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Trouble at the Hy 9 Hunt (Troubleshooters 37) by Dr E J Yeaman Trouble at the Hy 9 Hunt (Troubleshooters 37) by Oct. 23, 2017 $2.99 29757 words Sample 20%
Tony, young agent of the Galactic Federation, is delighted when he is invited to watch the famous Hunt on the planet Hy 9. But someone is determined to ruin it. (Story length 26 600 words.)
Silent Deception – A Paranormal Gothic Romance Novella by Cathie Dunn Silent Deception – A Paranormal Gothic Romance Novella by Oct. 23, 2017 Free! 18658 words
Can a ghost scare off a young heiress? Having inherited a family estate she’d never heard of, Minerva Goodridge travels to Cornwall to take charge of her new home. But fatal memories lurk in the shadows of Trekellis Manor. As the locals keep away from the house, Minnie accepts the help of a stranger, Gideon Drake. But can she trust him? A gothic suspense romance novella set in Cornwall.
Delay by Wolf Sherman Delay by Oct. 23, 2017 Free! 4689 words Read a sample
Sophie and their sleepy twin girls Gail and Audry, were oblivious to the miserable rain that had mixed with the unyielding fog that painted the C9-highway towards the small coastal town of Loco. Unlike the packed C9-highway, the desolate narrow unmarked one-way road of Hades-West had been a previous favourite and had led through tremendously dark and hilled plantations.
The Next Of Kin by Olivia Christian Paasche The Next Of Kin by Oct. 23, 2017 $7.99 172852 words Sample 10%
Do the visions and dreams of the night carry warning to mortal men? WILL the mystical message contained in Angelo’s dreams herald and usher him toward a powerful and unimaginable destiny? Angelo Marcello Giordani is an Italian missionary priest whose life is plagued by nightmares, visions and dreams.
Public Cloud Based Architecture: 10 Things You Must Know! by Taram Public Cloud Based Architecture: 10 Things You Must Know! by Oct. 23, 2017 Free! 467 words Read a sample
Here we talk about few things one should keep in mind before implementation of cloud architecture.
Chatbots: An Introduction and Easy Guide to Making Your Own by OisinMuldowney Chatbots: An Introduction and Easy Guide to Making Your Own by Oct. 23, 2017 $1.33 16880 words Sample 20%
A collection of essays on chatbots and a guide to making your own on the SnatchBot platform.
Hurna's Vengeance by GJ Kelly Hurna's Vengeance by Oct. 23, 2017 $6.99 214700 words Sample 10%
Book Three of The Six Concentrics. Thus continues the epic adventure of Benmelo, Master Hunter of Hurna's guild...
Hurna's Hand by GJ Kelly Hurna's Hand by Oct. 23, 2017 $6.99 227618 words Sample 10%
Book Two of The Six Concentrics. Thus continues the epic adventure of Benmelo, Master Hunter of Hurna's guild...
We, The Lucky Few by P.S. Lurie We, The Lucky Few by Oct. 23, 2017 Free! 79036 words Read a sample
P.S. Lurie bursts onto the scene with a young adult dystopian thriller. 'We, The Grateful Few' and 'We, The Final Few', the concluding books in The Surge Trilogy are also out now.
Morpheus Tales #31 Ebook by Morpheus Tales Morpheus Tales #31 Ebook by Oct. 23, 2017 $2.99 24414 words Sample 10%
The thirty-first issue of the UK's most controversial weird fiction magazine! Read the magazine Christopher Fowler calls "edgy and dark".
Promenade with Death by Cecilia Peartree Promenade with Death by Oct. 23, 2017 $0.99 61933 words Sample 15%
This is the 14th novel in the Pitkirtly Mystery series, set in a fictitious small town on the coast of Fife. When an amateur theatre group plans a promenade performance on Pitkirtly Island in the dark - on Hallowe'en - this seems to Amaryllis like a recipe for disaster, so naturally she pays close attention to the project...
Universal Androot by Universal Androot Universal Androot by Oct. 23, 2017 Free! 499 words Read a sample
You can easily root any Android Device with Universal Androot to root.
Bait by Gilbert Van Hoeydonck Bait by Oct. 23, 2017 $0.99 3972 words
A camping trip in the Belgian Ardennes takes an unexpected turn when three students cross paths with a fugitive in the forest. As they are forced to make choices, they discover the ambiguity of their own motivations.
Written Invitations by Jen Selinsky Written Invitations by Oct. 23, 2017 $0.99 2707 words Sample 20%
"Written Invitations" contains poems which Jen wrote on leftover wedding invitation envelopes. As is the case with most of Jen's work, a broad spectrum of emotions is covered.
Second Opinion:A Step by Step Holistic Guide to Look and Feel Better Without Drugs or Surgery by Rob Smith Second Opinion:A Step by Step Holistic Guide to Look and Feel Better Without Drugs or Surgery by Oct. 23, 2017 $9.95 34076 words
Second Opinion is about restoring balance, so your body can again, function as it was intended to. The truth about the world,ourselves, life, and our purpose – it all comes down to healing. And the truth about healing can now be in your hands.
The Code of Buddyhood by William Bernhardt The Code of Buddyhood by Oct. 23, 2017 $3.99 90065 words Sample 20%
There couldn't be a more unlikely pair of best friends. Bobby's cautious, social ineptitude and romantic fumblings offset Mark's flamboyant, devil-may-care attitude, his irrepressible pranks, and his prowess with shapely coeds. But the cardinal rule of the Code--"A buddy does not move in on another buddy's girl"--requires Bobby to watch quietly as Mark makes time with the woman of his dreams...
Squiggy's Challenge by Jean Young Squiggy's Challenge by Oct. 23, 2017 $2.99 16577 words Sample 20%
Squiggy is not your ordinary dolphin. He lost his dorsal fin shortly after he was born, and he almost died. Despite the hardship, he learned to swim and survive in the ocean with the help of his mother and his friends. Unfortunately, the humans capture Squiggy, and he is hurled into the human world.
Changing Colors by Elyse Springer Changing Colors by Oct. 23, 2017 $4.99 68286 words Sample 15%
Tony Quinn has a knack for figuring people out. He likes labels, likes to be able to put everyone and everything in tidy boxes. As a theater director, it allows him to run a production without too much drama. But when he meets Gentry—“call me Gee”—in a bar one night, he discovers that some people aren’t so easily defined.
Testing the Limits by Tamryn Eradani Testing the Limits by Oct. 23, 2017 $0.99 11158 words Sample 20%
Daniel and Ryan take their relationship to the next level, trying new things in scene and clarifying what they mean to each other.
Hula Dancers and Hauntings by J.C. Long Hula Dancers and Hauntings by Oct. 23, 2017 $0.99 8471 words Sample 20%
It’s Halloween time in Hawai’i and of course Gabe Maxfield is in business.
Second Level by Drew Marvin Frayne Second Level by Oct. 23, 2017 $0.99 15910 words Sample 20%
How can two beings from opposite sides come together when they know they are destined to forever be apart?
The Reunion by M.D. Neu The Reunion by Oct. 23, 2017 $2.99 22196 words Sample 20%
It’s been twenty years since the quiet Midwestern town of Lakeview was struck by tragedy. But every year on the anniversary of the event Teddy returns home for ‘The Reunion’. Lakeview, like Teddy, has secrets and not all mysteries should come to light.
Half Breeds by Sara Codair Half Breeds by Oct. 23, 2017 $0.99 7955 words Sample 20%
Kicked out of private school, Allen has to brave a public high school where most of the kids don’t know supernatural creatures exist. He expects to be miserable, but he finds himself romantically pursued by two people: a shy, but fascinating boy named Jeremy and a spunky girl named Chloe. The demon in Allen wants to feed off Chloe, but the human part of him is falling for Jeremy. Which will win?
Summer's End by Black Heart Magazine Summer's End by Oct. 23, 2017 $2.99 20330 words Sample 20%
October. In San Diego, it’s never really the end of summer, but according to my calendar Autumn officially began on September 22nd. So while the days slowly simmer to a close, and the nights get ever-so-stealthily longer, we’ve put together a collection of stories on the theme of “Summer’s End” to ease your transition into Fall.
Kill Game by Cordelia Kingsbridge Kill Game by Oct. 23, 2017 $4.99 78937 words Sample 15%
Homicide detective Levi Abrams is barely holding his life together. He’s reeling from the fallout of a fatal shooting, and his relationship with his boyfriend is crumbling. The last thing he’s prepared for is a serial killer stalking the streets of Las Vegas. Or how he keeps getting thrown into the path of annoyingly charming bounty hunter Dominic Russo.
The Beast Prince by Amber Jantine The Beast Prince by Oct. 23, 2017 $2.99 40203 words Sample 20%
Catherine disguises herself as a man to seek out the missing Prince Edward. The runaway royal has hidden away from the world, refusing to see anyone until he can find a cure to the curse he's brought upon himself and his brothers. When Catherine finds him, their instant attraction turns into a forbidden passion. But an old enemy is stalking them. And it may cost both their lives...
My Superhero Mom by Camile Case My Superhero Mom by Oct. 23, 2017 $5.99 375 words Sample 15%
Being a mom is not a job that just anyone can do. And just like a superhero, Mom's will do anything for their family.
The Widow's Consoler by James Lawless The Widow's Consoler by Oct. 23, 2017 $0.99 10340 words Sample 10%
After the death of her invalid husband, a widow’s previously suppressed feelings for her late husband’s best friend surface to reveal what was a desperate course of action.
Little Things by Cory Plimo Little Things by Oct. 23, 2017 $1.53 7085 words Sample 20%
"Littleness" may seem a bad idea to both the poor and the rich. To the former by virtue of lack of means, to the latter by shortness of life. Set in Kenya, "Little Things" is a collection of poems that superficially are little but cryptically to the contrary. It captures in a memorable, titillating handiwork the daily hardships that are a workaday issue to the Kenya pauper.
Al final del arco iris by Felipe Estupiñan Al final del arco iris by Oct. 23, 2017 $2.99 12485 words Sample 15%
¿Será cierta la leyenda que cuenta que al final del arco iris se encuentra un duende resguardando un fabuloso tesoro? Motivado por la historia de su abuelo, que aseguraba haber conocido a uno de aquellos duendes, Mateo, un inquieto joven de catorce años, se embarca en una arriesgada y emocionante aventura dispuesto a encontrarlo.
Haslam's Journey by Chris Wright Haslam's Journey by Oct. 23, 2017 Free! 108082 words Read a sample
If you only intend to read just one Christian book, this should be the one! You may have heard of the clergyman who was converted while preaching his own sermon. Well, William Haslam is that man. It happened in Cornwall one Sunday in 1851, and revival immediately broke out. Later, another of William Haslam's 'famous' sermons will cause a mass walkout of assembled clergy in St Paul's Cathedral!
The Omega Device by S.M. Nolan The Omega Device by Oct. 23, 2017 $3.99 93469 words Sample 20%
Tattoo Artist Maggie Doherty is paid handsomely for her work by a client that is found murdered soon after. Investigating, Detective Russell Williams finds his murdedr eerily similar to another he's recently encountered. After concluding Maggie's innocence, both soon learn they've both become targets for a shadowy organization known only as Omega.
Основы телепортации by Дмитрий Игоревич Соловьев Основы телепортации by Oct. 23, 2017 $1.19 39123 words Sample 20%
Даётся новая механика – телепортационная - теория дискретного движения материи в пространстве. Вводится новая геометрия пространства (асимметрия пространства), новая математика и условия перехода материи из одной точки пространства в другую.
Emma Finds a Sugar Daddy by Charlie Wish Emma Finds a Sugar Daddy by Oct. 23, 2017 $2.99 8500 words Sample 20%
She gets exactly what she wants. Eighteen year old Emma really didn't want to grow up and was very unhappy. Suddenly finding herself on the streets after her step father threw her out she found solace in Tom who was willing to look after her. Initially Tom only had platonic feelings for Emma and just wanted to help the poor girl. Emma had other ideas and slowly seduced him.
Hoe hou ik mijn relatie spannend by Charlie Hedo Hoe hou ik mijn relatie spannend by Oct. 23, 2017 $7.79 57332 words Sample 5%
Seks is leuk. Niemand heeft een boek nodig om dat te ontdekken. Maar wat als er een manier bestaat om die leuke momenten samen te verveelvoudigen? Hoe Hou Ik Mijn Relatie Spannend is geen boek maar een levenslang durend spel dat een constante erotische spanning creëert.
Too Distracting by Bethany Lopez Too Distracting by Oct. 23, 2017 $2.99 46171 words
Too Distracting is the third in an all-new small-town romance series by Bethany Lopez. Follow the Lewis cousins as they learn about love and loss in Cherry Springs, the kind of place where there are festivals for every occasion and everyone knows your business.
The Final Fight by JB Salsbury The Final Fight by Oct. 23, 2017 $3.99 107316 words Sample 20%
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author JB Salsbury releases the heart-pounding conclusion to The Fighting Series.
She and Other Stories by Andrea Lopez She and Other Stories by Oct. 23, 2017 You set the price! 4144 words
She and Other Stories is a collection of flash stories about females in perplexing situations and what they do as a result to either overcome or be overwhelmed by those situations in their life.
How I Met Your Mom by Andre' Mwansa How I Met Your Mom by Oct. 22, 2017 Free! 770 words Read a sample
Last time over dinner, it was " why do we believe in God, why am I a boy, why are my eyes blue and why we lived in Garden city?" This time over dinner it's "Dad, how did you meet mom?" A short funny read.
Cinderella: Before the HEA 1 by Marie Vergara Cinderella: Before the HEA 1 by Oct. 22, 2017 $1.99 2684 words Sample 5%
Cinderella Before the HEA 1 Before the Happily Ever After, there was an untold story. That untold story was about how our poor Cinderella meets our Prince charming. The story was purposely left for the reason that it was not suitable for bedtime telling to our young ones. *Mature contents
Calendar Years by Jen Selinsky Calendar Years by Oct. 22, 2017 $0.99 4355 words Sample 20%
"Calendar Years" is a collection of poetry which contains poems written originally on various calendars. Most of the poems contain an optimistic feel, as Jen strives to rise from mediocrity.
Ghost by Anna Belle Ghost by Oct. 22, 2017 $1.99 13663 words Sample 20%
They say truth is stranger than fiction, but what happens if they are one of the same? Step inside the mind of an erotica creator and discover the secret to her success. Ghost is a story of a writer who explores the true elements of the fantasy to create the ultimate fiction.
Online Visions by Jen Selinsky Online Visions by Oct. 22, 2017 $0.99 3139 words Sample 20%
"Online Visions" contains poems which were originally posted on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. "Offline Visions" contains later poems which were not previously published.
Business Succession and Exit Planning (Insurance Broking) by Craig West Business Succession and Exit Planning (Insurance Broking) by Oct. 22, 2017 $0.99 3417 words Sample 20%
Employee Share Ownership Plan as a Business Succession & Exit Planning tool for Insurance Brokers
A Stone in the Road: Two Years in Southern Tanzania by James French A Stone in the Road: Two Years in Southern Tanzania by Oct. 22, 2017 $6.99 76588 words
A single-lane, dirt road, 18 miles long, leads to a secondary school in the deep bush of Southern Tanzania. Jim French and his wife Marlyn, CUSO volunteers, journeyed to the end of this road in 1967 for two years of teaching and unexpected adventure. The only Canadians ever at St. Joseph's College, Chidya...
Hell And The Lake Of Fire by Norbert Mercado Hell And The Lake Of Fire by Oct. 22, 2017 $4.99 8211 words Sample 10%
“Rudy, you’re smiling. Did you once think of wanting to go to Hell?” Reverend Hutcheson asked. Rudy’s smile faded. He shook his head. “Never, Sir! I never thought of wanting to go to Hell. Not even once,” Rudy said. The American missionary turned his sight to Philip Tarroja. “And what about you, Philip? Did you ever want to go to Hell at one point in your past?” the missionary asked...
Small Business CGT Concessions Overview by Craig West Small Business CGT Concessions Overview by Oct. 22, 2017 $0.99 2807 words Sample 30%
CGT Concessions Available to Business Owners
Animals and Weather by Edward Maurice Abrahams Animals and Weather by Oct. 22, 2017 $1.99 Sample 20%
This book is intended to help young ESL students or young native speaking students. It is a hand drawn 8-page piece which helps children learn about animals, the weather and alliteration.
Trials Two by Thom Ratz Trials Two by Oct. 22, 2017 $4.00 3859 words Sample 20%
The second installment of Trials. After the mistake of Trials One, Thom realized the advancements he needed to make as a writer. Needless to say Trials is a compilation of exponential growth and it only gets better from here.
Getting The Conversation Started  I Love You  Really I Do!  Honest!   by Bob Chapman by Bob Chapman Getting The Conversation Started I Love You Really I Do! Honest! by Bob Chapman by Oct. 22, 2017 $6.99 19826 words Sample 15%
This book will take you down the path of finding out whether your partner is the “one”. This book is here to provide some insight and guidance into how to go about finding a true love connection. They are out there, you just have to be patient enough and be present enough in your life to know when they are presenting themselves to you.