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The Home Workout Plan for Seniors: How to Master Chair Exercises in 30 Days (Fitness Short Reads Book 6) by Dale L. Roberts The Home Workout Plan for Seniors: How to Master Chair Exercises in 30 Days (Fitness Short Reads Book 6) by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 3578 words Sample 20%
Are you concerned about your balance, building strength and maintaining independence? Wouldn’t it be nice having a simple step-by-step exercise plan to do on your own at home? Most importantly, won’t you have a better piece of mind knowing it’s a safe and proven fitness routine specifically for senior citizens? Then, "How to Master Chair Exercises in 30 Days" is your solution!
Patch 17 (Realm of Arkon, Book 1) by G. Akella Patch 17 (Realm of Arkon, Book 1) by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 109670 words Sample 20%
A new update arrives to the ultra-popular online game, Realm of Arkon. With Patch 17, the level of immersion experienced by players in their gaming capsules has made virtual reality indistinguishable from the real world.
Forever Young by Kurt Dysan Forever Young by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 5681 words Sample 20%
It's the allure of a succubus… Myra is beautiful, sensual, and his best friend's wife. She radiates some sinister quality, yet she never does or says a thing that doesn't suggest she loves her husband, even as he's mysteriously wasting away. He has no reason to think she is anything but his loving wife who exudes some powerful force that goes beyond passion.
Voices From Subsistence Marketplaces by Steven Morse Voices From Subsistence Marketplaces by Jan. 17, 2017 $5.99 37492 words Sample 20%
Within these pages you will find the stories of others. Specifically, those brought up in India's subsistence marketplaces. Places of poverty, struggle, brilliance, ingenuity, and bold character. Explore the minds of the 13 individuals as we bring them to life through the dictation of their stories. Discover another life and understand the beauty and challenges it holds.
Sally by Cameron Glenn Sally by Jan. 17, 2017 $0.99 29032 words Sample 20%
A recently fired suicidal thirty five year old man in 2012 contemplates kidnapping his daughter Sally, a budding child star who does not know he exists. A stream of conscience meditation on life, death, and art are spewed.
Naughty Household: Collection 2 by Kimberly Gray Naughty Household: Collection 2 by Jan. 17, 2017 $4.52 39630 words Sample 5%
Quintuple collection packed with taboo stories with "his little angel" and "the man of the house", along with other perverts living under the same roof! By the time you finish reading these, you'll need to take a COLD shower you'll feel so dirty! Over 88 sizzlin' pages and 39,000 words offered here at an unbelievably special-low price!
The World's Best Kept 100 Tips to Camping by Kinneto Duran The World's Best Kept 100 Tips to Camping by Jan. 17, 2017 $3.99 4565 words Sample 20%
Camping is a time of activities and excursions that can be enjoyed by everyone. Camping is a lot of fun as it’s cheap and healthy. Nevertheless, many people can be reluctant to have a go with camping experience due to their lack of experience with camping activity.
Please Fuck Me, Daddy by Sara Kitty Please Fuck Me, Daddy by Jan. 17, 2017 $6.99 6368 words Sample 20%
Four hot stories of daddies and their daughters. Preacher Daddy Takes His Daughter Preacher Daddy Shares His Daughter Taking Care of Daddy Twins: Breeding with Daddy Plenty of bareback sex. You'll be up all night thinking about these stories!
Cado by D.T. Dyllin Cado by Jan. 17, 2017 $3.99 60751 words Sample 15%
Is the love of a bad man as fulfilling as that of a good man—if he’s good to you? The fantasy for most women is the happily ever after, the white knight or the prince charming. Or maybe they imagine the hero swoops in to save them from their mundane existence. But what happens if you catch the attention of the villain instead? Tiffany aka Karma is about to find out…
Villainess by D.T. Dyllin Villainess by Jan. 17, 2017 $3.99 62271 words Sample 15%
Everyone knows there can be no hero without a villain… Or that’s what Leila Lovett believes. Is she completely insane or does she merely see things that others aren’t willing to? Her fate rests in the hands of one man.
The Brexit Conspiracies by DaveDoranAuthor The Brexit Conspiracies by Jan. 17, 2017 $4.99 125453 words Sample 10%
In the high pressure, high stakes, world facing the protagonists in Downing Street, the dangers they can see are like ice bergs, nine tenths hidden below the surface. Corruption, ambition and financial intrigue are arrayed against Britain as it seeks to negotiate its exit from its decades’ long union. There is no help from old friends.
A Journey Into Knowing by Michael Weidman A Journey Into Knowing by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 11826 words Read a sample
After an earthquake occurs, a man named Daniel who, during one of his archaeological ventures, finds himself trapped in the ruins of a seemingly endless labyrinth of passageways and rooms. However, wonders beyond his imagination await him and Daniel finds himself trying to uncover the mystery behind it all.
The Expectant Chair by Caroline Leland The Expectant Chair by Jan. 17, 2017 $3.99 22145 words Sample 20%
In The Expectant Chair, Ellie and her Aunt Sophy travel to a small coastal village in Maine to visit friends for a week long summer vacation. Ellie becomes involved in a mystery and a series of unusual events that enlighten her life.
Copy Me Popular 3 by Neil Smith Copy Me Popular 3 by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 372 words Sample 100%
Joel, a copy, wants to re-integrate back into the 'inside' society.
Sissy of the House: Maid for my Mistress by Paul Zante Sissy of the House: Maid for my Mistress by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 4465 words Sample 20%
My Mistress has a special evening planned for her and my Master and she wants to involve me! Sexy skin-tight latex is the theme and I get to be her latex maid! But how will Mistress make use of me? What will she want me to do to my blindfolded Master? And why doesn’t she want me to wear any panties?
Taboo Erotica: Harder Than Ever Before! by Jenny Skynn Taboo Erotica: Harder Than Ever Before! by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 3778 words Sample 20%
I'M IN WAY OVER MY HEAD... AND I'M LOVING IT! The MAN OF THE HOUSE wants something.... ME - NAKED - IN HIS BED! I've wanted him for so long... now is our chance!
Bottoms Up Bar and Thrill by Giana DeSalles Bottoms Up Bar and Thrill by Jan. 17, 2017 $0.99 18922 words Sample 25%
Through coaxing and manipulation by her best friend, Maxine Dubois joins a “faceless” sex club. Her reasons for joining are mostly due to the breakup of six-year engagement to Thomas Carmichael III and… she is about to turn 30. She soon becomes addicted and enthralled but then is faced with deception and lies that turn her personal life upside down.
The Spoon from Minkowitz: A Bittersweet Roots Journey to Ancestral Lands by Judith Fein The Spoon from Minkowitz: A Bittersweet Roots Journey to Ancestral Lands by Jan. 17, 2017 $9.95 57768 words Sample 20%
Award-winning international travel writer Judith Fein has the burning passion and unquenchable curiosity to dive beneath the surface and push past all obstacles to find the truth. In this case, the truth is the shrouded story about where she came from, what the Old World was like, and what remains of the places so many of our ancestors left behind when they came to America.
Fled by Jason McIntyre Fled by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 28329 words Sample 11%
In this noir chapter of the Dovetail Cove saga, it’s May Day, 1973, and Charles Scobie finds himself hitched to Chrissy Banatyne, the daughter of the wealthiest and most talked-about power couple on the island. And, of all the rotten luck, Chrissy’s honeymoon destination of choice brings Charlie back to an icy batch of memories he’s desperate to leave behind.
No Holds Barred in Munich by Limey Lady No Holds Barred in Munich by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 12198 words Sample 20%
Trish finds interesting ways to relax ahead of her latest rematch with Victoria.
Gender-Swapped Voyeurism (Haunted by the Futa Ghost 5) by Reed James Gender-Swapped Voyeurism (Haunted by the Futa Ghost 5) by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 8468 words Sample 20%
Two futas watch a naughty futa of a gender-swapped girl being taken hard! Gender-Swapped Voyeurism is a 6900 word futa-on-futa, futa-on-female, ghost, paranormal, college, coed, menage lesbian, oral, anal, gender-swap, voyeurism erotica that is not for the faint of heart!
Гроза. Часть 1 by Наталья Максимова, Jr Гроза. Часть 1 by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 4875 words Sample 20%
Когда Валентин подрос, и попросился в столицу, Валерий, вздохнул с облегчением. Он не пожалеет никаких денег, что бы сын оставался там. Так было легче, намного легче для него.
Big Horse by Joan Creech Kraft Big Horse by Jan. 17, 2017 $3.99 1469 words Sample 20%
Kiana and Leon walked with their parents and Grandma on a trail winding through the woods of the Jura Mountains, foothills of the French Alps. Soon, they would reach the top of the mountain where they would share a picnic lunch. What would happen when they see a Big Horse galloping towards them?
Tied to the Dog by Jazzy Paws Tied to the Dog by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 1641 words Sample 32%
I was horny and alone...except for daddy's Doberman asleep at my feet. What was I going to do? There was only one choice - to become TIED TO THE DOG.
Interim Goddess of Love: The Complete Trilogy by Mina V. Esguerra Interim Goddess of Love: The Complete Trilogy by Jan. 17, 2017 $4.99 90111 words Sample 10%
College sophomore Hannah Maquiling doesn't know why everyone tells her their love problems. She's never even had a boyfriend, but that doesn't stop people from spilling their guts to her, and asking for advice. So maybe it shouldn't be a surprise when the cutest guy in school tells her that she's going to have to take on this responsibility -- but for all humanity.
Two Souls,One Door: Beyond by Christopher Goodrum Two Souls,One Door: Beyond by Jan. 17, 2017 You set the price! 7289 words Sample 20%
Nothing is certain or known in the void. Space is infinite and time is irrelevant. In a place such as this, two souls wait for a door that may never open. A door that disappears and reappears at random surrounded by light. But where does the door lead? Savannah and Kayleigh would love to know. Wandering around in the void offered no answers. Only the door that has yet to open.
Chateau de Brigand by Donna Russet Chateau de Brigand by Jan. 17, 2017 $1.95 20707 words Sample 15%
Trapped in a violent incestuous environment in Brazil she finds a way to escape and illegally enter the U S. Changing identity & trying to survive, a man learns of her desperate need and sub personality offers her a new life. Forced to accept she finds she is now a slave with no way to escape from the Chateau de Brigand and the slavery, rape, torture and forced lesbian sex she must endure to live
Freshman Girl and Junior Guy (An Interim Goddess of Love short story) by Mina V. Esguerra Freshman Girl and Junior Guy (An Interim Goddess of Love short story) by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 4887 words Sample 10%
Hannah is super nervous about her first year at Ford River College, but guess what makes it better? Becoming the new friend of a popular junior guy named Quin. This is a short story set in the world of the Interim Goddess of Love Series.
Turned into a Sexy Hotel Maid (A Young Man's Unexpected Journey into a World of Forced Feminization and Sexual Service) by Rebecca Sterne Turned into a Sexy Hotel Maid (A Young Man's Unexpected Journey into a World of Forced Feminization and Sexual Service) by Jan. 17, 2017 $3.03 18207 words Sample 10%
Alex is a young man sent to fill a vacancy in a hotel. In need of help but questioning his appearance he is stripped of his male clothing. Falling foul of a VIP guest & suffering the embarrassment of being mistaken as a girl, he’s coerced into donning a female maids uniform. A series of sexual encounters soon follow. Join Alex as he’s taken deep into a world of feminization and sexual service?
My Angel of the Dawn by Tiamat My Angel of the Dawn by Jan. 17, 2017 $0.99 39466 words Sample 30%
The space pilot and smuggler Nelsa Thorn suddenly comes into possession of a young slave. Will he become her equal, worthy of her love, or will he stay a helpless victim of men praying on him?
Gay Taboo: Behind Closed Doors by Dick Wilder Gay Taboo: Behind Closed Doors by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 2924 words Sample 20%
I Think My Mom Is In Love With My Cock: Episode 2 by Luca Satana I Think My Mom Is In Love With My Cock: Episode 2 by Jan. 17, 2017 $0.99 2438 words Sample 20%
Something is definitely up with my mom. It all started when my mom came into my room to wake me up for school and found me with morning wood. Yeah. Embarrassing. But what happened after was even more embarrassing. And now, I think my Mom is in love with my cock.
Gay Taboo: Spank Him! by Dick B. Thicke Gay Taboo: Spank Him! by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 3005 words Sample 20%
HE LET ME INTO HIS LIFE... SO I LET HIM INTO ME! THIS WAS THE RIDE OF MY LIFE! He's hard - thick - and ready to go! I'm young, slim and DTF!
Futanari Princess by Julie Law Futanari Princess by Jan. 17, 2017 $3.99 33329 words Sample 15%
The Kingdom of Lyonnais was unlike its neighbors. Ruled by women for most of its history, Lyonnais boasted of having rulers blessed by the gods. One of each three children born to the royal bloodline are hermaphrodites: beings who, besides possessing the sexual characteristics of both men and women, were capable of entrancing all those who stumbled upon their path.
Treasures from Galatia:  GEMS for You from the Epistle to the Galatians by John Zehring Treasures from Galatia: GEMS for You from the Epistle to the Galatians by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 16887 words Sample 20%
Treasures from Galatia takes Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians and mines from it twelve gems that apply to your daily life today as they did to the Galatians.
Strays by Sadie Munroe Strays by Jan. 17, 2017 $4.99 62419 words Sample 20%
Lindsey Cane is trapped. Captured and strapped to a gurney. Frog-marched down sterile white hallways. Locked in a ten-by-ten glass cell. Forced to watch, helpless, as one by one the other prisoners are dragged off for testing. Most come back broken. Some don’t come back at all.
YOUR STORY, MY WAY: A Memoir on Memoirs by R.D. Byron-Smith YOUR STORY, MY WAY: A Memoir on Memoirs by Jan. 17, 2017 $8.99 85408 words Sample 5%
Novelist R.D. Byron-Smith's latest memoir on how to write a memoir is "a book for inexperienced writers who don't want to look like it." It is also a worthy follow up to his bestselling True Stories I Never Told My Kids. Packed with colorful anecdotes and a treasure trove of writing tips and tools from 40 years of journalism, it's a must for anyone wanting to write a memoir or family record.
Becoming a Cheese Head by Travis Breeding Becoming a Cheese Head by Jan. 17, 2017 $0.99 3332 words Sample 30%
During an injury filled season for the Green Bay Packers Tim gets his call to play wide receiver and running back with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. An unlikely person to ask, Tim is given the chance to make his childhood dream of becoming a cheese head or a Packers player a reality. After never playing a game of high school or college football Tim takes the filed for the Packers with some pride.
Traveler in the Desert by Chris W Michael Traveler in the Desert by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 8394 words Read a sample
A man known as the greatest martial artist, and for the little girl as his companion. The one the call the Traveler, is followed by a biographer of sorts as he fights every person in the desert. Another short story in the art of fantasy.
Olympians by Norbert Mercado Olympians by Jan. 17, 2017 $3.99 6592 words Sample 10%
Norbert Mercado talks with long-time sports journalist Ron de los Reyes about Filipino Olympic athletes who could have won the first Olympic gold medal for the Philippines.
Crossroads (Eternally Yours, Part 2) by Sophie Slade Crossroads (Eternally Yours, Part 2) by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 109823 words Sample 5%
As the head of the North Vampire Coven and owner of Caprice Casino and Club Moroii, alpha-male billionaire Lance Steel is a great husband and father, but he’s also a vampire. His wife, Leila, is human and his son is a dhampir—half human and half vampire—but in order to live a human life with his wife and son, he wants to become human again. Will he lose everything in the process?
Knotted By The Werewolf by Farm Erotica Knotted By The Werewolf by Jan. 17, 2017 $3.49 3137 words Sample 10%
This witches line must breed with the Lycan males of the family in order to keep the power promised them by the Lycan demon. But careful they need to be as once they feel themselves in the throes of passion, they quickly learn the power of the male knot at making them want to throw everything away and serve for one more moment of passion.
The Knight of Faith by Matthew James Lee The Knight of Faith by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 3590 words Read a sample
A young woman sneaks into enemy territory to take out an advancing army's most powerful soldier.
Second Chances by Meredith Taylor Second Chances by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 24041 words Sample 20%
An Ian and Simon Story, sequel to Hot Off the Press, but can be read as a standalone short story. Short story set within the Ridgemont University interconnected series of books by Meredith Taylor. HEA, medium heat, medium angst. Will Ian and Simon find their way back to each other? Will they be able to make it work when their careers seem to be pulling them apart? Find out now in 'Second Chances'
Fear God by R.C Larsen Fear God by Jan. 17, 2017 $9.99 43560 words Sample 10%
In this book i will give you revelations about what is the hinderance for living a life and ministry in the Holy Ghost power! Receive revelations about how Satan is hindering you threw religious thinking. Get into Gods position with your life, grasp the revelations in this book, be free to receive the flow and power of the Holy Ghost!
When I met you again by Sunitha Bhaskar When I met you again by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 2332 words Sample 20%
Some happenings in life are beyond explanation. This story is about one such experience happened in a friendship. The author got the idea of the story when a friend told her about an unexpected phone call that she received. Read the story to know more....
War of Mars: I am a clone 1 by Beth Hoyer War of Mars: I am a clone 1 by Jan. 17, 2017 Free! 114198 words Sample 20%
“From what I remember despite Zerra keeps on telling me ‘You’re to not focus onto Jinks Montreal’s clones being manipulated by the High Council.’ Ugh. Memory started with a conversation between Barry and this female, named Elina involving a talk with karate from what I remember involving one clone of Jinks Montreal. I despite thinking to myself ‘I’m a clone but cloned of who?’”
Joining Our Daughter for Porn by Lisa Smiles Joining Our Daughter for Porn by Jan. 17, 2017 $2.99 5301 words Sample 20%
His older daughters weren't really his type. They've been better suited to lesbian action with his wife Sonya. It's Joseph's youngest daughter Zoe who gets his pulse racing and who he can't wait to get to his basement to start showing her porn. Sonya's not impressed though. Zoe's their baby. She might accept Joseph's deal though, to hold Zoe's hand while Joseph enjoys his true dream girl.
Silk and Roses by ND Mahshid Silk and Roses by Jan. 17, 2017 $0.99 163881 words Sample 20%
After ten years of running away from his old mistakes and complicated life, Mario Bellini returns to his hometown once he hears that his father is dead and their family heritage palace has turned into a museum. Hoping for a fresh start, Mario settles in the old Palazzo and begins to repair it, not knowing that a more complicated life awaits him with more mistakes that connect him to his past.
Event report - Improving support for survivors of rape and sexual abuse in the Thames Valley by Rachel Eden Event report - Improving support for survivors of rape and sexual abuse in the Thames Valley by Jan. 17, 2017 You set the price! 6673 words Sample 20%
It is vital that we keep the focus on the best local approaches to supporting survivors of rape and sexual abuse. This is the event report from a seminar on 30th November 2016 setting out crowd-sourced recommendations developed to improve support in the Thames Valley, UK