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 680 words
Goodbye Christmas is a children’s picture book that helps children develop compassion for the hardships of animals and others. If you like heartwarming tales, stories with strong morals and a children friendly approach to hardships, then you and your child will love Gary Clark’s story of compassion and acceptance. Buy Goodbye Christmas to walk a mile in someone else’s paws today!
Pennington's Hoax by Patrick Brown Pennington's Hoax by Feb. 17, 2018 $4.99 96,900 words Sample 20%
Sequel to MURDERED JUSTICE, Pennington's Hoax finds our heroine Maggie Lyon faced with the possibility that one of America's most famous authors is in reality a charlatan, hiding behind a mask of respectability, and it dawns on Maggie that she may be the sole person to have such knowledge except for a select few, among whom is a killer.
The Monster and His Mistress by Albert Oon The Monster and His Mistress by Feb. 17, 2018 Free! 15,700 words Read a sample
A tyrant is reborn to redeem himself from his atrocities with his queen at his side. He can transform into a monster to judge the sins of the people he meets while his wife keeps him calm and on the right path. The couple will embark on a journey that will test the both of them as they encounter the worst of humanity and life-changing events. Will their love carry them through their challenges?
In a Loneliness by Veronica Raise In a Loneliness by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 22,680 words Sample 15%
Life of Margaret in plenty: a beloved husband, a job, good friends. At least, she thought so until her 33rd birthday, when by a twist of fate or by someone's malice, Margaret was left alone in the house in the middle of the mountain forest. She is trying to get out of her captivity to find out “Who and why left her alone?” and, above all “For what?”
All In: The Flop by JC Beleren All In: The Flop by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 11,980 words Sample 20%
Warning: Contains 10,000 words of steamy mind control sex! Pierce Kingston is the tech millionaire who has it all, but when he is invited to a billionaire's poker night he realizes that not everything is as it seems. When he learns that poker table he inherited from his grandfather has the power to turn any woman into a sex-hungry bimbo, it could be his chance to win big. Or, he might lose it all.
The Mix of Us by R.W. Clinger The Mix of Us by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 16,300 words Sample 20%
Steve’s world consists of a career in music, great health, and model looks. And he’s dated sexy Gio for six years. But Gio wants to get married, and Steve isn’t ready. An accident forces Steve to face his heart and soul. But can he come to a conclusion regarding his love for Gio? Should he marry Prince Charming and man of his dreams or not?
Lovers and Liches by G D Penman Lovers and Liches by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 12,850 words Sample 20%
Korgulg is a half-orc barbarian. Leithianel is an elven wizard. They are on a quest to destroy an evil lich and save the world. Greg and Gabriel, who play them in an RPG, have been friends since they were teens. But while they have the bravery to explore dungeons and slay dragons, they can’t muster the courage to tell one another how they feel. Can a roll of the dice change that?
Eagles and Hawks and Also People As Well by Frank Marcopolos Eagles and Hawks and Also People As Well by Feb. 17, 2018 $5.99 62,370 words Sample 15%
What did Sinatra say? "I've got the world on a string." That was Baseball Star Enzo Prinziatta... WAS... Enzo was well on his way to the big leagues and big paychecks. His girlfriend was pregnant with his baby, and life was great. But again... WAS... Enzo's late father was a beloved man, even idolized. But, at the height of Enzo's life and career, a secret about his father is about to ruin it all
Just Us Box Set by J.D. Walker Just Us Box Set by Feb. 17, 2018 $6.99 115,230 words Sample 20%
Ten of J.D. Walker's best-selling interracial gay romance are now together in one box set! Contains the stories: And This Is Ed; Can't Buy His Love; Copy Me, Unrequited; He's So Heavy; Keys to His Heart; Let the Song Last Forever; Loving Me, Loving You; Purple Daze; Something About Lud; and The Cookie Said Red.
Heaven in a Matchbox by Lex Baker Heaven in a Matchbox by Feb. 17, 2018 $1.99 5,380 words Sample 20%
Lovers Regan and Emmeline are the sole survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. They roam freely through the deserted cities in Great Britain, scavenging what they can, trying to survive in a world that is no more than ash. After a quarrel, Emmeline goes off on her own. But with Regan’s mind being on the verge of insanity, will a little accident mean the end for both women?
Palpitations (Screenplay) by Genieve Dawkins Palpitations (Screenplay) by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 4,190 words Sample 20%
When you play with the supernatural, things get real.
D-Boy by Edward Kendrick D-Boy by Feb. 17, 2018 $4.99 60,650 words Sample 20%
At sixteen, Derek lost his memory, and his family, in an accident, and begins the long journey to find out who he is. Along the way, he joins The Company and meets Brad, who teaches him about sex and love.
A Car Crash of Sorts by Frank Marcopolos A Car Crash of Sorts by Feb. 17, 2018 Free! 5,560 words Read a sample
The only soldier in the history of the Army to bring both "Macbeth" and "Duino Elegies" to boot camp, Dante Kronos recruits his best buddies into "The Reading Maniacs Reading Group (For Readers)." But when a new barracks brothel threatens to annihilate his team, can Dante destroy the threat and save the brotherhood?
Cherry Picker (Blue Line Hockey #7) by Stephani Hecht Cherry Picker (Blue Line Hockey #7) by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 22,400 words
Sometimes it doesn’t matter how fast you skate, pain will still find a way to get you. Derry Cronwell has to overcome and accept that his brother has abused him to realize his dreams. Can Fallon rescue Derry from his demons?
Candle of Dreams by Ruth Ramsey Candle of Dreams by Feb. 17, 2018 $4.99 70,030 words Sample 15%
A story of love and hate; success and failure; sister vs sister. Two young girls who become young women in love with the same man and each determined the other should not have him.
Wolf Land Book Six: Lord of the Bones by Fiona McShane Wolf Land Book Six: Lord of the Bones by Feb. 17, 2018 $3.99 62,550 words Sample 20%
Did they really believe a Lord would keep his end of the bargain? The pack travel to New Amsterdam, hoping that they will finally find their leader again. But once they get there, they have a chilling choice to make.
Beneath Gray Skies : A Novel of a Past That Never Happened by Hugh Ashton Beneath Gray Skies : A Novel of a Past That Never Happened by Feb. 17, 2018 You set the price! 108,430 words
An alternate history, in which the American Civil War was never fought. In the 1920s, President Jefferson Davis III talks to a young German politician, and promises military aid to help the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party) to stage a coup in Germany. Brian Finch-Malloy, "a 1920s James Bond", is tasked with stopping a political axis between the Nazis and the Confederacy.
I Like It Rough And Nasty With My Own Son by Penelope Liksit I Like It Rough And Nasty With My Own Son by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 2,050 words Sample 20%
My eighteen year old son Harry was at the peak of his sexual prowess, had a body that looked like it was chiselled out of stone, and I was horny as hell. Did I need another reason to fuck my own son? I thought not, besides which, I had done plenty of dirty things in my life except fuck a family member, and I believed a woman should always be looking to expand her horizons.
Wolf Land Book Five: Yaksha by Fiona McShane Wolf Land Book Five: Yaksha by Feb. 17, 2018 $2.99 49,740 words Sample 20%
When Arthur arrives at the Indian palace of Vana, he believes he is there to make a straightforward deal. It soon becomes clear that Arthur was summoned to Vana for very different reasons. Chandri, a young noblewoman, seems eager to marry him. But is she doing so of her own will, or are there Lords at work?
Private School Prisoner by Kylie Gable Private School Prisoner by Feb. 17, 2018 $6.99 45,180 words Sample 10%
When Chase drives Hayley back to her private girls school, he has no idea that he will be taking her place at the school and serving as plaything and sex slave to a handful of horny and dominant private school girls. This 45,000 word story contains forced feminization, bondage, humiliation, forced bi, female domination, bondage, pegging, corporal punishment, and a whole lot more.
Wolf Land Book Four: Wrath by Fiona McShane Wolf Land Book Four: Wrath by Feb. 17, 2018 $3.99 80,240 words Sample 20%
Killing a Lord was just the beginning … All that Sorcha and the werewolves want to do is find a place to call home. Their numbers are reduced. They are injured, grieving, and exhausted. But in the New World, they have a new Lord to worry about.